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Quick Reaction: 13x07 War of the Worlds

Listen, I have to be honest here. This episode has broken me. I am just not sure I can be positive at all about it. And I know that's a rule around here, I know that's why a lot of you read my reviews/recaps. But...ugh. This episode single-handedly  destroyed everything I was liking about this season.

So.... I might pull a "Bloodlines" here. Meaning, I'm not going to do a synopsis the way I usually do, or talk about each scene in chronological order. I'm going to talk about the episode over all.

I am, for the life of me, going to try to match every negative thing I say with something positive, in order to set a good example.

But, as my friend said as I was leaving - I AM going "to pull a full Unikitty on this one."

Positive thing: The idea that Michael wants to flee his apocalypse world and infiltrate our world is interesting.
Negative thing: Lucifer makes it back into our world, albeit grace reduced.

Positive thing: It was nice seeing Kevin again, even if it wasn't "our" Kevin - just A Kevin. I like Kevin.

Positive thing: I like the fact that Jack has somehow been smart about fleeing and that no one can find him.

Negative thing: What the fuck with bringing Ketch back?! This is what I hate about these writers - and it's my problem with Lucifer being around as well. The bad guys seemingly can't die, but somehow Charlie and Kevin and Eileen et al are dead for good?! And 2/3 times it's these fuckin' two killing our favourites, so the AUDACITY of them NOT killing the bad guys but instead bringing them back just... makes me want to scream. And I know big plot decisions like this are okayed by the show-runner, or possibly dictated by the show-runner - at least, that's the only belief that's saving these two from my COMPLETE AND UTTER SCORN.

Negative thing: What does this even serve? You've got the most convoluted backstory to explain his reappearance - and all you're really doing is complicating the plot unnecessarily. Why do the Winchesters need 3 billion enemies at once?! I don't get it. You know how you can make your plots and lives easier, give them ONE enemy that is ACTUALLY formidable. You know how you do that? You make your characters afraid of your enemy - right now, you don't have that - and Lucifer is the case and point example. But I'm getting ahead of myself.

Positive thing: I do like the actor who PLAYS Ketch. I think he does a good job. I also liked the scene where Ketch is apologizing in the third person.

Negative thing: As I was saying... MAKE YOUR CHARACTERS AFRAID OF THE ENEMY AND YOUR ENEMY BECOMES FORMIDABLE. Castiel encounters Lucifer and is angry at best and annoyed at worse... CASTIEL SHOULD BE AFRAID. Think back to S5, when Lucifer was THE ENEMY. Castiel was terrified of him - everyone was. Lucifer exploded him in an instant. It took ALL OF CAS' courage to throw that molotov at him, and you could tell that he was terrified while he was doing it. Castiel is just like "ugh, YOU - you killed me you bastard!" here and that's just... undercuts everything. Also, I hate Lucifer - you all know I hate Lucifer. They should have left him dead. They should have left him in the cage. They should have actually successfully trapped him in the parallel world, and we should be getting a storyline of how Mary dupes him somehow thus allowing HER escape while he stays stranded. Not have Lucifer escape himself and we don't even know where Mary is.

Positive thing: There was some witty banter in this episode that I quiet enjoyed.

Ambivalent thing: For a moment, when Lucifer came back and was power-reduced and couldn't seem to make what he wanted to have happen happen - I thought for a moment that he was in the French Mistake world, where there was no magic - and that would have been amazingly hilarious, though probably not a good idea storytelling-wise in the long-run. Still, I would have enjoyed it. Actually, I really would have enjoyed it if it were true and it was the last we ever saw of Lucifer, and then we got a storyline of Mary duping Michael or something to escape on her own back to her world.

Negative thing: Listen, I was really digging this season because they were actually KEEPING IT SIMPLE. Which was awesome - that's the SPN that works best, the one where there's a fairly straight-forward mytharc, spattered across MOTW episodes that focus on the character's emotional wellbeing in light of the fairly simple mytharc. Not this CONVOLUTED MESS OF ENEMIES AND FACTIONS AND DIFFERENT MOTIVATIONS. UGH.

Let's count the plots...

Before this episode - 1. Hell/Heaven is interested in Jack. 2. Mary is trapped in an AU with Lucifer. 3. Character Plot: Dean is depressed (but maybe a little better now that Cas is back) and Sam is in denial/right about Mary.
After this episode. 1. Hell/Heaven is interested in Jack. 2. Mary is trapped in an AU. 3. AU!Michael wants to invade earth. 4. Lucifer has returned. 5. Castiel is imprisoned by Asmodeus alongside Lucifer. 6. Ketch has returned from the dead and is working with Asmodeus. 7. Jack is missing. 8. Character Plot???

Positive thing: Now that Lucifer is back, he can report to Sam and Dean that Mary is still alive - or at least was last he saw her - which will be an interesting character point?

Negative thing: UGH... so, now we Castiel once again locked away somewhere and taken out of commission. Listen, I'm sick of this problem the writers have with having to constantly take Cas out of commission. I'm not sure if it's because of a reduced contract with Misha or budget or preference - but if he's going to be a third brother, then make him a third brother and have him work with Sam and Dean. This constant imprisoning and/or sidelining of him is getting super old.

Positive thing: I'm actually glad that they brought up the fact that all the angels are being killed off. I actually find it hilarious, and not annoying, that right after they reveal this, the angels get into a fight where a few of them die - because angels are stupid and not in-fighting apparently. But, I'm glad there's not some endless supply... and it makes me wonder if eventually SPN will end in a godless/angelless universe, just like Dean thought it was back in the beginning.

Okay... I think that's it. I did an okay job, maybe? Maybe?

Listen, if you liked the episode, I apologize.


As usual, let me know what you thought in comments - if you feel similar to me though, try to follow the negative+positive format, just so that we don't all drown in misery. The world is horrible enough, I say.

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