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Quick Reaction: 12x06 Celebrating the Life of Asa Fox

You get an icon of Braeden from Teen Wolf this week, because I don't have any Mary or Jody icons - obviously, this is something that needs to change. If anyone has any links, let me know (do people even make icons for LJ anymore?!)

I'm feeling under the weather today. So I didn't go to my friend's place for dinner/wine/show like usual. Instead I stayed home, skipped dinner (though I should probably not to that, so I'll eat after I type this up) and relied on downloads... which thankfully did not fail me.

So, let's hope that my wit isn't dependant on my alcoholism or my health, because I fear I have neither at the moment.

I've still only watched the episode once, while taking very poor notes....


THEN - is reminding us of Mary, and how Sam and Dean like hunting now, but Mary always tried to get away from it. And then we're reminded that demons exist... and that Dean has feelings.

NOW - it's not now! It's 1980! In CANADA!!!

Emerson, Manitoba, to be exact - and, well, it'd have to be Eastern or Northern Manitoba, if you wanted forests... and even then, those trees are a little too large, but BC can only do so much, and it has a hard time growing anything but temperate rainforests. But Emerson is south, right on the border, in mostly flatland, and the only trees are right along the Red River... and... I suddenly understand what it's like for Americans watching this show "That's not at all what St. Louis looks like!" Hahaha

I will say that later in the show they do manage to get a shot of the Impala driving someplace that looks ALMOST prairie like - so that's nice. Anyway... I'm jumping ahead.

Little boy is running through the woods from a werewolf, gets scratched on the cheek, and is about to be killed when he's saved by Mary! And she's wearing a "Canadian tuxedo" to try to blend in with the locals (ie: all denim") or, it's to show that they are in the 1980s... either way, nice wardrobe choice.

But why was Mary hunting in 1980! Dean was a BABY... like, he'd be 1 year old. Mary answers this for us - she was finishing up business and had been tracking that werewolf for a long time. So, interesting? A failed hunt from her pre-John days?

Then Asa's room is hilariously OTT Canadian - he's got not one, but TWO mountie statues. One of which is a moose... and a picture of a hockey player pinned up on his bulletin board. I'd be offended if I didn't love it so much.

So, Asa, inspired by Mary, becomes a little Canadian hunter, who likes the ladies. Awwww... until he reaches adulthood and DIES HORRIBLY!

And then we return to the present time, in Sioux Falls, and we see Jody!! She has a day off and is going to kick back with some Netflix, when there is a knock on the door, and it's the Winchesters! Yay!

They're smelly and just coming off a hunt in Brookings (?) and they want to hang with Jody and the girls. The girls, though, are off in Omaha seeing Radiohead (JEALOUS!.. of Radiohead, not Omaha).

Then we find out that Dean really just came over to brag about killing Hitler. I loved Jody's "Thank you?" and Dean's sincere "You're welcome." Because honestly, how DO you respond to someone telling you that they killed Hitler?!

They watch a chickflick, which Dean has a problem with, because he didn't think Jody was one of THOSE chicks, he thought she was an asskicking-no-chickflicks-chick... Dean, Dean, women contain multitudes. Sam throws Dean under the bus by bringing up the fact that Dean's an "animated Japanese erotica chick" and has a laugh at him while Jody gets interested. Then the phone rings and Jody goes to get it... and Dean is like "Don't tell her that!" because, seriously, it's not cool to share other people's porn preferences without their permission, Sam. But Sam just digs in - "It's Jody", because he knows Jody is sex positive and cool. And also he likes making fun of Dean, "be proud of your hobbies."

Seriously, I could watch a whole episode of them shooting the shit at Jody's.

But, it's not to be - because the phone call was someone telling Jody that Asa was dead. She's upset about it, because he was a friend - even though Jody only met him "a couple months back", they had met up a few times since then.

Dean's heard of him - because supposedly there's a story where Asa kills 5 wendigos.

Dean and Sam decide to tag along to the wake, because they've never been to hunter gatherings outside of bars, because their Dad told them it wasn't safe or a good idea or words to that affect. And MAN, how I love the continuity of that detail, because when they were kids - and through all the early seasons - and even probably in some respects now - it really WASN'T safe for Sam to be around Hunters... and John KNEW. I just... love that. Though, these days, as we'll see, the Winchesters are passing more into legend (which I also love and will talk about) and I think hunters aren't as quick to think they can take them on, even if they do have a beef with them.

Jody tells them that they better clean up if they're going to spend 5 hours in a car together - and that's when they find out they're going to Canada for the first time ever!! (Outside of that time they were shoved into a parallel universe by Balthazar).

Turns out that Hunter wakes are a lot like bars anyway, so Dean and Sam weren't missing much by never going to one before.

Asa's mother is there and miserable about her son being dead (understandable). I was SUPER suspecious of her though, because she looked WAY too good to be Asa's mother. I was sure there was going to be some reveal that she was a witch or immortal or something of that sort. Turns out, it's just casting choice. (Spoiler alert! Haha... for those of you who stopped watching the show but still read my meandering recaps.)

In the kitchen, Dean finds the beer. It's unlabeled because it's homebrew. Ah, Canada... I know it's becoming increasingly popular in the states too though. Dean introduces himself to the beer guy, and that's when the room goes silent at the name Dean Winchester - and Dean discovers that he's famous - mainly for dying "what like 4 times now?" "Yeah, didn't stick." And then another Hunter is like "wait, is SAM here? And runs off to find him, very much fanboying... which is refreshing, because he could be like "we must kill the antichrist!" which Sam HAS gotten before, more than once.)

We find out that the fanboy is Elvis. The beer dude is Bucky Sims. (Are people really named Bucky in this world? I thought that was just a weird Captain America thing?) and then there's Randy Bull, who makes a bad joke about his own name, so... which, you know, yeah, might as well say it first to get it out of the way when you have a name like that. It's a strategy.

Bucky goads Dean into telling him what stories he's heard about Asa, and as soon as Dean mentions the 5 Wendigos, everyone drinks. Apparently, the drinking game is Wendigo.

And basically, Dean finds out that just like he's heard stories about Asa without ever having met him. Everyone else has heard stories about Dean.

Meanwhile, in the living room, Sam is chatting with two UNFAIRLY ATTRACTIVE people, who are siblings (and might be twins?) They were raised by a witch, but were raised to be hunters and kill bad witches, in a weird twist. Or, the girl was taught to be a hunter, and the boy was taught to seduce men... which, you know, I approve, though I kinda wish he were real and Bi/Pan, not Gay, so that I'd have a chance.

Elvis comes into the room then, linking the two conversations in time, and we find out that his name is Elvis Cats. (Asa Fox, Elvis Cats, Randy Bull... I didn't catch the hot siblings names... let me check the wiki - Alicia and Max Banes... okay, doesn't fit the animal them. Neither does Sims.)

Elvis heard from a friend who heard from Garth that Sam was once possessed by Lucifer - and he straight up asks if it's true. And the siblings are like "Dude, you just don't ask something about something that messed up!" Elvis tries to press that it's interesting or amazing or something. Sam tries to play it cool "It is what it is" but then he totally runs away. The witch hunters are not impressed with Elvis' manners and tell him to go away when he tries to get comfy on the couch with them. And I agree. I'm sure the Banes siblings had heard the stories as well, but had the good graces not to ask about it.

Sam finds Dean snooping around and asks him if he was aware that there were stories about them both. Sam seems surprised - which is surprising to me, because dude, you both started and stopped the apocalypse! TWICE! Do you really think word wouldn't get around?!

This somehow leads them into a conversation about Asa...and Dean talks about how he died on the job, and how there's no better way to go. Sam disagrees - because there's dying peacefully in your sleep - but Dean is adament as usual, that hunting only ends bloody and sad. As usual, Sam is perturbed by this pronouncement. Ah, my favourite pessimist and optimist, united in siblinghood forever.

The party/wake winds down, and most guests leave - so it's just the ones we have names for already. How CONVENIENT.

We find out that the reason that Jody was so attached to Asa was because they were casually sleeping together, at least once, anyway - but possibly whenever he happened to "drop by" after that. Aw, Jody... all your romantic endeavours end in tragedy.

Randy goes off to get more beer for people, and then on his way back gets his throat slit - by ALICIA! And I am CONFUSED!

And then our final guest arrives for the night - and it's Mary, come to pay her respects to Asa.

Sam and Dean pull Mary aside in the hallway, and she gets introduced to Jody, and the fact that she's their mother is revealed. Jody is flabbergasted but thrilled for them, and gives Mary a big hug... and then realizes that the atmosphere of the room is actually quite awkward and excuses herself.

Dean is all like "where have you been?" trying for casual, but being passive agressive... or perhaps just flat out trying for passive agressive, because once he's there, he embraces it. Mary has been traveling and using John's journal to retrace some things and catch up on what she's missed. All her friends are dead, but she remembered Asa and decided to look him up... only to find out he was dead too, so she came up for the wake.

We find out that Mary has been sending texts MAYBE once per week. Dean is upset because she'll only text him occasionally, but she'll drive all the way to Canada for a wake. (I would like to point out that Emerson is LITERALLY ON THE BORDER. Like.. you can stand in Emerson and spit into Minnesota.)

Dean storms off, but Sam prevents Mary from chasing after him.

Meanwhile, Jody catches Dean at the door, before he leaves, and does her usual check-in. She points out that she KNOWS he's not dealing well because he spent 5 hours in the car telling her how he killed Hitler, but didn't once mention that his mother is back from the dead. Then she pulls out the big guns and tells him that she would give anything to have her husband and son back, but that she knows it would scare the hell out of her if it happened, because what if they've changed, or what if Jody has changed. So, she understands Dean's jumbled head/feelings right now. Really, Jody is too awesome in general, so I started fearing for her life tenfold here.

Asa's mother introduces herself to Marry (her name is Lorraine), and then when she realizes who Mary is, blames her for Asa's wasted life and his death, because she was he one that inspired him to hunt. But it's hardly Mary's fault, geez. She knew him for a half hour at most.

Sam checks in with Mary, and reassures her of what I just said - Asa made his own decisions, and he helped people. Mary admits that everywhere she goes, it just feels wrong. Sam is TOTALLY emotionally competant and handles this well, and then tells her that Dean is just having a hard time with her leaving them, because he knows that Mary wanted out of Hunting, and he's scared that because he and Sam are hunters, she's going to walk away from them completely. But then Sam points out that he knows that's not the case, because Mary met Asa in 1980 (and seriously, when did he even read those postcards that quick? Or just the first one?) AFTER she had technically retired... so, he knows that she couldn't stay away from Hunting either. That it was "in our blood."

Which... I'm not sure I like, because isn't a LOT of this show about Free Will and how it's totally a thing and you can decide what you want to do with your life regardless of your manipulated upbringing?!?!  So, I'm wondering if this is going to come back around, or if this is just the one pre-determinded thing that their going to hang on to.

Then Sam and Mary go to check out the body, and they BOTH have what will totally be a PTSD triggering experience of seeing blood drip on Asa's forehead, because Randy is tied to the ceiling beam. Or... well, Sam will have the PTSD. Mary will have a really weird reverse form of it. :P

Sam quickly marches back into the other room and tells everyone that they have to get out of the house, because Randy is dead.

Bucky jumps in with the suspect - a crossroads demon named Jael, that Asa exorcised years before. Apparently exorcisms only last 5 years or so, before the demon gets topside again? I forget if it's Bucky or Sam who says that, so, not sure if we can trust that info.

Everyone is trapped in the house though, and Dean is trapped outside, drinking from his flask, oblivious to the peril happening behind him. Max Banes can do the same cool magic hand trick that Cas can do, where he reveals the warding preventing the door from opening.

Until, that is, Billie arrives and tells him that she just reaped someone in the house.

Inside, we get the history - Jael killed a First Nation's girl in Yellowknife while Asa was forced to watch. We also find out that the water is turned off.

Outside, Dean accusses Billie of killing whoever it was - but Billie reminds him that there are rules, and she only reaps, she doesn't kill.

Meanwhile, it's revealed that Alicia is indeed the possessed one - but Jael quickly bails on that meatsuit and flees upstairs.

Jody quickly organizes people by pairs to search the house for the demon. Sam pairs up with his mum.

Outside, Dean asks Billie for passage inside, since he knows she can go in and out. Billie agrees, but says that he'll owe her one. Sounds sketchy to me, but then, Reapers are lawful neutrals, so it's not as sketchy as a demon deal, so Dean takes it.

I love the glowing door and Dean falling through into the hallway, then rolling to his feet and getting immediately to business. It's a shame it was only Elvis and Lorraine in the hallway, because I feel like if the Hunters wanted stories about Dean Winchester, that would be right up there. Especially since Dean's answer to "how did you-" is "It was a one time deal, won't happen again!"

Elvis won't even live to tell the tail though, because it turns out he's the possessed one, and before the demon leaves, it snaps his neck. The VFX here were a little... too noticable for me, especially on the lingering shot of the body. I think the initial twist and then having the body fall differently would have been better.

Oh, but before Elvis died, he tells us that Hell is a trainwreck, now that both Lucifer and Crowley are missing.

The group reforms and a plan is quickly put in place... involving a devils trap that they can test people with. Max asks Sam about what sort of devil's trap he likes to use, and Sam is like "this is a weird conversation" but I totally saw it as a conversation someone would try to start up with someone they're very very silently fanning over. (Is there a gender neutral form of fanboying/girling?). It's either that or he's trying to show off, but I still think it's in a way that you show off when you're trying to impress, rather than belittle.

Mary breaks off and goes snooping with purpose - to get the angel blade! But it DOES look shady.. so when Mary comes back into the room, I didn't blame Jody for thinking that she might be possessed and telling Sam.

But then Jody is WAY too insistent and gets screechy about it - and so it's discovered that JODY is the one that is possessed, and that is JUST AS HORRIBLE.

Especially since Mary immediately tried to kill her, slicing her arm - though she's stopped by Sam, who is like "goddamn mom, don't kill our friend!" only with his eyes.

Jael is frustrated that they couldn't get Sam and Dean to kill their mum, so s/he pins everyone to the floor.

Then Jael/Jody goes on a big rant. Interestingly, she doesn't know whether the Lucifer thing is true or not - but says that if it's true, it's fascinating that he left a meatsuit alive, since it shows weakness or something? And then Jael just decides to reveal everyone's secrets - the twins are Asa's kids (awww!), Asa's mother was constanly sabatoging his car, weapons stash, in an effort to get him to stay home and not hunt. And finally, Jael gets Bucky to confess that BUCKY KILLED ASA.

The Hunters meanwhile, have been doing a round-robin exorcism, with Mary delivering the final words that send Jael back to Hell and save Jody.

But Bucky has still confessed... so that sucks for him.

We find out that they got into a stupid argument in the woods, when chasing Jael, and Bucky pushed Asa, accidentally tripping him and sending his head into a rock, killing him instantly. Then he hung Asa to disguise the accidental murder as a Jael killing. Sucks to be Bucky.

The Hunters decide his punishment will be that THAT'S the story they'll spread about him in the Hunting community - how he accidentally killed his best friend and then framed a demon for it. I think that's a little harsh, since for me, killing my best friend would be punishment enough... but, I get that what they're really punishing him for is the lie that came after, and the poor treatment of Asa's body. And yeah, I can see that. If you accidentally kill your BFF, folks, just fess up, or you'll lose the respect of your entire community.

The next morning, there's a 3 body funeral pier, and Asa gets to go to heaven with his buddies.

Lorraine apologizes to Mary, and admits that this whole time she thought Hunting prevented Asa from having a family - but he DID have a famiy, a Hunting family! Also, illegitemate children! Lorraine goes off to get to know her grandkids, and no doubt start discouraging THEM from Hunting :P

Jody and Mary talk, and Mary apologizes for trying to kill Jody when she was possessed. Jody shrugs it off with "I've had worse". Then Jody talks "Mom to Mom" and tells Mary that she doesn't know what's going on between them all, but that Sam and Dean are good men, the best she's ever met. Mary says she knows, and that the boys aren't the problem.. Jody leaves that where it lies and walks away. Oh Mary, you get your self-blame from Dean and your running away from Sam.... or well, they get it from you, but my point stands!

Then Billie shows up to call in her favour! And it's Mary! She wants her to be dead again - what dies stays dead, it's a rule. Billie points out that Mary hates being alive, that she's got "dead man's eyes" and Billie knows that everything feels wrong to her. Billie claims she's offering her a mercy.

And I have to wonder about that - because even when Dean was saved in S2, he spent the first few episodes PRETTY F*CKED UP ABOUT IT. And had that whole "what's dead should stay dead" episode where he went balistic on anyone who suggested otherwise... and I believe he also mentioned feeling wrong. So, I wonder if it's something that goes away with time, or if Mary just has it 100% worse because she was actually dead, instead of Dean who was just MOSTLY dead.

Mary asks how it would work? And Sam starts to inwardly and outwardly panic that all his levelheadedness isn't enough to hold them together. Billie says there are rules, and Billie can't kill her - basically implying that Mary would have to off herself or get one of the boys to do it (which, yikes). So, Mary looks at the boys, and then tells Billie that, in that case, she'll just have to wait.

Billie mutters about "Winchesters" - but honestly, what did she expect there? She does say though that if Mary changes her mind, she knows Billie's name... which, I fear must be foreshadowing for either the near future or a distant one (please at least be distant).

Sam then asks if this means that she's coming home. Mary says yes, but not yet. Dean asks if they can at least buy her breakfast, and then promises her all the bacon she wants. And it's cute.

Which means the future will only rip our hearts out.

Oh hey, someone in the youtube comments for the promo for next week pointed out that none of the Hunters had anti-possession tattoos! Amateurs! But that does mean that we never had to fear for Dean getting possessed, since he's the one that we know for sure has one. Still, they should give Jody one of those - and Mary - you'd think they would come free with friendship.

Next week we're back to the B plot (or is it the A plot? No wait, it's the B plot, and Mary is the C plot.)

As per usual, let me know what you thought in comments. I really liked this one though, so if you hated it, don't rain on my parade. And if you HAVE to, don't forget the rule of balancing out negative comments with positive ones!
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  • Supernatural Timeline: Master Post

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