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Rewatch S11: Into the Mystic (11x11)

I'm still alive!

Sorry I missed a week there, folks. I had a busy weekend with Christmas parties, and recovering from Christmas parties. I'm officially off work now for a mini-Vacation (just 4 days), but what better way to kick it off then with a rewatch?! Certainly, it helps that I can sleep in tomorrow. ;)

(ETA: And I did! LJ was down when I finished last night, so I'm posting this the next day)

Into the Mystic

Woot! Love this episode. Man, I miss Robbie Thompson and we haven't even gotten to his Opus yet.

This is also the episode where we get to meet Eileen! I love Eileen. Even if Supernatural has declined in quality of overall plot (just IMHO), it's certainly gained quality in being able to introduce female characters without us hating them. I think it's because they're no longer introduced like "hey, check out this sexy girl full of mystery! She's a strong female character(tm) because she uses her sexyness to her own advantage."

Aww... and we get the horrible death of Eileen's parents... in their super stereotypical Irish cottage, and their super stereotypical Irish accents. Why'd her mum have to slit her own wrist anyway? Like... that's the same banshee right? So, her dying just banished her after she killed her husband... damage was done. Maybe Eileen explains it later... or maybe I missed something.

Sleeping Sam is having bad dreams... or bad thoughts.

I love how they kept the thread of Sam cleaning guns when he's super stressed out and/or emotionally traumatized.

Dean: "You okay?"
Sam: "Yeah, I'm fine."
Dean: "Are you sure, because you haven't left the bunker in days."
Sam: "I'm fine."

- Aww, you're not fine, Sam.

I love how Misha moves when he's Lucifer, it's such a marked character change. He does a good job of mimicing Mark P's more loose movements.

Don't kill the good-looking angel, Lucifer... I know he's going to... but damn, I'm sad about it. That guy is SO ATTRACTIVE.

Dean: "Looks awesome. Maybe we should make a reservation."
Sam: "Ha! Yeah, we should live long enough." (sarcasm)

- Ah, and the age old argument about whether they're going to live to see old age. They flip-flop back and forth on this argument the most, I'd say - and yet they're always on opposing sides whenever it comes up.

Sam: "So, turns out, Harold was stealing the other residents' Viagra."
Dean: "Yeah, I know, real dick move, huh?"

- Dean's so proud of his joke.

Also, you can see Sam's grey hair a little in this scene, unless it's just the light.

And the classic, burn the wrong body scene.... gives them a moment to talk next to the grave.

Dean: "So, no retirment, huh?"
Sam: "Hey, you're the one who's always wanted to go out blaze of glory style, preferably while the Bon Jovi song is playing."
Dean: "I'm a candle in the wind. But the way you said it, sounded like that blaze of glory was going to happen sooner rather than later. You okay?"
Sam: "No, I'm not actually, not at all. Being so close to Lucifer again, brought stuff up. Stuff I thought I forgot about."
Dean: "Want to talk about it?"
Sam: "No."
Dean: "Well look, Lucifer is never getting out of that cage, ever. And you are never going back, period. So, case closed."

- Firstly, do you know how many times I write "eh?" instead of "huh?" when Dean's sentences are constructed like that? I'll tell you - every single time. My brain just automatically translates things into Canadian.
- Secondly, it occured to me suddenly that while their arguments in the past about this topic have been many, the context is someone changed after S8, when Sam was, actually, however briefly, suicidal. I think part of the reason they're having healthier conversations now that Dean's himself again is because Dean's genuinely still got that on his mind when Sam gets moody.
- Secondly, despite Sam not wanting to talk about it, this is actually a HUGELY HEALTHY conversation. Dean's asks what's wrong, Sam TELLS him, and Sam not wanting to go more indepth about his PTSD is respected, even if Dean would prefer to know more so that he knows how to better help Sam. YET, he's doing the best thing possible by ASKING if he wants to talk about it, because Sam knows that he CAN if it gets to be too much to deal with on his own. Man, I love healthy Winchesters. I really hope, if nothing else, Dabb keeps that up. We've had 4-5 years of them being unhealthy (depending how you define your terms) and I think that's enough.
- Thirdly, it pains me that Dean isn't right about this - because I think he wants desperately to protect his brother from his former torturer, and yet it's now completely out of his hands.
- But, Dean swearing that Sam will never go back in the cage is one of the reasons that despite my love for S11, I wish they hadn't freed Lucifer during it. I get that he's a favourite villain, but the reason he worked so well as a villain was because he was impossible to beat without someone 'dying' - and to find a solution that works just as well (ie: a magic spell cast by Rowena) just trivializes both Sam's sacrifice and Lucifer's threat levels. Also, any villain, around long enough, just gets annoying. It's why S1-S5 of Supernatural was so smart with changing the main villain every 2 years and not having repeats. Carver is too fond of letting villains live while killing off heroes. Just think of his death count. It's not until he steps down that (which he did, unofficially, after 11x20) that Metatron gets killed off Ross-Leming/Buckner... though, perhaps that was going to happen anyway, seeing as how they like killing people too (never forgiving them for Charlie, obviously.) I think that's a big difference between Kripke and subsequent writers, Kripke killed villains and when a hero died it was a huge fuckin' deal. The subsequent showrunners like killing heroes, while their villains live forever unless they're a flawed character design (*cough*leviathan*cough*). Anyhoo, now I'm just rambling.

I can't tell what plaid shirt Sam is wearing... that graveyard is too dark. Hopefully he wears it again later in the episode.

That stunt woman's back, playing the banshee, is amazingly gorgeous.

Sam: "Do you know anything about what happened with Arthur last night?"
Eileen: "Sorry, I wasn't working last night."
Sam: "Oh, were you working the night Harold Miller died?"

- So, Sam is absolutely awesome - because when he discovers tha Eileen is deaf, he doesn't dismiss her (assume she can't answer question) nor does he raise his voice (pointless when someone is profoundly deaf) what he does do is make a subtle but noticible effort to enunciate his words and always make sure he's looking directly at her when he speaks.

*Sam accidentally tells her to fuck off in (Italian?/New York?) gestures, instead of saying thank you in ASL*
Sam: "Sorry, I only know a little, I took some back in college but that was a while ago."
Eileen: "Most people don't know any, I appreciate you trying."

- Aww, what a mensch. I tried to learn ASL briefly in elementary school with a friend of mine. We got up to the alphabet, and days of the week, before we lost focus. Now I have TWO friends who are hard of hearing and I really wish young-me had been able to follow through on language acquisition a little better.
- (ETA: Looked it up, it's "get lost" in France, Northern Italy, Belgium, and Tunisia hand gestures)

I love how Eileen focuses on Dean's lips when she's reading from across the room, because I have it on good authority that Dean's (Jensen's) lips are super easy to read, whereas Sam's (Jared's) are nigh impossible... it's all about fullness of the lip and enunciation.

So, the thing is, does the Banshee even possess people or have a body-form? Because Eileen acts like Sam and Dean are Banshees in disguise, and yet we never see the banshee look like anything other than a banshee? So where does that bit of lore come from?

Sam: "I thought banshee's are good."
Dean: "The one's tied to fairy-lore are, they cry out as a warning to a victim's impending death. But, these guys, are malevalent banshees, total dickbags, they use their piercing scream to drive their prey crazy - force the vics to crack open their own eggs and the banshees feed on the yolk. And the only people who can hear the banshee scream are the vics."

- So, I'm going to nitpick something else about this episode, even though I love Robbie Thompson for his attention to character, he DID drop a canon ball here. Remember back in S3 when we found out how Dean met Lisa? Well, it was when he was on a road-trip alone because John and Sam were wrapping up "a banshee thing in florida." If it was indeed a banshee, then Sam should already know everything there is about banshees... the only thing I'll allow is that Sam obviously knew about GOOD banshees, so maybe the "banshee thing" was a case of a good banshee warning people about another supernatural creature killing people.

Sam: "And how do we kill it?"
Dean: "Gold blade. I don't have any in the trunk, so I'll have to drive back to the Bunker and grab a couple."

- I love the fact that Sam and Dean just casually have gold blades... and how it was a possibility that Dean might have just had some laying around in the trunk.

Lucifer as Cas: "I'm sorry"
- I love how the first line is so obviously no Cas, because it's said to make fun of him. Like he's a chastized dog, rather than a friend - because everyone always mistakes Cas as the Winchester's pet rather than a third brother (uh...fourth brother? Though, Adam was blood, he didn't really earn 'brother' status at any point, so arguably, third brother.)

Dean: "Yeah, I know, saying you're going to kill her's one thing, but actually doing it's something different."
Cas: "What do you mean?"
Dean: "I've had two shots at Amara, I stuck out both times."
Cas: "What are you talking about?"
Dean: "I don't even know where to start."
Cas: "Dean, tell me everything."

- Awww, this hurts my heart, because Dean's been keeping this bottled up, and he's finally talking about it to a friend, but it's not really his friend at all... :(

Sam: "Is this you?"
Mildred: "Yes, that was a long time ago... before I got so good looking."
*Sam smiles*

- Sam's smile there is like THE MOST ADORABLE THING.

Sam: "Mildred, I have to be honest with you - my partner and I, we're not really FBI. We're brothers and we hunt monsters."
Mildred: "Haha, I knew it. I knew it. You two are too cute to be FBI agents, and I knew that damn ghost I saw years ago was real."

- I think this is possibly the best reaction they've ever had to that speech. Also, I love how Sam delivers the line like he KNOWS how ridiculous it sounds, but has not found a better way to say it in the last 24 or so years.

Sam: "Now, banshees only hunt at night, so you're safe right now. And we really need you to get some rest while you can. We'll be back."
- Uh, Sam... telling someone they're the next victim in a banshee attack isn't exactly condusive to them being able to have a good nap. :P

Sam and Eileen showdown...

The thing I love about Eileen's spellwork is that it works on humans. We've never seen a hunter do that before (witches don't count, since they can use the 'force' or whatever).

Eileen: "I never met a banshee who could blend in..."
- Ah, that explains it, she thought that Sam was some new kind of banshee.

Sam: "And she raised you?"
Eileen: "More like trained me. She died when I was 16."
Sam: "On the job?"
Eileen: "Cancer."

- I love how Sam's wince at cancer is the same as his wince at "on the job" - either way, it's a death unwarrented.

Eileen: "I prefer working alone. Trust issues."
Sam: "Yeah, I know" *holds up bloody hand*

- Haha, cute. I really love Eileen and Sam as a couple. It's my current OTP for Sam, I gotta admit.

Eileen: "Her father was part of a secret organization - they're defunct now."
Sam: "The men of letters?"
Eileen: "Yeah, how'd you know?"
Sam: "My brother and I, we're like you - legacies."

- I love that Eileen is also a Men of Letter's grandchild.
- I also think Eileen would not have been able to read or understand the word "legacies" off of Sam's lips. But, maybe I'm just projecting, because *I* wouldn't be able to, and maybe Eileen is a super amazing lip reader (even though even super amazing lip readers only get 60% of words, or so I'm told.)
- Anyway, Sam/Eileen, getting married and researching paranormal in the Bunker far into retirement, please. :)
- Also, before anyone says anything about the Men of Letter's being defunct in Ireland but not the UK, I already remember that they explain later that her mother's grandfather was an AMERICAN men of letters.

Cas: "The two of you are connected somehow by the Mark."
Dean: "It's more than that."
Cas: "Attraction? Oh, Dean."
Dean: "I know, I know. Whatever it is, attraction, connection - I gotta tell you man, it scares me - I don't know that I stop it. I don't know that I can resist it."

- Yeah, I'd be super scared too if I was coerced into being attracted to someone. Like... that's exactly why I hate the whole Vampire - Thrall thing. SO GODDAMN RAPEY.

*Cas puts his hand on Dean's shoulder*
Cas: "Hey, scares me too, but we will find out what this is, I promise. In the end, it may help draw her out, this could be a good thing."

- I love how first, Dean is like 'Why is Cas touching me? Cas never initiates physical contact - he is extremely awkward socially' and then he's like 'Wait, does Cas want to use me as bait, that sounds super sketch as well!'

Dean: "...inducted into the Men of Letters in 1939, part of a small delegation that was sent to Europe."
- So, at this point, the plan for S12 probably was not in the works, but this can still fit. Since her grandfather was part of the American men of letters, now defunct. Of course, S12's storyline brings up a lot of questions about why European Men of Letter's didn't return/colonize after Abbadon's attack in '59, but I'll probably hold off on talking about that until I inevitably rewatch S12.

(Though, right now, I'm thinking of doing a truncated rewatch where I don't analyze the episodes as closely, because these rewatches, although enjoyable when I like the episode, take forever - and are not enjoyable when I don't like the episode. Also, given fandom's general move onto other platforms, and the show's slow attrition of delicious meta opportunities, I get less and less interaction here than I used to. We'll see though.)

Mildred: "I got dibs on the other guy. You can have the tall one. I'm not much of a mountain climber anymore."
Eileen: "Are you sure you don't want them both."

- Eileen says something after that, but they don't translate it!  It's "you 'something'" and then she spells a word way too fast for me to track, and they cut it off before she's done anyway. Now I'm beyond curious. Sigh.
- TAKE THE TALL ONE EILEEN!! MAKE MY DREAMS COME TRUE! (i just want Sam to have love and cuddles.)

Dean: "I don't like using Mildred as bait."
Sam: "Are you worried about her? Does this mean she has a shot?"
Dean: "Well, I always did have a thing for Blanche on Golden Girls."
Sam: "Seriously?"
Dean: "Hey, don't judge what you don't understand, Sammy."
Sam: "No, I'm not judging. I just always had a thing for Sophia."
Dean: "Yeah, I can see that."

- Did no one have a thing for Rose?! I had a thing for Rose. I still love Betty White. I mean, I know Rose was ditzy, but she was so sweet! But, Blanche makes perfect sense, and Sam liking someone who is 100% sass also makes perfect sense - Sam's also one to more attracted to suitable companionship than sex-appeal as well. Whereas Dean likes bold dominating women. That, of course, is all my opinion.

Cas: "Alright, but the next time you face Amara, you won't be alone."
Dean: "Thanks Cas"
*Lucifer smiles*

- SO CREEPY! Also, awww... well, it's nice that Lucifer could immitate Dean's friend being there for him, even though he wasn't actually there for him.

Sam: "Eileen, in my experience, revenge is not all it's cracked up to be. Killing this banshee is not going to bring your parents back."
Eileen: "I never met them, they're just pictures to me. But they're family, my family."
Sam: "I understand, believe me. But after you get your revenge, then what?"
Eileen: "I have no idea. My mother was a lawyer. Be nice to follow in her footsteps."
Sam: "Ha, I was studying law at Stanford, when my brother came and got me. So we could get our revenge."

- Oh man, I forgot about this detail. I mean HOW PERFECT IS SHE?! A hunter who has ambitions to be a lawyer?! JUST GET MARRIED AND BE HUNTER LAWYERS TOGETHER!! MAKE MY DREAMS COME TRUEEEEEEEEEE!
- Anyway, I like how the one constant with Sam and Dean is their agreement that revenge isn't good motivation for anything. :P I guess they explored that a litte in 5, but it was more of a "revenge caused you to raise lucifer" problem, and less of a "revenge, ultimately, was unstatisfying, leaving us emotionally adrift and directionless." Mainly, because that never happened, they might have been emotionally adrift, but there's always bee something crop up that immediately gives them direction - otherwise the show might actually one day just be SOLELY character exploration, at which point I will be enthralled, but who knows what other people will think. One of these days, when I'm rich and famous, I'm going to write a show that tricks people into thinking there's a plot, when the plot is actually "let's explore the psyche of these characters for 5 years, and the way minor events cause their character to change and develop, like with what happens to real people."

Eileen: "You've been hunting ever since?"
Sam: "Yeah, I wouldn't do this without my brother. He's had my back every step of the way, even when I let him down."

- Awww... did we ever resolve that problem? The end of the season went to shit with Carver's sudden departure after 11x20 was sketched out. It would have made SO MUCH MORE SENSE for Sam to actually save/help Dean for legit, and not have anything bad happen as a result. But instead they did the whole Dean-hero route again... blah. I guess I'll talk more about that when it happens.

Dean: "There's one for you" *hands Sam a gold blade* *points to Eileen* "I'm guessing you already have one, so we've got an extra one for Mildred. Where's Mildred?"
- I love how Dean is totally on board with arming the Mildred.

So, when they sit down to view the sunset, they're looking through blinds, but there are no blinds-shadows in the light that is shining on them. The sunset comes through my blinds every day (I, too, have a west facing room) and I can tell you right now, there is no way the light comes in without making stripes everywhere.

Mildred: "Not bad. Honey, it's almost as gorgeous as you are."
Dean: "Ha!"

- So smooth, Mildred.

Mildred: "You know tell me something, when's the last time you watched a sunset without waiting for something to go bump in the night. Hmm... you should try it sometime."
- Awww, I used to wish for Edlund's version of how the show should end, now I wish for Thompson's... or, some combination of the two. Give me Dean retiring and watching sunsets without having to kill things after.

Dean: "Tell me something, what'd you do before you retired."
Mildred: "I was in a Patsy Cline Tribute band."
Dean: "No..."
Mildred: "I'm deadly serious."

- Awww... so cute.

Mildred: "You want to know the secret to living a long and happy life?"
Dean: "Actually, yes, I do."
Mildred: "Follow your heart. You do that. All the rest just figures itself out...."

- Awww. I know this and the ending conversation, was supposed to be ominious about Dean's weird connection with Amara. But I do like other fan interpretations - where it's about Dean following his TRUE heart and not the supernaturally-enthralled thing. Because there's a huge differnence in those two things.

And then we find out that DEAN is the vulnerable one.

So, this is where fight co-ordination would be better, since why don't any of them go for the traps rather than attacking the banshee right away?... they already know they can't help Dean until the banshee is gone, there's no sense running over to him. But, that's extremely nitpicky of me - they actually do a pretty good job of showing how everyone is just super thrown off that it's Dean and not Mildred.. and that they go for attacking the banshee first because she's right next to them at first.

I do like that Mildred and Eileen are technically the ones to solve/end the case. Dean and Sam literally walked into another hunter's case, only really served as an alternate victim (I'm sure the Banshee would have gone after Mildred if Dean's greater weakness hadn't been there.)

Also, this tells us that whatever is up with Dean, it makes him vulnerable.... which sets up the end of 11x13 nicely, where Sam vows to step up to the plate and take on Amara for Dean, and basically protect him. Again, I really wish they had run with that storyline instead of the weird Dean-bomb stuff. But, that's me being a Sam!girl again, annoyed that Sam so rarely gets the epic season ender saves/kills.

*Sam signs and mouths*: "Thank you"
- I like this little button on the scene. Mainly, because Sam JUST got finished telling Eileen how Dean is like the 100% most important person in his life whom he can't live without...so, I love that through looks they both pretty much acknowldge that fact.

Sam: "So, how do you feel?"
Eileen: "It felt like just another kill. It didn't bring my parents back, nothing will."
Sam: "What now? Law school?"
Eileen: "No, this is my life."

- I like how what the hunt DID accomplish for Eileen, was her realizing that getting revenge was not the end of her Hunting career. I don't think Sam ever really got to make that decision. I'd have liked to see what he would have done if things with Amelia hadn't worked out AND Dean hadn't come back from Purgatory - would he have really stayed away from Hunting forever? He's said twice now that he can't hunt without Dean, so he may have genuinely retired. But he's also said, a few times now, that hunting his now his life - so, I think he's in a weird place with it maybe? Like, he WOULD retire if Dean was gone, but there'd be part of him that would still be hooked in. Also, things are different yet again with the fact that they live in the Bunker. It could be that Sam's retirement would be research and phones, rather than leaving the life all together.

Sam: "Feel free to drop me a line if you ever need anything - or if you just want to hang out."
Eileen: "You can't call me though."
Sam *laughs*: "Okay"
Eileen: "I mean, you can call, but I won't answer."
- So, I know that little awkward flirty button on there was Jared and Shoshana improvising. It's adorable, and I love it.

Mildred: "Well, it's for the best. Wouldn't have worked out between us anyway."
Dean: "Why not?"
Mildred: "Darling, if there is one thing I've learned from all my years on the road. It's when somebodies pining for somebody else. Oh, don't try to hide it now. Follow your heart, remember? I don't know who the lucky lady is, but I am damn sure jealous."
Dean: "Well, I am single and I am ready to mingle, so.."
Mildred: "Well, then you know where I live."

- Awww, get yourself some Mildred action, Dean. She's a traveling musician, I'm sure she knows how to have a good time! (not to play into stereotypes or anything... but I totally am.
- Also, pining for someone and being supernaturally enthralled are not the same thing! Once again, I prefer the destiel interpretation! It's still tragic just in a less really creepy do-not-want way.

Mildred: "They look even cuter when they walk away. Wow!"
- It's a cute line, but it makes me laugh, because A) you can't really see their asses in their coats and baggy jeans, and B) Jared doesn't really have a good ass, Jensen is sort of borderline. BUT, if she's talking about their shoulder-waist ratio, then I agree. She's definitely not though, not with those hand signs!


Sam: "Cas gone?"
- So, what I love here, is that you can see Sam give Dean a once over before he comes to that conclusion - meaning the reason that Sam knows Cas is gone is because Dean is still all bashed up.

Sam: "What was he doing here anyway?"
Dean: "Looking for lore on the Darkness. Something a little off about him too."
Sam: "Something always seems about Cas. Ah, you know, being so close to Lucifer probably wasn't easy for him either. We'll just keep an eye on him...."

- Awww... they love him. Also, I love that Cas is like Dean's BFF, but he has the most in common with Sam. Like, it just... it explains so much about why he's Dean's BFF. :P

Sam: "...You were right by the way. Getting back on the job, it helped."
Dean: "Wait, say that again, that part about me being right?"
Sam: "Ah, your an idiot."

- I don't think it was so much the job, as meeting an awesome hunter of the woman-type, and having your heart be all a flutter. (Did I mention "Seileen" is my current Sam OTP... if you couldn't tell...)

Sam: "Dean, when I was with Lucifer, he showed me things. It was like a highlight reel of my biggest failures."
Dean: "Yeah, he was messing with you, it's what he does."
Sam: "Give me a sec. I should have looked for you. When you were in Purgatory, I should have turned over every stone, but I didn't. I stopped. And I've never forgiven myself for it."
Dean: "Well, I have. Hey, that's in the past, man, what's done is done. All that matters now, all that's ever mattered is that we're together. So shut-up and drink your beer."

- Alright, so they KIND OF address Sam's guilt here, but in a way where he has to be forgiven, rather than feel redeemed. I don't know, I guess I'm quibbling at this point. I mean, the fact of the matter is that it's arguable that he did anything wrong - maybe they did have an implicit understanding, maybe they didn't, but I still wish they could have resolved this plot point in a way where Sam, at the very least, explained where his head was at - beyond the 'we had a promise' line... because we've seen Dean die before, and Sam goes all John Winchester and swings between alcoholic mess and cold-blooded murder machine. So, without hunting (if he were following the promise) I can just picture him going for alcoholic mess... which there was SOME evidence of in the way they decorated the motel rooms whenever we saw Sam and Amelia together (suggesting she was also an alcoholic mess) but it was all really subtle, just like the hand thing... like it was something production was desperately trying to do, while the writers in LA did something else. But, maybe I'm just reading too far into things.

Dean: "You going to be able sleep tonight?"
Sam: "Yeah, yeah, I think so. How about you?"
Dean: "I've still got some ringing going on in my head - but nothing some good music can't wash out."

- Awww... that's probably not healthy after a major ear and head injury, but I kinda love that Dean's like "I'll just let really loud music lull me to sleep". Also, that he asks Sam if he's going to be able to sleep first, like maybe there was an option where he would just stay up and keep Sam company.

Sam: "You know, I still can't figure that out. I mean, banshees go after the vulnerable, right? So why'd it go after you?"
Dean: "You're overthinking it. It was going after Mildred, it saw my gold blade - acted out of self-defense, simple."
Sam: "Eh, you're probably right."
Dean: "I'm always right!"
Sam: "Yeah, yeah."
Dean: "Night!"
Sam: "Night!"

- I love how Dean accuses Sam of overthinking, and then offers him a far more complicated reasoning than the one Sam's working off of. Smooth, Dean.
- Also, I love that Sam just can't see Dean as possibly being vulnerable. If it were me, I'd be like "Holy shit, what if Dean has some undisagnosed health problem?! I NEED TO CALL CAS!" Though, maybe having an angel for a friend means that Cas is like "You're starting to get cancer - *VOOP!* - I've fixed it."
- Also love the brother convos.
- And unrelated to this conversation, I love how "Goodnight" has now been shorted to "Night" most of the time in casual settings, because to outsiders it's like you're parting ways by anouncing the time of day... which is similar to why I like "Morning!" and "Afternoon!" as greetings. Except for "Night!" is parting... which makes sense for the non-nocturnal creatures that we are.... anyway, language just amuses me.

Sam's keepsake box!!!
-lighter, playing cards, baseball, stitched leather wallet, pictures, samulate from play, jewellry case?, switch blade, army guy, gold ring, unknown black cyclindrical object, and now retirement home pamphlet.

Barefoot boys! Sam's wearing different PJ pants than he usually does!

Dean is disturbed by life's recent events.

As per usual, let me know your thoughts in comments, if you should have any. :)

Also, please remember I have no spell check and I type these stream of consciousness style, so forgive any weird spelling or bad grammar, or words that sound like other words that I meant to type instead.
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