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Quick Reaction: 13x01 Lost and Found

 And we're back!

Okay, so... uh, tl;dr: pretty good episode!

Now the reminder about how things work around here: I watch the show once, while drinking (though I only had one glass tonight, because I was driving) and I take really bad notes just to keep track of scene order, and then I recap the episode for you using my memory and making up all the quotes. As such, I'm gonna make minor mistakes and quote things wrong. If you correct me on every minor thing, I get super annoyed. If you correct me when I ASK or on major plot/character points, I'm grateful - so choose wisely!


They actually got Metallica for the opener! Wow! Nothing Else Matters is a great song... though I think it's a little slow for their usual rock opening BUT, it also probably fit the mood really well, because it does slow us right down to the melancholy that is having everyone we know and love die horribly.

So, we start off with Jack asking for his father. Sam's like "I am not your father." Oh man... did he say it like that?! I don't think he did, but he totally should have, because that's what Cas keeps telling Claire, that'd be a nice call back. Maybe he did say it like that and I didn't put it together until I wrote it out. Anyway... the point is, Sam is trying to figure this shit out.

Meanwhile, Dean is outside being DEVASTATED because his best friend is lying dead with BEAUTIFUL WINGS, and ugh, it kills me that angels die so pretty, because that's just a twist of the knife in the heart. So, of course Dean's going to go straight from the shock part of grief right into the ANGER part of grief - and he decides who he wants to blame it on and it's the supernatural being in the house. So, he goes in to shoot the kid, and that goes poorly.

Jack uses SONIC VOICE and it is super effective. Hahaha... it was actually a pretty cool effect, I liked the sort of slowdown and then BAM into the wall, which knocks them both out. (Seriously, if this was real life, both boys would be SO BRAIN DAMAGED by now)

The opener title card is "Eye of Sauron"-ish, it's cool, from the glimpse I got of it.

Then we come back to what is a weird flashback of Mary taking on Lucifer, except that it suddenly changes to Mary burning and then morphing into Mary on the ceiling, and then we realize that it's Dean having a nightmare... which, yeah, not good. I'm wondering if there was a point to that though, because it seemed weirdly out of place to never be mentioned again. Maybe they were just trying to remind us that Mary was dead or something? 

So, Sam and Dean run out of the house to find the kid. I loved the way Dean asked if Jack could teleport, or rather, how he followed up the question "Does he have wings?!" Like... man, I don't know what it is about the question that gets me, but something does. Maybe because in Supernatural you can't tell if someone has wings just by looking at them... or it's just that we haven't had a reference to wings lately? I have no idea. Maybe it's because I recently read Flight, a destiel fanfic that was quite good. (Fun fact: As long as fics are set post-S8, I don't mind destiel. So, I've been indulging a little.)


Jack is at a fast food place called Pirate Pete's, where we first meet the employees, and get a little bit of a feel for their personalities. Then Jack shows up naked, asking for his father, and so the teen workers call one of their moms... who is the Sheriff. 

Meanwhile, Sam and Dean drive down the Sea to Sky highway, and it is beautiful...  (fun fact, when I first moved to Vancouver, I thought everyone was calling it the Cedar Sky highway, and I called it that for a while... no one noticed.... which tells you a lot about the Canadian accent right there.)

Sam is trying to calm down Dean's bloodlust... it's not working, because Dean is still firmly in anger mode. Also, we find out through their conversation that basically Sam's in denial about Cas. "Is Cas really..." "You know he is." Awww... my heart. I AM slightly afraid that they'll pull a S2 and accidentally forget that Sam is also grieving, because Dean's emotions tend to take up more space in a room... BUT, this episode does do a pretty good job of including Sam's grief too, but that's jumping way ahead.

The Sheriff shows up at Pirate Pete's... and you know, while I acknowledge that having a hand on a gun really does drive up the tension of the scene and is good drama, part of me is screaming that the Sheriff is WAY too trigger happy when faced with a completely naked guy.

Then Jack glares at her, and we cut to commercial, and my friend's husband says "Oh no! Not Sheriff Barker!" and we all laugh. 

We come back to weird people in the cabin looking at dead Cas... they are most likely angels. They talk about whether Cas deserved his end or not, and are divided. Then the camera lingers on the female angel and she does this weird smile, and like... what was with that, because it didn't mean anything, but was super weird.

Back to Jack! He's at the Sheriff's station, being asked questions. Sheriff Barker is actually pretty cool, telling her deputy off for calling Jack weird. It was cool to see her actually treat him like he's just a confused person rather than making a joke out of him. I mean, they kind of do that with her son, who is convinced Jack is high, but we've already established that her son is a bit of a doofus. Anyway, the Sheriff takes his thumbprint to see if she can find more information in the system. She asks him what he remembers, and Jack tells her that he remembers Dagon burning (though he doesn't use her name) and the universe screaming. So, that's interesting! He knows his mother is in heaven, but doesn't know where his father is.

Sam and Dean show up at the fast food joint. Dean thinks it's a dead end. Sam goes off to question the employees, while Dean says he's going to call Jody. There's a drunk girl inside giving the non-sheriff's kid a hard time about them not having any fries. Sam interrupts and says he's looking for a naked guy - and the drunk girl is like "you and me both, sister." Which is only slightly amusing on it's own, but pretty hilarious when you consider just how much she was taking the piss out of him.

Outside, Dean lowers the phone and gets out the car. Did he call Jody? Why does he look so thoughtful? (We find out later, that he probably did not call Jody.)

Sam calls the Sheriff to find out about Jack.

Then we cut to Dean outside coming back to the car with bloody knuckles. The drunk girl is standing WAY too close to the car, babbling at him. It's all VERY SUSPICIOUS. Also, like, if that was my car, I'd be like "Don't touch my car!" but then I'm really weird about people touching my stuff.  Anyway, that drunk girl is DEFINITELY UP TO SOMETHING.

Sam comes out and is also like "what's with your hand?!" and Dean is all "what hand?" hahahaha... that'd've been funnier. He really just hides the hand and avoids the question.

Back at the Sheriff's station, the lights have gone wonky, and the Sheriff nervously follows the wonky lights down the hallway to find Jack and her son eating candy while sitting on the floor of the breakroom. Jack apparently has technopath powers and can make vending machines vend at will. Except for then he gets a MASSIVE HEADACHE.

My friends clued in before I did that it was angel radio.

He knocks the sheriff out and scares her son, and then stumbles out of the room and back down the hall, only to find Dean - and then Sam tazes him in the back. Not a good second day out of the womb for Jack.

The Sheriff then comes out and holds Sam and Dean at gun point... which she's been itching to do all day, so good for her?

We come back from commercial to find that Dean has decided to go with honesty. Really? Wow. Bold choice. Why not FBI aliases? How weird.

Sam, meanwhile, has been put in a cell with Jack... who wakes up. Sam quickly apologies for hurting him. Jack tells him that he was scared, which was why he attacked them. Jack then tells Sam to tell the others he's sorry. (Awww)... then we find out one of the reasons why Sam doesn't want to kill Jack right off the bat (though I'm not saying it's the only reason, because I don't think that's true.)... after Sam asks how Jack knows english (his mother), Sam asks if Jack remembers the door to the other world - he does - and whether he could open it again. I'm pretty sure Jack says he can, but I can't actually remember.

Anyway, Jack then asks about his father, that his father was supposed to keep him safe. And Sam is like "Lucifer will not keep you safe." and that's when Jack drops the bombshell that he considers Castiel his father, and that's who he's been looking for this whole time. Sam has to break the news that Castiel is dead. Which... I mean, yes, honesty is the best policy... but maybe break the news REALLY gently to the guy who slams people into walls when he's upset?

Then Drunk girl shows up outside the station just as Sheriff's son is leaving... and we know she's an angel. So, yup, SUSPICIONS CONFIRMED.

Dean has a brief meeting with Sam, telling him that they're going to get out of there - but then when he hears commotion in the front of the station, he just LEAVES SAM IN THE CELL. Like, Dude, at least open the door? Unless he said that the Sheriff was coming with the key or something, him just turning around and leaving doesn't make any tactical sense.

DrunkGirl Angel uses Sheriff's son as a hostage... wanting the Sheriff to kill Dean to save her son. Meanwhile, two angels come in through the back door to get Jack - using the angel radio to disable him with a huge headache, while they beat up Sam.

Out in the front room, Drunk Girl stabs Sheriff's son when the Sheriff dithers too much, and then gets to beating Dean, while the Sheriff tries to stop her son from bleeding out.

Sam's putting up a good fight in the cell... and by that I mean that when they make his face bleed, he uses the blood to draw a little tiny banishing sigil that's super cute... and gets the job done. Jack gets a splash of lightening-vein when Sam uses it, but gets to stay in the room thanks to his human half.

Drunkgirl runs in and sees that she's probably not going to win a fight between both Winchesters and Jack, so she just stabs Jack in the heart before Dean kills her. It surprisingly does nothing to Jack, besides give him a pouty confused face for a moment.

And then it's time to leave... and Sam and Dean and Jack go back to the cabin to give Castiel a proper Hunter's funeral. And man, like, yes, I was really pissed off at this show and probably would have stopped watching if I didn't have so many projects to do and if I weren't so connected to fandom... but it still has the ability to make me cry. 

The first thing we see is Sam entering the bargaining stage - he's uncertain whether they should burn the body, because what if Cas comes back - maybe if they pray... and Dean is two steps ahead of him, because he entered that stage of grief back at the fast food place... though it wasn't so much bargaining as angrily demanding that Chuck return his loved ones to him, punching a sign until it broke, and then finally saying "please" before walking back to the car.... which explains the bloody knuckles.

And then we get Sam outlining how funerals work to Jack... in answer to Jack's question of what you should say at funerals, Sam says that you say thank you, and sorry, and that you hope they're in a better place now, without pain. And ugh, my heart, because yes, he's saying all those things to Castiel... but also, how many times has Sam done this, to break it down so simply, and yet so devastating.

Then Dean joins them and says the funeral's for Castiel, Kelly, Crowley, and Mom... and Sam's like "maybe Mom isn't dead-" but Dean insists that she is, that there's no reason for Lucifer not to have killed her immediately. So, we return to the optimist and the pessimist experiencing loss together. 

Then we cut to the AU world, where Mary is trying to run from Lucifer - but Lucifer can fly, and easily catches her. But doesn't kill her, because he might need her.... so, it really sucks to be Mary.

And that's the episode!

Overall, I enjoyed it.  It'll be interesting to see where they go with this. As you know, I'm pretty sick of Lucifer, so I'm probably not going to enjoy that storyline very much... but I'm interested in them exploring the nature vs. nurture debate with Jack, and I'm very interested in exploring the grief that comes with losing Cas, and also how they're eventually going to get him back, since we all know that Misha is still part of the show.

As usual, please let me know what you thought in comments!!

REMINDER: Quick Reactions are kept POSITIVE or at least balanced. Ultimately, I like to enjoy things - so if you DO want to complain about something, feel free, but remember than you then have to balance it out by stating something you liked about the show. (Rewatches are for complaining-fests, which we'll totally get to do soon with S12, once I remember to order the DVDs)

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