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Quick Reaction: 12x08 LOTUS


Alright, let's just get down to it. You all know the rules by now...

THEN - gives us UKMoL, Ketch, Rowena, Lucifer, and C&C Music Factory... uh, I mean "the fact that Cas and Crowely are working together"

The NOW gives us....

Priests! Young attractive priest, listening to the news - the archbishop comes by and tells him to cut it out! It's not just priests, it's POSSESSED priests! Or, Possessed Archbishop anyway, and he is possessed by Lucifer.

Man the scene with him walking down the hall and all the crosses turning was really rad. That's like, old school SPN, and I enjoyed it immensely.

Sam and Dean go to a morgue. Where is this city? I did not write it down. Is it St. Louis? I will look it up on SuperWiki later. Shoot, I just tried to look it up now and apparently they were in Indianapolis at some point?!?! Was that HERE?! Someone please tell me. I need to know for timelining purposes. Was it when they were trying to track down LOTUS later?! Man, my note-taking tonight sucked.

Anyway, Sam and Dean are at a morgue and so are Cas and Crowley! A "CEO of Everything" is dead. He already looks like the archbishop dude, because he is a dead white-haired white guy with no eyes. Crowley tells them that Lucifer is obviously honning in on temporary vessels that have institutionalized fame and power. Cas agrees "with Agent Zappa" and Dean tells him to "stop it!" Haha, awww... I love that Cas and Crowley are basically parodying Sam and Dean, but also kind of in an annoying way. It's great.

Back to the Bunker from wherever the heck they were!

Sam quickly tracks down the fact that Lucifer most likely jumped into te Archbishop - or at least he's a person of interest. So, time to go to St. Louis (at least I wrote that down) and see what's what.

They go to Cecil Green house at UBC. Uh... I mean they go to the monestary. Listen, they've used this house a LOT in Supernatural (and other shows), but there was something about the way they filmed this time where I REALLY noticed the architecture. Like... this is a REALLY NICE example of early 20th century architecture. I was sure it was 1930s, but apparently it was originally built in 1912. I'm wondering if it might have been renovated when it's second owner bought it in 1939 though, because the style of moldings and the wood paneled walls remind me SO MUCH of my family's cottage, which was built in 1939. Anyway, I was super distracted by architecture, as you can tell... which is really saying something, because Lucifer turned that place into a horrible murder scene and that's what we're ACTUALLY supposed to be looking at - not the wainscotting.

The dying young priest (as opposed the many dead young priests - "Why are there so many hot young priests?" my friend asks, to which I reply with innuendo that I can no longer remember.) tells Sam and Dean that he noticed the archibishop was turning all the crosses and figured he was possessed, as you do, so they tried an exorcism, and that obviously went splendidly. Then I guess he dies. I can't remember, but he didn't seem long for the world, so I wouldn't be surprised. I wrote "dead" in my notes, but I'm pretty sure I was refurring to the body of the archbishop at that point.

So, Sam and Dean are too late anyway... Lucifer has moved on...

And he's moved onto a guy living in a house with modern architecture. Very west-coast modern, I'd say, but I'm biased because I live out here- might be that it's a style spread to the rest of the country too. But it's very return-of-the-mid-century-modern. I don't actually know if there's a name for the style... anyway, it's um, Wells' house on The Flash, for those who watch multiple Vancouver-based shows.

Jeff agrees to house Lucifer (always a mistake) and he and Jeff have a comfy conversation in chairs inside Jeff's mind. The problem with this is that much like Sam's mirror conversations in S5, Lucifer is also speaking aloud in the room. A security guy walks in to see what's up and gets himself killed... right before that happens though, we find out that Jeff is the President of the US. Well crap.

When we come back from commercial, they're carting dead-guy away, and Lucifer is giving the story of how the dude just died... then one of Jeff's aids hands him a bible and asks him to say a few words, like he does every night, while everyone takes a knee and bows their heads in prayer.

And listen... um... am I the only one that finds that terrifying even without it being Lucifer? Like.... uh, Separation of church and state people! I know America has this big thing about God and their presidents being Protestant, but that level of... treating the President like he's some sort of quasi-religious leader? SUPER CREEPY AND WRONG. I'm so glad I don't live in your country. Sorry. I just am. I'll take my looks-good-in-pictures-but-makes-empty-promises-vaguely-agnostic-dude over that any day.

 Anyway, it's actually quite hilarious - Lucifer having to "pray" He kind of fakes his way through it while the bible burns his hand. Again - I love that detail.

Sam and Cas, meanwhile, are at the Bunker. Sam is showing Cas the photos of the massacre at the monastary, and Cas agrees that the level of violence is unnecessary. I kind of love that they had this scene be between Sam and Cas - both characters who have the most in common when it comes to Lucifer.

Back with Lucifer - it's not the next morning and he's in a briefing. There's trouble in Belarus, he suggests nuking them - there's an awkward silence - both me and my friend are like "Oh god! It's Trump!" "TOO PRESCIENT! TOO PRESCIENT!" (by which I meant, "too soon" but since i knew they would have had to film this before the election, it was actually too prescient.) "Jeff" says he's joking and everybody laughs and they agree to talk about it later.

Then it's off to walk down a hallway. Jeff's aid catches up with Lucifer and they send the security guard "Otto" away. Otto is a really adorable name, so I declared him my new favourite person at that point and hoped he didn't die.

But he didn't! The aid just wanted to have sexy times with the "Jeff". We find out that Jeff is a widower who was married to a woman named Louise before. Widowers are really Lucifer's MO, so this isn't a huge surprise. I wonder why the heck that is, anyway. Apparently, if your girlfriend/wife is fridged, you have a higher chance of Lucifer possession.

So, I kinda like the fact that they made a fictional president for Supernatural. I mean, I know it muddies the waters, because Dean HAS mentioned Obama before... but Supernatural TECHNICALLY is two years ahead of us now, so maybe part of me just thinks it's cool to imagine a world where President-Elect Rapist isn't sworn in and instead some bloke named Jefferson Rooney takes the job. I'd prefer him, even if he were a discomfortingly religious dude... I mean, even with saying yes to Lucifer, he seemed like a better dude than Mr. Rapist.

Crowley, meanwhile, is meeting with the woman who investigated the secrutity guard's murder. She's apparently someone who sold her soul and is attempting to earn it back by giving Crowley information. She tells him how suspicious as hell it all is.

Back at the Bunker, Dean walks into the room and Cas immediately complains/asks if the wards on the Bunker have failed. Dean says he powered them down because Crowley might have something. Sam takes offense that they're inviting Crowley over.

I love this detail because finally the Bunker actually DOES IT'S JOB (or would, if Dean didn't power down the wards) - but it's really the first time that we see that not only does the Bunker INDEED have wards, but that the Winchesters can control the level of warding - which helps to explain why Cas and Gadreel can get in and out, but that Crowley - at least previously - could only get in when summoned... also, helps to explain why Rowena never came back and stole things. Anyway, it's still kind of vague and annoying, but at least they're staring to pay attention to the fact that it SHOULD have rules.

Anywho, Crowley shows up. Sam complains/asks why they can't just get the information without the drama. Crowley counters with "why can't I just get you without the flannel?" or words to that effect, and it's hilarious.

He drops the bombshell that the Lucifer is the President and everyone agrees this is very bad news.

Lucifer, meanwhile, tells the secret service dudes that he has "urgent and confidential" info - that mentally unstable men plan to assassinate him because they think he's possessed by the literal devil. The secret service guy is like "the devil isn't real, he's a comicbook villain!" and Lucifer is like "wow, offensive, but I need to keep you alive so that you'll kill the Winchesters for me, so you get a pass this time" only just with his face.

Sam, meanwhile, fearing for the gravity of the situation, debates calling Mitch Davies, the Irish UKMoL bloke who gave them his number. He dials, but then chickens out and hangs up - mainly because he hasn't discussed it with Dean, I'm sure.

Then Sam rejoins the group and they try to plan how to get close enough to the President to exorcise and then re-trap Lucifer in the cage.

This brings in....

Rowena! Who's boyfriend is in the process of leaving her in Florida for another woman. Mainly, because he had Rowena's backstory investigated and none of it checked out... also, they were basically two people trying to scam each other with marriage for money.

Crowley shows up and explodes him. Rowena says that's the sweetest thing Crowley has ever done for her. It's a lovely Mother-Son moment.

Lucifer, meanwhile, is having sexy times with his aid again. She says that it felt different that time in a good way. Lucifer smiles.

Cas, meanwhile, is geting coffee and has an episode of some sort, dropping the coffee cups...awww. There's been a surge of celestial power - and an announcement that a Nephilim has been conceived.... and bascially it's news that Lucifer has knocked up a human. Dean has the great parting line of "I didn't even know he was dating." and i laugh.

Sam and Dean go to investigate... something. Is this when they're driving? I have these words written down:
-Impeach LOTUS
-Rosemary's Baby

So, I think that sums up their conversation in the car with Cas. The point is, Sam and Dean and Cas are driving somewhere close to where the president is, and they get pulled over by the cops - which are actually the secret service, and then it's all guns at high noon and such. They do a pretty good job of defending themselves, but they're still held at gun point when a black car pulls up playing smooth jazz.. the person gets out of the car with a grenade launcher, saving Sam and Dean.

He then commands Castiel with "you, Angel, wipe their memories" and that's how we meet Arthur Ketch.

He tells them he came in reponse to Sam's hang-up call, which Mitch figured meant Sam was in trouble. He tells them "you're welcome" When the Winchesters doubt the truthfulness of his story. He calls Castiel "Halo" and asks him if he thinks he's lying. to which Castiel gets offended and corrects him that his name is "Castiel" and then says that he's not lying, but the truth can be situational. Which I also love, because it gives the game away on how both Cas can lie and also how people can lie to Cas - or have managed to lie to Cas in the past.

Ketch also apologies for "Lady Bevil" and says she can get "excitable" and he reiterates that they just want to collaborate. Ketch claims he's not an ideollogue like the Lady Bevil. I'm not sure that's accurate, given his behaviour - so I'm with Cas here - the truth is situational and Ketch is using that to his advantage.

Dean confirms that Ketch used a grenade launcher and then looks at Sam like "and you've never let me use ours." It's great.

Also, I forgot to say, but the grenade launcher scene was AWESOME. I loved Sam and Dean taking cover and Cas just standing there watching it all happen, not even flinching. So great.

Ketch tells them that they have all sorts of cool weapons - such as something that eradiates vampires so that their own blood becomes poisonous to them. And a weird egg grenade thing that knocks the possessing out of their vessels. Sam asks if it works on angels... and we see the plan starting to form.

It's agreed that first they need Kelly (who is the sexy aid) - which means that they need to send in Crowley. Crowley is less than impressed with this plan, but does what he must.

Now, here's where I can't stretch my disbelief. Kelly already knows she's pregnant. Look - unless 4 weeks have gone by between the sex scene and now, that's impossible. Furthermore, while the sperm might have met the egg, the egg doesn't even attatch to the uterine wall in the first 72 hours, so it's still technically not a pregnancy - like, there'd be absolutely no way to test it, nor would the woman have any notion that one of her eggs was fertilized.

This is where my friend suggested that maybe I should work under the believe that Nephilim develop at a faster rate than humans - and the pregnancies happen in a similar fashion ot the Amazon pregnancies back in S7 or whenever the heck that was - so, fine. That's what I'll do, and I'll have to do it again later when the situation gets even more ridiculous.


They break it to Kelly that she was knocked up by Satan. And that she's in a room with two hunters, an angel, and the King of Hell. Her response is to say "Oh god" and Cas helpfully replies "Actually, he left."  I laughed. That's the kind of Cas that I love.

Lucifer meanwhile, is possibly planning to pardon Charles Manson? Listen, I'm still on the fence as to whether Lucifer is still a better president than President=Elect Racist Rapist.

Kelly calls him and asks him to come meet her someplace. Which he does - the security team go in ahead to give it a sweep. Sam and Dean are hiding in the ajoining room with their hands on the nobs so that they appear locked. I laugh, because I used to do that to my little sister when I wanted her to believe that she was locked in a room (that sounds super cruel when I don't put any context around it). Cas, meanwhile, is just hiding in the closet and uses a mind-wipe and a jedi-mind trick to tell the security guy that there's nobody in the room but Kelly and to go wait in the car.

Lucifer comes in and Kelly tells him that she can't have the baby. He starts strangling her and that's when the Winchesters spring out of the room.

So, here's a confusing thing - my friend and I realized that the de-possession bomb was possibly a danger to Cas - who is also occupying a vessel. So, we thought Sam putting his hand on the sigil thing was about banishing CAS - but then, Lucifer would be banished too, wouldn't he? And Cas still leaps into the room after Sam sets off the device... so... what was the sigil? Warding to keep Lucifer from leaving the room? Why didn't the device effect Castiel? Is it SO Localized that it only affects a certain radius?! And Cas just made sure to stay outside of it?

Once Lucifer starts smoking out, Rowena can cast her spell to send him back into the cage. Which she does.

As soon as it seems to have worked, Crowley and Rowena vanish.

Cas takes Kelly out the other room, but for some reason Sam and Dean stay in the room? WHY?! This annoys me because there's no reason to stay there and all it gets them is arrested when the security team come in and find them with an unconscious President.

Cas and Kelly leave and Cas takes her to a diner, where she sneaks out the back and calls a cab - then phones Cas and tells him that she can't do it (ie: get an abortion) because she can "feel it inside her" and it's her baby. AGAIN, unless Nephilim have a hella short implantation and gestation period, there is no possible way she can feel anything yet, nor has she even had any hormone changed. BUT WHATEVER - we'll just assume that Nephilim have some crazy super-powers and that they actually DO spring into being much faster than human babies.

Our cliffhanger is that Sam and Dean are now arrested by the secret service for a possible attempted assasination of the President. And that Lucifer's baby is out there being gestated rapidly... though, mind you, that might not be so bad - the last Nephilim we met was a waitress who didn't seem to be causing any trouble. Nurture over nature and all that jazz.

So, me and my friend had mixed feelings about the finale. Just like I dislike "politics" (ie: UKMoL storyline) my friend hates it when regular law enforcement is brought into the plot - mainly because not only does she not enjoy it, but SPN has already done it several times to really unbelievable-results... like, how many times have Sam and Dean been America's most wanted, yet they can still walk into police stations all over the country as FBI agents? How many times are they going to fake their deaths? Etc.

I liked that they seemingly wrapped up the Lucifer storyline and sent him back into the cage - though, I'd like confirmation on that. Also, I think it should have been a slightly bigger deal than they made it, given what they had to sacrifice to do it the first time around. We could have gotten way more of a meaningful build-up if they had stretched that out to a more strategic/research heavy solution rather than "oh hey, this dude that's been following us happens to have a solution in his trunk. Cool."

Now, that all being said, while I don't know what they're going to do when they come back in January - right now I'm chuckling at the idea of Castiel having to rescue them from prison. (Though, I think Crowley could just pop in and teleport them out, and Castiel could erase people's memories again)... but, who's to say Crowley will agree to that without getting something out of it. Also, now that Lucifer isn't a danger, we don't know the status of Crowley's allyship.

Anyway, we'll see how it goes!

And now we get a long break before we return in January with 15 episodes still to go in this season! (that seems like an insane amount of episodes.)

Hopefully I can get through some more rewatches during the break. :)

As usual, let me know what you thought in comments.
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