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Quick Reaction: 12x07 Rock Never Dies


Back to the regular program of booze and show, so forgive errors.

Let's jump right into it, because we CAN...

The THEN is all about Lucifer - which, my friend misheard as "Moosifer" and then we had a discussion about whether that was a fandom word or not - because Sam was Lucifer BEFORE the Moose nickname caught on (I'm pretty sure). We decided that we liked it - until we realized that it could also be construed as a ship-name, and since that's my notp as the young'ns say, we quickly lost interest in looking up the word. :P


We start a week before, where a couple of Canadians are summoning Lucifer. I say they're Canadians, because one is named GORDIE, for chrissakes. I mean, really. They're summoning Lucifer using what one of them believes to be a fossilized feather from Lucifer's wings - that he bought of ebay. Gordie gives him a hard time about it until it actually works, and it IS actually a feather... of course, at this point, Gordie is dead, but *shrug*.

Anyway, basically, what I'm trying to say is that Lucifer shows up in order to heal his vessel using the residual power in his fossilized feather, finds out that his vessel is famous - at least among Moms - and then kills the witnesses.

Now to Sam and Dean, where Dean is playing words with friend and plays "twerking" to which his opponent replies that that's not a word - and we all know it's Mary before he even tells Sam. The thing that gets me though is that Sam asks how their Mom is doing - like... is Mary talking only to Dean?!?

Sam softly accuses Dean of taking advantage of their mom's inexperience with technology - since she only just found out what a cellpone was a month ago (Oh sugar, I didn't write down that exact quote. Can someone tell it to me?!? I need it for timelining purposes!) but then Mary writes "Squelch" on a triple word score or whatever and gets 98 points. Ah, Sam, she may not have had a cellphone, but she had scrabble, I'm sure.

Cas calls.. and it's spelt Cass on Dean's phone - which to me just means the writers are getting obstinent with us. Oh, don't you worry guys, we can dig our heels in too!

Anyway, Cas calls and we find out what he and Crowley have been up to - which is not much until recently, since it's only now that Vince Vincente has resurfaced. Vince, aka Lucifer, is getting the band back together - the band is apparently called Ladyhart. Which means that it's time for Sam and Dean to go to LA.

Sidenote: Vancouver DOES actually stand in for LA sometimes (most notably on the series Psych) but that's ONLY if you film during the summer. They would have been filming this episode in late September, which is why all exterior shots we see (except the club) are stock shots.

Crowley goes in to make sure that Vince is still Lucifer - by talking to an agent/manager guy he knows. Apparently, they've got a deal worked out where the agent/manager sends young souls, eager for deals, to Crowley. It's smart! Also, pretty much the premise of Elliot Smith's song "Angeles" which Jensen covered on Steve's album a couple years back. Anyway, the manager basically confirms that Vince is a "new man"

Meanwhile, Sam and Dean are driving to LA - and Dean is ranting about how horrible LA is. (I've already visited twitter and found out that this was a pre-approved improv by Jensen! So awesome!) Sam, meanwhile, misses the beauty that is this rant, because he's listening to his iPod. Dean calls him out on it, and Sam insists that he's listening to a history podcast. Dean insists he play it outloud. Sam protests, saying it's a podcast about the protestant reformation that details all of Martin Luther's Thesises one by one... uh, Dude... I mean, it's not exactly the same, but... I actually found a podcast like that and the only thing that prevented me from listening to it was lack of time. I was genuinely excited. So, I'm a LITTLE offended that this is what was chosen as an unappetizing lie to fend of Dean... and of course, Dean well knows that Sam's go to for diverting his interest is to say whatever he's doing is long boring and foreign... so he calls him on it and rips out is headphone jack so that the player automaticaly plays aloud. (I have an old school iPod that doesn't do this, so *I* would have been safe with my decade+ old technology.) He is, of course, listening to Vince Vincente and Ladyhart.

Having been called out on it, he double down and decides that Dean must now be forced to listen to it as "research." It's nice, after all these years, to find out a LITTLE of Sam's musical tastes. Jared has always said that Sam is more the singer-songwriter type... but I really like the fact that he has a guilty pleasure in "hair rock" mainly because I'm not that much older than Sam and that was also my guilty pleasure growing up... like, Def Leppard and original Bon Jovi and them. I also liked the same stuff my Dad and older brother liked, but I secretely liked the stuff they made fun of too.

Back with Lucifer, we find out that he's chasing the fame, rather than interested in the music. He wants to build up a base of followers that worship him. Seeing it as not much different than a religion of idolatry.

Back to Sam and Dean, who arrive in town and meet up with Cas, while Cas waits for Crowley. Dean makes some sort of remark about Cas fitting in because he looks like an agent or something, and Cas strikes back with "At least I don't look like a lumberjack" - ouch! Cas has obviously been spending too much time with Crowley, it has made him snappy... though that was a nice comeback for Cas, who isn't good at that sort of thing.

Cas complains about spending so much time with Crowley, saying that "it's been weeks" which is nicely vague (for timelining purposes... don't forget that I need that line from Sam earlier, if any of you have the episode downloaded and can check it for me!)

Crowley shows up and confirms that Vince is still Lucifer. Then they all go to check out Lucifers hotel room. There are clothes strewn about so Cas suggests there might have been a fight. Dean picks up a pair of panties and argues it wasn't a fight... meanwhile, I'm like "Ack! DON'T TOUCH A STRANGERS UNDERWEAR! GROSS!" because honestly!

Dean then picks up an electric guitar and starts messing about with it while everyone else talks. I like that little detail - we found in... S8? S9? that Dean, at least briefly, took guitar lessons as a kid - and we all know Jensen can play - so that was a nice little detail.

Then Cas finds a human tooth still with the root, and HOLDS IT THAT WAY. And SO GROSS YOU GUYS! STOP!

Back with Lucifer, we realize that his girlfriend who oddly likes to hold a hand in front of her mouth while she talks has a REASON too, because apparently it's HER tooth that was pulled out. Then Lucifer pushes to see what else she'd do for him... apparently she's one of those slightly mentally-ill groupies, because she decides it's perfectlly legit to cut up her chest to show how devoted she is to him. Yikes!

The team go to check on her in the hospital the next day. They find out that she carved his name into her chest. Cas and Crowley wait in the lobby, and have the hilarious exchange of "together again" "yay." indicating that they're BOTH kinda sick of each other. Meanwhile, Sam and Dean try to figure out if he forced her, but it becomes readily apparent that she just REALLY needs a therapist.

Lucifer meanwhile, is talking to his social media manager and demanding that she get him NEW fans, not just cater to the old ones. Again, claiming that twitter, religion, fame, are all pretty much the same thing.

Back to Sam and Dean, who report their findings back to Cas and Crowley. Crowley says that it makes sense, since having people's devotion is a heady drug. He also informs them that Rowena will only step in to help them when they have Lucifer CAPTURED, and not a moment before. So, they need to do that. And in order to that, they need to find where the show is.

Crowley goes to see his agent/manager informant. Cas goes to see (Perfect) Tommy. And Sam and Dean put on leather jackets - yes please - over low-cut t-shirts - YES PLEASE - and try to present themselves as an up-and-coming-band to the social media manager. Sam and Dean strike out epically, because they have not rehersed their lie enough, nor do they really know how to be appealing, giving the fact that they both are decades behind in their musical taste. Crowley strikes out because the agent/manager is more interested in the business that Vince can bring him. And Castiel strikes out because Tommy has two kids he needs to put through college, so he's not about to turn on the lead singer of the band he's in and put himself out of a job.

They meet up again, dejected, in the lobby of the office building they were in earlier. Then Kuma, 1st AD Kevin Park's Samoyed, gets a cameo walk-through part! Kuma! Such a pretty boy! My friend said "It's a Kuma-eo!" followed shortly by "I'm drunk!" because that's the way we roll.

Dean is so depressed about striking out, that he succumbs to the cucumber flavoured lobby water. Oh Dean. But as they point out, they're in LA, so only money/business matter to people, not the state of the world or saving lives.

Lucifer is traveling to his gig - then Tommy decides he might as well out in him in front of their manager about the fact that they don't have any new music, because Lucifer has been blowing off studio time. The Manager is not amused, and tries to remind "Vince" that Vince works for HIM. Lucifer, obviously, doesn't take kindly to this, and kills the manager with his own pen - much to the horror of Tommy and the social media manager.

Lucifer jumps out of the car, and goes to wave at the crowd, but then realizes that he's already burning through the vessel again. Tommy, meanwhile, takes the opportunity to text Cas, because he realizes that murder is bad. :P

The concert, as it turns out, is at the Wise Hall.... okay, that's not true. It's at a club called "The Meteor", but the filming location (interoir only) is the Wise Hall.

Sam and Dean brought Enochian handcuffs, which Crowley highly doubts will work. Sam points out that they also have to save all the audience members - so Cas offers to distract Lucifer to allow them time to clear the place out. Dean doesn't like this plan, because Lucifer will kill his boyfriend Cas. But Cas is insistent that Lucifer is his problem, since he let him out - even though Sam and Dean argue this. But, they let Cas vow that even if he only last 3 minutes, he'll give them those 3 minutes to save people. Crowley then steps forward in a rare moment of nobility and offers to make it 4 minutes.

Backstage, Lucifer is killing his band members... I'm not sure how he plans to put on a concert at all at this rate. He goes to kill Tommy, but Cas steps in - so Lucifer starts taking his wrath out on him.... and then Crowley.

Lucifer rants while he beats, and tells them that he likes being Vince Vincente because he doesn't have any of that judeo-christian baggage when people meet him. He also kills Tommy, which is pretty sad. I kinda liked Tommy.

Sam and Dean get in the club, but are super slow at making their way to the fire alarm pull thing.... they seem to think it won't work when the music starts up, but then they pull it anyway and of course it DOES work, because clubs are designed tha way (otherwise it'd be a safety hazard), but then Lucifer just magicks the fire alarm off again while beating up Cas and Crowley some more, so that didn't work. Though, I DID get to see Sam and Dean in good lighting with their necks all exposed... so, you know, I'm not going to complain too hard about how long it took them to pull that fire alarm.

Dean finally gives up and fires his gun into the air, and THAT gets the room to clear.

Lucifer tries to magic the doors shut, but Sam uses his massive armspan to hold them open and let people escape under his arms - and that's pretty goddamn awesome and hot.

Cas manages to "hey assbutt" Lucifer into being distracted, which let's Dean get at least one side of he cuffs on him. But Lucifer just burns them off right away, so obviously those are useless. He then disarms Cas.

THEN when Sam calls him out on being a douche even though he made up with his Dad - Lucifer goes into his poor-me sob story about how his Dad apologized for abandoning him, only to abandon him again. And how everything is meaningless - and basically Lucifer is having a really epic existential crisis and taking it out on the world. While he talks, he burns through the vessel like mad, which Dean and Sam point out, so Lucifer bids them farewell and leaves.... leaving a burned out husk of Vince Vincente. (Awww... no more Rick Springfield for us.)

The final scene is Dean tossing the cuffs in the trunk. Dean calls it a win, because Lucifer didn't get to carry out whatever concert-plan he had. Sam argues, saying that it wasn't a win, because Vince is dead and that this Lucifer is worse than the Lucifer who had a plan, because now he's just "having fun" and is unpredictable. Sam argues that they're not winning, they're just "losing slow". But, because this is Supernatural, which is about an optimist and a pessimist hunting evil together, Dean immediately switches from his usual role as pessimist - because he'll only ever be a pessimist if Sam's an optimist. As soon as Sam flips, like he does here, Dean switches too. Dean gives us a motivation speech about how they're going to find Lucifer again and everything will be okay - or some such, it doesn't really matter.

Anyway, and that's the episode! This is really more a recap than a reaction. But honestly, my main reaction this week was "mmm... leather and t-shirts" and "yes...hold those doors open Sam, good job." Because I guess I'm a horribly shallow person.

I guess I'm a little torn about whether I like what they're doing with Lucifer or not - he's a child having a tantrum... at the same time, he's a vicious torturous that drove Sam to insanity before (and I do love how Jared always finds ways to show that Sam is legitemately still terrified of Lucifer)... so, it's a weird juxtaposition - where on the one hand, you feel like Lucifer show come across as more formidable than he does, more menacing... more like he was in S5 when he was THE big bad for S5. Now, I guess because he's having tantrums and doesn't have a nefarious plan, he doesn't really feel like the big bad, but a secondary "problem" that doesn't really even require their full attention (seeing as how they've been fine to leave Cas and Crowley to do the main hunting-down and only call them in once they've found him.) But, only the OTHER hand, someone who is a horrible torturer and all around bad person being an unstable trantrum-throwing CHILD is scary in another way - and basically Sam DOES have a point about that. Sam knows, first hand, what Lucifer does to people to "entertain" himself when he's got nothing better to do... I know a lot of Sam's torture in the cage was revenge, but I'm sure that quickly morphed into "I'm just bored now" torture. So, hard to say!

As usual, let me know what you all though in comments! (And let me know if you have that line for me.)
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