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Rewatch S12: The One You've Been Waiting For (12x05)

This is likely to be another short one (spoiler: it was not as short as I thought it would be). But hopefully we have a good time :)

The One You've Been Waiting For

The return of the Thule. The Hydra of the SPN universe, the Hydra, of course, being the Nazis of the Marvel universe. You know, if someone spontaneously combusts while they're holding something, maybe don't pick that thing up?

Sam: How about some pie?
Dean: I'm not really hungry right now.
Sam: Something's wrong. I get it - with mom...

- So, this is actually a very similar rhythm as S13. Something goes wrong. Dean gets upset. Sam ignores his own reaction in favour of focusing on caring for Dean. It's a really interesting dynamic, especially from a canon vs fanon perspective - because in fanon and fandom in general, Dean is usually cast as the ultimate caregiver, sacrificing everything for Sam, and being hyperfocuses ON Sam's wellbeing...and yet, although we saw this behaviour in S2 as well, it's really the last two seasons that have driven home the fact that it's actually the other way around. Not, of course, to the degree that fandom will push things, but enough that it's noticable. Dean tends to care about Sam's physical wellbeing perhaps, but, except for maybe in S1 when Sam had suffered a loss that Dean hadn't, Dean doesn't actually take that much notice of Sam's emotional wellbeing until it starts threatening his physical well being (S6-S7). It's why the finale in S8 blindsided him so much, I think. And I'm not blaming Dean, of course, because the main problem is that Sam does hide away his own emotional reactions in order to keep the conversation focused on Dean... which is probably how he wants things, or it's at least his main coping mechanism.

Sam: "Dean it's called sublimation."
- Pot meet kettle.

And it's nazis...

"Das Madchen!" - how over-the-top nazi enemy can you be?

And they call Aaron! Yay! I'd forgotten about him.

Sam's wearing one of my favourite shirts in this scene.

Then we meet whatshisface, the nazi necromancer's kid.

I gotta say, I absolutely love when Dean goes to shoot the kid in the head, and Sam goes to clear the girl out of the room so that she doesn't have to watch. And she's like "you can't just shoot him" and Dean is like "Yeah, I can I do this all the time." And the thing I love about it is that we don't actually know if Dean is bluffing or not, and we never find out. I love it when Dean and Sam tow that line between "normal" and cold-blooded killer.

Bring Hitler back... I mean, it's a stupid plan. But it really speaks to the way myth builds up around a person. I mean, this happened in Hitler's time too. I read a whole book once about how Hitler's mistake (and the Nazi party's mistake) was when he/they started to believe their own propaganda about Hitler. Anyway, nazis are a pretty depressing subject these days, given the current nationalistic trends in the US, Britain, and other such places. So, I'll go back to talking about the episode...

Before that though.. man, I'm fascinated by the descendants of nazis and how they deal with that - I've watched some really good documentaries about it, and read a few interviews. It's interesting. Especially since really, most of us have ancestors that were horrible people - it's hard to be white and living in north america without that being the case, anyway. I mean, depending on when your family came over, I suppose, and where they were before that. And you could be like "hey, my family never did anything to anybody!" and sure, maybe they didn't, but we don't know their minds. I mean, the oldest NA generation of my family came over in 1848 and they owned cigar shops in Toronto, and maybe there was no segregation there, maybe no one was owning slaves - but I don't know how they treated their non-white neighbours. And you could say, "Okay, but if they were racist, that was just the times in which they lived, you can't use it to judge them" ... and dudes, I hate to break it to you, but nazi Germany was also a time in which people lived, and we TOTALLY use it to judge them, as we damn well should. It's the same with the sex offenders coming to light now and their bogus apologies "oh, they were raised in different times, they didn't know any better..." dude, listen, my dad is the same age as a lot of these men, so he was raised in the same times - and you know, my dad was always a really charasmatic dude, and it let him get away with a LOT of shit - but you know what he never did? That's right, so the times in which he lived might have left him an entitled jerk in a lot of ways, but it was quite clear where the line was and he stayed on the good side of it QUITE EASILY. Anyway, rant over. Now only episode...

These guys enunciate way too much to be actually German native speakers, in my opinion. They are like "I am speaking a foreign language really well!" Hahahaha.. okay, I realize that's only funny because I know what tone of voice I'm using. Sorry.

Nazi kid speaking back to his father.

"Your generation - you 'millenials'- are too weak to deal with the future, it needs a stronger hand. The world is divided and inflamed. This falling of empires, the deflating of economies, is exactly why there's never been a better time for the fuhrer's return."
- Okay, first off, that kid looks too young to be a millenial. What is he, still in high school? Maybe college? Millenials have a cut-off day, it's just not "young person". I'm pretty sure all the millenials are in the work force now and the generation coming up is something different. (Wait, I just realized that he told us he was born in 1994, which means that he's in his early twenties.. so, he DOES qualify as a millenial, since my top google result for the definition puts it as people born between 1981-1997 - FINE, you win this one, nazi father.)
- Secondly, uh, nazi father isn't wrong... I mean, he is, but he's right too - you get a falling empire and a troubled economy, add into that a war with an enemy that you can cast as the opposite to your great nation, and you have the perfect scenario for nazism/nationalism to infest the populace and grow like the fungus that it is. Again, you can see that in the nationlist movements in the US and Britain right now, and the increase in islamaphobia. It's already lead to a genocide in Myanmar. And yeah, it REALLY doesn't help that we're currently in the biggest refugree crisis since WWII. Anyway, again, I'll stop bringing this party down, this rewatch is already taking me WAY longer than I intended. It's just, you know, I actually studied all this in university. (Granted, only in my BA, my MA was spent learning how to recognize shifts in public opinion and how national mythologies are created/sparked.)

Does this nazi kid have a name? Did I just miss it?

Oh yeah, father nazi asks for his son to be killed. Bad dad right there.

Kid: "He asked a guy named Fritz to kill me"
Dean: "Well there is that."

- Hahaha

KRISTOF! Okay, cool. Kid's name is Kristof. Christof? I wonder what spelling they went with.

And nazi misogyny saves this girl from getting possessed! Yay! Also, dude is going to be disappointed when his own marrow eventually replaces her blood with his own again and then what happens to Hitler? Did he think that far ahead? I mean, it doesn't matter, since Dean kills him - but still... short sighted in my opinion.

I love that they went with a completely ridiculous personality for Hitler. He's awesome, and the actor does such an amazing job.

I could have actually gone without the witty remark by Dean - just the headshot would have been great, I think. Like, Dean really doesn't realize the legendary action until Sam brings it up.

Sam: "Dude, you killed Hitler"
Dean: "Yeah - awesome!"

- Everyone's dream. If only we could all do it metaphorically too.
- I also love the fact that Sam felt that sentence required a "dude" - I love the Winchesters bros.

Does Ketch kill Kristof too? I'm about to find out, I guess.

Sam: "How you holding up?"
Eleanor: "Well, we just burned a bunch of dead nazi bodies..."

- See, this is one of my problems with a CERTAIN character's return in S13 - Sam and Dean always burn their dead.
- Also, I love that they MENTION the clean-up here. Usually we don't see it nor hear it mentioned at all, and it leads a lot of fandom to thinking that they just leave the bodies behind as they fell.

Yes! Kristof lives! I hope he's doing okay for himself and has sought therapy.

Okay, that was a whole half hour longer than I wanted that to take me. But yeah, kinda forgot how much I can't let historical-based stuff just lie. I'm sure you all are thankful that I never did my PhD, you'd never get me to shut-up.

I realize the bulk of this is just me ranting about nationalistic movements and judging people from the past, but come on! It's an episode about Hitler!

Also, no rewrites for this episode, we're good!

Let me know your thoughts, if you have any, in comments. :)

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