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Stranger Things 2

I have broken my rule of not watching horror movies before bed (or videos after 11pm) and I've also stayed up past my bedtime - but I have now finished Stranger Things 2.  My biggest take away was that even though I didn't like it as much as the first season - it was still enough to hold my attention for two binge-watching sessions - something that no other show has done since...um... well, Stranger Things. So, well done. 4 out of 5 stars.

Could have used more threesomes.

Didn't like the fact that Billy's storyline was never wrapped - what was the point of him? Just someone to beat up Steve, so we can enjoy Hurt/Comfort fics? Someone to add a dangerous dynamic to Max's storyline? Also, he was so gross.

Loved Max/Lucas - so cute. Loved Dustin... I loved how the non-Mike kids got the focus this time, rather than Mike... Mike actually didn't have an arc this year, he was just support, and in stasis from last year. 

There was less focus on the Byers and their dynamic... I think I just wanted more Jonathan+Will scenes and more Jonathan+Joyce scenes, because the guy who plays Jonathan is an amazing actor, and I like him playing off Wynona (and Jonathan and Will together are adorable.)

Maybe I'll get my threesome in Stranger Things 3? First Steve/Nancy, then Nancy/Jonathan... then Steve/Nancy/Jonathan? That's the planned sequence right?

Steven ending up with the kids was hilarious, but kind of out of left-field. I liked it though. I especially like the fact that he and Dustin bonded, since it looks like Dustin just has his mom and no real male role models in his life.

I think part of me was disappointed because last season had SO MUCH character development, and this one didn't...like, it was basically just Steve getting dumped, and then feeling sad while he babysat kiddos. Meanwhile, Nancy's development was to be bolder, but even with that decision, her getting together with Jonathan, while cute - was... well, cute... it wasn't like "this is what I want now, I am boldly making this choice." And Jonathan is amazing, but he was just reacting the whole time.... he confronted his daddy/trust issues for like all of five minutes and then was distracted by sex and monsters.

Eleven and Hopper were great together though. I like the fact that he's adopted her - even if their fights are pretty volatile and epic, and Hopper makes bad choices.

I didn't like the introduction of Kali... I mean, I like the actress - but I tend to not like the "there are more than one" storylines... like, you know... Heroes or whatever. Eventually, you're just like "ugh, too many superpowered people." And apparently I get that way even when there are only two. BUT, I did like the actress - and I get what they were trying to do... trying to put Ell into as many different "homes" in a sort of Goldilocks search until she found (returned) to the one that was right.

I was really sad about Bob - I knew it was probably going to happen, because they hinted enough that Joyce's heart wasn't as in it as Bob's was.... and that Hopper was jealous... but... still... maybe it's just that I love Sean Astin so much. Also, that was totally a Jurassic Park homage, but Jurassic Park was early 90s, not 80s! I call foul! (even though it was great.) Though, I wish that he hadn't been killed after pausing to give Joyce a doe-eyed look - like, dudes, if this was real life, you wouldn't pause to stare lovingly at each other, you'd yell "RUN RUN RUN!" and you'd book it...or at least I would, if you want to stare lovingly at me, go ahead, but you will be staring at my back as I run the fuck away from the the monsters and leave your dumbass to be eaten. Like, don't get me wrong, I'll be real sad about it, but it'll be your own damn fault.

Anyway, to fic land where everyone will fix everything for me! Yay!

I'm sure I'l think of more things to say tomorrow... I gotta go get a ridiculously small amount of sleep now.

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