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Rewatch S11: The Vessel (11x14)

Man, it feels like I just did one of these... but it's Sunday, and I wanted to get back on my Sunday schedule - so here we go!

The Vessel

Ah, the Thule... and time travel. GERMAN! Man, I miss German.

Also, ugh, Nazi's... seeing them on TV isn't as passively entertaining now that they're alive and well in US politics.

And then she kills him, and it's pretty brutal - but well done.

Sam: "We're out."
Dean: "There was a half a bag yesterday!"
Sam: "I killed it."

- Oh Sam, do you ever sleep?
- Also, I like the fact that even non-killing deeds are described in killing terms. That's cultural bleed done right.

Do you guys have glass bottles of milk in the states? I've only ever seen that on the west coast of Canada, personally. So, I'm wondering if the glass bottle of milk in the fridge that Dean pulls out is a Vancouver-production relic making it's way onto the show, and reads as odd to everyone watching in the states, or if you guys have glass bottles too and are like "yeah, that's normal." I know you all don't have bagged milk, like we do up here, but I don't know about bottles.

Sam's make-up is good, because they shades his eyes to look like he hasn't gotten any sleep. It's either that or Jared was having a rough day and it's a coinsidence. Haha.

Sam: "Dean, Lucifer's caged, God's MIA, the only beings strong enough to battle Amara are gone. If we're going to fight her, what better way to arm up than with an actual dose of his power?"
- Sam's been researching magic weapons. I love the way his mind works... the fact that he knows you need to be as powerful as God to defeat God's sister, and so his next question is: Is there anything that would give me god-like powers? It's just... nice.
- Though, I have to say that I'm not overly enthrusastic about the Hand of God Objects storyline, since it a)doesn't really go anywhere, b)contradicts information given in S6 about the weapons of heaven... and c)reeks of unncessary mcguffins. But, I suppose it DOES make for a neat go-back-in-time episode and a reason for Lucifer to reveal his presence (though I also have problems with them bringing Lucifer back, which I'm sure I've talked about before, or will talk about again.)

I love the small female demon with her great hair. She's my favourite along with good looking Asian demon.

Dean: "And letting women join way back in the 40's? I just never got the impression they were that big on gender equality. I mean, it's right there in the name."
- I love how Dean has full knowledge that the Men of Letters is NAMED sexist. :P

I do love this sequence where Sam and Dean are researching Delphine - because it actually shows how long things take them. Like, they find a report, but Sam doesn't know enough french to read it. So Sam scans it into a translation service... and it's just, there are super conveniences that make it go FASTER than it would if they were still living out of their car and Sam didn't have fancy tech, but it still shows that research is still a signficant amount of time when it comes to the Winchesters.

I think I like research sequences so much because a lot of times, when shows feature swashbuckling heroes, literally ALL they do is fight and quip one-liners... you don't necessarily see the PROFESSION of it. Or maybe it's because I was a history major in school and I like the fact that I'd have some valuable skills in the Supernatural universe.

The report that Sam is reading aloud is not the same as the message that Sam is supposedly reading on the screen. :)

And Dean immediately thinks of Cas when faced with a problem that might involve time-travel...

I do like torturing Crowley by putting him in a hawaiian shirt and khakis.

I think Misha does a great job with Lucifer.

Lucifer: "It's perfect. And I can get you back there."
Sam: "Without wings? Cas, you can't even teleport."
Lucifer: "Time travel, uh, it's a whole different system."
Dean: "Told you!"

- Based on Lucifer's pause there, I'm guessing that it's NOT a whole different system. Though, I like that Dean had confidence in Cas anyway.

Dean: "That sub's a tin can in the middle of the ocean doomed to go down. You can't really mess with history at 20 thousands leagues. So we get in, get the weapon, get out, it's a milkrun."
- I love the journey that Dean goes on in this episode - where, in the planning, he failed to account for the PEOPLE. That he wasn't going back in time to people who knew they're fate, or deserved it. He wasn't going back in time to black-and-white stoic characters, like old photographs... he was going back to a ship full of people who wanted to live, who had dreams and lives and loves, and didn't deserve anything that was happening to them. And it's not a milkrun emotionally.

Sam: "You?"
Dean: "You're not going."
Sam: "I beg your pardon?"
Dean: "You need to say here."
Sam: "Stay here?"
Dean: "Just in case things go sideways, somebody needs to be left standing to take care of the Darkness. We can't risk us both! And at the moment, I'm the least valuable player. You both know that I can't kill Amara, so the least I can do is get the thing that we need so you can!"

- I love Sam's reaction of "I beg your pardon", he's so an offended southern lady.
- But, Dean's right... and also probably desperate to feel useful.

Sam: "So you expect me to sit here and ride the pine while you and Cas go play Jules Verne?"
Dean: "Yes. No. Who?"

- Oh Dean, I love how there are books you've read and books you haven't... but it also tickles me that you can get to the age of 36+ and not have heard a reference to Jules Verne before.

Lucifer: "I won't let him out of my sight."
Sam: "You'll stay by his side the entire time?"
Lucifer: "I will."

- Awww, it'd be touching, if it was Cas.

Sam: "Be safe."
Dean: "When am I not."
*Sam huffs*

- Aww... Jared can still wreck my heart by playing Sam's fear for his brother.

And Dean arrives on the ship alone.

Sam: "Cas? Wait a second? Where's Dean?"
Lucifer: "We made the leap. He got on. I didn't. I couldn't make it past the hull."

- Sam doesn't question how Cas made it back, soaking wet, but apparently easily - when last time he transported them through time at lower-mojo, he passed out quite a while. It seems the Winchesters have selective memories.

Sam: "Then send me. You got Dean passed the hull."
Lucifer: "Right. We'll double-down on what screwed us the first time. You're really bringing your A ideas today. I can't believe I lost it. Him. I can't believe I lost Dean."

- Ah, Lucifer, you are not doing a good job at your Cas impersonation when you are annoyed.... there is nothing Cas would put above the Winchesters.

And the jig is up for Dean's disguise pretty fast.

I'm not talking about the individual dialogue - but I love the interactions between Dean and the sub crew.

Also, just like, bravo to the production crew for making a whole submarine set in 8 days.

Officer: "But we all die? Me the girl, the rest of the crew? I'm just trying to get your story clear."
- Ouch.

Sam: "All but one... that's why it's never been used before. It requires the power of an archangel."
Lucifer: "Well Sam, we may as well try."
Sam: "We don't have time for longshots, Cas. Even at full power, you're not strong enough."

- Awww, I love Sam and Cas's friendship. I wish this was actually Cas. I'd love to watch them genuinely interacting... I mean, it's genuine on Sam's side, but not Cas's.

Officer: "When?"
Dean: "When what?"
Officer: "When do we win? Months, years, decades? I've got a lot of friends and family on other ships, in other branches, I want to know what their chances are."
Dean: "Years. 1945. You believe me?"
Officer: "I read a lot of Flash Gordon."

- I love this, because it really does succintly display the HUMANITY of people... that this Officer has gone from being told that he's about to die to "What about the people I love? Will they die?" nearly immediately.

Fun story, I always thought "depth charge" was "death charge" until... basically this episode aired.

Dude, don't kill her slow.

Sam: "Cas, what is that?"
Lucifer: "It's your spell of gathering."
Sam: "You nuts? You're not strong enough, Cas, you could get hurt!"

- Aww, Sassy. I love that Sam cares about him so much.

Sam: "Wait a second, I remember Bobby told me that when you needed strength to retrieve us from the past, you used him to power-up. You touched his soul, right?"
Lucifer: "That's right, I did that. But that, that proceedure can be fatal."
Sam: "Use my soul. That way, maybe you'll have enough power to wield the spell."
Lucifer: "That isn't necessary."
Sam: "It's worth the risk. Cas, Dean needs out help. I trust you."

- Aw man, this would be pretty touching, again, if this was actually Cas. Also, I had forgotten about that (a second time).

*Lucifer laughing*
Sam: "What?"
Lucifer: "It's just... I don't need you anymore. I mean, Dean's the one with the link to Amara, why have I been trying to spare you? I mean, maybe it's because you're like the girl who kept turning me down at the prom. I will touch your soul, just because you asks so nicely, and I'll use your soul to blast through the warding and retrieve Dean and the Hand of God. And then when Dean comes back and he finds this place decorated with your guts, I will tell him the truth Sam. I'll just say, 'Dean'" *pauses* *lowers voice* "'Dean, he knew the risks. He wouldn't take no for an answer."
Sam: "Lucifer."

- ACTING SO GOOD! Seriously, Misha is knocking it out of the park, and so is Jared with his terror.
- Also, it's pretty horrible that Lucifer touching Sam's soul is probably pretty old torture for Sam.
- I think Lucifer's correct though - that he's keeping Sam around, not necessarily out of some misplaced desire for him and bitterness over rejection... but because it's his instinct to protect his perfect vessel. I wonder how long Jimmy's body would really last? Or maybe having Cas in there with him means that Jimmy's body is continually being healed? But is that enough...if healing helped prevent the bodies from burning out from the inside, wouldn't Lucifer have that power too? Anyway... I think Lucifer would be an idiot to get rid of Sam, if he planned to be on earth long-term.

*Lucifer withdraws his hand from Sam*
Lucifer: "Hello Castiel"

- Cas saves Sam! Seriously, the Sassy episode of my dreams, even though Cas is 99% Lucifer.
- I love that Cas, at least at this point, can take control long enough to save his friends. Especially since usually it's only Dean that has the ability to get people to fight back against their possesses.

Cas: "Sam, Sam it's me!"
Sam: "Cas! Why?"
Cas: "I wanted to be of service to the fight, and only Lucifer can beat her."
Sam: "You chose this? You have to fight, Cas. Eject him, now!"
Cas: "I can't! It's taking all my strength to stop him from killing you. And besides, we need him."
Sam: "No, we don't. We'll find another way to stop Amara."
Cas: "We need him to save Dean."
Sam: "You can't time-travel."
Cas: "Only Lucifer can."

- Ah, the catch of not needing Lucifer when Cas originallly agreed - but needing him in the situation they are currently in. And also, using up all his strength to prevent Lucifer from murdering Sam. I mean, geez....
- But Cas reasons for accepting Lucifer echo Dean's reasons for accepting this mission to the pass - they desperately want to help the fight, but feel that in their current state they're useless - so they take big risks to try to make themselves useful.

I didn't talk about Dean wanting to save the ship... but yeah, that's, typical Dean. Wanting to save everyone in the world, even people in the past who have already died and meant to die.

Sam: "Dean, that's not Cas!"
Lucifer: "Cat's out."
*throws Dean*

- And it is...

Then we get a whole monologue... and discover that Hands of Gods are one-use only.

The framing of Sam zapping Lucifer away is pretty heartbreaking from Dean's perspective... since his BFF, who is not his BFF, is stalking towards him with the intent to murder, and then disappears in a flash of light... so that's essentially the last he sees of him.

I didn't realize there was a plain landing in the background of the show with Sam and Dean on the pier. That tells you what section of the river they're on! It's the one out by the airport. :)

Sam: "So."
Dean: "So... Cas."
Sam: "Yeah. What do we do?"
Dean: "What else? We hunt Lucifer, trap the bastard, and save Cas."
Sam: "Like I said, Lucifer may be in control now, but Cas may not come back willingly. I mean, he chose it."
Dean: "No, no, not possible."

- It breaks my heart that Dean won't even look at Sam when he says it. Because it's denial pure and simple.
- I don't think Sam is suggesting that they GIVE up on Cas here... I think he's warning Dean that it might be way harder than what Dean did to get Sam to eject Gadreel.

Sam: "So, how did you get through today. I mean, what did you do?"
Dean: "Nothing. Sam, they... I was just a witness."

- This also drives home what Dean has been struggling with... the fact that something might not be his fight. That he might be incapable of helping...even when he tries to help their present problem, he's forced to watch as he's unable to help a different problem.
- I also feel like I should be way more elegant about this.. there are ideas I want to express, but they sit as nebulous feelings in my head without words attatched. But there's a connection to the past here too... like Dean was given a reminder, or there's a concept of the present bearing witness to the past. There's a concept of forgetting the journeys we have made before and needing to be reminded. But these are things I'm not exactly sure how to distill into the written word.

Sam: "Do you want to talk about it?"
Dean: "No. No, story for another day."

- Ah Sam, it's like you took a counselling course after the MoC business.
- Actually, I say that as though it's a new development, but Sam's actually always been on the ball with this stuff. I think he's gotten better at not pushing... but I remember Sam yelling at Dean to just talk to him after John died, and other times as well. So, Sam's just found a way to say it non-antagoinistically... or perhaps. he's gotten better at accepting when Dean defers the conversation to another time.

I like the end, where Dean gives a little smile that Delphine took out the Thule dude by burning him. And I love the closing Edith Piaf song.

Good episode!
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