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Saying Goodbye to the East

My trip to New Brunswick went well. I love it out there. My best friend's family could possibly win an award for the nicest people ever - and man, the home-cooked garden (and barn) fresh meals every day certainly don't hurt. My own parents were a little absentee (one by choice, the other by necessity), so you can hardly blame me for living a little vicariously for a few weeks every summer.

We climbed the highest peak in the maritimes on a beautiful day. I played video games with my best friend and will continue to worry about him for a while yet, I think. I watched Coraline...not sure what all the hype was with that movie. We all jammed on guitar and piano and generally had a great time...and Canada remains beautiful. I'm looking forward to seeing the vast western portion of it starting next week.

As a sample road-trip with my sister, it went alright too. Apparently we really are like Dean and Sam - as I find myself doing most of the driving (it IS my car, and she's a far less confident driver than I am)...also, it seems more often than not it's her getting annoyed with me, rather than the other way around. Also, if there's no conversation, I really need to listen to music - and yeah, we don't always share the same musical tastes...though, they are pretty similar most of the time. I'm sure my sister is thankful that I don't inforce the "driver picks the music" rule.

I started making playlists for our cross country trip. So far I have one called "The Prairies" that currently has only Wide Mouth Mason on it, and one song by The Tragically Hip. So yeah...more work needed. And my apologies to any readers of this journal who are not Canadian and have no idea who WMM or The Hip are...(my apologies to those Canadians who have no idea who WMM are as well - thankfully all Canadians know the Hip, and can probably tell me the one song on the play list).

I have filled 7/8th of one suitcase and 3/4 of another - and so far all I have packed is artwork, my sheets, my avatar blanket (seriously, I made an Avatar: The Last Airbender blanket last summer), and a couple of skirts and some t-shirts. I have no idea how I'm going to fit everything I want to take into my car. It doesn't help that I'll have Susie's luggage too, and she always overpacks (she also always looks fabulous, and I'm pretty sure there's a correlation).

Mostly though, I will miss the French when I move west. It's funny, because my sister has even less French than I do - and generally seemed to have forgotten that there is a vast population in Eastern Canada that speaks French. With two close friends who are French-Canadian, I've gotten used to hearing it - to driving through Quebec to visit them. And I love listening to the particular Acadian accent my best friend's family has...I'm going to really miss being only a days drive from it. Dare I say it, I think I might even miss the Quebecois.
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