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Quick Reaction: 13x03 Patience


So, still cat-sitting this week, so no walk home, only one glass of wine (really I should be sticking to one glass of wine on a weeknight anyway), but everything else the same - only watched the episode once, took notes badly, all quotes are paraphrased... blah blah blah...

Let's talk about our first set-up episode to the possible spin-off....

THEN reminds us that Cas is dead, and that wraiths exist. Hmm, wonder what the monster is going to be. (It's revealed in the teaser anyway, so this isn't a criticism.)

Now - we're in Omaha Nebraska, and a psychic gets killed by a wraith. Excellent work by the actress.

Then to Sam and Dean! Dean is drinking in his room while listening to music and staring into the abyss. That's not creepy at all. (says the girl who used to sit in her room and watch candles burn... ah, the pre-digital age.)

Sam brings Jack the laptop so that he can show him the video(s?) that Kelly made for him. We also learn that Jack hasn't come out of his room since they got home - I'm assuming Jack needs to eat, so it's probably been a matter of hours, not days?

Also, Jack is obsessed with walls - is anyone else picking up on this? What's with the walls, kiddo?

Missouri calls Sam - he is surprised, she apologizes for "being a stranger" - which is pretty funny, because I believe she last said to them "don't be a stranger" and then she's like "sorry about that, my bad." It makes me wonder if maybe they HADN'T been a stranger but she had?

Anyway, she wants them to come help with the dead psychic, who is, of course, a friend of hers.

Then we see Sam get off the phone with Jody, and I'm like "Did she call too? Did he call her?" And he basically tells us why he was on the phone with Jody when Dean's like "what's up?" and Sam informs him about Missouri's call and then tells him that he's already put Jody on the case, because Sam and Dean have to look after Jack. And Dean is all like "JODY IS GOING TO DIE BECAUSE YOU'RE FORCING ME TO BE A PARENT AGAINST MY WILL" and Sam is like "whoa, harsh" and Dean declares that he's going on the hunt and Sam can stay and babysit the antichrist himself. (I don't think they actually say antichrist though? Because like... that kid is in Australia still probably and old enough by now to look after himself.... I'm just telling you this, because like I said, I'm PARAPHRASING... in case it wasn't obvious.)

Anyhoo... Jody and Missouri are working the case when Dean shows up and is super cute with his "I don't know who to hug first" Awww... and the Missouri says "I'm sorry for your losses" and MAN that plural kills me, because again, I'm pretty sure that's one of the first things she said to Sam when she met him the first time, only it was "I'm sorry for your loss."

They check out the house and Missouri has a vision that the wraith is going to go after her family next.

Meanwhile, Sam is trying to train Jack to use his powers by making him move a pencil with his mind.

Missouri tries to call James to warn him, but James is a douche and hangs up on her. Well, don't be surprised if you die, buddy. Missouri sends Dean and Jody to go save him, and she says she'll stay behind. Dean takes issue with this, but Missouri shuts him down...and the acting is very good in this scene, because I kinda wanted to cry for very little reason? Maybe I just have PMS (as I misogynistically invalidate my own feelings.)

Meanwhile, the whole pencil moving thing is not going well. Also, what room are they in? It looks really nice. Like a little study. I like the lighting.

Jack complains that Sam's staring at him too much. Sam decides that they'll take a break.

Back in Omaha, it's the return of the wraith! This time, to kill Missouri.... and I'm super sad. I was really hoping that Missouri could survive, though I knew the chances were slim - but a friend of mine had the good idea that Missouri could just be too old to look after Patience or something after this, and that's why she joins the Wayward Sister's cast... but, alas.

Of course, this raises all sorts of questions, because Missouri had to have known - so why send Dean and Jody off? Why not just have them kill the wraith there? Well, Missouri kinda hints at it when the psychic asks the same thing - in that in her vision, if she tried to avoid it, he still killed her, but if she stayed and let him kill her, then her friends would kill him. So, my guess is that if she tried to live, they'd have failed to kill him and he'd have gone after Patience anyway. (Getting complicated with my tenses here, sorry non-native-english speakers.)

Then we meet Patience, who is talking to her friend in a school hallway... and then the lights flicker, and she has a vision of Missouri dead in the hall... and then we find out it was all a nightmare.

It's the next morning, and Dean goes to pay for gas and finds out about Missouri's death on the news that's playing behind the counter... ouch.

He knows that she must have known and is pissed that she sent him away, but he follows her final orders - protecting her family.

He and Jody knock on James' door and tell him his mother's dead - not EXTREMELY tactfully, but it's not like I would've done it better. I'd probably have done it worse. I told a friend over FB message once that their ex-boyfriend was dead by saying "Did you hear that X died? Because he did. Sorry if I'm the one telling you this" or you know, words to that effect.

Patience, meanwhile, is at school, and her friend says the exact same line that she said in the nightmare... and Patience sort of gets flashes of the vision again... but she's like "weird" and goes back to stacking her books. And man, I'm amazed that high school students everywhere don't have a fear of standing in front of their open lockers, because I've seen WAY too much of the "close the locker and someone is there to murder you" trope. Though, it occurs to me that no high school student I've known has stood THAT close to their locker, they weren't that big really... so, I guess it's a TV thing where people stand so that their practically inside the locker themselves.

I'm way off track - my point is that the wraith is there to kill her.

She breaks off his feeding spike first though and then when he starts beating her up, BAM, shot by Dean. Only the wraith gets away.

Meanwhile, back at the Bunker, Sam's got a nanny-cam set up in the pretty room, so that he can keep an eye on Jack from the library. He looks away for a moment - and Jack's gone! So he panics and runs down there, only to find Jack huddled in a dark corner all moody.

Jack thinks he must be evil, because he can only use his powers to accidentally do bad things and he can't move a pencil - also, Dean told him that he's kill him. "He what?" says Sam, with carefully contained anger.

This answers the discussion that I've had with a few fans over the course of the week - was Dean's comment to Jack reassuring to him or not? Apparently that's a big NOT. Jack has taken it as proof that he's bad.

Jack also blames himself for his mother's death... which, judging by the media I consume, is the plight of all children whose mothers die in childbirth.

Sam tells him that nothing about what's happened has been Jack's fault. That Sam thinks maybe Jack's just scared to use his powers, because he's afraid of them (FYI: This has been my headcanon as to why Sam suddenly didn't have powers after S2... excluding the time he was on demonblood. Meaning, that if Sam actually worked at it, he could totally have powers..  but based on how his powers manifested in S1&2, they'd be similar to Patience's powers, except maybe with the added ability to move objects with his mind.)

Actually, let me just take a moment here to say that one thing this episode does well is to bring back the ol' parallel method of writing case fic, which was done really well in early years and inconsistently in later years (either non-existent or too heavy-handed), but this episode has a pretty nice balance.

Sam also admits that it's probably not helping that Sam's putting pressure on Jack. Sam suggests they stop working on it, until Sam can find a better way... Jack is surprised by the fact that Sam's letting it go. And asks why he's being so nice... and Sam tells him it's because he knows what it's like to be different, and to have a darkness in you... but that Sam's family, Dean and Cas, helped him, and now Sam wants to help Jack.

Back with Patience - it's time for a family fight! Awkwardly! In front of strangers! We learn that James cut off contact with Missouri and decided she was a fraud after she incorrectly told him that his wife would survive an illness. I think Missouri may have known the whole time that she wouldn't, personally, because one of her first lines back in S1 was that sometimes it was best to tell people what they wanted to hear instead of the truth. Anyway, whatever the case, he got bad at her and cut her out of their lives.

He also didn't want Patience to grow up knowing about the supernatural and hunting... because James' childhood was spent afraid of monsters, and afraid for his mother, who was off hunting all the time. (Dean definitely makes a 'I can relate' face... even though that's not EXACTLY Dean's experience, since growing up he saw hunting as what kept them safe, rather than what endangered them.)

James tells Patience to go pack, and she continues arguing, and then we get my favourite line of the night - "Patience, I said now!"

She goes upstairs and first holds a broach that Missouri gave her and remembers the last time she saw her, when she was a little kid and Missouri told her goodbye and said that she'd always be looking out for her. Awww...

And then the wraith is in her closet - that sucks.

And he kidnaps her... sucks more, and also, why not eat her right away?

Before we get an answer to that though, James quickly whips out some scrying stones - because you can denounce your own mother as a fraud AND use magic to find people - that's not weird at all. What's weird to me is that Dean is like "you do magic?" and James is like "desperate times" or whatever... but DEAN, YOU ALSO DO MAGIC! You and Sam are constantly doing minor spells to kill things or whatever... and you've watched Bobby scry too... why the judgement? Maybe I misheard or misinterpreted the line though.

Anyway, Patience wakes up tied to a chair, and the wraith tells us that he kidnapped her because he wanted to feed on her slow, because the rush from his meals wasn't lasting long enough... apparently psychics are the cocaine of the wraith world - you always need more the next time. (or so I've been told. I've never done drugs, beyond alcohol and caffeine.)

Then the rescue party arrives - and my notes say: "Jody stabbed. It's a vision." Because we all know Jody has to live to be spun-off!

Patience uses the vision to give her rescue party split second warnings that turn the tide of the battle. Jody still gets knocked out, but not killed. And Dean gets to kill something, which his grief-fueled-rage is probably pleased about.

Then it's time to say good work and goodbye! They're seeing Patience off at her house, and they ask her what she's going to do next. Patience says that her dad wants to get back to normal.

Dean says it's a good idea, because there's no joy in hunting - just pain, horror, and death. And yeah, that's pretty sad, given that Dean was the one that always found the most joy in hunting... so, yeah, grieving Dean is a different Dean altogether. It makes me think that S5 Sam was right to tell him to get out of the life, that he'd find little joy in it after Sam died (though, you could argue either way on that one.)

Jody, though, recognizes that Dean's advice probably isn't coming from a great place - and she pulls Patience aside and echoes what Kelly told Jack at the beginning of the episode - do whatever you like, but make sure it's YOU that chooses. Jody explains that she has a "daughter-I-guess" which I think is an awesome description of Jody's "charges" and that she tried to keep her safe by making her stay normal, but it didn't work. It has to be Patience choice, or else she'll just be miserable... and then Jody gives her a business card and tells her that Jody's door is always open. So, that's a great hint at things to come.

Dean returns home and we get a confrontation with Sam. Sam's already been informed of Missouri's death by Jody. (And how much do I love that Jody and Sam are phone pals? A lot.) Then Sam confronts Dean about what he said to Jack... and they have it out... meanwhile, Jack is just around the corner eavesdropping. Dean insists the kid is going to turn out evil, and Sam really brings his A game when he response with "I didn't" - and tells Dean that he was also supposed to be evil, that Dad told Dean to kill Sam, but Dean saved him instead - and what makes Jack different?

(An aside here: But that's a little unfair to John - John specifically told Dean that he had to SAVE Sam and it was only if he couldn't save him, that he'd have to kill him.)

During the fight, Dean re-iterates at least twice that he knows that Sam wants to "use" Jack... and I wish Sam would say "it's not about that" or deny it a LITTLE, because Jack is eavesdropping and that could drive a wedge between Sam and Jack, which they really don't need. But, at the same time, it IS partially true - Sam IS hoping that Jack can save their mom somehow.

Dean also insists that it's different because Sam deserved to be saved, whereas Jack doesn't - that Cas died because of Jack. Because Jack promised him paradise and that got Cas killed.

Upon hearing this, Jack gets more upset... most likely because now he's responsible for both his mother's AND his "father's" death.... and so his eyes glow and he calls to Castiel....

...who walks up in a black emptiness.

WOOT! (Sorry, this is just the Cas-resurrection I was hoping for, rather than the speculation that we'd get an AU Cas or something. An AU Cas isn't Cas, so that'd still mean Cas was dead to me... this way, we get true Cas, when he eventually finds his way out of the black.)


So, all in all, a pretty solid episode - some minor writing quibbles... major "quibble" of Missouri dying, though I knew it was likely given that they had to set Patience up as not having anyone more qualified than Jody to turn to. But yeah, solid.

I love the friendship between Jody and both boys. I like parallels between the myth-arc, the boys relationships, and the case of the week. I like the fact that they didn't kill Patience's dad (yet?) that Jody's opened that door without it being a non-choice for Patience (like it was for Claire and Alex).

Anyway, I'm excited to see how Wayward further develops... I'm also really excited to see how Cas makes his way back to us.

I loved all the interaction between Sam and Jack in the episode, and Jared and Jensen always bring the feels when Sam and Dean fight - so that was also well done.

As usual, let me know your thoughts!

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  • ... give me one more week!

    I didn't do rewatched last weekend, because I wanted a little bit of breathing space after the finale. I wanted to actulaly feel like the show was…

  • Last Day

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