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Quick Reaction: 12x01 Keep Calm and Carry On

We're BACK! YAY!

I have had four glasses of wine, there's a rainstorm outside and winter (ie: 6 months of perpetual darkness and gloom) is fast upon us... which means that it's Supernatural time!!

Usual disclaimer: I've been drinking. I took rough notes, but really only to remember scene order and timeline info - I'm going to inevitably get things a little bit wrong, none of my quotes are meant to be exact... please don't correct me unless I specifically ask you to or I've gotten a crucial character/plot point wrong, otherwise we'll be here all day.

Let's talk about this fine beginning to the Andrew Dabb era of SPN...

It's a short THEN segment with minimal talking, which I rather like. You don't really need that much backstory, when all is said and done.

And then we launch right into where we left off - with Dean finding Mary in the park. I love the repeat of the hand slowly reaching out here... we see it first by Dean... which Mary then uses to her advantage to subdue him and demand answers. She claims he can't be her Dean, because her Dean is 4 years old... he tells her that he was when she died... and then goes on to lay a WHOLE BUNCH of timeline facts on me! My goodness. Also, we find out that Mary's middle name is Sandra, making her (so far) the only Winchester with a confirmed middle name. (Sam and Dean don't seem to have any, if their police records are anything to go off of, but personally I like the idea of Samuel John Winchester and Dean Marion Winchester, but I'm weird like that.)

Anyway, as I frantically write down timeline facts, Mary realizes that Dean has to be telling the truth, and she's been gone 33 years (*cough*35*cough*). And if we do THAT math, using the numbers the show gives us, it makes Mary now younger than both Sam AND Dean (being 33 and 37, respectively.... or 35 and 39.) So, Mary is actually now the youngest living member of the Winchester family, even though she's their mother. So, that's a headtrip. Of course, Samantha Smith doesn't really LOOK 29, though that's arguable, I suppose. She looks fantastic, no matter what age she is.

Then Mary reaches for Dean in a mirror shot, and we get a hug, though now it's Dean turn to be like a little blown away by it all.

Cut to truck guy, who sees something fall from the sky - that something is CAS! And we finally get to see what it's like on the other side of an angel banishing... he landed only 3 hours away, which isn't that bad. But then he just STEAL THE TRUCK! And he leaves the poor dude lying in the road IN THE DARK. That's not buddies, Cas.

Back to Dean and Mary - the sun is rising and Mary is finding out how John died for Dean. It's sad times, because man, in her mind, she just died... so, now John has JUST DIED. It's like going to sleep one night and waking up to find your husband is dead and your kids are adults... and in your most hated career path too. Anyway - Mary doesn't remember Dean's time-travel times (not even the first one, so that answers that question) and she doesn't remember being a ghost - and she's a little blown away by the fact that God's Sister brought her back.

Then Dean calls her "Mom" and all I have written in my notes is "Awwww" so, that's how I felt about that.

Back to the UKMoL who recruit a veternarian to extract the bullet from Sam's leg and sedate him. Sam was shot with a 38 calibre bullet, btw - I have a habit of writing down all numbers I hear, even though they don't correspond to timeline stuff.

Meanwhile, Crowley is following some demons around - one of which ones possessed a 14 year old, but couldn't take the 14 year-old girl problems. I kinda of like him, which means he'll eventually die, of course.

UKMoL make a phone call... oh! She's on the phone to her daughter/kid, I remember. Sam's tied up in a celler... a rather nice celler, which I had a celler like that.

It's interrogation time! Sam is not impressed... also UKMoL is coming at this ENTIRELY assbackwards... like, way to make the exact WORST first impression. We find out that the UKMoL has been watching Sam and Dean Winchester for years, ever since the S4/S5. Sam asks them why they didn't help, and UKMoL DOES actually sound like she wanted to, but the brass wouldn't let her because they're as handsoff as possible.

"took his shoes!" - that's what my notes say... for some reason, you can tie Sammy to a chair, and I'll shrug, but I get offended when you leave his poor footsies bare.

Then Sam has that excellent line of "I was tortured by the devil himself...[...]...what can you do to me?" Hahah, WEEP UKMoL. I also liked his line earlier about wanting to know how far he'd have to walk into town after he killed them. Sam's a badass.

Their first torture technique is to torture him with coldness. :( Poor cold barefoot Sammy.

Back to Dean and Mary... Dean takes Mary back to the Bunker, and we find out that in Hunter society back in the 60s/70s, the Men of Letters were thought to be a myth. Also, Mary has new clothes! I guess they stopped at a thrift store.

Mary and Dean spot the blood, and Dean spots the angel-banishing sigil... and he goes searching the rest of the bunker after handing Mary a gun. (I do love that Dean knows Mary can handle herself and he doesn't coddle her at all...or much, anyway, she's still his mum.)

Then Cas shows up! And we get a Dean-Cas hug! Awww... then Cas gets to meet Mary, which is only slightly awkward, as Cas meeting anyone is... but I also like how Mary watches them hug and everything and is clearly assessing who Cas is to Dean (and I don't mean that in romantic way necessarily, I just mean in general, considering all possibilities.)

We find out that Sam was abducted at 2:12am.

And Mary sees a modern computer, and we find out that Cas doesn't trust them. But Dean uses it to track the car with Sam as it leave town, so that the can follow it.

Then Mary sees the Impala, and I LOVE this moment. Previously, we've seen Mary's first reaction to the car - ("I hate it".. though that might have been a deleted scene)... and now we get to see that she grew to love it just as much as the rest of them. And I love when she's looking at the inside and CLEARLY remembering sexy times, and Dean is realizes. HAHAHA... my friend at that point was like: "you were conceived in this car..." - but he TOTALLY WAS, no joke. He had to have been. I bet they both were.

Poor Sam is very cold, but not breaking. UKMoL goes on about how Sam's bad at his job, and she explains how they do it in the UK - how they have the whole of Great Britain warded so that the minute a supernatural creature sets foot on the soil, they know, and within a few hours they've sent a team to kill it. But DUDE, that's just straight up murdering without assessment... like, execution without trial or jury... Sam and Dean both ran into situations early on where that clearly wasn't the way to hunt... and also what about angels? Do the wards work on them too? Do they kill them? Do they have angel blades? I doubt it. In anycase, bad news bears.

Then I had to laugh, because she explains her plan that she wants to "teach" the hunters of America the same system so that they aren't as chaotic and stop accidentally breaking the world... but she asks Sam for names and deaddrops and "the organizational hierarchy"!! ORGANIZATIONAL HIERARCHY?!?! Do they not do any research in all their watching of Sam and Dean?!!? It's the mythological wild west in the US when it comes to the supernatural and hunters - there IS no hierarchy, just a loose network that bends and changes with shifting loyalties, life-debts, and special interests. You'd have better luck finding the organizational hierarchy in a ladybug infestation.

So, obviously that doesn't work, because Sam is like "you want to help? How do I know you're not going to torture whoever I name and tie them to a chair LIKE YOU DID TO ME?!" I mean GEEZ, lady. So, her torture assistent moves onto fire torture - on his POOR BARE FOOTSIES! Noooooooo.....

Back to the demons, who keep hoping they'll run into Lucifer and then just finding bodies in his wake. Which formerly-14-year-old-girl demon thinks is "so gross!" (I agree). Then Crowley reveals that he IS indeed following them, and tells them that the reason Lucifer isn't there is because he's weak and has to keep jumping vessels to hide said weakness. Then he kills them for being annoying.... so much for comical demon guy.

Cas interrogates the driver quite roughly. Oh! I forgot to mention before, but I REALLY love the fact that Cas is SUPER DRIVEN in finding Sam... like, he went back to the Bunker ASAP, he was all set to interrogate Mary when he thought she was UKMoL. And it just warms the cookies of my heart to know that even if Dean HAD been dead, Sam still had Cas... like, Dean called Cas "a brother" and that's exactly the role that Cas is stepping into. "If I'm a Winchester, that means I RIP THE WORLD APART TO FIND SAM." Love. :)

"Sam's footsies" - my notes say, so this must be where they are all burned and bloody, and Sam has either passed out or fallen asleep (probably the former :P) and the torture is like DAMN, SON, IMPRESSIVE! So they take it to the "next level" which is apparently drugs... (though there's a hint that there is an option to call the big boss? Or someone? but UKMoL thinks he's a psychopath and doesn't want to be near him...so, maybe another torturer? Who knows.)

Mary is dealing with being in the future where everything is different. Cas commiserates, saying his arrival on earth was also "jarring". Mary says that in 30 years, "a lot's changed" and then repeats "a lot" as she eyes Dean returning. Awww... her 4 year old is 35/7 now...  :(

They track down the veternarian, and he reveals that he got 100k to work on Sam. Cas wants to beat him up, but Dean tells him to hold off... then Mary knows he's lying, so she gives him the go-ahead, and we get a phone number.

Sam's now not tied down and his foot is bandaged, but he's got an injection mark on his neck. He's being watched on camera and he knows it. UKMoL thinks he'll beg to "make it stop" - but what, we don't know yet...

Dean calls and gives a Taken-like speech, then he breaks the vet's phone... at first, I was like "aww, he broke that poor dude's phone!" then I remembered that the guy was given 100k, and I stopped feeling bad for him at all.

Sam's got ringing in his ears... and he also starts hallucinating everyone who has died because of him (as he sees it). Kevin, Dean, Mary...

Meanwhile, Dean, Mary, and Cas get sideswiped. Mary is knocked on conscious and Baby is dented (boo! HOW DARE YOU!)

It was totally on purpose, because it's the UKMoL Torturer, there to take Dean out (or capture him?)

Sam hallucinates Jess, who he calls "Jessica" in a rare use of her full first name.

The UKMoL Torturer has enchanted brass knuckles that give her an advantage over angels (and possibly also Dean, or she's just super skilled.) And she beats up Dean and Cas.

Sam continues to hallucinate voices blaming him for everything.

Dean contines getting beat up.

Sam keeps hearing that "it should have been [him]" - which Dean actually did say to him under the influence of the Mark of Cain.

Then it's Mary to the rescue of Dean and Cas, though UKMoL-T still almost shoots Dean as she reflexively fires while she dies. Dean says "Thanks Mom" and awww.... they're so messed up.

Then Sam breaks a mirror and is SUICIDAL?! I loved this play, because I sincerely could not tell if it was a play or not - Sam's genius enough to use it as one, but he's also been suicidal before in his life, and you can never tell what formerly unstable people will do when you drug them. It's legitemately a risk that UKMoL was taking here...which is, of course, how the play works!

It IS an unrealistic amount of blood for a hand-wound though, in my opinion... he's have needed to keep the wound open with the glass, otherwise your blood clots way too fast to make a puddle that big.

Sam chokes her out, but he doesn't kill her - or choke her out enough that she stays unconscious for long. He also doesn't disarm her... and he's slow getting out, so inevitably, she electricutes him and he ends up still stuck in the basement waiting out the drugs, and he's already run his escape play, so it's unlikely to work again.

Mary is coping with the fact that she just killed someone. Dean comforts her. I really appreciate the fact that when Dean asks if she's okay, she says "no" - like, oh man, did these guys ever need someone who was honest about emotions when they were growing up...and here she finally is!

Mary talks about how she spent her life trying to get away from hunting - and how she never wanted this for them. Dean knows this, and he tells her that he wouldn't want it either for his kids - but then he defends it as a profession. And I think this is oddly HEALTHY for Dean, because he knows Mary is disappointed, that his MOTHER is disappointed, but he tells her that he and Sam are good at it, and he thinks they make the world a better place. AND I JUST WANT TO HUG HIM.

We touch in with Crowley, who has come to another dead-end in the Lucifer hunt.

Then back to Dean driving with Cas in the front and Mary in the backseat - and Dean turns to talk to her, but he no longer knows what to say... awww...

And then Sam, who is all alone, cold and sad. Awwwww... THEY'RE COMING FOR YOU, SAMMY!

Next week's promo looks like more of the same... but I do hope they rescue Sam...I don't want him tortured for too long. I need Cas to heal his feet so that I can sleep well at night.

As per usual, tell me what you think in comments!!! 
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