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Rewatch S12: American Nightmare (12x04)

More rewatches!! I'm really loving this new less-intensive way of doing these things - hopefully y'all don't hate it too much.

American Nightmare

I remember this episode being great - really old school SPN, you know? Hopefully it stands up to the rewatch.

Little note: I love that the priest is East Asian - I love to see accurate reflections of the world's actual diversity. Also the actors really good.

Sidenote: Dude, if some girl walked into my church bleeding that much and being invisibily whipped - I'd call 911 before I just sat there numbly staring at her.

I know Dean makes fun of himself for the text to Mary - "I'm a thirteen year-old girl" - but it's actually a really respectful text. He's asking her if he can still call her Mom or if she'd prefer Mary - I mean, to me, that's really understanding and respectful.

And of course, we get the storyline where Dean's upset so he's lashing out at the whole world, meanwhile, Sam's just the same as always, lalala. Kinda sounds like this season a little too, huh? I mean, at least this season we got a LITTLE of Sam's emotions, before he bottled them all down again because he needed to focus on Dean being horribly depressed. Yarr... /samgirlrant. I mean, I get it - I do - at this point, these are their characters, Sam doesn't emote until it all pours out when it gets REALLY REALLY bad, meanwhile Dean's emotions take up every room that he enters. So, at this point, I can't complain, because it's just the characters.

FYI: The story of Magda dying of a curable disease - something like that happened recently in Canada - the parents are being charged with neglect.

Ooo, I forgot about how sometimes Sam loses his temper on the people he's interviewing. "God doesn't care what kind of life you live, trust me. And God didn't kill your daughter, you did." NOICE.

Sidenote: It's been pointed out by people before, but I love how in the shot of the trunk, you see Dean's clothes really nicely folded, and the clothes Sam was just wearing just left in a pile. I love how they're both a mix of tidy/chaotic, just like I love the fact that they're actually BOTH a mix of nerdy/cool-guy.

On the subject of Sam's powers - his instinct is to tell Magda that she's psychic "like me" and then he goes on in a mix of present/past tense. "I have powers too. I'd get these visions sometimes and I could move things with my mind." "You can do that?" "No, not anymore, I don't think."
- So, does Sam still have his powers? Does he not? We don't know. Does he still have demon blood? We don't know. To me, my headcanon is that he does - that the demon blood is not something that can be purified (dispite what Sam said in S8 - I mean, maybe it would have been purified if he had actually died? But that didn't happen.) And I think he DOES still have powers, but it's a case of a)visions were always triggered by the YED and he's not around anymore, b)he never uses them, so they lay dormant.

And the ol' poison-your-children-because-things-aren't-going-your-way move - not just for top-ranking Nazis anymore!

Then we get the button with Ketch killing Magda. So, yes, horribly tragic and I hate it for that reason, but understand it as part of the story - EXCEPT NOTHING F*CKING COMES OF IT! Like, HAVE IT MEAN SOMETHING!!!!

So, rewrite option number #1: This ties into the internal investigation the BMoL is running about whether the Winchesters are good or evil - Ketch is gathering evidence (impartially) based on the black/white morality of the BMoL. Things like this weigh more heavily on Toni's side, proving Mick wrong. Eventually, this would come out in their showdown and we'd see the doubt about whether this counts as evidence start affecting Mick and ultimately the outcome would be his disobedience and the ultimate dismanteling of the BMoL as it relies on blind obediance to function the way it does.

Rewrite option #2 - things continue on as they are, and the rewrite happens later on in the series when Sam and Dean discover that Ketch has been murdering people they've saved, and then there's hell to pay!

And there's disc 1 complete!

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