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This Day in Supernatural-Universe History: September 13th

It's Supernatural Day! (officially in EST)

On this day in OUR universe history, Supernatural made it's debut in 2005. I was busy at the time, and didn't manage to see it until 2008, but when I DID see it, I fell in love (not at first sight, but by the end of watching the first season for sure.)

So, what about the Supernatural-Universe. What have Sam and Dean been up to on this momentous occasion over the years?

September 13th
(These posts follow chronological time - ie: I don't skip years like the show does. So, "current" events are 2 years in the future)

1958 - It's been a month and day since John's father disappeared in the middle of the night. John is probably still living in Normal, IL, but soon his mother will remarry and move down to Lawrence, KS (not necessarily in that order).

1967 - The Impala, the most important object in the universe, has existed for 4.5 months. No one has named it Baby yet.

1973 - The Impala has been owned by John Winchester for a little over 4 months. As of yet, probably still not affectionately referred to as Baby. It's been 4 months and 11 days since Mary's parents were both killed.

1979 - Dean is 2 weeks shy of 8 months old.

1983 - Sam is 4 months and 11 days old. In the time since he's been alive, Mary and John have had at least one fight large enough for John to leave home for a few days.

1990 - Adam Milligan is just 2.5 weeks away from being born.

1994 - Sam stops believing in the Easter Bunny around this time.

1998 - It's around this time that Dean takes a roadtrip alone while John and Sam hunt a banshee in Florida. Dean meets Lisa Braeden and has a very bendy weekend.

2002 - Sam starts his first semester at Stanford University.

2003 - By now, Adam Milligan has met his father.

2005 - Sam has started what is going to be his last few weeks at Stanford University. He is living with his girlfriend Jess, who he has known for a year and a half.

2006 - Around this time, Sam meets Andy, another person with inexplicable abilities.

2007 - A gulf of time we know nothing about. Dean is going to die in a little less than 8 months and Sam is understandably upset about it.

2008 - Sam is hunting demons and training his powers with Ruby. Castiel is most likely already fighting the forces of Hell in an attempt to save Dean, but it is a little too late (perhaps by design), because Dean has already gotten off the rack and is torturing people.

2009 - Having reunited after some time apart, Sam and Dean investigate a series of deaths where people have been murdered by those they idolize.

2010 - Sam's body is back on earth, hunting. Dean is living with the Braedens, grieving his dead brother. Sam's soul is in hell being tortured by Lucifer. Castiel is having problems with Raphael in Heaven.

2011 - Sam and Dean are hunting together again, while Dean tries to also keep up his life with the Braedens. There's something off about Sam that worries Dean though and going out for hunting jobs has started to put stress on his homelife, though Lisa is optimistic they can make it work. Castiel is "busy" and doesn't have "time for this."

2012 - Sam gets to practice a little law when Osiris puts Dean on trial for his guilty conscience - turns out, Sam didn't miss his calling as a trial defense attorney. The boys believe Castiel to be dead. Castiel, if he's alive at this point, has a really bad case of amnesia.

2013 - Sam finds himself confused and stranded in Kermit, TX, while he looks after a dog he accidentally ran over. The dogs vet, Amelia, doesn't like him very much. Dean and Castiel are trapped in Purgatory.

2014 - Unsurprisingly, Sam's relationship with Amelia isn't going so great. It's made worse when her MIA husband returns home, not dead after all! There seems to be a lot of the not-dead-yet going around, as Dean, Cas, and Dean's new friend Benny, finally zero in on Purgatory's human escape hatch.

2015 - We're not sure what exactly Sam and Dean are up to at this time - but we know that Cas is human, Sam is secretly possessed by an angel, and Dean is super stressed about both things.

2016 - Dean is freshly human again, after spending most of his summer as a demon. He's still got the Mark of Cain though, and that sucks. Sam is happy to have his brother back, but is pretty concerned about the Mark. Cas is tracking down wayward angels with Hannah, but he's got a diminishing grace problem.

2017 - Where exactly the Winchesters are, we don't know, but the good news is that Dean doesn't have the Mark anymore, Castiel has his grace back, and Sam's doing just fine though he keeps having weird dreams. The bad news is that the Darkness has been released from captivity and may destroy the entire universe as we know it.

2018 - WHAT WILL HAPPEN NEXT?! We'll find out starting October 13th....
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