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Quick Reaction: 12x18 The Memory Remains


So, usual rules apply - let's just get right to it.

Oh, first - quick note: those of you who like my rewatches - I won't be doing one this weekend, because my mother is visiting. So, week off!

Now back to S12...

THEN just brings us back up to date, nothing too earth shattering there.

NOW finds us in Tomahawk, Wisconsin... where there are friends at, what is apparently, a make-out party with two odd-guys out. I thought maybe it was going to be a secret gay love story, but instead it's a voyeur and his not-so-into-voyeur-porn friend. So, friend, whose name is Jared (and I wonder if that was confusing on set), goes off to go home... only to fall for the old money-in-the-backpack-trap trick... and then he gets sledgehammered by a guy with a giant fake goat-head, while his buddy, who ran to the rescue, watches helplessly...but like, not in a sexy way.

Back to Sam and Dean!

Dean is still trying to get in touch with Cas - and he's not answering, and now he's REALLY worried. So worried, that he's doing the whole clean-the-guns routine that Sam usually does when he's super anxious. (Or, possibly, it's just time to clean the guns.)

We find out that Dean's been keeping a gun under the table, which is cool - and it's the Colt? I guess. Anyway, clean guns time continues while they talk about how they can't find Cas - he doesn't have his phone tracking on, and apparently Dean's been keeping an eye out for police reports about arresting weird guys in trenchcoats...um, I'm sure a few of those might have come in on different charges? Though, that's probably something people joke about but doesn't actually happen.

Anyhoo... Sam's been researching demons, but he hasn't found anything on Dagon or the Princes of Hell - or at least, nothing useful.

Then Mick sends Sam an email - and we all know Mick is dead, but Sam and Dean don't... so they think Mick is sending them on a case. Who it ACTUALLY is, is Ketch. So, naturally, we assume that the case is part-case, part-trap, where the BMoL will kill the Winchesters. (Spoiler: We are wrong, and it's slightly more nonsensical.) 

Meanwhile, Sam and Dean arrive in Wisconsin and interview the Sheriff, who is an amateur taxidermist, apparently. The Sheriff thinks that Jared just left town... mainly due to a rather epically tragic backstory... I'm super sad that Jared's entire life is actually epically tragic with no happy ending. That sucks. (According to spellcheck, which I have now, "epically" isn't a word. I disagree.)

Then Sam and Dean go to interview Darren, Jared's useless buddy. My friends and I all see factory and know they're in Wisconsin, so we think "cheese factory" (spoiler: we are wrong.)

Darren tells them that it was Black Bill...

So, Dean and Sam go to a cafe, where Sam researches local legend Black Bill, while Dean gets super distracted by a hot waitress (who looks a LOT like Jo). Dean divides up the work where Sam will research what they're hunting and Dean will research how to kill it. Then when Sam agrees, Dean declares that he's finished - and points out that the Colt can kill anything. So, he's officially free to go court the waitress for an evening of fun... much to Sam's dismay. I love how Sam mutters "don't do the hot coffee thing" just as Dean opens his flirtation with "this coffee is HOT, much like you" (or that was the jist anyway.) I just love how embarrassed Sam is by Dean's utter cheesiness. 

Then we go back to Darren, who is working at the cheese factory... he gets the bejesus scared out of him by his supervisor, who takes him to task for being late, telling him that he can't use the excuse that is friend is dead anymore (dude, he died like two days ago or something?) Anyway, Darren is REALLY cute with his hair back and that hardhat on. He's sort of goddamn adorable. 

Then he walks out to his truck into ACTUAL VANCOUVER WINTER THIS YEAR. Seriously, it usually never snows in Vancouver (or, snows twice, once in December, once in March, and it always melts within a day) but this year we had two months of frequent snow-falls. Anyway, it looks really pretty on camera.

So, at this point, because I found Darren so adorable looking, I was pretty bummed out when he died. Like they had killed a puppy. (spoiler, he's not dead yet, but he will be.)

The next morning, we get Dean coming back from his evening, looking very happy. He steals Sam's breakfast and then complains that it's a veggie omelette rather than pancakes. Sam tells him that he thinks they are dealing with a satyr - and all I could think about was the time he thought they were dealing with the anti-clause and Bobby called them morons. Mainly though, I know they aren't dealing with a satyr, because the camera shot that represented the killers POV CLEARLY gave it away that the head was a mask.

Sam has also discovered that Darren is missing, so they go to the factory to ask more questions. They find that it's Health Inspection time... also, it's a MEAT factory. Billhook Meats. Pete, the supervisor, tells us that Darren never showed up for work, and also the Sheriff owns the factory... so, suddenly SUSPICIOUS. They interview the Sheriff who tries not to act suspicious at all, but is anyway....

And then we cut to Darren who has woken up in a meat locker. He bangs on the door, but no one hears him - including Sam and Dean who are leaving. And I'm sad, because Darren is DEFINITELY DEAD now.

Back to Sam and Dean, who start looking into the Bishop family. Then cut to Ketch, who once Sam and Dean confirm that they're working the case, shows us that he and the BMoL team are at the Bunker - HOW DARE THEY INVADE THE WINCHESTER SANCTUARY!

At first I got super concerned, because my SPN Email Group has been talking recently about the Bunker and it's relative safety/possibility-of-destruction... BUT, what Ketch is actually doing is having the BMoL photograph and record everything they can about the Winchester's set-up... for some reason? I'm not sure. Like... I thought the goal was to just kill 'em? Why learn about them first? 

While Ketch raids the bunker, Sam and Dean raid the Sheriff's family's estate. They find it empty... only with a suspiciously locked door to the basement, where they then find a murder-room. Dean complains that it's always the rich guys with the murder rooms... and well, this is true... because poor people can't afford to waste living space on something like that.

Just as they're talking, the Sheriff gets home. Then it's a showdown! Well, it's more like hold-at-gun-point-and-interrogate-the-sheriff time. Which, I should mention, Dean is doing all this with the Colt... which, he CLEARLY is desperate to use again. 

I was wondering if they were a family of Rugaru's or something, but then I remembered that Rugaru's look gross and also have to eat CONSTANTLY. So, not that. Nope, apparently, they've had the God of Spring/Sacrific (Malek?) locked up in a subbasement... which is now empty, much to the Sheriff's horror. He had apparently stopped the family tradition of killing people to sacrifice to the God, and hoped the God would starve to death without any blood to drink...

They hear someone upstairs, so Dean goes to investigate. 

I should say that this whole section was filmed very well and was VERY creepy... and I actually had to look away from the screen at a couple points, because I can't take suspense very well. So, good job, SPN, you actually triggered my "oh no, horror movie!" response - which hasn't really happened since S1 or S3 (depending if we're going for suspense or gore). 

Dean gets jumped, and Sam and the Sheriff get locked in the basement. Thankfully, it's only for a little while, but it's still long enough for the killer to get away (with Dean).

Ketch is still in the bunker - he tells us that you can't see anything through the telescope... which, yeah, understable, given that it's in an alcove with no windows? I'm guessing there's probably some function unrelated to usual telescopey things.

Ketch goes into Dean's bedroom and finds his porn... pocks at either his underwear or his copious amounts of black shirts (I couldn't tell, whatever they were, they weren't folded.) and then he finds Dean's family pictures in his bedside drawer. One of which is the pick of Mary and Dean. 

This is where me and my friends started wondering if maybe Ketch and the BMoL didn't KNOW about Mary?! Like... how old she is, or that she was dead? Because Ketch seems pretty absorbed by the picture, and I'm not sure it's just about his crush on Mary... but maybe it is, because I mean, did they just think Mary had a lot of work done? The BMoL KNOW she's their mom, and she's basically the same age as them. So.....? Did they think she had them at the age of 13 or something? So, maybe it was just about Ketch's crush.

Dean wakes up in meat locker. We find out that supervisor Pete is the bad guy (My mum has since informed me that she knew the whole time that it was supervisor Pete, "but maybe it's just because I don't watch the show". So, Mum wasn't surprised at all.) I was surprised, mainly because I have a hard time telling people apart...or rather, being able to tell when one person is THE SAME person, just in different clothes... so I didn't even realize it was Pete until Dean used his name, and then I was like "oh yeah, I'm stupid."

Pete tells Dean that he's the bastard son of the Sheriff's father, and he had to grow up in poverty while everyone else lived high off the hog. But now he's taking over the tradition - "hunting people, killing them, you know - the family business!" To which Dean raises an eyebrow and we all laugh.

Dean is to be eaten by the God. (And it's not even Christmas!) 

Meanwhile, back at the Bunker, Ketch wraps up the reconnaissance and finishes it off by leaving a bug under the war-room table.... which, I'm SURE they'll eventually see... because, they keep guns strapped under there, so it's not like they never look? Or you know, when they vacuum or sweep or something.

Dean's still in the freezer, but he gets out of his shrink-wrap ties and, unlike Darren, realizes that he's in a meatlocker with MEAT HOOKS. (You have to understand that in all freezer scenes, my friends and I were yelling GRAB THE MEAT HOOKS!" And we were very happy when Dean actually listened to us.

Sam and the Sheriff arrive to rescue him and Sam gets sledgehammered by Pete, and then Pete holds the Sheriff at gun-point (using the Colt! Sacrilege!) But Sam kills Pete and saves the Sheriff.

Dean gets beat up by the God, but Sam busts into the meatlocker and saves the day by shooting the God with the Colt. So, Sam's now used the Colt TWICE since they got it back, and Eileen used it once (though she sadly didn't get the satisfaction of killing a monster with it, instead she accidentally killed a dude)... and Dean hasn't gotten to use it at all! Even though he's been carrying it with him everywhere... oh well, give it time, Dean.

The Sheriff tells them to leave, even though they offer to help him clean up. But he says he has to deal with it, because it's his legacy that he has to answer for. 

When they get back to the Bunker, the idea of legacy is still on Dean's mind (I think it was Dean that brought it up?) and he asks Sam what he thinks they're legacy will be when they're dead - if people will still remember them 100 years from now. Sam doesn't think so. He thinks they'll be forgotten, because they live (and pretty much always have lived) outside society - so it's not like they'll get written about in history books. Dean sees his point. Sam argues that they're legacy will be the people they've saved. They'll remember for a time, and even when they don't, the world will still be a better place because Sam and Dean lived in it. (Awww)

Then they wonder what will happen to the Bunker when they're gone... and they figure that another hunter moving in and using it will be cool.

Dean then decides that he wants to "leave my mark" and he carves his initials into the library table - in a mirroring of carving it into the backshelf of the Impala. Sam adds his afterwards too. 

Then they call "Mick" to debrief, and Ketch picks up. He tells them that Mick went back to London to answer for Renny's death, and that now they're getting orders from Ketch. No one is happy about it.

They hang up and start complaining about it - because Ketch creeps them out. Dean calls him "little red Christian Bale" or something like that... definitely a reference to Christian Bale though, due to American Psycho. Meanwhile, Ketch is listening to the bug and having his feelings hurt, while he stares at the picture of Mary and baby Dean... which he STOLE FROM DEAN'S ROOM. Oh my god... like, Dean's going to notice that's missing dude! It's his favourite picture!! Also, you don't just steal people's family photos. Way to be stealth about breaking into the Bunker... you leave an obvious bug and then you STEAL something of personal value?1!? Ugh.

Anyway, good MOTW episode.

Next week: Back to Plot!

As usual, let me know what you thought in comments!!!! This is also mirrored on DW, if you'd prefer to take the conversation there. 


( 15 comments — Leave a comment )
Apr. 14th, 2017 09:37 am (UTC)
Good episode, and I loved how the sheriff, despite his family's legacy, was a decent guy, who just wanted to make up for the crap his family did. I guess I can understand why he didn't stand up to his dad in order to stop him. With a man like that, who's probably got several other illegitimate children out there, if the guy had stood up to him in the past, Daddy dearest would probably just have used the disobedient son as the next sacrifice and moved on.

As for not killing the god, gods aren't that easy to kill, and I can imagine that he probably figured that if he tried to open the latch and get to the trapped god to try and kill him, that chances were big the thing would have escaped instead. Best to just leave it where it is and hope it starves.

What I'd wonder about is what the god would have done to Pete, once he no longer needed him, because Pete, unlike the family, didn't keep the god trapped somewhere that it would be impossible for it to get out. Chances are probably big that Moloch, Molek, whatever would have killed Pete, as soon as it was fed up enough and strong enough to do so.

I've also been thinking a bit more about last week's ep and how they had Mick kill his friend....
In the flashbacks we saw so far, both Henry, and Josey as possessed by Abaddon, were supposed to be initiated in the MOL together. What's the chance that the American Men of Letters, kept the 'kill someone to move on' bit until later on in their initiates education, and make sure to have two initiates at the same time, who then have to fight to the death, for which of the two gets to be a full member?
Apr. 14th, 2017 05:20 pm (UTC)
What I'd wonder about is what the god would have done to Pete, once he no longer needed him, because Pete, unlike the family, didn't keep the god trapped somewhere that it would be impossible for it to get out. Chances are probably big that Moloch, Molek, whatever would have killed Pete, as soon as it was fed up enough and strong enough to do so.

Yeah, we wondered about that too. We figured that probably the God was just biding his time until he was strong enough to rampage on his own.

I've also been thinking a bit more about last week's ep and how they had Mick kill his friend....
In the flashbacks we saw so far, both Henry, and Josey as possessed by Abaddon, were supposed to be initiated in the MOL together. What's the chance that the American Men of Letters, kept the 'kill someone to move on' bit until later on in their initiates education, and make sure to have two initiates at the same time, who then have to fight to the death, for which of the two gets to be a full member?

Whoa, that's disturbing to think about. Hopefully they didn't follow the british system at all... but if they did, Henry certainly didn't seem like the type of person who had already killed a friend... so you might not be too far off. Mind you, they invited Josie into the hall first, and there were a group of MoL there in robes, so it was definitely done in a different style, if it was done at all.
Apr. 14th, 2017 06:17 pm (UTC)
I mean, if you really think about it, that god gave the Bishop family the bare minimum of what they demanded of it in exchange for feeding it.

Sure, at first they feel like a wealthy family, they own the entire town, which they founded, they have money, they're successful, but when you take a closer look, what exactly do they own?

A small town, whose entire economy depends on a single factory, that isn't even a corporation, meaning the rents in town, probably aren't even that high, cause how else would people be able to afford them. In this day and age, that's barely considered a small business by republican standards.

The god probably despised that family for keeping it leashed as long as they did, and as soon as it's fed, and it has its revenge on the ruling Bishop, it'd probably have torn Pete to pieces, half for revenge, and half to keep the guy from locking it back up. And after that, it might have gone after the entire town, raze it to the ground...

Yeah, I hope the AMOL didn't follow British traditions either, but considering how willing (or not) the Brits seem to be towards tolerating 'rebellion'...

Edited at 2017-04-14 06:23 pm (UTC)
Apr. 14th, 2017 12:33 pm (UTC)
...while Dean gets super distracted by a hot waitress (who looks a LOT like Jo)...

Oh thank god, I thought I was the only one who saw the resemblance.

Though now I gotta wonder if Dean noticed other than subliminally.
Apr. 14th, 2017 05:21 pm (UTC)
I'm guessing not. Because if he did, he would have gotten angsty, I'm sure.
Apr. 14th, 2017 02:33 pm (UTC)
Oh, I never thought about Ketch wondering about Mary's apparent non-aging...I guess I just assumed she told him her backstory. But now that you point it out, the BMoL would probably have issues with someone being resurrected...and kill them again on principle? I just thought he was perving on her...

Until I read your thought I would have put money on a big scene where Ketch hesitates killing a Winchester because he's sweet on Mary and that's his undoing. But now you've got me rethinking that!

Solid episode--put me in mind of the episode last season where Sam almost died from being shot by the werewolf. Not quite as anxiety-provoking over Dean in danger, but in the ballpark IMO.
Apr. 14th, 2017 05:22 pm (UTC)
He may have just been perving on her. I just couldn't tell.

We'll have to wait and see how it comes up! If it comes down to just his feelings, then the scene was just about his feelings and not about Mary at all.

Yeah, very much a good horror-episode episode. Last season's Red Meat was more adrenaline/urgent than this one... this one was more about the suspense and creepiness.
Apr. 14th, 2017 06:41 pm (UTC)
> while Dean gets super distracted by a hot waitress (who looks a LOT like Jo)

- Oh thanks for that! Now I know I'm not alone!
Apr. 14th, 2017 06:53 pm (UTC)
I'm also glad that I wasn't the only one!!
Apr. 15th, 2017 05:21 am (UTC)
When the boys wonder about what their legacy will be they don't think at all about the Winchester Gospels. Cass did say in season 4 that the Supernatural books would one day be known as the Winchester Gospels. The books are still available on the Internet -- Charlie read them there, so did the students in the Fan Fiction episode. Perhaps stopping the Apocalypse wiped out the validity of the books as the Winchester Gospels but in a way the books themselves are a Winchester legacy. But either Sam and Dean have clearly forgotten about the books or they hate them so much they wouldn't think of them as a legacy. Or the writers just forgot about them or chose to ignore them. I tend to believe the last explanation.
Apr. 15th, 2017 06:22 am (UTC)
I don't think the writers have forgotten about them - I think Sam and Dean have. Or, they've relegated them to being bad pulp novels that everyone will forget about with time.

Whether or not Cas's proclamation that they'll become as well known as the other Gospels remains to be seen - whether they were negated by the diverted apocalypse, or whether that just continues the mythos. Who knows!

Personally, without a super-major event to mark them, I think Sam and Dean might be right. Though, personally, I've love to see Sam and Dean become legends passed down through generations.
Apr. 18th, 2017 11:55 am (UTC)
I loved this episode, and maybe that had something to do with being starved of a MOTW episode with real brotherly moments, but maybe not; it was a solid episode, with like you say actual suspense and tension, and it was kinda scary! LOVE IT, and I WANT MORE!!!

That waitress did look like Jo (and I didn't see it before, but I see it now!) I was a bit bemused about the not killing the Winchesters thing too, but I guess BMOL are all about their intel, so I can sort of understand it.

I think the photo is going to blow this whole thing up because either Dean will notice or Mary will find it. Also, I was so much more creeped out by Ketch here than before; the whole blank stare at the photo was kinda disturbing, like this is becoming more of an obsession sort of thing, which I think would be a nice twist maybe.

I loved the table thing, but man, I feel like this doesn't bode well for the bunker...

Thank you for sharing :)
Apr. 18th, 2017 05:55 pm (UTC)
Yeah, I've seen both reactions to the table-thing. Some people think that it's a mark of permanency, others think that they're setting us up for devastation.

I definitely think the photo will come into play later.

And yeah, Ketch's love/obsession with Mary is eventually going to come into play too - whether that's to the Winchester's benefit or not is another story. One the one hand, he may be reluctant to kill them - on the other hand, you don't want someone that obsessive/creepy interested in you AT ALL. Mary definitely didn't make the wises choice there when she slept with him, but I think he probably was already creepily obsessed, so it was probably just the nail in the coffin.
Apr. 20th, 2017 10:47 pm (UTC)
You have a Supernatural email group? I love that. :)

I did not like the carving initials into the table...did not feel it was earned, especially in a one-off that hardly examined their relationship...but I will keep my negativity to myself. ;) That bunker is totally burning to the ground, though...I feel like that scene sealed it.

Much like we discussed whether the writers/directors track who saves who(m?), I also wonder if there is anyone who occasionally interjects, "You know, neither brother has gotten laid in a while. It's about time to have one of them hook up."

While I was watching Dean stagger around the meat locker, generally helpless, until Sam came to his rescue, I did wonder, "Is this how Samgirls usually feel...?" And is this seriously the same Dean who took out like half of the Stein family singlehandedly? I guess he had the Mark, and I guess they weren't gods...but still. Banging on the door and yelling for Pete to come back? REALLY....?

They did get me with the taxodermifying sheriff...but then again, I'm never good at figuring out who the monster is.
Apr. 21st, 2017 01:17 am (UTC)
Well, it's more like a friend of mine has an email group, and I'm just on it. :P

Oh man, I hope the bunker doesn't burn to the ground. I love the architecture.

Personally, I think they just needed to pad the episode out a little more - hence Dean's hook-up and the jokes that come out of it. Like... not much else happens? But, I think that to answer your question - the writers make it pretty clear that Dean and Sam have vastly different personalities when it comes to getting-some... so I think if there IS a writer's conversation it's more a long the lines of "how long has it been since Dean's hooked up? Unless it's a plot point that he's not interested (MoC), we should have him hook up with someone." :P

And yes, that's how Sam girls usually feel.

I definitely think they could have framed that fight better. You can be competent in a fight and still be grateful for your little brother coming to the rescue - you don't have to appear out of your depth the whole time. I mean, meat-hooks are a pretty good weapon.

( 15 comments — Leave a comment )


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