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Rewatch S12: The Foundry (12x03)

Okay, stepping it up a little here. Need to do more than one of these a week or we'll be here until doomsday.

The Foundry

I'd forgotten about the conversation between Castiel and Mary at the beginning of this episode. With Mary uncertain that she belongs and asking Cas when he started feeling like he fit - and Castiel is honest and says he's still not sure he does. It's not the brightest to ask someone NOT human and NOT FROM EARTH, if he feels he belongs in the human world. Of course he doesn't, his situation isn't at all comparable, he never belonged in the first place.

Now, that all being said, MAN I wish we'd had more Mary-Castiel interaction. I know all I care about is the character stuff, but damn.

Sidenote: So, fun fact, starting at the S11 rewatch, I started sometimes mapping out the bunker when they walked around, to see if there was any consistent floor plan... there really doesn't appear to be. In this episode, they go directly from the kitchen to the doorway to the war-room, bottom-of-steps enterance. And they're approaching from the front, rather than behind... all other episodes when they've moved from the kitchen to the warrom, they've indicated that the kitchen is down that hall further and BEHIND the steps. Just... thought I'd let you know the nightmare that would be a productions' life if I were ever actually in charge of continuity on a TV show. "It's a labyrinth Alix, all the hallways look the same, so fans can never be quite sure where-" "I've mapped it." "What? No, we weren't given a map, there's no-" "I have drawn a floor plan. Please refer to it." Anyway, we'll have to go with the headcanon that the Men of Letter's bunker is like the staircases in Harry Potter, because it ISN'T consistent.

Also, Sam is wearing my favourite plaid shirt, that he's had since s2. Why is it my favourite? Mainly because Dean wore it once... and CLOTHES SHARING.

So Mary has found a hunt - and it's only occurred to me now that maybe she had planned to go on her own for some breathing room. Mary's reaction to Dean saying "Family Hunting trip!" is subtle but it's there - the delay before saying "sure!"... also, I once was regularly having sex with this dude when I was younger, and he was kind of an ass, but one of the things he was surprisingly really keen on was enthusiastic consent, and he never took "sure" as a yes. "Sure" he pointed out, was what you say when you don't really want to do something, but it's not like you don't want to NOT do it, so if the other person wants to do it, you MIGHT AS WELL, and that, my friends, is not a sexy frame of mind. /tangent.

Castiel's trying to track Lucifer and runs into Crowley. I still hate the Lucifer storyline, probably won't talk about it. Though, I do like Castiel and Crowley's interactions - I mean, the whole demon/angel thing is always fun.

It's still a good storyline for Crowley though, it's before they start really doing him an injustice. So, for now, I might not talk about the storyline, but I won't necessarily rewrite it either. It is what it is.

Again, I'd cut out all bits where Dean questions Mary's competancy. THOUGH, if it were me writing, I'd leave it in if they were dealing with demons etc. But then I'm the only one who remembers that before S1, there were only 4 demon possessions a year on average.

Also, just to touch back on the Castiel+Crowley storyline - I'd forgotten that there was an element of Crowley saving Rowena from Lucifer in this storyline - I like it, because it continues to explore the mother/son dynamic, and how much concern (or how little concern) Crowley still holds for his mother. In that sense, I would have continued to focus on this element of the storyline - what does it mean for their relationship that Rowena abandoned Fergus? What does it mean that she only showed interest in him again when it was convenient fo her? What does it mean that Crowley is now a demon? But was infected, albeit it briefly, with a little humanity in S8. And when he was briefly human-ish, Crowley's first act was to scream that he deserved to be loved... does that carry over even now? Or has he put that behind him? Is he rescuing his mother or is it really about how he can use her? Are they the same or different? These are all things I would have focused the latter half of the season on, rather than Crowley's completely unbelievable revenge plot.

I'd also forgotten about Mary's flashback to her death, with Sam crying his crib. That's jarring. Also, cool. Man, this season had potential when it started, but then it disappointed me - much like S13.

Sidenote: When Mary calls the county registry office to ask for info, and the guy is like "can't you just use the website like everyone else?" I'm like, DUDE, ACCESSIBILITY, JEEZ!

Dean's denial that anything is wrong with Mom... ouch my heart.

This episode is also good, because it carries through the theme that neither of the mothers actually NEED their sons to rescue them. Rowena attacks Lucifer on her own and manages to escape. Mary figures out the case herself... though she DOES end up being possessed, which is pretty bad... but then Dean uses his superpower and Mary is able to fight off the possession long enough for Sam to get to the body in the basement.

And then Mary leaves... because she misses John, and her boys, and being with Sam and Dean is painful. It's a great scene. Someone really should have explained to her that both her boys have abandonment issues (Dean especially), but then again, sacrificing your own mental health for the mental health of others isn't healthy either.

But Sam gets an "I love you" and a hug, and Dean gets an "I love you both" and no hug, because he stepped away from her. And I LOVE LOVE LOVE Sam's reaction to the door opening and closing, like, RIP MY HEART OUT WHY DON'T YOU, JARED!

Anyway, no re-writes this episode. It's a solid ep by Berens. I'll be sad if we lose him to Wayward Sisters, though I'll be happy for Wayward Sisters.

As per usual, let me know your thoughts in comments, if you have any :) This entry was originally posted at https://hells-half-acre.dreamwidth.org/547288.html.
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