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Rewatch S11: Form and Void (11x02)

Okay, let's go - Monday re-watch, I have approx. two hours, so let's see if I can do this in less than 4 (which is my usual.)

Form and Void

Recap... lalala... usually I "talk" during this part, but I've got nothing... um, I like it when they keep the same clothes on for days? It makes my life easier.

Everyone in Superior, Nebraska, is dead - that's GOTTA make the news somehow.

Sam's gathering supplies and looking good while doing it. I love competency. Also, probably not actually Sam, those are probably just "Sam's hands", who sometimes belong to a teamster I met once. Other times, they belong to some other "hand" actor.

There's some trivia about the video-clip Sam uses that's intriguing trivia, but I honestly can't remember what it is right now.

Sam's sleek Chicago coat is actually two coats, and they're actually a very subtle cordoroy... but that's just what it looks like to me.

Dean is in Iowa.

Jenna: "...had my first kiss at that blue house over there. Lost my virginity up there."
Dean: "I bet Blue House was pissed."
Jenna: "She was."

- Aw, I love subtle queer folk.

Jenna: "How about you and Sam? Are you going to be okay?"
Dean: "Well, for us, the bar's pretty low."

- Awww, poor Dean. But I love that line.

Time for more creepy baby stuff on Supernatural! Yay! Creep telekinesis baby - who has WAY better eye-sight than newborns are supposed to have.


Not wearing a coat, and getting a really bad case of the black-vein.

Test subject isn't being super cooperative.

BiteMe: "I want something real, something I can hold in my hands."
Sam: "Like what?"
BiteMe: "The pudding."

*begins to ravenously eat the pudding once Sam tosses it to him.*
- So, last rewatch, in the comments, supernutjapan brought up a really interesting point about Amara. In response to me talking about the dualism between God and Death (LIfe/Death) and questioning how Amara fit into that dynamic as she is "Destruction" - supernutjapan explained that it wasn't so much that Amara killed things, it was more that she CONSUMED them. She destroyed things by making them a part of her. So, it wasn't that it was Creation vs. Destruction, it was Creation vs. Consumption. Amara destroys by consuming. She consumes people's souls. Yes, she also kills occasionally, but that's a hobby rather than her raison d'etre. She kills the way humans do - if she must or for the purpose of killing. But when she consumes things, that's what FEEDS her - literally. That's what makes her grow bigger, stronger, it's what fuels her.
-Anyway, I thought it was a super interesting point, and cast Amara in a new light for me... especially given the fact that we live in a society that runs on consumers. And I knew I was going to talk about it going forward, and here's my chance, because this guy - seems ravenous to eat that pudding - and it could mean nothing, but it could also be a sign of being infected with the darkness fog.

BiteMe: "Why am I farther along? Don't know. This thing, it ain't math? I've seen some people change fast, some people change slow..."
- This is actually kinda clever, because it gives the writer's leeway to explain why Sam might have more than 3-6 hours, unlike poor Mike from the previous episode.

My goodness, Sam's so handsome. Hello, pretty.

BiteMe: "...if you were smart, you'd put a bullet in me and then eat one yourself"
- Oh right, super dramatic "there's no hope" scene, sorry, got distracted.

Back to CAS! The angels broke his phone! Awww... now he needs a new phone, do you know how much those cost?! They are the last luxery item of the modern age...except any apple product of course. Mind you, this is me speaking as someone who is completely broke all the time. Maybe other luxery items exist too.

More torture. So torturing.

Ephram and Jonah... such good names, and yet they waste them on these guys. Ah well.

Cas is still cursed. He's really not having a good couple days.

Creepy banging coming from baby's room. Baby already knows how to spell. So clever.

And Jenna's grandmother thinks the baby is possessed.

Grandmother: "Well, who're we going to call?"
*Dean answers phone*
Dean: "Ghostbusters"

- This shouldn't amuse me as much as it does - but it does, oh how it does.

Sam: "It sounds like something out of the exorist."
Dean: "That's what I said."
Sam: "So, you're thinking demon?"
Dean "Or kid got infected by something. You know, who knows what was in that giant crazy fart."
Sam: "*laughs* Wow, vivid, thanks."

- I love how much Sam loves his brother. I know I say that every rewatch... but man, just, I love how Dean genuinely amuses Sam, often much to his chagrin.
- Also, can I just say that it was so NICE to have regular Dean back in S11 - no dark MoC Dean, but just regular dark post-hell Dean. :P

Dean: "How you doing? How's zombieland?"
Sam: "It's good. It's great."
*looks at dead BiteMe*

- I wonder if Sam did kill him or if he waited for him to drop dead... or if he did experiments and they didn't work. Whatever the case, Sam's obviously not telling Dean what's really going on in zombieland.
Back to Cas...

Cas: "Mercy brother, please."
Ephram?: "Brother? Huh. What are you?"
Cas: "I'm an angel of the Lord."
Ephraim: "That so? Because near as I can tell, when you have to chose between Heaven and the Winchesters...."
Jonah?: "You choose them."
Ephram: "Every time. So, see, you're not my brother...."

- Nope, he's a Winchester now. Dean tells him so by the end of the season. BUT, that doesn't exclude him from also being an angel. The angels are just being giant bags of dicks like USUAL.

Ooo! And Sam meets Billy! (Billie?... It's Billie, isn't it.)

I love the O Death song. She's basically singing her own theme song. Purposefully, to lure Sam out.

Sam: "What's your name?"
Billie: "You flirting with me kid, because no offense, but you ain't my type. And I ain't looking to get friendly with a man who helped gut my boss."
Sam: "I'm sorry... about Death."
Billie: "So am I. But, people are still dying, so work to do, souls to collect. Messages to deliver."
Sam: "What kind of messages?"
Billie: "It's over."
Sam: "What's over."
Billie: "You and Dean dying and coming back, again and again. The old Death thought it was funny, but now? There's one hard fast rule in this universe, what lives dies. So the next time you and your brother bite it? Well, you're not going to Heaven or Hell - one of us, and Lord I hope it's me, we're going to make a mistake and toss you out into The Empty. And nothing comes back from that. I know you're dying; I can feel it. You're unclean, in the biblical sense. So I'll be seeing you again, Sam. Seeing you real soon. Name's Billie by the way."

- Great character introduction. I love it. I really like Billie, despite the fact that she's a direct threat to all that I love.
- I should mention that Jared does a great job acting here - I like how wary he is of Billie, how much you can sort of see that hestitency that comes with growing fear and the attempt to appear calm despite it.
- I also love this speech because it supports my headcanon of how the SPN universe works in terms of heaven/hell/earth and the "true" death of "the empty." Only direct intervention from God can take you back from the Empty.
- I also like this because it reintroduces the threat of death to the show - the prospect of death was terrifying up until S6, even with Sam and Dean's initial two deaths... their resurrections were the exception. But S6-S10, with Death being a friendlier figure himself and Cas being at times powerful enough to intervene as well, the treat of death to the boys had lost it's sting. Even though, of course we KNOW that the boys will come out okay, the fact that it'll be HARDER to is enough...or the fact that they have to come out of it without dying at all is enough... to make the show more tense when their lives get closer to being at-stake. We see this in Red Meat later in the season, of course.

Back to Cas - so the angels want to know where Metatron is, and don't believe Cas when he says he doesn't know. This is why torture doesn't work, folks.

And then Hannah comes to the rescue. I love this Hannah, mainly because I've got a huge thing for "feminine" guys... also, so handsome, and with those big eyes... so pretty.

Hannah: "Don't thank me yet. Something's happened, Castiel. Something horrible."
- I was just like "Oh my god, WHAT?" Then I remember "Oh yeah, the DARKNESS... hahaha, how soon I forget."

Back to Sam, who is going to go pray in Le Chapel of Desperation.

I love how he puts his gun away when he walks in, like "well, don't want to be rude... God probably doesn't like guns."

Sam: "So, I know it's been a long time, but..."
- Aww, so that answers the question of "Does Sam still pray." Nope!

Sam: "Dean and I, we've been through a lot of bad. But this is different. This is my fault, and I don't know how to fix it. And if I have to die, I've made my peace with that, but please - Dean deserves better. Dean deserves a life. There are people out there, good people who are going to suffer because of me. And I am not asking you to clean up my mess - hell, I don't even know if you're out there, but if you are, and you can hear me, I- we need your help, God. We need to know there's hope. We need a sign."
- So, there are a couple of things here I want to talk about. 1)Sam blaming himself for everything. You know - part of me wonders if part of the reason portion of the fandom is always so hard on Sam is because SAM is hard on Sam. Like, he ALWAYS takes responsibility for things, even when they're honest mistakes. Dean does too, but in a different way - Dean never outright says "it's my fault, and I apologize." He'll say "that's on me" but he doesn't really apologize for it. I read once that one of the cultural differences between Canada and America is that Canadian's apologize way more, but Americans won't, because they see it as an admission of guilt... whereas Canadians see it as a sort of "I'm sorry that happened in general". Like, if two people walk into each other, they'll both say sorry, but they don't mean "that was entirely my fault" they'll mean "oops! we're both idiots with bruises now. That's a shame." Anyway... I'm not sure what my point is. That was a weird tangent in which I didn't articulate very well what the fundamental difference is between Dean's burden of responsibility and Sam's constant blame taking... but there IS a difference.
2) DEAN deserves better. Again, Sam is such a matyr. Like - he honestly doesn't think he deserves any good life anymore. He was doing so much better on that front when he recovered from his Hell-memories, mainly, because I think that he felt that his time being tortured in the cage more than made up for his accidental apocalypse-starting. But now he's back to square one having started another apocalypse... so this is him trying to bargain his way into a similar situation as before, where he can die for his sins, but rest assured that Dean and all the "good people" will be safe and have a life without him around to ruin it, so all will be well. There's some pretty messed up psychology there that I'm not learn'ed enough to speak to.

Then Sam gets his "sign" which is a vision of being tortured in the cage.

Sam: "What does that mean!?!"
- I love that line and Jared's delivery of it.

And Dean discovers that Crowley is pretending to be an exorcist.

Dean: "Crowley."
Crowley: "Father Crowley."
Jenna: "You two know each other?"
Crowley: "Oh yes. Dean was a rather scrumptuous young alter-boy."

- Okay, so... um... maybe molestation jokes aren't the best choice here, SPN? But, I mean, maybe it's just me, because I DID work for 6 years at a job that dealt with sexual abuse cases in Church institutions. Now mind you, this reaction is mine just on rewatch... I can't remember how I reacted the first time 'round. I probably laughed, because the first time 'round I'm always drinking.

Also, did they just leave the baby crying upstairs? Because either they have sound-proof walls, or that noise would be driving EVERYONE INSANE. Humans are like... programmed to have to respond to crying babies. It's why people can't stand the sound of them on airplanes (or at all) because they have to sit there while their brains are going "you gotta help that baby... baby needs help..." even though you rationally know that the baby has it's parents and it's fine. And parents go insane because they're TRYING to help the baby, but it's not WORKING... and their brain is just like "must help baby" on repeat. I'm really half convinced that babies don't even care about rocking motions, but that we all tell ourselves they do so that parents can rock back and forth in an attempt to calm themselves.

Hannah: "Alarms have been sounding in Heaven, Castiel - Alarms that haven't sounded in... ever. We don't even know what they mean."
- Someone probably should have written a note about them then. Poor planning, Heaven.

Hannah: "The Darkness is just a story."
Cas: "No, it's not. It's real. The Darkness - it's been locked away since the dawn of Creation, and now it's free."
Hannah: "God help us."
Cas: "I wouldn't count on that."

-OOo, burn!! Seriously though, I love that Cas is basically an atheist angel... I I love atheist Dean too...I love all the atheists in SPN who KNOW God exists and still don't believe in him.... because it really makes the meaning of "believe" into the other definition... "faith" "belief" as meaning "to trust in" or "to depend on", rather than to be about "realness". I think that's what the religious debate SHOULD be - not whether or not God exists and is real, but weather or not we should depend on God. In my opinion, that's what messes up religions... when you say, "but God said...", well, maybe he did, maybe he didn't, but can we trust in what he said? Can we trust that it was RIGHT? Can we trust that we've interpreted it correctly, through our broken telephone translations over the years? When we pray to God, can we trust him to answer our prayers? Can we depend on that? My answer is no, but that's me. (And yes, you can argue that us solving our own problems, or people helping us, is God working THROUGH us/people - and that's a great argument, go ahead and believe that... I'll fully support any religious view that doesn't lead to people to inaction.)

Hannah: "Where is it?"
Cas: "I don't know."
Hannah: "Then who would? The Winchesters? Castiel, if this is true, it's the end, for all of us. Sam and Dean - where are they?"
Cas: "I don't know. [...] How did you find me?"

- Awww, and Cas starts putting it together that maybe Hannah's rescue was a little TOO dramatic and convenient.
- Though, the plan IS smart - because having an in with the Winchesters is pretty good. Engratiating yourself toward Cas with a preceived life-death is also pretty good.
- Also, playing the good cop after the bad cop leave... yeah, pretty tried and true method to get someone on your side.

Crowley: "I have sources in the Catholic Church - Nuns who owe me a favour, Priests who have a taste for-"
Dean: "Alright, yeah, I can imagine."
Crowley: "You really can't."

- Ugh, so gross. I really don't remember these "jokes." But I do not like them.

That's a nice tea-kettle.

And Jenna is being consumed.

Cas puts it together.

Cas: "Why Hannah? We were friends."
Hannah: "That was before you freed Metatron. Before- The other angels, they hate you."
Cas: "And what about you? Do you hate me?"
Ephram: "Doesn't matter. We took a vote. Democracy in action. And Hannah's doing the job."

- Awww, I think Hannah loves Cas, but Hannah's losing their ability to command in heaven againts the overwhelming hatred towards Castiel for freeing Metatron. Hannah instituted democracy and now has to abide by it - and that means that if your consistuents are pissed off, and all want you take action, you've gotta take action or resign.

The weird thing about Jenna is that she becomes soulless and kills her grandmother... like really, "I always wanted to try this"? Apparently Jenna was just one soul away from killing people for kicks. I'm sure I'll talk later about how these soulless folks compare to soulless Sam... so, yeah, I'll do that later.

The angels are torturing Cas some more, and finally Hannah intervenes... and gets kicked a lot. Which causes Cas to wolf-out, as the Teen Wolf fans would say.

But seriously - how powerful is Cas? I gotta wonder if he's not your typical angel sometimes. But he IS a pretty badass warrior deep down, underneath the awkwardness.

Sam's getting worse.

So, there's some debate here about whether it's Lucifer giving Sam the antidote or Sam... because, yeah, Sam hears Lucifer's voice saying "Sam" (it certainly sounds like Mark P's Lucifer to me), but part of me wonders if it's Lucifer showing Sam Billie and repeating her words, or if it's Sam remembering. I don't know, maybe I just want to believe that Sam put it together and that Lucifer didn't... but if makes sense Lucifer would too, since Sam would have to be alive in order to free him. *shrug*

So, who did the highlighting in Sam's visual cortex? Probably Lucifer. Alright, it's Lucifer then...

Only the power of the firery marshmellow will save the day... yes, I know it's a cotton gauze roll, but it LOOKS like Sam roasted his marshmellow too long (or just the right amount, depending on your tastes.)

So, the voices Sam heard while he's burning the sickness away... "Don't do this to yourself." "I can't hold on", "Please stop." "*scream*" - whose voices are those? "Please stop" sounds like Sam... as does the screaming, but "don't do this to yourself?" "I can't hold on"? Who were those?

Creepy baby again... and somehow Dean knows to look for the MoC.. because he SENSES THE DARKNESS

Crowley: "The child likes you. No surprise really. You're very maternal."
- If I ever want to have kids with a dude, I gotta find a maternal one - because I am not. If we're going in the recent-traditional sense, I'm much more of a paternal figure.

I love how Sam's luring zombies in with his really weird taste in entertainment...

And a ring of holy fire purifies the zombies... it's interesting, because it also traps angels, which are a tool of God. I don't know - I guess I'm not 100% convinced that the "rabids" aren't some sort of immune defense system built by God, and not a product of the Darkness.

And Jenna is soulless.

Famine also ate souls, but he ate the souls of the dead... INTERESTING. So, Amara is kinda like a different sort of Famine-lite. She doesn't cause people to hunger, but she consumes souls like he does.

Dean's pissed that Crowley killed Jenna, but seriously - what was Dean going to do.

Dean: "You don't get what that thing is!"
Crowley: "Enlighten me. Come on, Darling, don't play coy."

- I really like it when Crowley calls Dean "darling." Is that super weird of me? Probably super weird of me. Like, I REALLY like it.

Dean: "I think Amara is the Darkness."
- Also, did Jensen have a cold during this scene? He sounds and looks like he does.

Crowley: "Please, even if you could murder a baby, you couldn't murder THAT baby. I saw the way you looked at her. Me, on the other hand, not like it'd be my first."
Dean: "Oh, is that an offer?"
Crowley: "It's a promise, right after I'm done with her."

- Interesting... I guess I've forgotten what Crowley's plan was with Amara, beyond "use her to solidify his power" - but it's interesting to me that he intended to kill her eventually.

Dean: "Stay away from her!"
- And there's Dean, being mind-controlled by a baby.

And Dean stabs Crowley's hand into the wall with an angel blade. Interesting that he doesn't kill him though. He could have, but he doesn't even try. At this point, you have to wonder if it's a choice they've made - to keep the devil they know.

And we get weird (but good?) music while Dean stalks Amara briefly and Crowley escapes.

The Bunker! It's still a complete mess.

Dean: "I don't know. Maybe whatever I saw wasn't real, maybe it was a... vision."
Sam: "A vision?"
Dean: "Yeah..."
Sam: "Huh. Weird."

- I think Sam is hesitant to admit to his visions, because the last time he was having visions was S1-S2, when it was a YED induced power that eventually led to his death and ultimately the apocalypse... and also, Dean didn't take it too well back then either.

Dean: "We gotta get a maid..."
- Before Dean turns this isn't an eye-rolling request for a maid with a "little uniform"... I just want to mention that I think he actually means it (even though it's impossible), because whenever something happens to the Bunker, it's always DEAN complaining that he "just cleaned"... so, I kinda headcanon that Dean does the majority of the cleaning... for like, the WHOLE Bunker... and it IS a little bit much for him to keep on top of sometimes.

And Cas came home! Yay!

And little girl Amara has found a dress, and is picked up by Crowley in a black van.

AND TWO HOURS! WOOT! DID IT! I would like to thank the Winchesters, for not changing their clothes.

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