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Sam's Fine Wool Trench

Similar in style to Sam’s Temporary Vertical Zipper Jacket (seen very briefly in S2), this jacket has a left breast pocket that does up with a vertical, mostly hidden, zipper. The jacket is dark (blue, charcoal, or black) and appears to be, perhaps, a wool trench. It does up with both snaps (which appear to be brass) and a zipper. It has very large lower pockets.

Brand: Filson (Charcoal Wool Weekender Long Jacket)


In Hell’s Angel (11x18), Sam wears this coat when he is not inside the Bunker.

In All in the Family (11x21), Sam wears this coat when he and Dean got to meet Metatron, and again at the end of the episode when he and Dean drop Donatello off to catch his cab home.

In We Happy Few (11x22), Sam continues to wear this coat every time he is not in the Bunker (and in a brief scene at the beginning when he and Dean have just returned to the Bunker.)

In Alpha and Omega (11x23), Sam continues to wear this coat every time he is not in the Bunker – except for at the beginning of the episode, when he and Dean are talking in the kitchen, after they have all just returned from the battle with Amara.

In Keep Calm and Carry On (12x01), Sam is still wearing this coat when he is tied up in the van, but when he awakens tied to a chair in a basement, he is without it.

In The Memory Remains (12x18), Sam wears this coat to the diner after he and Dean visit the plant when Darrin goes missing midway through the episode. He continues to wear it until the end of the episode.

In Devil’s Bargain (13x13), Sam wears this coat when he comes back from fetching Donatello. He then wears it again when he, Dean, and Cas, arrive at the hotel that Anael and Lucifer are staying in. He wears it until they return to the Bunker.

FATE: Briefly confiscated by the British Men of Letters in 12x01/12x02 while Sam is held prisoner.
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