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Rewatch S12: Special Features

So, this is probably super boring - but just in case you're curious, here are my notes while I watched special features. I didn't really have anything to add to them, as they were all pretty straight forward. 

I DO love how most of the special features are called "The Winchester Mythology" which I like better than "The Winchester Gospels", personally.

Special Features

The Winchester Mythology: Mary Winchester

Talking about how the entire mythology of the Winchesters starts with Mary.
-Christian parallels, anyone? :P

The actors talk about the relationship on her return - how they're all estranged from each other.

Jared talks about how Sam's relationship with Mary is one of two adults meeting, because Sam never knew her at all.

Singer talks about how Mary is proud of them, but is fearful about having to watch bad things happen to them now.

Sam Smith talks about how Mary feels responsible for what happened to them.

Dabb talks about how Mary associates Hunting with death, and has always been trying to run from it - but now in order to be close to her boys, she has to be around hunting again, because that's what they do.

Sam Smith talks about Mary's return to hunting being a way for her to try to find her footing in the hunting life, since that's also her roots and what she knows best.

The Winchester Mythology: A Hunter's Life

Dabb's headcanon on the Campbells as Hunters is that they kept to themselves and outside of the larger Hunter community. Whereas the Winchesters - through the MoL, were historically more connected (though on a secret society level).

Buckner (and other writers) says the Winchester are unique in the Hunting community because a)they're a team, not lone wolves, and b)they take on much bigger cases, rather than specializing in just vamps, or just werewolves, etc. c)they have a greater amount of knowledge resources thanks to first Bobby, then Cas, and MoL etc. Buckner thinks that other hunters have become intimidated by the Winchesters.

Berens talks about how they'll team up or use bigger "bad guys" as temporary allies or resources - like Rowena and Crowley, etc, that other hunters won't.

Dabb talks about Hunters as being the people who actually keep humanity safe.

They get a mythology expert guy to talk about traditional mythology of hunters and their role in ancient stories.

Dabb talks about how the difference between Sam Winchester and a Witch "is really narrow right now." It's all weapons in their weapons stash.

Kripke! Kripke talks about how it's just really cool, and it's just a blue-collar gunslinger - a modern American western. And how that world is a pool that people want to swim in.

Steve Yockey talks about how hunters will exaggerate their stories - but Sam and Dean don't have to.

Berens talks about the ritual of salting and burning body.

Mythology guy talks about ancient greek funerals.

Buckner talks about the other hunters/people that they consider family, like Charlie, Jody, Bobby, and Castiel.

Misha talks about how Castiel functions best as a member of a team - either with the Winchesters or other angels.

Dabb talks about "organized hunting" and how the Men of Letters is sort of that end of things... but Singer and Yockey go on to explain that it was mostly research and only shared with the elite hunters, to the detriment of humanity.

Leming talks about how Sam and Dean also think that the MoL/BMoL were elitist and are wary of them for that reason, or being associated with them.

Dabb talks about Dean's line about how you have to have experience to get as good as the Winchesters, not just research.

Yockey talks about how the show stays intimate because it's always the POV of the brothers.
-FYI: This is why I hate following villain POVs!

The Winchester Mythology: Clash of the British Men of Letters

Writers talk about the rigidity of the BMoL and it's organized design - and how it's counter to the Hunting lifestyle.

Singer talks about how the American Men of Letters were just philosophers and researchers, whereas BMoL dispatched hunters to deal with a problem.

Buckner tells us that the BMoL is larger and more organized than the American Men of Letters ever were.

David Hadyn-?? (doing his Ketch voice) talk about how the BMoL see Americans as sloppy and vulgar.

Leming talks about Doctor Hess and how she's the epitome of the BMoL.

Berens talks about how important Ketch is to the BMoL, and how he'd probably be a murderer even if he wasn't a BMoL member.

Yockey says that Toni is a problem solver and Ketch is the tool she uses to solve the problems. He says that Toni is a sociopath and Ketch is a psychopath. Mick, though, is special.

Adam Fergus talks about how Mick knows deep down that what they're doing is wrong - that he's worked for them for years in a situation that COULD be black and white, but in America he can't stay in denial about the grey.

Jensen talks about how Dean was always a black and white guy too, but that Sam questioned that and made him recognize the grey areas.

Leming talks about how the BMoL wanted to subjugate the American Hunters, but you can't do that to Sam and Dean who have always only answered to their own rules.

Dabb talks about how Mary is seduced by the BMoL - in order to eliminate the monsters so that her boys could be free.

Berens talks about how the BMoL have a bunch of weapon resources, and that's appealing to Sam (and Dean on some level.)

Dabb talks about how Sam's made peace with being a Hunter, but can't deny that the BMoL have killed more vampires in 2 months than he has in his entire life - and that's just efficient.

Misha talks about how skeptical Castiel is of the BMoL - he doesn't like outsiders, and he could be jealous of anyone entering a relationship with the Winchesters - but eventually he too comes to see them as a possible tool.

Singer talks about how Sam and Dean approach things in a more moralistic way. They want to do the right thing.

Leming talks about how it's an exploration of how much damage you can justify in the name of doing something good. Dabb adds that Sam and Dean do what's RIGHT, even if it means sacrifices along the way.

Then they talk about how it comes to a head at the end of the season.

Winchesters are more human, forgiving. BMoL fight evil, but in a way in which they might be evil themselves.

- Always fun.

And I didn't watch the Supernatural 2016 Comic-Con panel, because I probably already read a giant summary of it after it happened - and I always find ComicCon panels kind of boring when you're not eagerly anticipating the next season. This entry was originally posted at https://hells-half-acre.dreamwidth.org/554119.html.
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