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Season 11 Clothing Posted!

I've finally uploaded all of Season 11's clothing for my If Clothes Could Talk project!

You can check out the full list here: If Clothes Could Talk: Season 11

I also started a third post for shirt thumbnails, which now just has the new shirts for this season - you can see that entry here: Shirts Part 3

Special thanks goes to zackjohansson this year for giving me all the Brand info he had about the new additions to the Winchester wardrobe. He actually gave me the info last summer or something ridiculous like that, but I'm SO SLOW that he had to remind me again this spring that I had them. :P So, very grateful to him for being so helpful. I really suck at knowing/finding brands, so for that part of the catalogue, I always have to rely on other fans to help out.

(Also, as usual, if you see mistakes, please let me know - especially if the mistake is that I've thought one shirt was two shirts)

And now, my favorite part - a breakdown of the season using charts and graphs!

Number of Clothes Worn by the Winchesters:

This time it's DEAN that has the most varied wardrobe, but only by a little! Still, usually Sam takes up a whole two thirds of the pie, so this is quite the change.

Sam's shirts by type:

Still loving the plaid - I'm pretty sure one of those stripped shirts is actually a misplaced plaid shirt too. I didn't upload the separate shart for Sam's NEW clothes by type, because it basically just looks the same as this one. But you can see if if you go to the entry for all of Sam's clothes.

Dean's shirts by type:

Continuing the trend of these last few seasons, Dean continues to move away from his classes Green/Beige & Blue/Black split and head into Plaid territory. Likewise, with Sam, his new clothes nearly match this ratio as well - only with Plaid taking up a solid half (you can see if, if you want, by going to the entry for all of Dean's clothes). That striped shirt is arguably also just a misplaced plaid, as it refers to Dean's Red & Charcoal Camping Blanket Shirt.

What percentage of the clothes were old and what percentage were new?

Dean still gets the most wear out of old wardrobe, with Sam still being the Winchester to buy the most new clothes. However, the real change-up this season comes in the fact that SAM is the one to buy new coats! This is, I think, the first season* where Dean did not have any new coats or jackets. Usually Sam wears the most shirts and Dean wears the most coats, including having the most new coats. But this season Sam got the new coats! (Sadly, I did not make a chart to capture this - but you can see it in the list above. :)

(*Dean technically didn't purchase a new coat in S5, but he did borrow one of Bobby's)

Clothing by type:

But here we see the biggest change - with Dean having the largest wardrobe between the two of them... including coats (despite not having any new ones.)

Do you see the other difference with this season?! That's right - this is the first season without any polos/henleys, hoodies, or graphic Ts! Just shirts and coats, people!

And finally: S11 Clothes by Origin Season

Here we see that while Sam is favouring new clothes and clothes from S2/S3, Dean is mostly wearing clothes that were introducted S8 and after. Dean doesn't wear ANY of his clothes purchased in S6 or S3. Whereas Sam doesn't wear any clothes that were originally purchased in S8. I'm very happy to see some S1 clothes hanging on for dear life in this chart too. :)

So, there we go! Hope you enjoy! :)
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