Hell's Half Acre (hells_half_acre) wrote,
Hell's Half Acre

Fic: Men of Legend - The Butterfly Effect (Gen, crossover-in-series-only)

Title: Men of Legend - The Butterfly Effect
Fandoms: Supernatural and Merlin (Sam and Dean are only mentioned, they do not participate in the story at all.)
Rating: PG (Gen/optional pre-slash)
Word Count: 14,660
Setting/Spoilers: This is set between S4 and S5 of Merlin
Other tags: AU-Canon Divergence
A/N: There's about as much merthur slash in this fic as there is in Merlin - which means that technically, it's pre-slash. There's also optional pre-slash Merlin/Gwaine, and pre-polyamory Merlin/Arthur/Gwen
This is a sequel to Men of Legend.

Summary: Haunted by Sam and Dean’s parting words of advice, Merlin makes a decision that could change his and Arthur’s destiny and friendship forever.


(I'm only posting it on AO3, since LJ gets very little traffic these days. If you want to come back to this post to comment though, feel free!)
Tags: crossover, fic, other shows

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