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Quick Reaction: 12x19 The Future


Alright, back from our little one-week hiatus. You all know the rules by now, so let's dive right into it...

We get a refresher on Cas, Kelly, and Dagon, so we know this is going to be a Nephilim episode...

And it is! We jump right in to Kelly... who we see is not being treated as nicely by Dagon as she was before. I guess now that the jig is up in terms of her fate and her lack of choice in that fate, there's no reason for pleasantries. She's chained up in a basement. Fun times... she's also refusing to eat (much) or bathe. Dagon's had it with the not bathing thing and orders her to do so, unshackling her and then taking off.

Kelly's really regretting not having that abortion now. 

Anyway, this is where my friends and I paused the episode, so that I could go on a big rant about how Kelly should kill herself.. not that suicide is the answer, but if I were in her shoes, and was told that my kid would kill millions, I'd totally take the Spock approach and do some good ol' self-sacrifice.

Then my friend unpaused the episode and that's exactly what Kelly did! I knew, of course, immediately, that it wouldn't work - "but at least now she has my respect"... I'm sure she'd been really hurting for it before. :P (FYI: I saw really horrible things when I was SPN...don't kill yourself at home kids, it's never the answer, even if you do think your unborn baby is Lucifer's baby.)

We cut to Sam and Dean, who are in a research montage! RESEARCH MONTAGE! (I love research montages.) Also, Sam ends up writing all over their light table and I love that too... I did a whole math test (in Grade 11) like that once, because my friend forgot her calculator and I knew between the two of us, I was the only one who COULD do math fast-enough long-hand to pass. So, I gave her my calculator and then used the desk surface as my "working sheet"  (because of course the teacher didn't design the test to be done long-hand, so there wasn't enough room on it to do so.)

Anyway... Sam has calculated the due-date! And also I GET DATES!!! Guys... this season has been the WORST for giving me dates for the episodes. Thanks to Sam telling me some of them (early December for conception, less than a month to May 18th now)  I was able to put, at the very least, a month to every episode between LOTUS and now. Which means....dun dun dun... I know that Cas has actually only been MIA for ~1 month... so, not nearly as long as it's felt! (Also, I'd say, not nearly long enough to make Dean as pissed and worried as he is... but then, back in the early days of my friendship with my BFF, I used to freak out if I hadn't heard from him in 3 days... so I'm probably not one to judge... but then we had a habit of talking to each other every single day. Of course, these days, we're so used to living on opposite sides of the world that I can literally go two or three months and then be like "oh damn, I'm a horrible friend." and he's like "oh hey, didn't notice - I guess me too?"

Where were we?


Sam's all like "hey! I'm glad you're okay!" and Dean is like SUPER PISSY. Like... wow, Dean, let your boyfriend have outside interests and other friends? It's healthy?  Cas tells them about how he went to Heaven to try to work with the angels and get a solution to the Kelly problem, but apparently has come back with nothing - um, why were you gone a month then? (we will find out!)

Then, Cas goes to apologize to Dean in his room. And he returns Dean's mixtape - this is where my friend pauses the episode and we're like "ARE THEY BREAKING UP?!" and I'm like "Well, yeah! That's how you would have done it when Dean was in high school - so..." But then Dean is all like "that was a gift, you keep those." And then he tells Cas that he was just really worried... and then Cas is all like "I'm just really tired of constantly failing." And then Dean is all like "Dude, we're ALL constantly failing." And then they get back together again. Crisis averted! Dean assures Cas that "WE will find a way" and refers to them (and Sam, tacked in there to make this no homo) as Team Free Will. AWWWW!

Back to Dagon - who gets downstairs to find a bloodsoaked tub but no body. Kelly, is, apparently alive! The baby healed her. 

Back at the Bunker, Dean comes to tell Sam that he and Cas made up - but Sam is all like "hey, let me think aloud at you" and he's wondering if they could try tracking the angelic part of the nephilim rather than trying to track Dagon or Kelly... because they had that spell that Sam and Cas tried to use to track Gadreel back in the day... then Sam gets the brainwave that they own a grace-extractor... so they could solve their "we don't kill innocent kids" problem by not killing the kid, just taking out the kid's grace. Yay!

Dean goes to tell Cas the good news... and we find out that Cas was staying in room 15.... and also Cas is gone! 

Back to Kelly and Dagon. Kelly is convinced now that everything will be okay - and that her baby is good and isn't going to kill all of humanity. Her evidence is that the kid saved her. Dagon (and I) point out that the kid saved himself, since he still needs Kelly as a host until he can sustain himself outside the womb. 

Then my friends and I paused the episode again to discuss whether the kid was inherently evil or not... I pointed out that the only other nephilim we ever came across in the show was a 20-something waitress and obviously not a danger to humanity - so that it was most likely down to parenting... Good Omens style, and Dagon was the actual danger, not the kid itself... because Dagon would raise the kid to be evil. My friend agreed and somehow this conversation ended up with one of my friends saying "the kid is basically Gandalf" and then we started making jokes about it being born with a pipe and a fascination with hobbits... and it was hilarious, but you probably had to be there.

Cas! We discover that he is reporting to Calvin... with the Colt!!! Oh Cas, how could you?! He's not giving it to Calvin though (phew), he keeps it on his person. And we find out why as soon as another angel walks up - apparently they've tracked Kelly down to the house she's being kept in, and they're going to go in and kill Dagon and Kelly. Cas only has two bullets in the colt, so he only has enough to do exactly that the first time. 

Dean tries to call Cas while Cas and Calvin are talking, but Cas ignores his call. (oh Cas...). Calvin tells Cas how this is really helping his reputation, since he's choosing his angelic-duty over the Winchesters - and Cas gets SUPER OFFENDED - because he is doing this FOR the Winchesters and it isn't about his reputation. He wants to save them having to kill an innocent. (Awww, Cas is so damn romantic... misguided but romantic.)

They go into the house, and immediately, Dagon successfully dodges Cas' first attempt to shoot her, which means Cas only has one bullet left.

Back at the Bunker, Sam is trying to call Cas while he and Dean pack up to leave. Sam asks Dean how Cas even got into the safe... and Dean admits that he keeps the colt under his pillow and that "Cas came into my room and played me" ... my mind, being what it was, immediately went to a very scandalous place, but then I realized that Dean left Cas being in his room when he left to get a beer earlier...  I kind of like my version of how Cas could get close to Dean's pillow better... but that's what fanfic is for, I suppose. ;) (note: I don't actually actively ship anything in SPN. I'm more of a canon junky, but I mean, canon is pretty damn shippy.... sorry anti-destielers.)

Meanwhile, Cas heads down to the basement to shoot Kelly, and Kelly knows immediately that's what he's there to do... but instead, they disappear. When Dagon comes down the stairs moments later, they're gone. Kelly confirms things in the truck as they flee the scene and thanks Cas. Cas tells her not to thank him, since he just failed a mission. Awkward.

Dagon breaks the news to Lucifer, who does not take it well. He calls Castiel the Winchester's "purse dog"... which, is kind of cute? But super inaccurate, since when Dean was talking to Cas earlier, he used a line "we're better together" that he's only ever used on Sam before... so Cas is, as if we didn't doubt it before, 100% Winchester now. (Though, we've already been told that this season with Mary symbolically adopting him as well.)

Dagon has Calvin tied up to torture... which I'm bummed about, because I liked him (mostly because he's handsome, I'm not gonna lie... but still.)

Cas, meanwhile talks with Joshua and then tells Kelly the knew plan - he'll take Kelly to Heaven. No mortal can survive the gate to Heaven alive, so she and her baby will be instantly killed and their atoms will return to the universe. He goes to start the truck, but the engine won't turn over.

Meanwhile, Dagon tortures Calvin some more. He's not telling her anything, but we know that eventually she'll get an idea of where Cas might be taking Kelly.

Back with Cas, the truck is well and truly borked. They stay in a motel while Cas googles "how to fix truck" - oh man, you need to ask your BFF for truck-fixing lessons Cas. Kelly tells Cas about how the baby healed her and how she thinks the baby is good. Cas tells her that's not proof. Kelly insists that there's a plan, and Cas is like "aw sweetheart, no" ... actually, he tells her that he used to have faith like her too, but now he does. (And can I just say how much I love the fact that we can have an ATHEIST ANGEL in a confirmed-God universe?!?! Seriously... I have a lot of issues with these later seasons, I'm not going to lie, but there are still thing about SPN that I LOVE.)

Cas tells her that there's no plan, no mission... and that her baby might be innocent now, but Kelly's not going to survive - and with her gone, who will make sure the baby STAYS good?! Who will keep him on "the righteous path?" And dude, I think we all know what the answer is there...

The baby kicks, because it knows too... and Kelly puts Cas' hand on her stomach so that he can feel it. Cas is smiley about baby kicks... and doesn't notice that Kelly gets really weird eyes (similar to what we've seen on prophets) and sees a little glimpse of the future.

There's a knock on the door, and Cas answers it with the Colt at the ready - but it's the Winchesters!

Dean slams Cas against the wall to yell at him (...guys, guys... I know another way to relieve tension in your relationship...) and then Sam spots Kelly and that interrupts the socially acceptable form of male-male intimacy. (Seriously, there's a reason straight guys want to wrestle each other all the time - it's literally the only way they're allowed to touch each other. Violence is actually a form of affection in a society riddled with toxic masculinity.... it's also why guys REALLY like dogs. They're allowed to pet and cuddle with dogs without having their masculinity questioned.... okay, I'll stop ranting now.)

We find out that while Cas was stealing the Colt. Sam was turning on the tracking feature on Castiel's phone... Cas is all like "how dare you not trust me!" (only with his face) and Sam is like "You wouldn't even look us in the eye." And I love it, because Sam knows Cas... and sometimes has just that amount of distance from him that Dean doesn't have, that Sam can be like "Cas is acting fishy." While Dean is blinded by dealing with his own emotions - which are numerous and confusing.

Cas tells them the plan, and Dean and Sam tell him their plan and how it's better because no one dies. But then Cas points out that the grace extractor nearly killed Sam (and Sam isn't even a nephilim... and angel just basically jizzed in him.) Sam argues that it's the best plan they have and it beats certain death. But Kelly is not having it and storms out.

Kelly wants the baby to be special, not to have the special part of it taken away. Finally, the Winchesters are able to convince Cas and Kelly that they can at least all go back to the Bunker and discuss. Cas goes to get in the Impala with Kelly while Sam and Dean argue more - and finds it locked, and so Dean tosses him the keys.

And this is where me and my friends were like "Is Dean that stupid?!" because we were sure that Cas was going to take off with Kelly... but then Cas got in the backseat and put Kelly in the front... and we were like "Oh, apparently Cas is that stupid!" and then he threw the keys on the front seat, and we were like... "Oh! Kelly is going to take the car." And she does - basically kidnapping Cas in the process.

Kelly tells Cas that the baby has chosen him to raise it... but that they have to go to the gate. Cas lists his failures, just to make sure that Kelly knows he's not suitable parent material... and she's like "tough beans, buddy" or something like that, and Cas tells her "I wish I had your faith" and I kind of love exploring Cas' faith, so I like all this.

Dean fixes Cas' truck so that they can take off after them. Sam says "what's wrong with Cas?" and Dean actually tells him - proving that despite being really pissed off, Dean IS emotionally intelligent... Cas is just desperate for a win.

Cas and Kelly reach the sandbox... and Joshua comes out to great them. He's really changed, as he's now some white dude.

Dagon shows up and explodes him... so, so much for Joshua... I wonder who is going to fill the power vacuum in Heaven now. Eventually that place is going to end up being ruled by a janitor angel, who is the only one left.

Dagon beats up Cas, but the Winchesters come in for the rescue. She bitch slaps Sam, and Dean tries to shoot her, but she breaks his arm... and then she DESTROYS THE COLT! I echo Dean's "NOOOOOooooooooo...." .... I mean, damn, that's a priceless historical artifact there. I knew the Winchesters couldn't hang onto it forever, but I still liked the idea of it existing SOMEWHERE in the world. But nope, it's a melted lump of metal now.

Kelly grabs Cas' hand when he stumbles over to try to protect her... and it allows the baby to transfer its power to Castiel. Cas is healed, and also is able to smote Dagon. Cas then heals Dean's arm (but does nothing for Sam, who will no doubt have a huge bruise on his face tomorrow)... and then we find out that Cas has now been converted to Team Nephilim. He claims that the baby showed him the future and that he knows what he has to do now. It's all pretty sketchy sketch, as we'd like to THINK the baby is good, but is it?! IS IT?! Is the baby Gandalf of Saruman?

Cas tells the Winchesters that they're going to have to trust him... but like, he JUST double-crossed them (from their perspective possibly twice - as I'm not sure they realized Kelly was driving the car... though they must have caught a glimpse of her.) Sam tries to protest, and Cas puts him to sleep ... then he does the same to Dean, who only manages a "don't!" before Cas knocks him out too.

Then he takes off with Kelly, leaving the Winchesters passed out in the park. Not cool, bro.

So, all in all, a pretty good episode. I like the episodes that aren't as complicated a plot and focus more on character, so this one delivered. I'm very interested to see where this goes... and if S13 actually sees Cas adopting Lucifer Jr. Then Dean will have a step-son to deal with! That being said, I can't really see SPN successfully adding a baby to the mix in any way that makes sense/works... so, who knows. (I will admit that I'm really really sick of Lucifer and I'm kinda bummed that it looks like he'll be sticking around for a while. I want him gone for good sooner rather than later.)

As per usual, let me know what you thought in comments! :)

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