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Update on Things!

Hello Everyone,

So, while I wait for my rice to cook, I figured I'd update you on what's going to happen around these parts over the fall/winter/spring :)

Quick Reactions
Will still happen on Thursday nights after the episode airs.

I've got the S11 DVDs on my Amazon Wishlist. I'll probably wait until after my birthday to buy them, JUST IN CASE. So, rewatches will start happening sometime in early-mid October. I don't know how quick I'll be able to do them, but I'll be aiming for at least once per week, so that, at the very least, I'll be done by the spring.

Random Other Posts
If there are other types of posts of mine that you like and want to see more of, let me know.

If Clothes Could Talk
I'll be updating my personal files for S11 as I go through the rewatch, but I won't be doing the site until I'm done the rewatch. So, that will also probably happen in early-late spring.

I've started to write another (and probably final) instalment of the Demented'verse. I'm not sure when I'll start posting it. Mayhaps, not until early 2017, but it all depends on how fast I write it, of course. I also haven't decided if I'll do the weekly installment method of posting (which tends to be more fun, because people comment more) or if I'll write it all and post it in one fell swoop. Again, it probably depends how fast I write it.

I still want to write a little bit more in the Men of Legend 'verse, but that's on hold, since my mind is rather taken over by the demented'verse at the moment.

I kinda want to write Stranger Things OT3 fic too, just because there isn't enough of it on the internet to satisfy me... but, I'm going to be honest and admit that writing romantic stuff is not my strong suit, even though I enjoy reading it. So, I'll probably leave it to the professionals.

Fantasy Novel
Ugh, I'm sort of at the bottom of a pit with this one. I'm so enthusiastic about all the ideas that I want to cram in there, and how absolutely awesome I think it is... yet, when I try to put it on paper, it's comes out looking like garbage... discouraging garbage. So, yeah, I've been using my "original fic" writing time to write fanfic instead lately.

I have two jobs! Now, mind you, I've had two jobs for the past year - but now I have a different two jobs. I "retired" from my old secondary part-time job last week (it was a mornings/evenings/weekends type job, and I REALLY missed having my weekends...and mornings) also, it involved a lot of driving and didn't pay all that great considering how much time it took up. The new secondary part-time job has a better hourly rate and it's work-from-home, so that's pretty convenient. It DOES mean that between my two part-time jobs, I will basically have full-time-job hours. So... that's another factor that will affect how quick I am to get rewatches done and fanfic written.

But, this is good, because it means I maybe can afford to live? Also, when one job is slow (ie: not giving me many hours), I'll have a second job that probably won't be.

I want to travel some place in 2017. I haven't been on a real vacation vacation since... 2010, arguably, and even that was just a week in Germany, sleeping on my friend's couch, and not doing much else because I was poor. So... if people have suggestions of where I should go, let me know. I like affordable vacations in non-tropical locations, because tropical locations are a)too hot, b)too full of scary bugs, and c)often just involve lounging by pools and that's boring... I like wandering cities and going to museums. The last vacation I took where I got to wander cities and go to museums was in 2009, when I went to China and Singapore. Anyway, if any one lives somewhere that's not North America, and wants to let me sleep on their couch at some point, let me know... or if you just have a recommendation for a really cool place to go.

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