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Rewatch S12: The Memory Remains (12x18)

It'll be another two rewatch days in a row this week, so, let's get down to business with the first...

The Memory Remains

Awkwards non-couple guy who is NOT a voyour. Also, I understand the voyer is a straight boy and so is the uncomfortable other single dude - but you know, they could solve the uncomfortable single dude's problem is they were both just a LITTLE more open to experimentation... just saying. But instead, dude gets caught in a trap. And hammer in the head.

What the heck chairs do they have at that war room table - it seems like they're a little too low for the table.

Man, I wish the Colt had survived, it's so great.

The sheriff in Tomahawk sounds like he's from Letterkenny... so that's fairly geographically accurate as Letterkenny is based on small town Ontario (which is at least closer to Wisconsin than Vancouver.)

I like the kid's friend - poor dude.

Sam: "Oh, don't do the hot coffee thing..."
- I love how Sam knows Dean's pick up lines and is embarrassed by them.

Still Snowy Vancouver... man, I mean, it was really annoying, but Vancouver does have pretty snowfalls when it happens. Also, did they quickly reset things in Wisconsin when they saw the weather forecast last year?

I don't really have anything to say about this episode so far... I mean, we're only 15 minutes in, but it's a solid MOTW. The banter is good, but not deep - the plot is solid and interesting, and doesn't need to be rewritten at all.

People DECIDING to leave town was the same excuse they used in The Chitters for disappearances. I wonder if it's the same writer.

*looks it up* Nope, Nancy Won vs John Bring, just coincidence.

Also, Darrin is dead now. Awww...

Oh, wait, spoke too soon, I forgot that this case was an excuse to get them out of the Bunker, so that they could investigate and bug it.

So, the purpose of this is possibly just a)have an excuse for why they took this case, or where it came from, and b)have the BMoL bug the Bunker.

Rewrite: The fact that they have the Colt is enough to explain the break-in - you don't have to use it to "learn everything about the Winchesters" because why do they even need that information? The Winchesters are already TECHNICALLY working for them, and if they just want to kill them, then what's the point in understanding them first. So, yeah, the break-in is only to look for the Colt and plant the bug - because they a)want the Colt and b)want to know the Hunter's contacts so that they can kill them too, on their quest to rid America of corrupted hunters.

Dean: Why is it always the rich ones - what are they like, 'Cocaine's alright, but you know what would be great? Murder.'"
- I love that line. Also, it being the rich ones is really appropriate for our times. This show is about the working-class supporting/protecting the middle class. So, yeah, monsters = rich people, is pretty good, since it's the super rich people who are destroying the middle class right now.

The Sheriff trying to leave a better legacy is pretty heartbreaking.

Oh yeah, and Ketch is a huge creeper who takes Mary's picture.

He looked at that picture so long, the first time I watched this, I was sure that they were only THEN cluing into the fact that Mary was resurrected - but, it's since occurred to me that they probably knew that the whole time, and it really is just Ketch being a creeper - or possibly being conflicted about killing Mary? Who knows. Actually, I know? Because I don't remember him being conflicted at all. So, JUST A CREEPER.

Plant guy: "I'm a Bishop! That's what we do! Hunting people! Killing them! The family business!"
- I love this flip of those lines.

I do love how Sam gets to use the colt in this episode. Is this the first time he uses it since S1? Or no, he used it in S3 too.

Dean using a meat hook is pretty great. It reminds me of that ER episode where two people got into fights with meathooks, it was GRUESOME. I do not regret not watching that show past S2 or however the heck long I lasted.

Sam: "The Colt, dusts anything."
- I think this line is a little superfulous, but whatever.

Sheriff: "This I'll take care of, it's on me. This, this is my legacy."
- Will discuss this below...

Dean: "What do you think our legacy is going to be? When we're gone after all the stuff we've done - you think folks will remember us, like 100 years from now?"
Sam: "No."
Dean: "Well, that's nice."
Sam: "Well, guys like us, we're not exactly the kind they put in history books, you know? But the people we saved, they're our legacy. And they'll remember us - and then I guess we'll eventually fade away too. That's fine, because we left the world better than we found it."
Dean: "I wonder what's going to happen to this place, after we're gone. You think some Hunter will move in, keep fighting the fight?"
Sam: "Yeah, I hope so."
Dean: "Yeah, me too."
*carve initials into table*

- Awww...I forgot that happened in this episode.
- It is an interesting question though, what they're legacy is. Obviously, they're not considering the Supernatural book series as something that will be long-lasting, or become as to the Gospels like Castiel said they would back in S4. Maybe because the apocalypse was actually thwarted? Maybe because they're genre pulp novels.
- I have my own legacy that I want the Winchesters to leave, but that's besides the point.
- Let me get out of point form to discuss this...

What this episode ends on is the question of Legacy. Sam and Dean have been referring to themselves as "legacies" ever since they found out about the Men of Letters and the Bunker. But, it should be noted that after Dean asks his question about them, he then asks about the Bunker - and we get a really wide shot of them sitting in this large cavernous space, empty but for them - with architecture from 80 years ago. They're living in the only remaining legacy of the Men of Letters. Every trace of them, save for one or two individuals, had died and left no memory in the world (or at least in THEIR world). The only thing that remains is the building and the information contained therein - but that IS something that remains.

The Sheriff asks us to question whether their legacy will be good or bad. The Sheriff is trying to recover from a legacy of evil, and he has to deal with that. Sam and Dean's legacy, arguably, is GOOD, but the organization they've associated themselves with currently could be considerably less so, even though it shares the same name as their home.

That is, Sam and Dean are legacies of the Men of Letters, but the Men of Letter's legacy and the Winchester legacy might be two completely separate things.

It should also be noted that Dean said "some hunter will move in..." - the ownership of the Bunker has passed from Men of Letters to Hunter, because of Sam and Dean. Where before, those two things were VERY separate, and still are in the UK... Sam and Dean see the Bunker as THEIRS and see themselves as HUNTERS first and foremost, regardless of what "legacies" they are to the Men of Letters. So, in essence, the Men of Letters legacy is in the process of fading away, or rather, transforming into Sam and Dean's legacy...

And of course, this is completely separate to the threat posed by the BMoL, whose legacy is perhaps more in line with the Sheriff's, one of death, suffering, and the evil that's ultimately born out of unmerciful moral absolutism.

Anyway, good solid episode, the only thing that has to change is the motivation for the BMoL break-in.

Super short!

Next one will be tomorrow and it's a myth-arc episode with the return of Cas, so is probably going to need considerable rewrites! Oh man...

Anyway, let me know if you have any thoughts on this one.
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