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Quick Reaction: 13x09 The Bad Place


So, this episode is very timely named - because I just finished a binge of season 1 of The Good Place on Netflix! It's a good show, if you want a review - the cast is phenomenal and I'm eagerly awaiting S2.

But let's talk about this actual episode...

(also, I'm returning to lyrics for the cut-text, because for the first time in a couple months I walked home tonight listening to music.)

Man, I was more upset than usual about the teaser death. I have no idea why - maybe it's because we see so few First Nations/Native Americans on TV? Maybe because Derek had a longer set-up? I couldn't figure it out... but yeah, to summarize - basically show opens with cute artist and his girlfriend, he has a buyer coming by - the buyer turns out to be Jack. Jack actually came to see him because Derek is a Dreamwalker and can see into other worlds. Jack needs him in order to try to open a rift. So, they attempt a mindmeld, which, seemingly, ends up with Derek's girlfriend returning to find him dead on the floor with his eyes burned out.

Meanwhile, Dean is calling Patience, the psychic we met in 13x03, to see if maybe she can help locate Jack. He leaves a voice mail.

Then Jody calls with the tip about the dead artist in Bismarck ND and how the suspect might be Jack.

Back with Patience, we see her father pressuring her to focus on school and getting into the ivy league colleges, and asking for reassurance that she's no longer having visions. She tells him what he wants to hear, but she admits that Dean Winchester called and asked for help - but then says that she didn't pick up, and implies that no further action will be taken.

Sam and Dean investigate Derek's shop and see the apocalypse world painting - Dean decides that Jack must be looking for Lucifer now, and that it's a sign that he has gone dark and they must end him, as they have failed to keep him in the light. Sam is like, wow dude, stop being so extreme - and then suggests that they talk to another dreamwalker to try to figure out what's going on, and suggests a girl named Kya (that might be spelled differently... yes, SuperWiki says Kaia. I will amend going forward) who Derek has been conversing with over the email. She lives SOMEWHERE MYSTERIOUS!

We meet Kaia in an addiction rehab centre - the counsellor is doing a bad job of being understanding about different people having their own pace of therapy... and is trying to get her to talk about her overdose. Kaia insists that she is not an addict, she just took the pills because they keep her awake, and prevent her from going to "the bad place" - the counsellor takes this as metaphor, but WE KNOW BETTER.

Jack shows up! And cutely claims he likes cocaine. I also like cocaine, the song by Eric Clapton. 

Jack says that he'll get her out of the rehab facility if she helps him. She asks "how" and he says to follow her - he then just marches out of there like a boss, putting the counsellor to sleep and busting down a triple-locked door, all nonchalantly.

Kaia then renegs on her end, and goes to run, because they never actually shook on it or anything. Sam and Dean show up and prevent Jack from going after her. Questioning his motives. Jack tells them that he was doing it for them - and seems surprised when they tell him that Derek is dead.

We find out that Jack isn't trying to find Lucifer, he's trying to rescue Mary. He also didn't kill Derek. Derek was perfectly fine when Jack left. He shows Sam and Dean the vision that he and Derek saw - and how Mary is alive. Dean has a very quiet freakout.

Meanwhile, Kiai is kidnapped by angels. You know, this is why I'd prefer if her name was spelt Kya, because then I'd keep the letters the right way around.

Back with Patience - she has a vision that involves Jody being dead! Oh no! Also, she is in a parking lot having completely zoned out while backing out of a space... listen, Patience, I hate to be the barer of bad news, but that looks like a condition in which you should not be allowed to have a drivers license. 

Kaia is tied up by angels. The angels tell her that they killed Derek to cover their tracks, but that the Winchesters got involved anyway - and listen, here is my advice to angels - if you want to kill someone to cover your tracks from the Winchesters, MAYBE DON'T BURN OUT THEIR EYES! Seriously! Just randomly kill them, muggle style. Probably Jody may have still called Dean with the suspect photo, but it won't have pinged his radar so hard if she hadn't followed it up with "burnt out eyes."

Anyway, the plan is to use Kaia as bait to get Jack.

Sam, Dean, and Jack, try to track down Kaia... Dean tells Sam that Sam was right. Sam, humbly, points out that it's not like his belief was based on facts, it was just hope (and denial). Jack is in the backseat realizing that Sam and Dean totally thought he killed Derek - he brings it up in that tone of voice that means "I'm not mad, I'm just disappointed in you." (which had me laughing during this serious conversation.) Sam totally saves the day by telling him that they were just worried, because he was in such a dark place when he left... and then Dean nearly ruins Sam's spin by telling Jack that they thought he might be trying to find "your father" ie: Lucifer. Jack then tells Sam and Dean that Lucifer is no one to him, and that Sam, Dean, and Cas are his family. Dean agrees with a "yes we are." Welcome to fatherhood, Dean!

Then Jack is blasted with angel radio as the angels lure him in with Kaia.

Back with Patience - she packs up and tells her dad that she has to go, because she had a vision of bad things happening to her friends. She then admits that the visions never stopped like she said they did. And Patience's father (James? Shawn? Nope, I was right with James) makes the classic John Winchester mistake of telling Patience "if you go - don't come back" 

Kaia is trying to tell the angels that they picked a really crappy kidnap victim, since no one will come for her, seeing as how she's a working class woman of colour. Dean shows up, simultaneously both agreeing with her and proving her wrong. The angels start their plea to Jack, that he should be with his own kind. He counters with "the kind that kills people and that kidnaps people?" and they continue to plea with him to "come home" to which he responds with "I am home" like a boss!

Jack throws the angels around, but one escapes. 

Kaia then informs them that she might be a dreamwalker - but she can only go to one place "The bad place", she's terrified of it, and whatever damage she incurs there translates to her physical body as well - so she is well and truly traumatized and does not want to help them. 

Sam is like "wow, this blows, but okay, you can be on your way, sorry abou-"


In the car, Sam is lowkey being like "wow, Dean, um... remember when I thought you should stop being so extreme..." and Dean is lowkey like "WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT THIS IS A COMPLETELY MEASURED RESPONSE!!"... only, you know, with their faces. Really, what is happening is Dean is SUPER overcompensating, because he feels like shit for thinking mom was dead and not getting on the "rescue mom" train as fast as Sam got on.

In the backseat, Jack isn't too cool with the kidnapping, because he just implied to the angels that he wasn't down with that, and now he's complicit in a kidnapping. To help assuage his guilt, he decides to try to get Kaia on board with the plan... he asks her to give him 5 seconds so that he can show her "everything". She agrees, and he mindmelds with her... whatever he shows her, makes her smile, and has him telling her that they can do good in the world.

Then the escaped angel shows up and tries to crash into them, but Dean quickly evades by turning down another road - which is sadly a driveway to a junk yard. The angel puts another blast over angel radio calling for backup, as our heroes scramble onto an abandoned boat.

Now, when the promo pictures came out and I saw a glimpse of this location - I got excited thinking it might be the McBarge, which was an abandoned floating McDonalds in Vancouver... the keyword there is WAS... because I looked it up to see if it might be that, because I didn't think anyone could film there, and I found out that it likely wasn't the McBarge (disappointing, I know), because they're currently in the processes of turning the McBarge into a museum, and it's already been gutted and construction is underway. Now, that was all based off of promo pics anyway, and seeing it better in this episode - I feel very confident in saying that's a derelict ferry, which makes way more sense. BC has a LOT of ferries and the derelict ones have to go somewhere. Still, I wonder where the heck this one is, and why more people don't film on cool derelict boats.

(Fun fact, when my sister was in art school, she did a lot of paintings themed around man-made objects decaying, and I used to drive her around sometimes on tips about half-sunken old ships and such. Similarly, old barns... so, to this day, whenever I see stuff like that, part of my brain is always like "must find out where it is. Must bring sister." Even though my sister is no longer in school and has (mostly) moved onto differently themed art.)

Okay, enough digression... BACK TO THE ACTION...

The angels show up in great number - too many for Sam and Dean to fight off on their own. They to ward them off, but the angels start battering at the wards, and eventually they will break through. They are trapped on the ferry. The only solution is for Jack to open a rift to another world so that they can escape. He and Kaia set up for the mindmeld - but the problem is that Kaia is used to only going to one place - the bad place - where monsters are. Jack is able to direct her to the DVD menu so she can select a different episode, but she starts flipping rapidly back and forth between the Apocalypse World and the Bad Place. IN the end, she screams three times - on one scream, the angel army disintegrates (seriously, if the angels are trying to avoid going extinct, they should probably take a hint and stay the hell away from Jack.)

Then there is no one in the ferry, and there is a new gate left there.

We go to Jody, who is trying to get in touch with Sam, to no avail. And then Patience shows up, and tells her that something bad is coming. 

We then see inside the ferry, where the angel wings are burnt into the walls, and an angel blade is half melted on the ground.

We see Kaia, laying in the grass, seemingly still in our world. We see Mary looking down from the Iron Maiden she's trapped in, at Jack who is now laying alone at her feet. And we see Sam and Dean coming to in the Bad Place, where they then walk through A DINOSAUR FOOTPRINT!!!


That's where my notes end. But, in all seriousness, I thought this was a great episode and a fantastic set-up for Wayward Sisters in January... and I'm really looking forward to seeing what happens next!!!

Let me know what you thought in comments!

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