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Rewatch S4: Ep 01 and 02 (Lazarus Rising and Are You There God? It's Me, Dean Winchester)

I got my DVDs today! Yay! Slightly different packaging than my other three seasons, but it looks the same from the outside!

Sadly, I tried to watch the on my laptop and it couldn't even make it through the commercial at the beginning of the disc. So, I have no choice but to watch it on my sister's very dark TV. :-(

On to the fun stuff!

Lazarus Rising


Seriously, this is, in my personal opinion, one of the best episodes of Supernatural ever. I think it's right up there with In My Time Of Dying.

The other thing I like about it, it starts off with a date...haha, I'm a timelining fool.

So, our newly resurrected hero sees the light of day on September 18th, 2008...oddly at a closed gas station. Why a gas station is closed during daylight hours on a Thursday, yet has an up-to-date newspaper....mind you, nearby it DID look like a nuke had gone off. Maybe the owners locked up and ran for the hills.

You can see the band-aid on Jensen's arm as he picks himself up off the floor after the glass shatters...I must say though, kudos to Mr. Manners, all that real glass shattering looked phenomenal.

Dean digs himself out of his own grave just outside of Pontiac, Illinois. He died in New Harmony, Indiana. That means that after Dean died, Sam put him in clean clothes and drove 5 HOURS to bury him in Illinois! On my never-to-be-answered Wish-list: Why Sam? Man, I would love to see that dramatized.

Dean steals a classic car and drives to Bobby's - also about a 9 hour journey.

I LOVE the reactions in this episode. The way Bobby attacks, goes through everything Dean could be that isn't Dean...how when he believes it, you can practically feel the hug yourself...even though he promptly throws holy-water on him. Haha.

We find out that Dean has been buried for 4 months. This supports the May date for the deal. You can take the date literally: 4 months, therefore Dean died on May 18...or you can figure that they rounded down, so Dean died on May 2nd (which, apparently according to the Season 2 Companion book, he did.) Man, Sam's birthday SUCKED in 2008.

I like that Dean brings up Sam casually...like he isn't freaking out that he can't get in touch with Sam. Yet, Bobby knows, because the first thing he answers is "he's alive" and it's only at Dean's relief that you even realize that it was a possibility for Dean that Sam wouldn't be.

Bobby: "You think he made a deal?"
Dean: "It's what I would've done."
-Oh Dean, it's what you DID do...

And then Dean comments on the amount of liquor at Bobby's, like he didn't realize that maybe him getting killed might actually affect the people he left behind...oh Dean.

We get the Winchester Reunion...and it's everything you could want, because Sam is LIVID that something would dare show up in his brother's body, and then he's just coming apart when he realizes that it really is Dean.

But then, setting the tone for the season early, the first thing they do is fight. Dean comes out swinging, accusing Sam of making a deal and not believing him when he says he didn't...and a taste of things to come, the argument ends with Sam saying he's sorry - and meaning it - you can just tell how much he means it - that he feels like he failed Dean for not being the one to save him. Dean's response of "It's ok, Sammy" in that tone of voice that's so full of affection, man, I hope that's foreshadowing too.

I should point out here, that the Dean and Sam reunion took place on the SECOND day of Dean's resurrection. Dean drove from Pontiac, Illinois, to Bobby's place (9 hours) probably slept at Bobby's that night, and then drove back to Pontiac to find Sam the next day (arriving in the evening).

Then Sam gives back the Amulet...and man, it does stuff to the heart to think of Sam wearing the Amulet all summer...feeling it thump against his chest...

Of course, Dean has to match Sam's lies toe for toe...and that's another thing that marks the theme for the season. Lying! Those boys just start lying first thing. Sam saying Ruby's dead, that's he's not using his powers, Dean telling Sam he doesn't remember hell.

Also, I didn't realize this until months and months after the episode aired...but when Dean is looking in the mirror and you see the flashes of Hell...I realized that what he is doing is checking on the colour of my his eyes. Man, it breaks my heart.

Anyway, Psychic Pamela lives 4 hours from Pontiac.

And apparently Dean "almost forgot" about the Impala! I think really THAT'S a mark of how much Dean lost himself in Hell. It's a scary thought.

I love Pamela telling Dean she had to touch something the 'monster' touched, and then groping him. "Well he didn't touch me there!" - Haha...

Clothes Sharing!: Dean is wearing one of Sam's flannel shirts and one of Sam's brown jackets when they visit the diner. The cuffs come down so low passed his jacket, they cover half his hands...and when they walk out of the place you can see that the rest of it is loose on him too.

After the "attack" in the hotel room in Pontiac, we get a little in-episode foreshadowing, when Bobby asks how Dean is and he says, "Besides the church-bells ringing in my ears, just peachy."

Another line I love:
Dean: "What other choice do we have?"
Bobby: "We could choose life!"

Finally! We have the epic-entrance of Castiel! I think Castiel should be the angel of entrances. He cuts right to the chase, right through Dean's issues..."you think you don't deserve to be saved."

Then there's the tease of Castiel talking about how "certain people" can see his true visage and hear his true voice, and that he thought Dean was one of them. Oh man, "certain people"...I love the unanswered questions and speculation that causes.

Extended Scene:

It's the Dean meets Castiel scene, of course. I believe this one found it's way to the internet mid-way through last year. The only difference (besides being non-colour-corrected and a different take then the one they used) is that Castiel tells us that it's hard to find people "durable enough to contain me" and Dean says, "I have the same problem with women."

Haha, man, it's an awesome line. And even more amusing given the fact that out of the sex-scenes we've seen with Dean, he always seems extremely gentle to his lovers...unlike Sam, who has a tendency to eat faces.

Seriously though, I have the same problem.

Are You There God? It's Me, Dean Winchester

We hear Bobby's voice on poor Olivia's answering machine, telling her that he's "got something big"...which actually might place her death a few days before the episode starts for the Winchesters.

Again, the boys are arguing. I love Dean's line of "I was not groped by an angel!" just before Bobby interrupts them.

Dean is still going on about how he doesn't understand why *he* was saved, and Sam's low "Dean" has just the right tone to it, because you know Sam is thinking that these are Dean's self-esteem issues coming up - and they are...he just doesn't know that there's so much more behind them now.

Line I love:
Dean: "I don't like getting singled out at birthday parties...."
-Man, I don't either! But now I've got this image of Dean at a birthday party - seriously, did the boys ever have birthday parties? I don't see why Dean would be singled out at someone else's birthday party.

My favorite part of the exchange between Sam and Ruby is when Sam says, "I'm not scared of angels" and Ruby just gives him a look and it's enough to shake his confidence...Sam, search your feelings, you know what you are doing is wrong...

My sister thought I should keep track of what episodes Dean mentions pie in...so far, both.

FYI: Hunters that died: Olivia, Jed, Carl Bates, RC Adams.

Henriksen returns! Awesome.

We see the upstairs of Bobby's house! It has gorgeous stain-glass windows...and apparently a bunch of rooms and a linen closet (and really nice red woodwork).

Meg: "You think you're some kind of hero?"
Dean: "No, I don't."
(oh Dean...)

And then there's this gorgeous hint when Meg is talking about what happened to her little sister:
Meg: "She was never the same after I disappeared - she just got lost."

Panic room! Bobby IS awesome.

I love how Sam says, "the fireplace in the library"...the library? Apparently Bobby doesn't have a living room. He has a 'library' off of his kitchen with a couch in it. God, I love the weird world of the Winchesters. (Off topic: Did you know that the 'living room' was a term invented when it became unfashionable to hold wakes in your own house...before then living rooms were parlours. Then, to encourage people not to hold wakes in their houses, it was renamed "the living room" - ie: a room for the living, not the dead....and Bobby doesn't even have one. He just has a library.)

Meg knows about Ruby! But curiously, she brings Sam to task over the bodies, not the umm...other shenanigans.

All those rooms in Bobby's house, and for some reason, Dean is sleeping on the floor and Sam is squished onto the couch...in the library. Again, on my never-to-be-answered wish-list: Why?

These early S4 episodes are interesting, because I think it's before they really got into the grove of who Castiel was. He's really emoting in this one - annoyed...and seems to be more understanding of Dean's reactions and feelings than he is in later episodes.

What I'm interested in is the fact that 6 angels died that week. 6! We learn later that only angels can kill angels...so, has the angel killing started already? Or can other things kill angels? Or the writers just not made the angels-kill-angels rule yet?

Then, Cas gives me what I came for: "Three days ago you didn't believe in angels" (or does he say 'me'? or does he say something else? I forgot to write the exact quote down.) But that means that this episode begins (for the Winchesters) two days after Dean met Castiel, and Dean met Castiel (by my count) on Sept 20th, so this episode starts (for the Winchesters) on Sept 22nd. Which means the day before, when Bobby told Dean that he'd been trying to get in touch with Olivia for three days, he probably started trying to get in touch with her on early on Sept 20th, before he knew it was an angel, but possibly after it burnt out Pam's eyes, which is why he just says "something big."

No extras for this episode on the DVD.

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