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Rewatch S12: LOTUS (12x08)

Okay dudes, let's get to the mid-season finale before Christmas! Woot!

Also, end of disc 2, which means I've only got 4 more to go.. ouch... I was kinda hoping I just had 3 left, but whatever. I'm still knocking these out fairly quickly, which was the goal. Some episodes I don't exactly look forward to, I gotta admit.


Agents Zappa and Beyonce - listen, I know the whole Castiel/Crowley teamup is a little bit ridiculous, but I love their aliases.

I don't like Lucifer having red eyes, it makes him too demony and not angelic like he's supposed to be.

I might not say much about this episode in the long run - part of the reason is that I find the premise a little ridiculous, there are too many holes. Like, if the President was that devote a Christian, why on earth would he say yes to LUCIFER?! It doesn't make any sense whatsoever.

You know what I find the most terrifying about this episode? The fact that Kelly hands the president a bible and they all kneel in front of him like he's a priest - the fact that he wants to usher in a new era of spirituality to America. THAT'S terrifying to me, and it's all non-Lucifer related. I'm a huge fan of the separation of Church and State. And I'm not saying that devote people can't hold office, but I expect them to make the same separation. Don't turn your office into a pulpit. Evangelical America freaks me the fuck out, is what I'm saying. Sorry. I think it's because Government is about governing others, while Religion is about governing yourself. Religious leaders are there for teaching and advice, but they aren't there to govern you, only you do that. The government, however, IS there to govern you, that's why it's called the Government. So, by all means, be president and use your religion to determine how to govern your own life, but when it comes to governing your constituents, maybe listen to what they want? not what whatever old religious text you follow says.

Kelly has a really bad 9 months, starting right here.

Castiel: "Did the Bunker's warding fail?"
Dean: "I just powered it down, Crowley called..."

- Firstly, I love how Castiel can TELL.
- Secondly, I love how he's annoyed. To me, that indicates that he already knows that Crowley is there, sitting in the corner, but he doesn't realize that Sam and Dean don't know.

I guess an interesting thing to talk about with this episode is how it firmly places SPN in an alternate universe than our own - because we have a different president here. Jefferson Rooney. Now, mind you, the problem with this episode, is that it's the ONLY episode that does this... and thus introduces continuity errors. Because we get references to Obama (I'm sure) and Trump (S13), and yet somehow this Jefferson Rooney snuck in in between with the highest approval rating ever.

First Rewrite:  Using a CEO or Military General instead of the President would solve this problem.

Rowena and her "rich fiance" both scamming each other is kinda hilarious.

Rowena: "That is the sweetest thing you've ever done for me."
- I love that line too. I really wish they'd actually used the second half of this season to explore the Crowley+Rowena relationship, somehow.

I really hate how everyone on the show calls it "Angel Radio" now, like that's actually it's name. That was just what Dean called if for lack of a word.

Dean: "Lucifer? I didn't know he was dating."
- Hahaha, it's so dumb, but I love that line. I think because it feels like Jensen snuck it in because he knew how ridiculous this all is.

I do love the Winchesters kicking ass, even if the guys with guns eventually win.

Also, the jazz when Ketch shows up, and the grenade launcher, and Cas just standing there not cowering.

It's a good entrance for Ketch.

Ketch: "You, Halo, do you sense I'm lying?"
Cas: "My name is Castiel. And no, but the truth can be situational."

- You go, Cas, stand up for yourself.

My other problem with this episode is that Ketch just SHOWS UP with the solution and gives it to them because he's showing off his toys in an attempt to woo them. It's just... too deus ex machina. And I know SPN has always leaned a little heavily on the deus ex machina, sometimes quite literally, but usually they try to disguise it better.

Sam: "What about a possessing angel?"
Ketch: "And what might you boys be working on?"

- So, the thing that I REALLY wish they'd explored was the fact that the BMoL have NO IDEA what stakes the Winchesters usually deal with. The BMoL as we've seen, are monster hunters. They obviously know what angels are (I have a headcanon that they struck a deal with the ones that fell in the UK), but they don't concern themselves with matters of heaven and hell, beyond dealing with demons if they come across them. Anyway, I'll discuss this more next episode, probably.

So, the other thing that really annoys me about this episode is that they make it look like Kelly had sex, and then the next day was like "oh noes, I'm preggers!" Do they not have women on staff? Like...ANY WOMEN? Any women who have had children or know how conception works? Or...even menstral cycles? Because no one knows they're pregnant until they miss a period, there are no symptoms that SUDDENLY appear. Early pregnancy symptoms are the same as early menstration warnings, so women are like "*shrug* this is normal" until they fail to bleed and then they're like "what the hell?" and then maybe MAYBE they have enough altered hormones to get a positive pregnancy test, or maybe they have to wait another week or so to confirm it. Literally, you can conceive, and then maybe find out your pregnant a week after? Maybe two? I mean, that's me guestimating for quickest time, but even that feels wrong to me. There's a reason most women find out when they're 4-5 weeks pregnant already. Earliest I think I've seen is 2-3 weeks. And due to the nature of one of my jobs, I see a LOT of positive pregnancy tests and read a lot of discussion between women who are trying to conceive. Now, I know you could argue that it's a Nephilim, so maybe Kelly DOES know right away, because obviously Jack is already influencing her brain in order to survive. So, FINE, but that's the ONLY way this works.

Crowley: "Hello, Darling. This is going to sting a bit."
- This is the first time we've heard that teleporting FEELS a certain way, btw. We don't know if that's the same as flying, however.

Rowena: "I'm a witch. He's an angel."
Crowley: "And I'm the King of Hell."
Kelly: "Oh god."
Castiel: "No, actually, he left."
Sam: "Okay, guys! Not helping!'

- I do love that exchange. I guess I'm loving the easy jokes in this ep. :P
- Also, I love the confirmation that they DO live in a godless universe now.

I'd forgotten that Kelly burned the bible just because she's pregnant with Jack. Which Castiel uses as proof that he's an abomination. Which is still true to this day, I guess, even though we all kinda love Jack now.

The old holding the doorknob trick - I did that to my little sister once to make her think I had locked a door from the outside on her.

Castiel: "There's no one in here but Kelly, go wait in your car."
- I love BAMF angelic-powers Castiel.

Lucifer: "This isn't over, Sam!"
Sam: "Go to hell!"

- Well, at least Sam was key in defeating the devil again.

Then the stupid thing is Dean and Sam staying behind with the president? Why? Castiel just told him that he was fine and he wouldn't remember a thing - so LEAVE and make sure he doesn't see you. And that no one else sees you! It's so stupid. UGH.

And then Kelly escapes.

Cut Scene:
Rowena and her fiance, both trying to scam each other for money.
- It's a good scene, but yeah, completely unnecessary to the episode.

So, rewrite: Instead of the president, it's either the high powered CEO of a weapons manufacturer, or it's a top ranking military general. You don't want Lucifer in charge of the US military, do you? Of course not.

Instead of Ketch just HAPPENING to mention the exorcism egg. We have Sam and Dean doing research and finding it referenced in the Bunker files, but it's location - instead of being in a storeroom in the Bunker, is listed as "in development in the UK" or whatever. So, Sam's abortive call to Mick makes more sense "We can call Mick and ask for it." "No, Sam, I don't want to deal with those douchebags that tried to kill you!" And so Sam tries to call them in secret, but then changes his mind. When Ketch shows up, we still get the cool grenade launcher scene, but then Sam is like "the reason I called was because we need a thing..." It's still very much "thing conveniently exists" but at least Sam and Dean are the ones that do the research work to find it, and contact the people in order to get it, rather than having the people show up and just happening to have it.

They still have to lure the top ranking person away from their secruity guards and whatnot. Lucifer, having possessed them, of course increasing his security, so it's still difficult. They still use Kelly.

They're successful (Crowley doesn't screw the pooch) and Lucifer is sent back to the cage. Good job. But in order for Cas and Kelly to get away, Sam and Dean need to PURPOSEFULLY create a divergion, and end up getting captured as a result. OR, the top ranking person is actually injured in the attempt, and Castiel doesn't have time to check on him, so Sam and Dean tell Cas to get Kelly out immediately, and then try to help the top-ranking civilian person - maybe they've got a wound that needs pressure applied, or maybe they actually required compressions, and so when the security bursts in, Sam and Dean are there for a reason, but also it looks even worse for them, because the person is obviously injured.

They're still top-ranking/rich/connected enough that Lucifer can set-up beforehand that they get sent to a secret facility.

Now, of course, with it not being the president, we don't get the Lucifer as President scenes... instead we'll either get Lucifer planning wars, or Lucifer selling arms to new countries in order to STOKE wars, OR, OR, and this is just my personal bias, we mostly just see the Lucifer+Kelly stuff for plot reasons, and then the rest of the time is spent with Sam and Dean on Lucifers trail or working out the existence of the egg thing...or maybe a scene where they acknowledge the fact that Lucifer tortured Sam for 100s of hell years at the very least and now he's got to face him again.

Not sure when the next one of these will be, as we float into Christmas Time and I've got meals with friends to go to the next few days. But, hopefully I'll be able to get a couple episodes into the back-half of the season before January rolls around.

As usual, let me know your thoughts in comments.

And I hope you're all having good holidays! :)

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