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Rewatch S12: All Along the Watchtower (12x23)

Last episode of S12! This purpose will be a bit heavy on the rewrites... but I'll try to have a good mix of both, if I can... but I can't make any promises!

All Along the Watchtower

It's always nice to hear Carry On...

We begin in the beautiful pacific northwest, where we always are.

Kelly talking to a Swedish guy for help assembling furniture is funny, because it tells us it's IKEA without using the brand name. But we all know that if you call IKEA for help, there's no way you're actually getting someone in Sweden.

Cas: "I would give my life for your son..."
- Ouch, the foreshadowing hurts when you know that it's foreshadowing.

Dean: "So, we beat the brits [...] and instead of popping champaign and heading to Vegas, we get Lucifer!"
- I actually forgot, before the rewatch, how LONG it was until the Winchesters were told that Lucifer wasn't in the cage. It's really Sam last episode and now Dean here in the finale.

Rewrite: Now, obviously, I should have mentioned this last episode, but I don't think I did. (Or maybe I did?) Hess's bargaining chip to Sam at the end of last episode would have been the news that Dagon was once again free from hell (if we go with the version where Cas doesn't kill her, but instead sends her to hell ala Sam's old powers... if you'd prefer she died, then the news could be that Asmodeus was on Castiel's tail.. but suffice it to say, I'm going with Dagon.)
- So, Dean's line here would be "..we get a Prince of Hell!" and then the concern remains that this prince of Hell is on Castiel's tail.

We get the recap of Crowley's escape from death - which can stay the same.

And then we get Rowena's death and the phone call with Lucifer. Which is good, for the fact that Jared actually gives us Sam's fear again, when the writers never do. I mean, just, thank god for Jared, you know?

Rewrite: Obviously, if we're not dealing with Lucifer, we don't actually need Rowena. Which WORKS OUT GREAT! Because S13 then has one less unbelievable resurrection - Rowena, in fact, just never died. Problem solved.
- So, what do we replace this scene with? Well, what function does it serve? It's a building of tension - their only solution for defeating the enemy is gone, and they are taunted. What do we replace that with?
- Actually, let's use Rowena still, but this time we'll actually see Ruth Connell instead of a corpse. Have Dagon track her down to perform a scrying spell - Castiel's surely warded the house he and Kelly are in against demons and angels, but most likely not very powerful scrying magic, so Dagon goes to Rowena and forces her to give a location - done, brilliant - Rowena does it, perhaps the ol' burnt-map trick we once saw Ruby do, that gives a general location only - and then Rowena bamfs out of there before Dagon can kill her. She then calls Sam and Dean to warn them. Is that too out of character? Maybe, instead she calls Crowley, who we just saw pull himself from a grave, and she demands to know why a demon has attacked her in order to find the Winchester's pet angel, didn't they have a deal?! Crowley says something cryptic and witty and hangs up, and then calls the Winchesters to warn them, now that he's been ousted from Hell - Crowley needs to keep what allies of his remain, and helping the Winchesters always assures that they'll return the favour.

Kelly: "I'm just saying - the checkout guy looked at us like we were super weird."
Cas: "You get used to it."

- Oh Cas, I love you.

Also, there really was no need for all those diapers - not that ether of them could have foreseen that.

Rewrite: Of course, in the rewrite, we can still have the magic portal, but it won't be what draws Dagon - that's what she needed the scrying spell for.

Sam: "So, maybe we play for time - find Cas and Kelly, and keep moving, if Lucifer can't find them, he can't hurt them."
Mary: "You think Castiel's going to go along with that?"
Dean: "Think we'll give him a choice?"

- Aw, Dean... so bossy.
- It's pretty sad though, that their only solution for fighting Lucifer is to just keep running. We need a better solution than that, and it's why I really hate him as a villain. Yes, I know they just came up with a solution in S13, but... yarr.. I've mixed feelings and it's best we discuss that at a later time.

Rewrite: Naturally, they DO have more options for a Prince of Hell, but not many. The Colt is still destroyed - they broke Ramiel's spear in order to save Castiel's life - the demon knife (which I don't even think they still have) isn't strong enough for higher powered demons. They have angel blades... I suppose, but those are close combat weapons, and Dagon has proved to be extremely deadly in close combat. So, there's still a discussion to be had for the best way to defeat her.
- Moreover, in the rewrite, they know where Castiel is, because Rowena would have passed the information to Crowley, and Crowley to the Winchesters - or possibly, he could already be heading there himself.
- So, this conversation would be more about them talking about getting ahead of Dagon somehow, warning Castiel and Kelly, and then taking Dagon down.
- OR... it could be that Rowena bamfed out of there before Dagon got her to scry, so the information that she passed on was just that Dagon was looking. So, Sam and Dean still need to look for something weird, and find it before Dagon does, if they want to get ahead of her. Okay, problem solved. (I'll clean this up when I want to do my dedicated rewrite post.)

Dean limping around will always be awesome. I mean, I kind of love that for at least a little bit, there are consequences with an injury.

Sam: "He worked the cage spell with Rowena, maybe he can help us."
Mary: "And if he can't?"
Sam: "Well, then we kill him."

- :) I love this exchange.

Then we get the story on why he 'saved' Lucifer from Crowley, which I hate, because it's so counter character. So...

Rewrite: Crowley shows up to help them, we can still have Dean punch him and have that conversation - but instead we have Sam saying "Crowley helped us kill Ramiel, maybe he can help with Dagon..."

Crowley: "Do you have any idea how many people have made a play for my throne over the years..."

Rewrite: In the rewrite, this speech becomes not about how Crowley wanted to once and for all win his throne and so thought he could defeat the Devil himself - but rather about how the constant challenging for his throne has reached it's inevitable end, he's been ousted as King of Hell in favour of Dagon and the coming Nephilim. He's fine with it, he's tired of trying to play King when he was so much better living in luxury as simply the King of the Crossroads only - ultimately, he'd like to go back to that, but since Dagon would rather see him dead, rather than trust him as a crossroads demon - then, before she has him killed, he at least wants to deal a blow to her rule. Which is why he's going to help them find the Nephilim, and keep it from her clutches.

"I've been so focused on keeping my job, I never realized that I hate it..."
- Yes! This is the story that I wanted the whole season! I wanted to SEE this revalation reveal itself to Crowley slowly, through small incidents, until he could use it as a speech here at the end to finally cement what we, the audience, had already come to understand through Crowley's actions and reactions all season long... between a job he never strived for, and his exposure to the Winchesters, he's changed over the years and wants a different life now.

I do love the fact that Dean stabs Crowley through the hand - even though he's basically giving Crowley the demon knife and LEAVING HIM IN THEIR HOUSE! (I mean, in all honesty, they should have put the wards back up since the last time Crowley was there.) BUT...

Rewrite: Crowley actually does help them, and there's no reason to stab him through the hand - if you want to delay him getting there, have him say he's going ahead to try to delay Dagon or something. Or scout on her movements for them. Actually make him a full alley before you off him.

Castiel: "I saw a world without pain, or hunger, or want - I saw the world that this child, your child, will create - and it is a world without fear, without suffering, and without hate - I saw paradise."
- So, I know the more cynical among us have taken this line to be a bad omen, as it's hard to reconcile that vision with a world that still has the existence of free will. And I can definitely see the point - so far, in Supernatural, we've been given the message that pain and suffering are the cost of free will. Or at least, that's what Anna and Dean's conversation in S4 implied, and what Dean implied in his rejection of heaven. That's he'd rather be free and in pain, then chained and at peace.
- BUT, I also think that if anyone would understand that the absence of free will isn't a good thing, it's Castiel - at least at this point in his life, when he's been through so much in regards to his own free will versus obedience, and how hard he's fought to defend both the Winchesters' and his own right to free will - so, I don't think that Castiel would "fall for" a vision where free will wasn't part of the equation.
- I also think that, if we take a slightly less cynical view, it would do us well to try to imagine what a world would look like without hate, but with the continued existence of free will. I mean, I HAVE been on a massive Star Trek (TOS) fanfic reading kick lately, so I guess this is on my mind, but if we truly want to make our world better, it helps if we believe that it's possible, instead of accepting pain and suffering as some sort of price that we have to pay for the few good things we have. Why can't we have good things WITHOUT pain and suffering? Isn't that a vision worth fighting for?

Dean: "We'll sort through our crap later, we always do, but right now[...]"

Dean asks Castiel if he can torch Lucifer like he did Dagon, and Castiel says that he can't because that was the child and the child is busy being born... so, this is easy.

Rewrite: Dean and Sam march in and warn Castiel that Dagon is on her way and possibly gathering witches or something to get past the warding (I dunno, something menacing) - can Castiel send her to hell again? Nope! Sam answer! And then Sam goes to check the warding, and still discovers the portal and a plan is born...

*Castiel shows them the portal, and Sam likens it to the world where they were actors on a TV show*
Dean: "...Oh yeah, and the supernatural wasn't real, and you were Polish."
Sam: "Yeah..."

- I know the conversation is ridiculous, but I kind of really love it - and it's a moment of levity that we need before things get heavy.

AU!Bobby :)

Bobby: "Do I know you?"
Sam: "Bobby! Sam! Dean! Cas!"
Dean: "Bobby, it's us, Sam and Dean Winchester."
Bobby: "Only Winchester I ever heard of was John."
Sam: "Yeah, John Winchester, our father!"
Bobby: "Doubt it. He's dead. Been dead over 40 years now. Only reason I know about it is this Hunter I ran with - Mary Campbell - you get a few pints of shine into her and she always told the same story about the man she loved, John Winchester. Azazel killed her about ten years ago."
Sam: "Cas, what it is?"
Castiel: "This is a world where you were never born. A world you never saved."

- I do love this sort of... It's a Wonderful Life/Ghost of Bizarro!Christmas type deal, where the Winchesters get to see just how IMPORTANT they are to their own world. It's the Total Perspective Vortex, only instead of crushing their souls, they can survive it, because they're REALLY REALLY IMPORTANT.
- Anyway, from Bobby's account, John was most likely killed by Azazel in 1972 (even without the closed loop of Dean's time travel), Mary didn't take the deal - and instead continued hunting...meeting the same fate as John, though, in that Azazel killed her instead of her managing to kill him.

Kelly: "I'm dying."
Mary: "I know."
Kelly: "But that's okay. Because wouldn't you die for your sons."
Mary: "Yeah."

- Ugh, the FORESHADOWING HURTS! Also, she's already died for her sons.

Dean: "Wait, angel killing bullets! Awesome!"
*Castiel gives Dean a look*
*Dean looks awkward*

- I love them.

Rewrite: the baiting of Lucifer scene, just turns into the baiting of Dagon instead... different words, still just about how Dagon is going to use the Nephilim to rule Hell and Earth and take over Heaven and all that jazz. And then the plan is still to seal Dagon into the alternate world, where heaven and hell are at war, just like Dagon wanted.
-Crowley still sacrifices himself - because, as I've already mentioned, Dagon would never leave him alive anyway.

Mark's line that he wanted - "Even when I lose, I win" - would have been so perfect in that moment, I can see why he was really pissed that they cut it out.

Rewrite: Crowley gets to say his "even when I lose, I win" line, because I love it.

And then everyone dies.

And Cas getting killed right in front of them is HORRIBLE.

Sam: "Mom, mom - mom"
Mary: "I love you"

-Mary punshing Lucifer into the alternate world though, and getting, as a consequence getting pulled in herself is actually REALLY nicely poetic - since Mary blamed herself for Sam's fate of getting trapped in the cage with Lucifer. Now she suffers the same as form of penance.

Rewrite: It's not AS poetic, but I still think it'd serve the same purpose if Mary punched Dagon into there. Obviously, there wouldn't be the exact same attempts to kill Dagon, as I'm not actually sure if an angel blade can kill a Prince of Hell (maybe)... so, it'd still be Dagon being pretty much untouchable and them using different means to a)keep her from throwing them/exploding them/ and b)keep her sealed in the rift.

The shot of Castiel's wings and Dean just falling to his knees kills me.

And then Sam runs off to try to distract himself from complete and utter heartbreak by giving himself something to do and keeping the adrenaline up.

I think there's a mistake people can make here, believing that Sam isn't affected the same as Dean by Castiel's death - I think he is. I think he's just as gutted, but Sam always deals with emotions by occupying his time with other things and focusing on Dean's well being instead of his own.

I mean, I know it started out as a writing mistake that Kripke admitted to - back in S2 - when Kripke was so focused on Dean's grief, that he FORGOT about Sam's. But, because of that mistake, oft repeated by other writers, (because Jensen always takes up the entire room with his emotions when he acts, while Jared keeps things so small), it's BECOME a character point - it's become IN CHARACTER for Sam to keep things inside for months and months or years and years, and not let on that he's suffering until the pressure builds up to the point where he can't hide it. (ie: until it becomes good for the plot.)


Scene 42
The boys running the plan by Mary, who thinks it's insane.
Mary: "I just got you back. I can't lose you."
Dean: "You won't."

- Awww

That's it!

Well, rewatch is done! Wow!

I'll watch special features (maybe tomorrow), and do a short post on them, and then I'll probably get a post together for next week that puts all the rewrites into one place and cleans them up a little, so you can read my version beginning to end and pretend that's what actually happened. :P

Hey, here's a question for you: Where the hell is the gag real on the dvds? I can't find it! Does anyone else out there have the DVDs? I only have three special features on disc 6. And I looked at all the other discs, and it's not there either. Can someone help solve this mystery? It says I'm supposed to have the Gag Reel and the 2016 ComicCon panel, but I don't have those! D: This entry was originally posted at https://hells-half-acre.dreamwidth.org/553832.html.
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