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Rewatch S12: Lily Sunder Has Some Regrets (12x10)

I hope everyone has a good New Years Eve tomorrow!!

Lily Sunder has Some Regrets

Oh man, I forgot how attractive the angel playing videogames was at the beginning of this episode. Why does she have to die?! Bejamin! I love her! First rewrite: Benjamin lives, because I'm in love with her. (I know I can't actually avoid the teaser death for such a petty reason... but a girl can dream.)

The boys catch up with the changes that occurred while they were in prison.

Sam: "I don't think we have the kind of mom who is going to make us chicken soap for dinner."
- I think Sam comes to this realization a lot quicker than Dean, and the acceptance of it, because he has no memories of Mom EVER being like that. He probably had a idealized idea of a mother, like Dean did, but he had no evidence that his own mom was ever like that. Dean, as we've seen, DOES hold on to memories of his mother in the kitchen, and just in general doing mom stuff like cutting the crusts off his sandwiches, etc. Not to say that Dean DOESN'T accept Mary as she is, I think it's just a slightly more jarring experience for him - especially given the rocky start with his abandonment issues.

Sam: "You talk to Cas yet?"
Dean: "No."
Sam: "So, what? You're just going to keep walking past each other in the kitchen not saying a word?"
Dean: "Maybe."

- Sam has to put up with so much. Haha

Dean: "But Billy said there would be cosmic consequences if that deal got broken..."
- and yet there never is. So, actual first rewrite: scrap that line.

Sam: "Well, we'll come with you."
Cas: "Both of you."
Dean: "Yeah, sure, we can help - make sure you don't do anything else stupid."

- Dean, why you gotta be such an ass?

Most awkward car-ride in Sam's life. Bickering couples are the WORST.

Dean: "So, Benjamin is a woman?"
Cas: "Benjamin is an angel, his vessel is a woman - but it's more than that, she's his..."
Sam: "Friend."
Cas: "Yeah."

- Oh man, that just makes the Benjamin death all the more tragic. I seriously want to save them. Also, I love the distinguishing between the angel and the vessel. Although Cas refers to Benjamin as a he, he doesn't actually give him a gender when correcting Dean, he just says "angel" - which I especially like because it supports my headcanon that angels are inherently genderless (and sexless), and if they do have a particular pronoun, it's by personal choice rather than to conform to any societal expectation based on name or body.

I like the fact that this episode explores Cas's past and the way that angels view him.

Ishim: "Is he a hero? Is he a spanner in the works? I don't know."
- Personally, I propose that he is both at once. (by now you should all know my headcanon for Castiel: Spanner of the Lord.)

The awkward squish into the booth - cute. I think that Cas mistakes protectiveness for distrust... but that's always been Dean's problem with his loved ones. He doesn't know how to be protective AND honour them as competant adults.

Sam has a new coat in this episode.

And we get a bit more background on Heaven's stance on Nephilim. Odd they missed the one that Cas killed in S8.

Acabell: "How can anyone know them and not love them?"
- Awww, Cas knows that now.

Cas: "Sam, that won't work. She won't quit. Think about it - would you?"
- Awww, he's got a point. But I also really love this episode for the amount of Sassy in it... I mean, Sam's defending Cas the most in this ep, and checking in on him, and I kinda love.

Sam: "Enochian magic - that's possible?"
- Sam, you've USED it before.

Lily: "Everytime I use one of their spells, it burns part of my soul away."
- Okay, so maybe the magic Sam has used isn't that hardcore.

Ishim: "Who are you going to believe - your brother? Or some filthy ape..."
- Dude, the filthy ape is his brother, not you.

Cas: "I'm sorry, I was wrong. And while it's true that I didn't know we were killing an innocent, ignorance is no excuse. I truly can't imagine the depths of your loss, this was your child, I can't imagine the pain. So if you leave here and you find that you can't forgive me, I'll be waiting."
- Now, that's how you do an apology.

But, that being said, why didn't she ever try to explain herself to the other angels - HOT BENJAMIN COULD HAVE BEEN SAVED!!!

Dean: "What Ishim said - you're not weak, Cas, you know that right?"
Sam: "And you have changed, but it's for the better, man."
Dean: "And you've been with us every step of this long crazy thrill ride. And no matter how crazy it got, you never backed down."
Sam: "And that takes real strength."
Dean: "Cas [...] I'm not mad, I'm worried. [...]
Cas: "I know, [...] I don't regret what I did, even if it costs me my life."
Sam: "Don't say that, man."

- Awww, sharing and caring hour.

Cas: "There was a time I wouldn't have hesitated [to kill a nephilim], but now I don't know."
- Foreshadowing!

Okay, I know I didn't say much about this episode in this rewatch, but I actually quite like it. Although I think Lily Sunder rides the edge of being too cartoony in her villainry (before the twist), that's a really small criticism. And I love the fact that it gives us a little glimpse into Castiel's past, how the angels think of him, and a little more information on nephilim without it just being exposition in a talky-scene while trying to find Kelly. It's a good job. Good job, Steve Yockey.

Rewrites: Just take out all the references to "cosmic consequences" if they wanted something for Dean and Cas to be bickering about in this episode - maybe have it be about how Cas called in the BMoL last episode. It can be about how they don't trust them and they don't want to be indebted to them or whatever. Or, have them still be mad that he killed Billy, but make Billy's threat be more personal, like if you back out of this deal, I'll send my friend Steve after you. And then you can have an episode where a reaper named Steve shows up and is like "Uh, so, Billy is Death now and says that on second thought it's cool." HAHAHAHA, that's a horrible re-write and I love it. Okay, ditch that one. Just have Dean be mad about BMoL involvement... or, actually, you can have Dean MAKE UP the consequences thing - like he can't believe that they could get away with killing a reaper, that he's worried that another reaper might show up for vengence or something. I don't know. Just don't have it official and then never have it pay off in the season. 

If anyone has any thoughts, let me know in comments. If there's anything I didn't talk about, also let me know. This entry was originally posted at https://hells-half-acre.dreamwidth.org/549304.html.
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