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Quick Reaction: 13x06 Tombstone


I got to watch tonight's episode with the lovely metallidean_grl, because I'm in Portland! Next week I'll be back to Vancouver, but I'm still in vacation mode right now.

It was a lot of fun to watch with another fan - the last.. well, 4 episodes? I've watched alone. 

Anyway, let's actually talk about this thing - because I'm already sleepy.

The THEN gives us a refresher on our character plots, and then the fact that zombies exist.

NOW starts and for a second I'm horribly worried that they're not actually going to show us the reunion - because we get an in medias res Dean hunting in a graveyard with a guy we don't know. Here, my notes say "What's going on?"

But... once guy-we-don't-know (Warren? Warrent?) gets sucked into the ground, we then flashback to 48 hours earlier - and we pick up where we left off, with our tearful reunion.. well, more stoic than anything, considering, but still pretty good!

Cas tells them right off the bat that he annoyed an ancient cosmic entity so much that it sent him back. Only Cas...

Then we get HUGS! As Dean says "Welcome home, Pal"... (just gals being pals), and gives him a pat on the neck. Then Sam swoops in for his hug. Cas asks how long he was gone, and Dean answers with "too damn long" - NO DEAN, GIVE ME AN EXACT TIME!!! I NEED TO KNOW FOR TIMELINING PURPOSES! UGH!

Then they tackle the inevitable question of "why are you alive?" Cas related his experience, and how he wondered if Sam and Dean had done something. Dean tells him that they didn't think there was anything they COULD do. Sam wonders if it was Chuck, but Cas says that Chuck has no dominion over the Empty... then they realize that it must have been Jack.

So, they go back to the bunker to see him. And we get the Jack+Cas reunion. Sam asks Jack if he brought Cas back - and Jack tells them that he wanted him back, that he begged for him to come back... so they all figure it must have been him. Cas thanks him, and then they hug... Jack tells Cas "I missed you so much" - and wow, weird relationship with your kid where they remember you from a time before you knew them.

Jack then shows off that he can now move a pencil on command. And that he found them a case that he's sure is zombies... it's in Dodge City. 

And then we get a great performance from Jensen, as Dean tries to contain his glee at getting to go to Dodge City.... he is obviously very excited and trying not to act like it - meanwhile, Cas and Sam are giving each other "here we go" looks.

Then Dean rattles off each of their descriptions and calls them all Team Free Will 2.0 - and it's pretty cute.

They get to Dodge City, and Dean starts talking about all the outlaws and cowboys - and Jack is like "wow, he really loves cowboys." And Cas is like '...and yet, I married him." Or you know, words to that affect. 

Dean and Sam apparently just got a room with two beds and a couch. So, when they take off for the beds, Jack tries to give Castiel the couch, saying "I don't sleep much." To which Cas replies "I don't sleep at all." And aww, they're bonding over angel things.

Meanwhile, Sam comments on Dean's good mood  - Dean tells him it's because Cas is back and they finally got that big win. Sam is like "okay cool" but in a way that suggests that it's not actually okay or cool... but we don't have time to explore that in this episode. (My guess is that Sam is like... you nearly killed yourself two days ago, and now you're just cool?)

Then we see a cop get killed out in the middle of nowhere. This is where we get to yell at the screen telling him to run away, even though we know he won't.

While Sam and Dean sleep, Jack and Cas chat. They talk about the angels that tried to kill Jack, and whether angels are good or bad - whether heaven is good or bad. Cas says "it can be good" and Jack reminds him that his mom is there - and Cas assures him that she is. Jack says that she told him there was an angel watching over him (and I do love that parallel with Dean) and Cas is all like "I'm sorry you got stuck with a crappy angel" (only not in those words - more like the "I'm sorry I died" type words.) And Jack is like - no, you make me feel safe. And it's sweet.

Cas tells him that Kelly would be proud of him.

Jack then sees the alert come in about the deputy and runs off to tell Dean. Cas tries to stop him, but Jack's already poking Dean in the shoulder - and in return gets a gun in his face, and then Dean asking who is getting him coffee.

Cas tells Jack that Dean is an "angry sleeper - like a bear" and that's like.... THE CUTEST. (My father was/is a panicked-sleeper - if you woke him up in the night, he'd be like "WHAT! WHAT IS IT?! WHAT"S GOING ON?!" and you'd be like "AHHHH!!")

Sam, meanwhile, is pleasantly awake and looking at what Jack found. They decide to divide the party - Sam and Jack will check out the original graverobbing crime, and Dean and Cas will check out this new death. Sam and Jack take off immediately, but Dean indicates to Cas that they're not leaving until he finishes his coffee.

Finally they hit the road - and Dean has decided to go full (modern) cowboy. He tries to get Cas to join him in this game - telling him to pretend he's from "Tombstone" - "The place?" "No the movie!" which Dean apparently made Cas watch. Cas then says "I'll be your huckleberry" in an overdone accent, and it's adorable. 

Then even more hilarity comes, as we get Jensen/Dean the model and Misha/Cas the dork walking side-by-side.

Then Cas flubs his alias by introducing himself as Val Kilmer... and it's all too adorable, really.

We find out that the Sargent they're speaking to was an uncle to the dead cop - and ouch, that sucks. 

Also, Dean uses a texas accent for this whole scene, and it's great.

Sam and Jack, meanwhile, meet a mortician who lives in the caretaker house at the cemetery and looks like a 1950's pin-up model. Like, wow. Anyway, her name is Athena Lopez, and she's pretty awesome. Sam and Jack go with FBI aliases, with Jack being "a trainee" when it's obvious he's young (funny how this was never a question when Sam was EVEN YOUNGER THAN JACK and pretending to be an FBI agent.)

Anyway, Athena wasn't home the night of the robbery - she'd gone to an Amanda Palmer concert. 

Jack then jumps in with the routine hunter questions, before Sam clears a throat and gets him to stop. They go to check out the grave, and Jack tells us that the police decided it was rats. Sam takes a look and the hole in the coffin is way too big for a rat....then he finds a bone with teeth marks in it that proves it - it's a ghoul they're looking for!

Back at the motel, they teach Jack about ghouls briefly. Jack declares it a "zombie shapeshifter" so that his original conclusion about zombies is still correct.

Then we see someone creeping up on Athena, as the boys speculate whether she might be the ghoul. But she's not! Jack has found webcam footage of the truck, and Dean recognises the guy driving - it's a dude who died in 1896 (allegedly), who is none other than Dave Mather (actual real person born in 1851 who "disappeared" in later life.) (Friend looked all this up on commercial break.)

Then we find out that Athena KNOWS him and is DATING him. She's also gotten into make-up school, and the ghoul isn't too happy about that because it means change - and possibly no access to food supply (though he doesn't say that last part.)

Athena also tells him about the strange FBI agents and their weird questions - and Ghoul knows he's got hunters after him now.

Jack also knows that the ghoul is Athena's boyfriend, because he saw the picture when he was snooping.

Sam and Dean go to talk to Athena and leave Cas and Jack in the car. Then Athena tells them that Dave went to the bank...oh dear.

Dave is indeed robbing a bank. This turns into a gunfight when he exits to find 4 hunters waiting for him. Sadly, Jack steps into help, but at the last minute the security guard gets in the blast zone and gets his head slammed into a pool... and he dies. 

Dean quickly sends Cas, Jack, and Sam back to the bunker, to avoid questions/arrests. Then Dean sets out to finish hunting the ghoul.

Dave goes back to Athena, and we discover that she definitely did not know about the ghoul thing - also, Dave's an abusive boyfriend.

Dean runs into the Sargent outside Athena's place - the Sargent has also tracked Dave here. He agrees to work with Dean, and they have a great cowboy conversation about how they're not taking him alive, etc.

Then we see what we say in the opening - only this time, we see Dean follow-up by jumping into the hole to follow...though, this gives him the perfect opportunity to pretend he's in Die Hard.

Meanwhile, Sam and Cas are trying to cheer Jack up. Cas tells Jack that he's killed many people, some of which were people he loved - and that it was a mistake, and they know that,.... and then Jack tells them to stop. So they do. 

Back at the mortuary, Dean comes out of the tunnel into the building. Athena is tied up - so Dean unties her and then goes to where the Sargent is laying, beaten up some.

At first, I was totally convinced that the Sargent was now the ghoul - but now! Ghoul is still Dave and is standing behind Dean. He gets Dean to drop the gun and turn around, but he doesn't take the Sargent into account... and sure enough, once Dean is disarmed and facing the ghoul - he simplly steps to the side and the Sargent has already lined up his shot and is ready to fire. 

And listen, either they put EXTRA explodey bullets in that gune, or that was just a REALLY explodey head.

The next morning, as they wrap up the case, Dean tells the Sargent the cover story - some guy named Dave killed his nephew, tried to kill him, and then the Sargent killed him, and Dean was never there.

Dean shows up back in the bunker then, and tells them that they killed the bad guy and saved the girl. 

Jack is still upset though - he asks if the guard had a family. He did. Sam tries to explain that hunting is not an easy life, and these things can happen...Jack loses his temper again and snaps at Sam, so Sam spreads his hands and steps back... at which point, Jack realizes that they're afraid of him. He suggests he's just another monster. 

Dean argues with him - and I was certain that Dean's speech here would do the trick - because Dean was Jack's harshes critic before. Dean tells Jack that if accidentally killing an innocent person makes someone a monster - then they all are.

Jack argues that he tries to do good - but people get hurt. Then he declares that he's going to hurt them too, and he can't afford to do tha, because they're all he has. Then, just to prove me wrong about Dean saving the day, Jack flings them all away from himself and then FLIES away. HE FLIES! We hear the wings and everythign!

So, now Jack is off on his own!

Timelining stuff - episode takes place over 3 days, because Dodge City is just about 3 hours or so from Lebanon.

So, not a bad episode! I'm sad that Jack is in the wind now - I have a feeling that we'll get a divided storyline again - with Sam and Dean doing MOTW and dealing with their feelings, and Cas out looking for Jack.  But, could be wrong!

I am so tired right now, I'm falling asleep. So, I'm sorry if this is more summary and less wit than usual. Traveling is tiring!

As usual, let me know what you thought in comments. There's a lot I didn't say, because my brain turned to tired mush part-way through writing this, and now I must sleep/

Seriously, I can't actually see the words on the page right now.

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