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Quick Reaction: 12x15 Somewhere Between Heaven and Hell


Little late tonight, because I had a writer's group until 9:30, but hey, at least I'm not 4 days late like last week!

Since today was yet another instance of me watching the show alone at home, there was no drinking. However, I still took horrible notes, so usual rules apply.

Let's do this...

We begin in Sheridan County, Nebraska, and a couple camping for the weekend - before, it seems, the girl takes off to some vet program in Washington. The girl doesn't react the way the dude wants to his comment about long-distance relationships, so he goes off to collect firewood - never a good idea. And then we find out he was going to purpose - it's too bad he's about to die. And die he does, by hell hound... luckily, Gwen, our heroine, is quick enough to axe that dog right in the face and that gets it to run away long enough for her to get the heck out of there.

Now we cut to Sam and Dean - and they are just returning from a series of hunts. Dean is covered in blood and carrying a familiar looking bat wrapped in barbed wire - making a comment about how "dad loved this thing"  - so, amusing JDM=Negan reference right there!!

They've been hunting ghoul, wraiths, and sirens - ghouls and wraiths I understand being in the same place, but siren?! Also, Dean seemingly has not bathed inbetween these deaths... so, um, not a lot of FBI interviews needed then.

Sam also informs us that Dean's been wearing the same pair of boxers for 4 days. Dean finds it creepy that Sam knows how much underwear he packed. I laugh at that line, because stuff like that always reminds me of my BFF who once spent the whole day shifting uncomfortably before finally announcing "I don't think these are my underwear" and that always lodged in my head as an example of what it was like to have brothers. Basically, I just love the unavoidable intimacy of Sam and Dean's lives.

Sam gets a message from "Frodo" which is, apparently, Mick Davies. Why Frodo? Is it because he's short and blue-eyed? Like... does Sam refer to all black-haired, shorter-than-him, blue-eyed people as Frodo? I'm just... so confused as to the nickname. The text is directing them to the Hell Hound case in Nebraska.

Sam makes up a story about how he made an algorithem to scower (did I spell that wrong... I think so) the interwebs and find them cases. Sam's pretty good with this lie, because he DOES start launching into technical speak like he actually did it... but, that also slightly annoys me, since Dean DOES know tech too, he just pretends he doesn't - that's Dean's whole schtick is being brilliant and pretending he's not, and Sam knows that... so I think Sam's lie sort of falls apart when he treats Dean like an idiot in order to not have the lie revealed. And given how goddamn perceptive Dean is, I'm pretty sure some part of Dean probably already knows what's going on.... but again, that might just be me.

Sam and Dean drive to Nebraska - Sam's chatting with Mary (awww) and Dean is on the phone to Cas (awww) - and we find out that Mary is hunting with the brits, and Cas is in Coeur D'Alene, Idaho, investigating angel deaths.

We then jump over to Cas here, and we see that he's on Kelly's trail - finding a mention of the waitresses disappearance in a tabloid. He's gone to question the manager. He's using his FBI badge (still upsidedown) and the fake name "Solange" which... is just awesome. I love how Cas always chooses female alliases. I guess because it supports my preferred headcanon that angels are agender or genderqueer or genderfluid.

The manager of the diner where the waitress worked is one of those alien conspiracy guys, so he's decided it's the lizard people. Cas nearly gives up on him, but then he produces surveillence tape of the attack - though it cuts out before the killings, it DOES show Dagon with her yellow eyes.

Back to Sam and Dean, we find out that there's no body, and the sheriff tells them that the girl told the cops that they were attacked by an invisible wolf. Which, pretty much tells Sam and Dean exactly what they're dealing with.

Sam decides they should go tell Gwen that she doesn't need to worry about the "invisible wolf" coming after her. And, for a brief moment, while watching, I actually had the thought "Man, that street really looks like Vancouver"... and then I was like "...right, they film here. Everything looks like Vancouver."

Anyway, the visit doesn't go well. Firstly, they unknowingly let the Hell Hound - which IS stalking Gwen - into the house when they come in. Then she doesn't believe a word they say when they try to tell her it was a bear and she needn't be afraid. She rightfully kicks them out for treating her like a moron. Luckily, Sam and Dean don't actually go far, because when the Hell Hound makes it's presence known and chases her into the bedroom - they run in and save her.

Then we jump to Crowley and Lucifer, where the only note I took was "ugh, I hate this storyline, just kill him."

Back to Sam and Dean! Caught out in their obvious lies, and knowing Gwen is still a person of interest - they tell her the truth. Only, she doesn't fit the usual pattern, because she never made a deal - and seemingly neither did... um, dead guy, I've already forgotten his name, poor in-love dead guy. I want to say "Randy" but that's... kind of a stupid name (so sorry to any of you named Randy... it's just, you know, personal taste in names.)

They decide to call Crowley, who is thankful for the interruption, since he's listening to boring hell business. Except, he's also still really mad at the Winchester's for killing his son (again).  But, Hell Hound on the loose sounds like his business - so he asks the demons and finds out that Ramsey escaped.

Meanwhile, Cas runs into an attractive angel, named something that I couldn't hear but sounded like Kelvin. I'm going to look it up right now and see how close I was... I WAS RIGHT!!! Wow, Kelvin doesn't sound like your usual angelic name, but then, I guess I don't know the origin of the name Kelvin at all. I'm going to look that up now too..."from the Scottish river, perhaps meaning 'narrow water'" Well, okay then, like I said, not very angelic, but whatever! I'm not going to judge.

Sadly, Kelvin comes across as a bit of a douche and I don't trust him at all, at all.

Crowley shows up to talk to Sam and Dean about what's what. He tells them the origin of Ramsey, the first Hell Hound, who was created after God created poesies and koalas... and apparently Dean really likes koalas (I mean, I guess they are high all the time and have sexually transmitted deseases, so maybe he can relate? LOL I'm joking! I'm joking! Oh my goodness, please don't hate me Dean!girls, I didn't mean it. ... or Koala-fans... they're adorable. They'd make anyone smile, I'm sure.)

Anyway, Ramsey was smuggled away by Lucifer from God's "oops, shouldn't have invented these" mass killing of hell hounds. She was pregnant at the time, which means all other hell hounds are inbred or some sort of cross-breed. Good to know.

Ramsey, as a result, is only loyal to Lucifer and won't obey anyone else. She also, apparently, holds a grudge - and Gwen admits to hitting her in the face with an axe - well, that'll do it.

I do like Crowley's line of "it can always get weirder" to Dean... I wrote it down. Don't have anything specific to say about it though.

Back to "Hell" - which is actually Fall River, MA, which irks me. The demons have found the keys to Lucifer's temporary prison cell. They come in to free him - having swiped the key from Crowley's pocket - but one of them wants to make some demands first. Meanwhile, the other is a Trump supporter and just thinks Lucifer is the best, even though he's clearly not.

Meanwihle, Sam, Dean, Crowley, and Gwen head back to the woods. Dean and Crowley will hunt the Hound on foot - while Sam tries to drive Gwen away (or around the outskirts of the woods?) in order to lure the Hound to the area, possibly? I wasn't quite sure of the plan there - if they were trying to get away completely or if they were staying in the area but keeping moving, I'm guessing the latter, obviously.

Dean tells Sam to "take care of her" and Sam thinks he's talking about Gwen and is OFFENDED, and then realizes that he's talking about the car, and is STILL OFFENDED! Hahaha... Dean tells him that he "tends to ride the breaks" - which, I have to admit, if that's true, Sam and I have something in common. (bad habits, die hard.) Dean tells Sam to think of the car as a beautiful beatiful woman... to which Sam rolls his eyes and leaves, and Crowley says "ew."

Back to Cas and Kelvin. They're having a drink and catching up. Kelvin tells Cas that it's an "all hands on deck" situation up in Heaven, what with the spawn of Lucifer about to be birthed into the world. This, surprisingly, may include Castiel - who, Kelvin informs us, has more field experience than 10 angels put together. Kelvin offers Cas a similar pitch as the BMoL are offering the Winchesters - business as usual, only he'd have the full force of Heaven behind him and the power that came with it. Kelvin tells Cas that he understands that Cas likes earth - Kelvin likes it too, it's "quirky and smells like hay" - but that Kelvin is sure Cas would like to come back to Heaven. Cas is wary and points out that he's not welcome in Heaven, but Kelvin insists that he could come back, that his sins would be forgotten if he did, and the angels forgiving... and that this message apparently comes from Joshua.

Oooo... Joshua... I'm intrigured, just like Cas is, but I really don't trust this Kelvin guy, no matter how goodlooking he is!

Especially when he goes on about how Cas must want to be with his "true family" - like, really dude? The Winchesters are his true family and have been since Heaven constantly turned it's back on Cas and the Winchesters never have (not even when Cas was briefly insane with power.)

Back in the throne room, Lucifer is now free. Shocking.

Dean and Crowley! Dean is wearing glasses and looks adorable and very Clark Kent In Flannel. Dean and Crowley talk about how it's weird that they're working together now - Dean accusses Crowley of being soft, helping save "the girl of the week." And Crowley rightfully points out that Dean is also working with Crowley, and maybe it's not just that Crowley has gone soft, but that Dean's morals have become more grey and mercurial. This of course, he states in a much more leud manner, but the point stands.

Sam meanwhile, is driving around with Gwen - and Sam's wearing glasses a little like mine! And I love them!

Gwen has a flashback to Gavin's?! death... Gary? Crap... I'm just going to look this up too... Ah, SuperWiki doesn't have it yet. Damn. We'll never know. (It's not important anyway.) What IS important, is that Gwen has to throw-up because she's so guilty feeling.

Back to Dean briefly, who finds dead-guy-who-deserved-better-than-me-forgetting-his-name and the Hell Hounds lair, but it is empty.

Back to Gwen, who tells Sam how guilty she feels - for taking her dead boyfriend on one last camping trip before she dumped him. For not loving him as much as he loved her. It was easier to take him on a camping trip and break up long-distance than it was to tell him the truth, and she regrets everything now. Sam of course, starts feeling guilty for his own lies - because DUDE, YOU SHOULD KNOW BETTER! YOU HAVE ALSO JUST FELT THE STING OF BETRAYAL FROM YOUR MOM!

This mutual guilt trip is interrupted by Ramsey attacking. She DENTS THE IMPALA! Nooooo... Dean's gonna be so mad. Then she breaks the windshield. Sam tells Gwen to stay in the car - that they can't leave until he deals with this. And man, Sam taking on a hell hound alone is pretty badass. He gets thrown through, and loses his glasses. Then Gwen uses the green cooler to smack the hound! Hero moment for both Gwen AND THE GREEN COOLER! An intrigal part of the team. And before anyone suggests that Gwen is foolish for getting out of the car - please keep in mind that if you have a huge guy willing to fight for you, it's in your best interest to try to keep him alive if you can - staying in a car watching him get eaten is going to put you in as much danger of being eaten as running out there and smacking the hound in the head with a cooler while it's distracted.

It works! And Sam scrambles up, doesn't get his glasses though, and instead is able to track the Hell Hound by sound - which is also pretty amazing. And manages to get the angle right to stab it when it lunges for him. Awesome.

Dean and Crowley then show up in the next seen, Dean looking dismayed at the Impala and telling Sam that it's why he doesn't drive more often. Gwen gives Crowley a hug in thanks, because she doesn't know any better. Then Sam takes the time to thank Crowley too... and Crowley peaces the fuck outta there, because, personally, I think part of him feels HELLA GUILTY for keeping Sam's WORST NIGHTMARE on earth instead of locking him away for all eternity, just because Crowley's got a stupid ass grudge and dumb writing. (Sorry, just... you know.)

Positively though, I'm interested to see if Crowley really DOES feel bad about it and that's why he's helping more.

Crowley shows up in the thrown room to find Lucifer gloating - and we get a cool wing display... that Crowley quickly shuts down. And this twist I DO like, because Crowley has turned Lucifer's vessel into his new cage, one which Crowley has complete control over - so, Lucifer CAN'T rise up against him. That being said, it appears that Crowley is the only one that can control it - so that worries me, because if Lucifer gets a lucky shot in, or if Crowley's not around, what does that mean for everyone else?

Sam and Dean return to the bunker. Dean talks to Cas and finds out about Dagon, who Castiel still calls a "Prince of Hell" and then corrects Dean on the gender after that - which intrigues me because it means "Prince" is a title regardless of gender when it comes to Hell. Following a similar pattern in english, where jobs retain their masculine form while the feminine form dies out. I still wish tailors were called seamstresses though.

Cas tells Dean that he's going to be tracking Kelly still. Then we pan out of Cas's location and see that he's following Kelvin to heaven.... and I DON'T TRUST ANY OF IT.

Dean hangs up and he ALWAYS KNOWS when something is off with one of his family members. So, he's already suspicious about Cas.

Sam, no doubt seeing this, just comes completely clean - there's no computer program, for the last two weeks they've been doing BMoL hunts. This, of course, pisses Dean off. Sam is very sorry though, and Dean forgives him - much to his surprise. Or, he doesn't really forgive him, but he says "okay" and that Sam's "right" ... he points out that they work with people they don't trust all the time - like Crowley - and there's no reason for this to be any different. But, he tells Sam that the second something feels off, they have to bail. Sam agrees.

So, yeah, BMoL's unmerciful total-killing is TOTALLY going to be the thing that throws the Winchester's off. I'm just wondering what the fall out will be.

Also, does Heaven really want Cas back or is that all a lie to lock him up or reprogam him again or whatever? Is Joshua really back or was that a lie too?


Next week's promo:[Spoiler (click to open)]Claire's back!! Yay! I hope she's okay and makes it through. Also, looks like Mick is going to get some field experience - and also, werewolves tend to be morally grey more often than not - I'm wondering if this is where the cracks will start to show?

As always, let me know what you thought (and apologies for the lack of spellcheck! And if you're going to tell me that dude's name, make sure that the three comments before you haven't already)
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  • Happy Anniversary to Me!

    *Technically, the anniversary is tomorrow - but I have two other things to post tomorrow and I didn't want to overwhelm you all. DRUMROLL.... 10…

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    Panic is over!! Thanks for the good thoughts!

  • Broken Computer :(

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