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Quick Reaction: 12x20 Twigs, Twine, Tasha Banes

 No worries, I didn't need my heart.

Tonight I went out to see a documentary called The Road Forward, which is about the history of the Indigenous Rights movement in British Columbia. It was really interesting, but already had me quite emotional - because, you know - First Nations have been and are treated horribly in my country.

Anyway, I downloaded the episode when I got home.... which is why this write up is so late.

So, you don't get drunk!me but you do get emotionally wrung-out and tired!me... hopefully I can still be entertaining.

Usual rules apply - No quotes are actual quotes and I'm not going to remember everything exactly (nor retell it exactly). It'll be the general idea - don't correct me unless I ask or it's super duper important to the plot or the understanding of a character.


We begin with a young black woman at a B&B in Wyoming, where she encounters a possibly racist lady? I find out later that the young black woman isn't as young as I think! Man, she looks good for being the mother of two adult children. Anyway, she's also a witch! And she uses a spell to find a basement, and in that basement she gets stabbed.

I really like how they had her gagging on the smell. It's not until later that Sam and Dean say it smells like death in there - but you can alreayd tell that it smells like death. A lot of the time they don't do that on SPN, and they'll go down into a basement and then be SURPRISED to find corpses. Like, dude? Has writers/production never been around a dead body before?! Those things reek like you wouldn't believe. I was visiting a friends farm once and his father had tossed a cow skull into the woods down the road (as you do?) and you could smell that thing in like a 30 foot radius.

Cut to Sam and Dean, who are discussing current events in the Bunker. Dean seems convinced that Cas has been mojo-ed and is no longer himself. Sam doesn't really agree or disagree, though, which gives me a little hope that maybe Dean is wrong... I don't know, I'm kind of tired of Cas-is-tricked-into-doing-something-bad storylines. I'd prefer if we had a Cas-actually-knows-what-the-heck-he's-doing storyline for once.

Sam changes the subject by bringing Dean's attention to the destroyed Colt. Dean asks SAM if HE can fix it... which I thought was interesting. Sam just says that he hopes so. I mean, the Winchesters know a LOT about guns and magic at this point - I'm wondering if they could MAKE a colt. I mean, maybe they have to wait for Haley's Comet?

A phone vibrates in the Bunker, and it's neither Sam's nor Dean's - turned out that Mary has multiple phones. It's Alicia calling! She's calling because her mum went on a hunting trip and hasn't been home in a few days, and she's worried - but Max doesn't believe that there's reason to be concerned. This mean's of course, that Tasha is her mother, and we know she's dead - so this is super sad.

Sam tells Alicia that they'll come out to help - and Dean is like "but what about my wayward boyfriend?" And Sam is all like "Let's do this while we wait for him to turn up again!" As is the Winchester's WONT so that we can have MOTW episodes. Actually, what Sam actually says is that Jody has put out an APB for Cas across three states. So... I guess if he hits those three out of 48? Like... those aren't great odds? 

But THEN Sam actually uses the line "Their mom is on a hunting trip and hasn't been home in a week." Oh SPN, never stop referencing yourself.

Before they leave, Dean calls Mary's phone and leaves a message, asking her to call him. He then tells her that some stuff went down, and he's spun out, and he just needs to talk to her... and AWWW, Dean just needs his mom. Which is why Amara returned her from the dead, fyi  - but of course, a mother is more than her duty to her children.

Then we flash to Mary, to see her tied in a chair? Nope, she's in the room... there's a shifter tied in the chair and Ketch and Mary are having a torture-interrogation session. It's an interesting scene, because Mary tells Ketch that the torture isn't going to work, and Ketch continues anyway... but ALSO, Mary refers to the shifter as a "him" and Ketch emphasizes the "it" that he uses when he responds. And it's a great addition to the dehumanizing of monsters that the BMoL do, and the fact that the Winchesters aren't as prone to do that. Even though I think Mary is more APT to do it than the boys, simply because she doesn't have as much hunting experience as they do... but then, she DID want out of hunting from an early age, so it could be that she saw monsters as complex people in her youth and was actually able to hang onto that rather than having it drilled out of her by her more overbearing old-school father.


Sam and Dean meet up with Alicia and Max. They're told that Tasha was hunting a "borrower witch" which is apparently the official SPN term for a witch that gets it's power from a demon, rather than a natural born witch like Tasha and Max. Alicia isn't a witch at all, just a hunter. 

Max still doesn't think there's anything funky going on, and he's just getting bartenders' phone numbers and making the best out of being dragged to Wyoming. Then he and Dean go to check out the Impala, because apparently Max and Dean have a lot in common when it comes to car and bartender loving.

Alicia and Sam chat for a bit. And Alicia tells Sam about how Max was closest to their mother. Sam tells Alicia how Dean was always closest with their dad. Alicia then says "what about your mom?". So, this basically tells us that although Sam and Dean reputations precede them, the fact that Mary was dead until recently is a detail that gets left out of the stories.

Sam's answer is that Mary gets absorbed in a case and just "vanishes" ... and Alicia says that Mary doesn't seem like a hugger. 

Which is a great exploration of the Idea Of Mom vs Reality of Mom.

Because I think Sam and Dean always, pretty desperately, wanted a hugger-Mom... and imagined that if Mary hadn't died, that's who they would have. But, I'm thinking that between the two parents, John might have actually been the hugger. (That could be me projecting - growing up, my dad was the hugger and my mum is NOT a hugger at all.) 

They get to the B&B, where Tasha's car is. And a creepy guy comes out of the root cellar. So, suspicious already.

But then when they go into the B&B, Tasha is there! And seemingly fine! So, I start wondering if she's a shifter, or if someone is wearing her skin? 

She invites them up to her room for wine, and breaks a finger opening the bottle, then just turns her back and puts her finger back into place... yeah, pretty creepy.

Sam steps out for a moment, I forget why....oh! To go pick up the food. He leaves Dean to drink wine without him, so Dean dutifully pours Sam's glass into his. 

Back with Ketch and Mary, Ketch is being a lech, and Mary tells him that the sex was a one-time thing. She then brings up the fact that he enjoyed the torture session too much (because it's REALLY gross to proposition someone right after you've tortured some dude)... then Ketch gives her a speech about how the ends justify the means, etc. 

Meanwhile, Dean and Tasha are talking. He compliments her on her happy kids. They talk about how Dean's dad raised them in the life. And how the situation with his mother is "complicated" Tasha commiserates and tells him that when you're young, your parents seem smart and strong and perfect, but when you get older, you find out that parents are just people. It's a great lesson, and I wish we had spent more of the season on it rather than just this one episode... especially because later Mary leaves a message that is the kind of message one leaves right before one dies unexpectedly. (I'm a little worried).

Speaking of Mary, she overhears Ketch talking about shipping "him" back to Britian. Then Dean calls her phone and it vibrates loudly.

Sidenote: How can the Winchesters stand to have their phones on vibrate all the time? What is even THE POINT of vibrate unless you are deaf? Seriously, either have your phone have a ring tone of put it on silent. If it's on silent, it DOESN'T GIVE AWAY YOUR POSITION, especially since you're going to ignore the call anyway. I ABSOLUTELY HATE the noise that phones make when the vibrate. I hate the FEEL of them vibrating... I hate everything about vibrating phones, unless I'm in a very specific scenario where I need to "hear" my phone, but I can't actually hear anything. 

Anyway... Mary uses Mick's computer to check her emails, and she has a new one from Mick, saying that he's going to be in London for a while. It's obviously fake, but this is the way Ketch works, I guess.

Back to Sam and Dean - Sam comes back with food, but then calls Dean away, because he found a flyer about a missing man, who was the same man they saw leaving the cellar... he's been missing for weeks/months/whatever. Dean, meanwhile, has forgotten his phone in Tasha's room.

The witch, who is the lady from the beginning (no shock there), is upstairs making a twig person. So, obviously, this is how she keeps dead people "alive."

Mary calls Dean, but he doesn't have his phone, so she leaves a message - she tells him that she's sorry, and that she needs to finish this, but then she's totally going to be there for him and Sam, and she loves them. Which to me just indicates that she's going to die soon... so, that makes me sad, because we really didn't get to explore her character much at all this season. So, hopefully I'm wrong, but I'm probably not. :(

Sam and Dean, meanwhile, go to the cellar and they find Tasha's body - and  the bodies of the two men as well. (Including the B&B manager, which I'm sad about because he was a cutie and I liked him.) 

Then Max comes into the cellar (and here is where the smell thing suddenly vanishes, oops) ... and then he sees his dead mother, and you can imagine how that goes over... or, you don't need to imagine because you saw the episode.

Mary goes to the armory and finds the box that Ketch mentioned on the overheard phone conversation, and it's Mick. Mary then tries to avoid Mick and slips into a room that she doesn't usually have access to. It's here that she finds all the surveillence equipment for the boys and apparently the write-ups of their hunter friends (Garth, Claire, and Eileen... all of which are still alive, thankfully.) She calls Dean and tells them they have a problem. Then Ketch catches her in the room. They get into a brawl that's pretty epic and great. Ketch calls the boys sloppy and tells Mary he's been cleaning up after them for months - Mary argues that they're decent, not sloppy. Ketch tells Mary to play nice, Mary refuses. Then she has a great line when she puts on the enochian brass knuckles and Ketch is like "those only work on angels" and Mary punches him in the nuts and informs him that they're still brass knuckles.

It's great - but her triumphant exit is cut short by Ketch tasering her in the back.

Back in Wyoming, Max storms into Tasha's room and uses the "reveal" spell on not!Tasha to get the location of the witch. Dean and Max take off for the Witch, while Sam tries to deal with an extremely confused and upset Alicia, who doesn't understand why her brother just attacked their mom and left her twitching on the floor.

Dean gets witch-forced into a chair as soon as he and Max hit the witches room. The witch informs Max that she's looking for someone to save her soul. As soon as she dies, she goes to hell - but if she passes on the ring, that person will get her magic and therefore she won't go to hell? They will? Or something like that. She offers the deal to Max, after showing him that his mother is a doll containing Tasha's memories and personality, and is sustained by the witches magic - so Max can have his mother forever if he agrees to the deal. 

Back in the room though, Sam is being attacked by the B&B manager and Alicia isn't helping that much... and then she DOES help, but it gives the Tasha-Doll a chance to stand up and then stab Alicia through the sternum. So, that doesn't go well.

Max seems to be considering the deal, but Dean shoots the witch to save him from making such a bad decision.

Alicia dies. So, yeah, Max's day is just horrible, because he goes back to the room to find his sister dead.

Max blames himself, for not believing Alicia when she was worried about their mother. 

Sam and Dean offer to help him burn the bodies - but he tells them to leave.

Sam tries to cheer Dean up in the car, saying that at least Dean saved Max... but Dean doesn't feel that Max is super saved. And sure enough, as Dean talks, we see Max decide to make Alicia into a doll using the witches magic...Dean talks about how he had seen them as a loving family that he and Sam SHOULD have had - and now they're just gone. Dean also talks about the terrible thing that he and Sam have done for each other....all while we see Max make these dubious decisions....so, I don't know if Max just doomed his soul to hell in order to keep Alicia "alive" or what... hopefully not, because the witch is already dead, but who knows. Maybe that kind of magic can only be demon-given, and Max HAS just damned himself. It's super sad.

Then Sam falls asleep, and Dean listens to his messages. He gets the second one and knows that something bad has happened. So he calls for Sam to wake up. And this is a brilliant jarring cut from Dean calling for Sam and Mary getting water thrown in her face, as a mirror from the first scene we had of her, only this time it IS her in the chair... and it's ketch looking at her, but there's still another person in the room, and that's when we discover that it's Toni back.... seemingly to interrogate Mary.

So, yeah, SUPER DEPRESSING EPISODE. I'm kind of heartbroken that that's where we left the Hunting Twins. I know that SPN is, at it's core, always a tragedy... but, I guess I'm a little burnt out on tragedy tonight... or it was just too much? I'm kind of really bummed (I need a synonym for the American term "bummed" because I KNOW that means something else in the UK, and I assure you I am not THAT kind of bummed). I wanted at least Max and Alicia to be okay, like Sam and Dean always are - but Alicia isn't even REAL anymore and Max might be going to hell. And what's more, I feel like they're really foreshadowing Mary's death and I don't want her to die, because I feel like she was super underutilized and not at all fully explored this season like she should have been. 

Anyway, it's all very disheartening. :(

Man, I wasn't amusing at ALL this episode. I'm sorry. Uh... just think about Ketch getting punched in the gnads with brass knuckles! That'll cheer you up! GNAD PUNCH!

So, next week looks like even more shit hitteth the fan.

As per usual, let me know what you thought in comments, either on LJ or DW. :)

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  • ... give me one more week!

    I didn't do rewatched last weekend, because I wanted a little bit of breathing space after the finale. I wanted to actulaly feel like the show was…

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