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Rewatch S11: Love Hurts (11x13)

Thursday! Time for SPN - and since it's not on, we'll do a rewatch! And since Supernatural was just renewed for Season 13, we'll watch 11x13... it's almost like I planned it, and yet, that's just the way it worked out.

Love Hurts

The dad sleeping with the young babysitter will ever not be gross - no matter how much the babysitter seems to be the pursuer. It's just super super gross to me, since she's clearly young. It's be different if she was an older babysitter figure.

Anyway, she dies.

This is a pretty old school SPN episode actually, I think it's part of what made S11 so great. They did a lot more in this style.

Hungover Dean is the best.

Dean: "I can't help it if I'm a hopeless romantic."
Sam: "You got half of that right."
Dean: "Just doing my civic duty - helping all the single ladies..."

-It's Unattached Drifter Christmas!

Dean: "And what'd you do, Judgy? Curl up in your snuggie, watch Fifty-Shades on cable?"
Sam: "Yeah, no."

- Do they even get cable in the Bunker - I mean, I know they have Netflix, because they have wifi somehow, but... well, I suppose they could have put up a satellite or something. I just can't see them being like "hey cable company, can you run a cable out to our secret underground lair?"

Sam: "Because her heart was ripped out."
Dean: "On Valentine's Day?
Sam: "Yeah"
Dean: "What is it, like, an ironic werewolf?"

- Oh man, I kinda wish it had been an ironic werewolf.

I love how Dean knows pretty much right away that the dad was sleeping with the dead babysitter. And then we find out that Sam pretty much had the same thought, but we didn't see his pov in the scene. Instances like that always reveal who are POV character is between the two of them - this episode's POV character, even if we get scenes alone with Sam, is actually Dean.

I love their trenchcoats, FYI.

All of Staci (babysitter)'s FB friends are stock photos... way to be cool Staci.

Man, the trench is SO GODDAMN SEXY ON DEAN! I mean, both of them... it's a wool trench, geeez... like, goddamn. The only thing that turns me on more than hot people is really nice clothes... and here we have a hot guy in a really nice suit and coat, and I just can't handle it.

Poor gross dude is freaking out about his doppleganger. I do feel bad for him.

Man, now Sam's all stretched out without a jacket on... geez, is this a Valentine's gift TO ME?!

Also, Sam has 1.56 TB of free space on his laptop, and has used 589.13 GB. Damn, Sam, you've got a 2+ TB harddrive?!?! I'm super impressed.

And then Dan gets killed by Staci.

Still in suits. Yes, both handsome and makes it easier for me to catalogue the clothes.

Sam: "I hate to have to ask this - but I need to ask you a difficult question."
Melissa: "Okay"
Sam: "Were you aware your husband was having an affair with your babysitter?"

- I just really like Jared's delivery of these lines. I don't know... I like Sam. Like, this is super awkward, but at the same time, he's well practiced in awkward by now. And he takes the lead here as if by pre-discussion or default... it's cool.

Dean: "Before we go, do you mind just writing down a phone number, where we can get a hold of you in case we have any questions"
*lays pen on the table*
*dramatic pause as they watch her reach for it*
*sigh as she picks it up*

- I love this, because initially, I had no idea why asking her for a number was so suspicious or important or whatever... and it's really not until she touches it and they're disappointed that you realize that it's a REAL silver pen, and it was a test. And it's brilliant, because it's a super understated test - nothing overly dramatic or out of the ordinary, but a test devised by two people with a lot of experience in how to get answers without giving their supernatural affliation away.

And we find out that Melissa is toying with dark forces.

And then the "shapeshifter" comes after her...

Dean: "Any luck?"
Sam: "No. You?"
Dean: "No. Hey, what's a... dad bod?"

- Aww, you know who doesn't have a dad bod? Dean Winchester. He must have gone to a bar with a fairly young crowd if someone couldn't recognize that excellence.

And Melissa comes and spills the beans.

I like the cut and fade to show time passing as Sam looks up the spell. It adds more realism to the idea that Sam can't just find everything in a 3 second "search the web", which other episodes can sometimes imply.

I also just realized that Sam is wearing a plaid shirt, and has another plaid shirt draped over the back of his chair. Gotta make sure you're surrounded in enough plaid, Sammy! Otherwise the wifi won't work!

Sam: "Wow. Okay, for starters - not a spell. More like an aramaic curse."
- I have a headcanon that Sam is actually quiet good at ancient languages.

Dean: "So, what do we know - if you kiss someone, then they die."
Sam: "I guess. Wait a second - you didn't kiss Staci?"
Melissa: "No, of course not."

- Then you BOTH would have been gross. Seriously, 19 or not, she was FAR TOO YOUNG for people who AT LEAST in their mid 30s.

Melissa: "Oh god, I killed Dan AND Staci."
Sam: "You didn't kill anyone. This is all on that witch."

- Aww, yes, Sam, you are so great. Poor Melissa was lead to believe it would safe her marriage, not end it in murder.

Sam: "Melissa - this curse started with you and I think it wants to end with you."
- So, this is actually pretty great parallel and foreshadowing to Dean's storyline... who being the last bearer of the Mark, has been declared the person who failed to keep the Mark aka: let the Darkness loose... even though he had nothing to do with that scheme really... though, that's also paralleled here, with Melissa having nothing to do with the witches actions, yet ending up the victim and focal point of them. So, basically, Melissa is Dean. Sam is the witch, and the curse is the Darkness. Only, Sam's intent was to save Dean (and countless lives FROM Dean), whereas this witch obviously doesn't care much about Melissa keeping her life. So, maybe it's just tha Melissa is Dean, and the Witch is the damned-if-you-do-damned-if-you-don't aspect of the Winchester's lives that continually haunts them.

Oh man, that shattering glass actually made me jump really bad.

*Dean kisses Melissa*
Sam: "What the hell did you do?"

- Aww, Sam just can't catch a break when it comes to keeping Dean alive.

Ah, so it was Sam's coat that was already hung over the back of Dean's chair all throughout tha scene... So, Sam had a plaid shirt over his chair, and his coat over Dean's chair. Geez Sam, way to spread out your belongings. :P But it was clever, because it meant that when they flee, they can both grab their coat off the back of the chair by the door as they go.

Sam: "I'm just saying you don't have to do this!"
Dean: "What?"
Sam: "Be the guinea pig, the matyr, try to carry the weight by yourself! Do this!"
Dean: "I'm going to be fine and as long as I'm good, she's good, and that's the important thing. Besides, proved our theory didn't it - that this whole kiss of death curse is transmittable. I'm not asking for the nobel here, but, you know, thank you."

- Awww, seriously, both Winchesters have trouble with being reckless and/or self-sacrificing. Dean does it most when he's emotionally upset about something - becomes more reckless, values his own life less. Sam tends to be more self-sacrificial after prolonged thought, which is perhaps scarier? I don't know, maybe it's six of one and a half dozen of the other.

Melissa: "What kind of FBI agents are you?"
Dean: "The fake kind."
Sam: "We're hunters."
Melissa: "Hunters?"
Dean: "Look, all you need to know is that we save people like you from things like that."

- I love reveals. I think that's why I like crossovers so much, they're always chalk full of reveals that we know are coming and anticipating.
- This is really nicely summed up and by the boys though.

Sam: "Even if it's not a shapeshifter, it's still shifting shapes."
- I wonder how often Jared had to say that line. You may notice that the camera isn't on him when he says it - I'm wondering if it was something he had to redub in ADR until he got it right... or if it's just a coincidence that we don't see him when he says it.

Dean: "The Art of Dyeing. Well, can't say we didn't warn you."
- Ha!

Melissa: "Are you serious, I can't stab anyone?"
Dean: "Listen to me, Sonja's not just anyone - she's a wicked witch who offed your husband and tried to kill you - so if she shoes up, you punch her, you stab her, you drop a freakin' house on her if you have to."

- Dude, I mean, I understand they're not going to leave her undefended, but I think all our encounters with witches so far have shown us that stabbing them will just piss them off and get you killed, unless like, the Winchesters are RIGHT THERE to finish the job.

Sam: "Witch killing bullets."
Dean: "We've got to come up with a different name than that."

- On the one hand, I like this because it's the show making fun of itself for it's crappy "witch killing bullet" solution to witches. On the other hand, I hate the fact that they still have this problem. I think one criticism I have of the show in these later seasons is that they have a solution for how to kill nearly EVERYTHING - even, at the very end, they had a solution for killing Amara. I think one of the strengths of the early seasons was that the Winchesters couldn't always kill their enemies - they could only send demons back to hell, unless they used one of precious few bullets - they couldn't kill Lucifer, only trap him again - they frequently went up against witches without having a way to kill them - having to rely on either the witch's magic turning on them or accepting that in the end the witch got away, but they save a few people from it at least. But, that could be my person preference... or, if they wanted to kill a witch, it involved something HARDER TO DO than shooting them, like a complicated spell, or burning them to death, or something.

Dean: "Silver lining to being cursed, I'll finally get some face-time with Daisy Duke."
Sam: "Seriously?"
Dean: "My deepest darkest desire. Ever since I was seven."
Sam: "So, Bach, not Simpson."

Dean: "Eh, I guess I wouldn't say no to either."
- Part of me thinks that Dean already knows at this point and is pre-emptively distracting Sam from questioning who he might see, but playing the caricature of himself that he knows amuses Sam and deflects any sort of seriousness.

ROCK PAPER SCISSORS for who goes upstairs and DEAN WINS!!

Dean: *gasp*
Sam: "Whatever, I'm going upstairs."
Dean: "Okay!"

- I love that Dean is so distracted by his win that he forgets that he won the right to go upstairs.
- I also love that this was an addition to the episode made by Jensen. I wish the boys would write more little scenes together. I mean, I know they're just little things - but they're SO GOOD at being the Winchesters now... like, I sort of feel like their little improves are the most genuine Winchester moments.
- I also love how genuinely annoyed Sam is.
- That all being said, part of me actualy DOESN'T like the break in tradition of the scissors-gag. Always of two minds about everything, that's what I am!

And the Qareen shows up as Amara. Dean knows right away that it's not really Amara - but I think he is hella freaked out about it.

Sonja: "Someone has to punish these men. But you know the only thing worse than a cheating man... is one that gets away with it."
Sam: "Wow, you're practically a feminist."

- I'm trying to figure out if I should be outraged on behalf of feminism. I don't think so, because I think Sam's pointing out that she's NOT. She's the sort of strawman feminist that anti-feminism people create as representative of feminism... since, you know, feminism is just as much about helping men as it is about helping women. BUT... I don't know if I'm just being overly charitable in my reading of the line, and maybe this is in really poor taste and I'm just in denial.

Qareen: "Who I am doesn't matter. The real question is who are you?"
Dean: "What do you mean who am I?"
Qareen: "You're a mystery. I can see inside your heart. Feel the love you feel - except it's cloacked in shame. When it comes to this, you can't help yourself. So why fight it? Just give in."

- So, hopefully this doesn't sound horrible... but it occured to me in this episode that Dean's relationship with his love for Amara is a lot like deeply closeted religious people's relationship with their own homosexuality...ie: they can't control who they are attracted to, have been socialized to believe it's the worst thing they can be, and therefore are super ashamed of it and fearful. Of course, where this comparison gets horrible is the fact that Amara is legitemately a villain in this show...so it's a pretty bad comparison, because it's suggesting that if Amara=homosexual love, and Amara=bad, then homosexual love=bad. Which just isn't the case... so I really think the similarity just ends at the fact that Dean is feeling feelings that he doesn't want to feel - ie: a force greater than him, be it God or nature, has caused him to have what he thinks are unacceptable feelings.
- In this case, his feelings for Amara are cloaked in shame, because he KNOWS she's the bad guy... Sam probably feels the same about any lingering feelings he may have had for Ruby (if he ever actually loved her like she seemed to come to love him) only, at the time of Sam and Ruby's relationship, he wasn't 100% sure that she was truly evil, and also he was on drunk or on drugs the whole time.
- So, yeah, Dean's ashamed, and resistent, because he doesn't want to love Amara, but she is forching him to do so through weird god-like powers. But Sam will explain that later...

Sonja: "Now, it not only punishes the cheaters, but the foolish women who want them back. Guess I'm just weeding out the idiots."
- While I'm in the camp of never forgiving cheaters, I am also in the camp of respecting other people's decisions about their own lives and relationships... so, yeah, witch is in the wrong here for sure, even if you take away the murders.

Sam's getting strangled, must be Thursday.

And thanks to Melissa's distraction, Sam actually gets to both kill a witch (a rarity) and also save Dean just in the nick of time.

Sam: "Dean! I got it. It's done."
Dean: "Yeah, you good?"
Sam: "Yeah, are you good?"
Dean: "Yeah."
*Sam looks around and sees holes everywhere*

- Yup, you really covered that up well, Dean.

Sam: "So, you going to keep me in suspense here or what?"
Dean: "About what?"
Sam: "Who was it? Bach or Simpson?"
Dean: "Neither.... it was Amara."
Sam: "Does that surprise you?"

- I love how we see that split second where Sam takes in the news and then schools his face into understanding and non-freaked out. Like, it's really just a very split-second where we see him absorb the information, we really can't even tell how he REALLY feels about it, but then we also see his face twitch as he goes into "I will be the least judgemental person ever about this and remain calm, because Dean is most likely freaked out of his gourd."

Dean: "That doesn't surprise you?"
Sam: "Honestly?"
Dean: "Honestly? You seriously think the sister of God is my deepest darkest desire?"
Sam: "She isn't."
Dean: "No! She can't be!"
Sam: "Why not?"
Dean: "Because if she was, that means I'm-"
Sam: "Mean's you're what? Complicit? Weak? Evil?"
Dean: "For starters, yeah!"
Sam: "Dean, do you honestly think you ever had a choice in the matter? She's the sister of God - and for some reason she picked you, and that sucks, but if you think I'm going to blame your or judge you, I'm not."

- Sam's the best. I love how he immediately recognizes that Dean doesn't have a choice - that this is against Dean's will and therefore Dean cannot be blamed. I think Sam has a good knowledge of what it's like to be blamed for things that are actually the machinations of far more powerful beings... and I love that he won't inflict that same experience on his brother, even if Dean is inflicting it on himself.

Dean: "'You know that I want her ass dead."
Sam: "Yes, of course, and I know you've probably beaten yourself up a million times over it. But where has that gotten us?

- Again, SAM IS SO WISE. I mean, granted, the flipside of this is that in S12 I'm getting annoyed at the fact that Sam is TOO well adjusted and I feel like the emotional plot arc is ignoring his existence completely... but at the same time, I also LIKE that he's doing so well in the mental/emotional health department these days - he's had so many rough years, it's really nice to see him come out the other side of them really strong.

Sam: "Just how bad is it?"
Dean: "Standing here right now, every bone in my body wants to run her through - send her back to that hole she crawled out of - but when I'm near her, I don't know, something happens and I can't explain it. But to call it desire or love, it's not that..."

- I also love that Dean recognizes the difference here. That a love that is forced is not love. It's the ol' love potion lesson in Harry Potter. Dean's under a love potion and he knows it's a corruption of love, not an expression of it.

Dean: "I'm screwed, man. We want to kill the Darkness. We NEED to kill the Darkness. And I don't think I can. I'm sorry to do that to you, you know, but when it comes down to it."
Sam: "I got it, Dean."

- I love that moment, because this is the first time that Dean's ever admitted that he CAN'T help Sam win the final fight. And he apologizes here, but the best thing he can possibly do in this situation is tell his Hunting partner that he's compromised rather than keeping it to himself. He IS helping Sam win the fight, simply by not keeping secrets.
- And I love that Sam just steps up to the plate and accepts that if Dean can't do it, then Sam will have to do it on his own.
- I also love this exchange and the fact that Sam has the least judgemental reaction ever, because the episode kicked off with Dean calling Sam "judgy" and that couldn't be less true. :)

And here's where part of me REALLY wanted Sam to ACTUALLY FOLLOW THROUGH ON THIS! And for Sam to be the one that saves the day, instead of the one that tries to save the day and instead lands them in another mess.

ON THE OTHER HAND, the fact that Dean is being forced against his will, makes me also kind of happy that in the end he WAS the one to take back that control and effect a solution - that he found the strength to bring a weapon in front of Amara, even if he never used it. Like, that's kind of a huge win for Dean there, just to even attempt the plan, and show Amara that she didn't have as much sway over him as she might think. But, I suppose I'll talk about that more when we get to the final three episodes of the season.

As usual, please forgive spelling errors and also let me know what you thought in comments!
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