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Slightly different format today! My usual SPN friends are off watching a play, so I'm not drinking wine at their place like usual. BUT, I'm also house-sitting, which means that I have access to a TV! So, I'm going to take my notes live while I watch, so you can see the process! Fun!

The process will show you why I'll inevitably remember things slightly wrong and the quotes won't be exact. ;)

Okay, so the way it's going to look - just as an experiment, is that I'm going to leave my notes bolded, and write the episode up around them when I can. Now, of course, they'll be SLIGHTLY different, because usually I hand-write notes. But for the most part that just means that I was able to write more complete sentences than usual... whereas usually my notes are just nouns and verbs.

Also, I'll be timelining - only, it's my other computer that has my timeline document, so in a very rare event, I'm going to be writing up my timeline entry at the bottom of the post too. So that tomorrow when I'm back on my other computer, I can copy it into the document. So, you'll get to see that process as well (sort of).

Let's do this thing... entry lyric is Leonard Cohen, because that's who I've been listening to before the show, for sad reasons.

THEN - Mary! AARON! The Thule!


Columbus Ohio

We begin the episode with a lady going into an antique store. She's buying a 1931 pocket watch.  The Antique dealer trys to haggle, because apparently she's been too transparent with how bad she wants the thing. Oh man, now he spontaneously combusts - oh man, so does she! I was sure she was Thule at first, but then I realized she was just a neo-nazi, because she talked about "the community" in a way that totally means "white supremists" Ugh. So gross. I'm glad she is dead.

To Sam and Dean!

Day 1

Sam comes in with food and asks Dean if he wants scrambled or fried. Is this Breakfast? Does Sam go shopping before breakfast? He has also bought, and offers, Pie! It's hard to say when this meal takes place, because Sam would totally offer Dean pie for breakfast if he thought Dean needed cheering up.

Sam tries to talk to Dean about Dean's mother issues. But Dean insists that he's fine. Dean has found a case. The case of the spontaneously combusting people in Columbus Ohio.

Sam accuses Dean of...Sublimation? I don't know what that is... but I guess it's what Dean does! I didn't know that had a name, but Dean totally just owns up to it. So it must mean ignoring your problems in favour of distraction? Or, uh, work? I'mma look it up - "divert or modify (an instinctual impulse) into a culturally higher or socially more acceptable activity." - Interesting! So, it's more about... like, instead of crying, getting angry, or instead of saying "you're making me uncomfortable" giving a false laugh and then making an excuse to leave the room.

Day 2? Most likely not. - 13 hours! Totally Day 2.

The crime scene is no longer active, so they break into a place in broad daylight.

They go to check it out - and while Sam does his thing with the computer, Dean walks up the stairs and starts accidentally breaking stuff. Dean and boat. Ha! This was a great bit of physical comedy by Jensen. I don't even know how you drop something that many times when you have thumbs - but I don't care. I laughed. I also love how he drops it too more times after Sam reminds him that they shouldn't be touching potentially cursed things.

Dean then finds a secret door! While Sam finds the info on the 1931 pocket watch, Dean opens the door to find a secret nazi room! And man, that's so terrifying. They've walked into spider-filled basements that are less scary than that room.

Sam finally comes to see what Dean found and knows pretty quicly that it's the Thule they're dealing with. Dean says he hates nazis. I hate Nazi's too Dean.

Second vistim time! We are introduced to a kissing couple. The couple is a Tindr date consisting of an awkward girl and a beardy dude. Awkward girl goes to the bathroom to try to talk herself into being less awkward. Meanwhile, beardy dude is burned by the Thule?! WHY?!

"DAS MÄDCHEN!" - Ha! Sorry, I just... love TV-German. (He says "The GIRL!" for anyone who doesn't know German. Also, fun German language fact. "Das Madchen" is neuter, rather than feminine, because anything ending in the diminutive "chen" is neuter. Mädchen are the words "die Madel" (the maiden) and '-chen' (diminutive ending indicating something small) put together, and the ending of the word determines the gender. Fun! )

The girl escapes out the window, but she cut herself on the sill. Then we find out that they need her alive. THE PLOT THICKENS!

Sam and Dean call Aaron! Aaron's halfway through killing people in the ledger. He's in Germany, as is implied by the club's name being German. Man, he's kinda like... what were those Isreal special agents called? The ones that killed Nazi's? Damn, anyway, he's cool. Aaron tells us that the Thule are closing ranks and he's been having a harder time tracking them, because they're getting ready for somethng they call Das Blut. Which means "The Blood."

Day 3 (most likely 2) - nope, Day 3.

Sam and Dean investigate the murder of beardy dude. The police have the girl in custody - or do they!!? She's being kidnapped! by the Thule most likely.

Sam and Dean come out of the building just in time to see her suspiciously shouting and struggling as she's driven away. Dean announces that "we've got to follow that car" and then informs us that he's always wanted to say that.

The car goes to a parking garage. Were the driver gets out, we see it's a young guy... and he calls his Father because the getaway car is locked. Turns out, the key was in the rear wheel well and the kid was just supposed to know that somehow. He's not amused. But he's even less amused when he hears a gun click and realizes that the Winchesters have found him.

They disarm him and move him to another location, along with the girl - and they tie him up to interrogate him. The girl, meanwhile, has gotten the not cops speech. But she doesn't believe in Nazi Zombies.Even though Sam corrects her that they're actually Nazi Necromancers.

Thule Kiddo perfers to die than talk, but then quickly changes his tune when it looks like Dean is happy to oblige.

He then starts telling them everything, and I start worrying - Why is he tallking? Is he stalling?


We see Hitler and his men in the underground bunker, with Hitler about to kill himself as Berlin falls. Which is, of course, what he actually did.

Hitler killed himself outside, I thought? Maybe I'm misremembering. Ah, apparently...that bit of historical accuracy doesn't matter, because he's a pocket watch.

The kid explains that the pocket watch is like a horcrux. It holds his soul until such a time as they can resurrect him. And Aww... Dean didn't read or watch Harry Potter, because he has no idea what horcrux is. Dean YOU ARE MISSING OUT!

We find out that kiddo was born in Buffalo in '94 - So, does this mean he's NOT a Thule? Is he a reluctant would-be Thule?

The kiddo finishes his story, and... and there you have it. Girl is related to Hitler. She is appalled and in denial, but they do exist - people related to Hitler or other famous nazis. They're a fascinating group of people. I just watched a documentary about some of them the other year, though now I can't remember what it was called. Anyway, I've also read books... it's what you do when you study history. It's really fascinating the psychological legwork they have to do to reconcil who they are with where they came from - and what having that legacy means for them. Naturally, SPN isn't going to get into any of that and I don't expect them to, and I shouldn't be talking about it so much - except that it's an area of interet for me - what happens after a war like that.

Anyway, the girl deny it, but kiddo informs her that she's adopted. Then he tells her that the Thule have been keeping tabs since birth, and he knows all these facts about her - including the fact that her way of dealing with adversity is to run away. She takes offense at that and... runs away.

Sam goes and talks to the girl - Does she have a name? Elly? Ellie?

The girl has texted her mother to ask about the whole adoption thing, and her mother has texted back saying "call me" which pretty much confirms it. Aww, secret adopted status. Worst way to find out? Possibly?

She's freaking out about being related to Hitler. But your genetics don't make you who you are personality-wise, it's okay Ellie. Thats all nurture. Also, you're like, great great niece at this point AT LEAST, even if you did believe in some sort of weird transfer-of-traits-through-blood (which would be a pretty eugenics/nazi thing to believe) you're like SO WATERED DOWN BY NOW.

Thule are creepy - I forget what this - OH! He's like SMELLING HER BLOOD in the car while he tracks her... so GROSS.

Haha, resurrect Hitler vs. Lucifer. Don't believe.
-So, Sam is like "I can relate" and Elly is like "DOUBTFUL! They want to turn me into Hitler!" and Sam is like "Dude, they wanted to turn me into LUCIFER" and then Elly laughs at him and doesn't believe him, which, is hurtful, I think... but I'll cut her a break, because she's clearly having a rough day.

Dean comes in to try to get Elly to cooperate. He knows the Thule are coming for her, and he wants to use her as bait.

Ellie doesn't like this plan, but before they can really hash it out. The Thule decend on the abandoned office building that they're hiding out it.

- It's a good fight scene.

Sam and Dean don't fair that well against the Thule - and why didn't the Thule try to spontaneously combust them? Because they're the Winchester's, I guess. Or maybe they're spontaneous combuster was busy elsewhere. Sam and Dean haven't really managed to get the upperhand, when the Thule run off, because Ellly hasn't stayed where Sam and Dean told her too. She's run off again. and the gets abducted! Moron. Though, I'll cut her some slack, because I guess she didn't know how that fight was going to go and thoguht she could use a headstart... I may have done the same. There was logic behind it if you didn't take into account there would be more Thule waiting outside.

Sam and Dean changed into civilian clothes. Did they just do that at the side of the road? I think they did that last episode too. Oh boys.

Sam can't get in touch with Elly over the phone, because she's abducted! Sam!

Then we cut to see the Thule in the car with Elly, Kiddo, and the bossman - who is kiddos dad. Kiddos dad is PISSED. Oh, dude is in TROUBLE. Awww.... Boss-Thule gives a speech, first denigrading "millenials" and then saying that the divided nature of today's society needs a firm hand and is an excellent time for the return of HItler and Ugh, this episode is too apropros.

Sam and Dean are trying to track Elly via traffic cams. They're set up at a local diner.

Back to the Thule. Boss Thule tells Fritz to make sure that his son gets his rest... Kiddo's getting killed probably. Yup. Fritz takes Kiddo to the river and raises the gun, but just then his radio crackles with the Impala notice outside the diner, and he's distracted enough that Kiddo disarms him and shoots him in the head. Good job dude!

Back to Sam and Dean.

I love that shirt of Sam's.

They are still at the diner, when Thule Kiddo! suddenly appears! He's only haphazardly washed the blood off, and he tells them that he'll help them in return for protection until the job is done. The Winchesters are skeptical, but kiddo tells them about how his dad is a douche and he's not on board with the whole love affair with Hitler, but he had wanted his father to be proud of him, which was why he was helping before, but that's changed because "he asked a guy named Fritz to kill me." And Dean conceded that such an event MIGHT change someone's mind about obeying their father.

Returning to the Thule. we learn that Kiddo's name is Kristof. I wasn't that far off with Kiddo. Also, they are listenig to Wagner. Oh man, like, are they TRYING to be sterotypes? The answer, of course, is yes.

Drugged Ellie - ellie is drugged on a gurney and no longer capable of fighting back it seems.

Sam and Dean arrive some meters away, and Sam handcuffs Kristoff to the steering wheel to make him stay put. This is around the time I start figuring that by the end of the episode, Kiddo's probably going to die.

They get their guns out of the back, and Dean picks up the Grenade launcher. Sam tells him no, and Dean is sad. And I love this exchange so much, because Sam's response to Dean's pout is: "We'll get a chance. It's okay." Like. it's such a reassure-a-kid sentence... also, it just by TONE it fills in a bunch of back-canon that this isn't the first time they've discussed having a chance to use the grenade launcher. I know that's 100% Jensen too, wanting to use it... but because Jensen gets to make choices for Dean, it means it's now 100% Dean, and I love it. And I think what I love about it even more is that Jensen's desire to use it and Dean's desire to use it are expressed completely differently in body-language and his face. Anyway, I'll stop going on about this, I just thought it was great.

Ellie is getting a blood transfusion.... or, more likely, she's getting her blood drained and put into Kiddo's father. Ewwww... gross.

GROSS! - I forget what this is referring to - the blood transfusion? The boss Thule's misogyny? The boss Thule's desire to have Hitler inside him? Or maybe it's the way the pocket watch sunk into him in a swastika pattern? Who knows. Whatever happened at this point, I thought it was super gross.

Then, Hitler is kind of... hilarious - because instead of the usual somber take on him, we get kind of a manic bubbly take. Where he's jumping around and being joyful, even while still being a horrible person. I do like this take on Hitler. It's different and therefore refreshing. Also, German! I really do like the German language. My German is so rusty, but they're speaking Hochdeutsch here, and fairly clearly, so I could understand most of it without the subtitles. I don't know how good the accents were, because I'm Canadian, so it's hard for me to tell the difference between people who can speak German, speaking very clearly, and people who usually speak English speaking German very clearly.

Sam and Dean get caught and are brought in to meet Hitler.

And while everyone is distracted by that encounter. Ellie starts the gun fight! By getting out of bed, even though she's been drained of blood, and picking up one of the guns and shooting some dude in the head. This gives Sam and Dean the opportunity to kick some ass. And Dean gets to shoot Hitler in the head, WITH a punchline of "Heil this" hahaah

Sam dutifully points out, "You killed Hitler." And Dean is so happy, it's adorable.

So, good episode, though I thought Aaron would be in this more. And I'm kinda sad he's not.

Day 4 (or 3) - it's Day 4.

Dean keeps repeating "I killed Hitler" - and thinks he should get free drinks now, and t-shirts made. Sam points out that no one is ever going to believe him, but Dean says that Sam knows, and that's good enough for him.

They release Kiddo from the car. He lived! Only Kiddo is now a traitor to the Thule. Dean cuts him loose and advised him to go back to Buffalo, because no one goes to Buffalo.

Sam and Dean drop Ellie back at her place. How did Ellie get her blood back? She lost SO MUCH BLOOD. Did they just.. give her lots of orange juice and cookies? Iron pills?

Sam walks Ellie to the front of the building and Ellie claims it was her third worst day. And then states that she should probaby call her mother to talk about the adoption thing, because you can only run for so long. And man, that's gotta mean something right? Because she's saying this to Sam, and Sam is like "...yes, right." and earlier Sam was talking to Dean about sublimination as though it was DEAN'S problem, but now I'm starting to think that it's Sam. I think it was... last week? That someone was mentioning how Sam was being EXTREMELY REASONABLE. Man, maybe that's what his socially-acceptable expression of emotion is. He's like... becoming more and more reasonable with how upset he is?

Sam goes back to the car, and I think that maybe they're going to have a brother chat - but nope, Dean mentions a pie place out of town, and Sam's like "oh, NOW you want pie." and Dean's all like, "I killed Hitler - I deserve pie!"

And the episode ends there, and I'm unsure if the ending was supposed to make me feel happy, because Dean is thrilled and eating pie again. Or if I'm supposed to be concerned, because all might not be well in the state of Sam?!

However, my notes say that what I was feeling was that it was: Cute.

Promo:[Spoiler (click to open)]Jody! Billie!

Okay, for TImeline purposes.
Unknown 2016 - It's the One You've Been Waiting For, when Sam and Dean investigate a case of spontaneous combustion, only for it to lead them to the Thule, and an opportunity to do something that everyone, at one pont or another, has thought of doing. The boys spend 3 days in this episode, and drive from the Bunker to Columbus, OH.

Alright, I'll copy that over tomorrow, when I'm back on my big computer.

As usual, let me know what you thought in comments!


( 18 comments — Leave a comment )
Elaine McCourt
Nov. 11th, 2016 08:09 am (UTC)
I was slightly disappointed by this episode. The boys were great as ever, but I thought it was a shame there wasn't more Aaron. It was just... fine, I guess, as a stand alone episode. But next week should be good, going by the promo and description!
Nov. 11th, 2016 08:16 am (UTC)
Ah, well, that's too bad! I hope you like next week too! I think that'll be the last one before Thanksgiving and the second to last before the Winter break? Unless I'm mistaken.

Anyway, hopefully it'll be a good one!
Nov. 11th, 2016 08:22 am (UTC)
In a way, I'm glad that they didn't have Aaron in the episode more; He was there just enough to remind people that the Thule are his fight, but not so much, that it gave the ressurection of Hitler more heft, more meaning than it deserved. Because in the end, most Thule with some degree of common sense would know that they don't need Hitler himself for their cause. Just someone like him.

If Aaron had been there alongside the Winchesters, it would have felt like they wanted to treat the threat of Hitler as bigger than it actually ended up being.
Nov. 11th, 2016 07:30 pm (UTC)
Very good points. It would have completely changed the tone of the final fight to have Aaron in the ring. And I am actually glad that he wasn't - I liked the tone as it was. It's fun to have a more... lighthearted "kill Hitler" scene.
Nov. 11th, 2016 07:35 pm (UTC)
There's also one other thing.
If Aaron had been there, and Dean still got the 'I killed Hitler' scene, it would have felt like theft.

You can't have a Jewish character, or hell the Golem there, and not give them the opportunity to be the one to kill Hitler.

It'd be like having some random hunter kill Azazel while the Winchesters are right there.

It's a matter of story logic, deaths like these should go to the person for whom they are most meaningful. When you don't do that, then it has to be for the exact point of the drama that the character most deserving the kill lost their opportunity. And both of those cases would have resulted in the episode not being nearly as lighthearted as it ended up being.

Edited at 2016-11-11 07:40 pm (UTC)
Nov. 11th, 2016 07:56 pm (UTC)
Yes, I agree. I was going to mention that in my comment - but then decided not to for some reason. But Aaron would have HAD to have the killing shot - and that's what I was getting at with the changing-the-tone thing. We would have lost the comedy in Dean doing it. Aaron could have still had some comedy about his reaction to the deed, for sure, but overall, there would have been a much different mood if you had placed Aaron in front of Hitler and then given him a gun.

Nov. 11th, 2016 11:01 pm (UTC)
Also, the Winchester would have basically been bystanders on their own show. Kind of like that ep we all like to forget, you know the spin off that thankfully never was. (or s9, which was just as bad in any ep that featured the angel war)

If Aaron had had a larger role, the episode would have had to be his story, with the Winchesters in a supporting role. And since the ep already had to include both Elly and Kristoph, they'd basically be lost to just standing around and being Aaron's back up, or comedy relief.
Nov. 11th, 2016 08:20 am (UTC)
I kinda like that in the end, Hitler himself wasn't really that big a threat. I mean, even originally he was just a man, who got lucky and hit the zeitgeist to get people to listen to him. (kind of like Trump *grumble*)
imo it actually makes him scarier that there was nothing really particularly special about him. Because it's what makes it clear that it doesn't take that much to bring up a repeat.

I loved that the episode was more about saving Elly, and in the end even Kristoph, that the next generation doesn't have to be cursed by association and can get a chance to live their own life. Hopefully as far away from the past as possible.
Nov. 11th, 2016 08:27 am (UTC)
Very good point! I completely missed talking about how Kristoph and Elly's storylines were parallels - both being descendants of "evil" but having their choices be different, and having their inheritance not define them as people.

And yeah, that's really one of the frightening things about Hitler, he really was an ordinary dude, who liked dogs, and had a lot of anger. A regular angry dude who was just "lucky" enough to amass a following that gave him power.

Nov. 11th, 2016 09:37 am (UTC)
And the thing is, I don't think that Kristoph's father wanted him permanently dead. He probably would have had him resurrected sooner or later, with more of a hold on his loyalty. By refusing his 'death', Kristoph refused his father's legacy to define him.
Nov. 11th, 2016 07:31 pm (UTC)
Very true. You are all smarts when it comes to this episode. :)

If he were resurrected because of necromancy, he would inevitably feel that he must be loyal to the necromancers - and that would keep him around long enough to indoctrinate him completely.
Nov. 11th, 2016 01:44 pm (UTC)
For such a grim subject, there was a lot of humor in this episode.

Ouch, the bad guys comment that because of all the chaos in the world this is the perfect time to bring Hitler back hit a little too close to home...

I thought it was pretty cool that Ellie saved the boys by getting the gun and shooting one of the bad guys! Although, how many times this season does that make someone else saving the boys' bacon? Are they losing their edge???

Speaking of Ellie, why do they reuse certain names? Ellie was the girl that had made the crossroads deal back when Sam started doing the trials...just like Amelia was Jimmy Novak's wife and Sam's girlfriend...Weems was one of the imaginary companions in the Sully episode and the name Andy's evil twin as using (back in season 2 when we were meeting the special kids.) With all the names available...

It was very cool to see Aaron...but it would have been even better if he'd been able to work with the boys! I wonder why they decided to not have him partner with them? Did the writer think it would have made it too easy to have the golem there to help defeat the Thule? Also, Aaron said there was going to be a gathering of all the Thule top men going after 'Das Blut', which I assume meant the group Sam and Dean took out. So why were there so many for Aaron to go after in Germany? I'd think he'd want to go after the bigwigs himself...

Why do I have the feeling that the whole episode was worked around giving Dean the line "I killed Hitler!"? Wonder if he'll refernce that in future episodes?
Nov. 11th, 2016 07:44 pm (UTC)
I think it's not so much that they're losing their edge, as the writers are trying to consciously give the victims, and the female victims in particular, more agency in their own rescues. A lot of time, it's not that they need the person to completely save their bacon, they just need them to give a distraction so that they can save their own bacon. I don't think it has to necessarily be a sign of weakness - more of a sign that no man is an island.

I'm wondering if they just don't check names? Like, there are names that are always our go to when we're trying to arbitrarily come up with a name - Frank is one of mine. And I think what's happened is that as writers come and go, they think up names and ask the writer's room "what about Ellie?" and the writer's room says "Yup, sounds good." because they don't personally remember using the name much before... because the writer that did isn't there. And they don't necessarily have a list of names that have been used already (or it doesn't appear they do.)

Or, it could be they use the same method as they do when casting local Vancouver actors. Has it been a while since we've seen a character with that name? Do they look different and/or can we make them appear to look different?

There's also the fact that you're going to get repeat names in real life too. There are two Stef(ph)s at the office. There are two Jasons... and this is an office of 20 people. I kinda don't mind that they reuse names on the show, because how many Sarah's have you met in the past 11 years?

Lilliath above makes a good point about why Aaron wasn't in more of the episode. Mainly, I think it would have completely changed the tone... even if the Golem wasn't with him. Killing Hitler would have had to go to him, really.. and, maybe they could have still played it for comedy, but I still kinda like Dean's reaction and I'm glad we got it.

As for your question as why Aaron was in Germany - the Thule Sam and Dean killed were at an airport, waiting for a plane to be ready. There was still a huge gathering of big-wig Thule in Berlin that Aaron was stalking because they were WAITING. If Sam and Dean hadn't killed Hitler in America, then Aaron would have gotten him when he landed in Germany. And, as it is, Aaron now gets to kill all the Thule gathering in Berlin who are about to be super disappointed.
Nov. 11th, 2016 02:00 pm (UTC)
I was also disappointed that there wasn't more of Aaron in the ep and that he wasn't actually with the boys working on the case. *sigh*

Even though I had a few issues with the ep (mentioned in my review) I did enjoy it and I liked the humor they put in.

But now that I'm thinking about them letting kid Thule go...gotta wonder if Mr. Ketch actually killed him instead since he's working clean-up.
Nov. 11th, 2016 07:48 pm (UTC)
Lilliath above made a good point about Aaron not being on the case, and after thinking about it, I'm not as disappointed as I was. I mean, it would have been cool, but I also kinda like the way they set Aaron up to look competent and busy elsewhere.

Oh man, I'd forgotten about Mr. Ketch playing clean-up... now Kiddo is probably dead and I'm sad. I liked him, to a degree that you can like someone who is obviously amoral.

I am looking forward to whenever the heck Sam and Dean kill Ketch and get rid of the UKMoL.
Nov. 11th, 2016 11:02 pm (UTC)
I'm just hoping Mr Ketch won't go after either Elly or Kristoph. Neither of them would deserve it.
Nov. 18th, 2016 06:31 am (UTC)
I did not like this episode. But I LOVED seeing the behind-the-scenes of your commentary! And actually, as usual, your thoughts are making me more charitable/reminding me of the parts that I enjoyed. :)

Dean's surreptitious double-takes at that pie were pretty great. I feel like Pie has become such a heavy-handed Symbol in seasons 9-12 that it doesn't really hit me like it used to anymore, BUT Jensen keeps finding ways to keep it fresh.

I don't know if anyone else watched the Lizzie Bennet diaries on youtube...great adaptation of Pride and Prejudice...but I recognized Ellie as Mr. Darcy's sister from that series. :) I didn't dislike her in this. But...perfect headshot while drugged and drained of blood, from someone that we don't have any reason to believe has weapons training? :/ I understand the need to give her agency, but I wish we could find a more complex way to give our female characters agency. To be fair, this episode did not seem very concerned with complexity on any front.

I don't know WHAT I think about millennial Nazi-son. I didn't dislike him either. But this whole thing...I don't know...maybe I just still have PTSD from this election cycle, but it feels like a very conscious decision to air a humorous Hitler episode post-election, and I think they were probably anticipating a different political outcome than the one we ended up with, and I just... It's only funny when people aren't actually painting swastikas in your neighborhood, you know? And we're getting a little too close to that over here, at the present... :(

Okay, other things I liked...because I know that's how it goes around here. ;) Loved Dean and the grenade launcher, and Sam being a responsible parent - including Jared's tone and Jensen's face. I also really liked your take on the ending! I was surprised at the lack of brother-moments, and the pause when Sam first got back into the car was so long that I started to wonder, Is Dean about to make some inappropriate comment about Sam and Ellie? (Clearly I have been rewatching early seasons.) But we went a different direction, and it felt kind of random - UNTIL I consider that maybe you're right and it is, in fact, SAM who is sublimating. We'll have to see where they take us next week (er, tonight, I guess...I'm always behind), but I do like that reading.
Nov. 18th, 2016 07:12 am (UTC)
But I LOVED seeing the behind-the-scenes of your commentary!

Awww thanks! I could have done it this week too, but then decided not to. Mainly because a lot of my notes this week were just one word, so not as fun. "Intro. Hug! Awkwardness." - like, that's me summing up an entire scene. :P

I feel like Pie has become such a heavy-handed Symbol in seasons 9-12 that it doesn't really hit me like it used to anymore, BUT Jensen keeps finding ways to keep it fresh.

Agreed on all fronts.

But...perfect headshot while drugged and drained of blood, from someone that we don't have any reason to believe has weapons training? :/ I understand the need to give her agency, but I wish we could find a more complex way to give our female characters agency.

Yeah, I agree. Also, they really just needed a distraction - she could have gone for the gun and fired into the air, and distracted the guards long enough that way to have Sam and Dean get the upperhand. The headshot was definitely OTT.

maybe I just still have PTSD from this election cycle, but it feels like a very conscious decision to air a humorous Hitler episode post-election, and I think they were probably anticipating a different political outcome than the one we ended up with, and I just... It's only funny when people aren't actually painting swastikas in your neighborhood, you know? And we're getting a little too close to that over here, at the present...

I totally understand that. Maybe you could focus on the fact that the goal was still to kill him and to defeat his ideologies.

I think I LIKED the humourous Hitler for the same reasons you hated him though... I think in the depictions we usually get, something gets lost about the actual history. Hitler becomes this evil mustache villain, who seems too evil to exist. In reality, Hitler was a joke when he ran for gov't. People DID laugh at him. And even more than that, he was human - he was also a human. He DID exist and his like CAN exist again. And I love that they made him erratic, because the danger of him WAS that erratic-ness... let's have a laugh, now let's feed these people to the dogs, I love dogs, dogs are great. WHERE'S MY PLANE! I mean, yes, it's totally triggering PTSD from this election cycle, and worry for the future, but I don't necessarily see it as making LIGHT of it, I see it as saying "Yeah, you can laugh at this person, but that doesn't mean they aren't dangerous."

And I also liked the fact that when it came down to it, Hitler was only a threat because he had SUPPORT from the Thule. As soon as Sam and Dean eliminated the Thule bodyguard, Hitler was a pathetic mess on the floor... and, to me, that's basically showing us that we not only have to be wary of erratic leaders, but we also have to be wary of who they surround themselves with.

Now, I'm probably just making your PTSD worse, so I'll stop.

I do hope, that wherever you are, there is community support for those affected by hate crimes. It's starting to bleed over into Canada too. :(

But we went a different direction, and it felt kind of random - UNTIL I consider that maybe you're right and it is, in fact, SAM who is sublimating. We'll have to see where they take us next week (er, tonight, I guess...I'm always behind), but I do like that reading.

Me too! So far I really can't tell if they're writing Sam as overly reasonable sincerely or if it's a front for something... and I don't know what would be better. On the one hand, having a whole season where a Winchester is emotionally healthy would be a first and an interesting writing experiment, on the other hand, the Sam!girl in me worries that it's a case that their once again forgetting that Sam has feeling, because they're too busy writing solely for Dean.

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