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Quick Reaction - Captain America: Civil War

Yay!! I no longer have to avoid spoilers!

As to what I thought of it - I’m still processing…

I’d say initial reactions:

[Spoiler (click to open)]1. So glad nobody died.

2. Wished there were more Steve/Bucky scenes - you know, something actually schmoopy where we got to see that friendship again, at least a little. I feel like the scenes we did get were very surface-only interactions.

3. Did not like the forced romance between Sharon and Steve. I liked Sam and Bucky smiling in the car - but that was about it. I kind of feel that it’s a)a little gross, because she’s his dead girlfriend’s relative. b)totally not built up believably, because last we saw Steve did not like Sharon because she was a liar and a spy, and then he just forgives her because she was following orders and she didn’t tell Peggy? And she didn’t want people to know she was related to Peggy? I don’t believe it. c)Look, I get that we’re never going to have canon stucky, this isn’t even about that - but do we really have to have the “our hero is a heterosexual male and here it the proof” moment in this film? I mean, doesn’t Steve have enough on his plate?!!? I don’t think kissing should even be on his mind. Ugh.

4. Sad about Rhodey.

5. LOVE T’Challa - kind of annoyed that he never let anyone explain that it wasn’t Bucky (or that no one really tried to?!) but I’m super happy with him in this film regardless, and I’m really looking forward to Black Panther. Also, when Zemo called him “dutiful” I thought he said “beautiful” and I was like “damn right he is.” :P

6. Bucky losing his arm was crazy traumatic. I’m really glad T’Challa was on their side at that point and could look after them.

7. Really sad about Bucky having to go back into cryo because of the code-words in his head. I know that T’Challa and the Wakandans will probably figure out how to fix him sooner rather than later, but I just want my boys to be together, you know?

8. It was weird to see Daniel Bruhl again. I hadn’t seen him since Goodbye Lenin.

9. Also weird to hear Martin Freeman do an American accent. He sounds so… different… kind of… high voiced? I don’t know. It was hard to put my finger on. He’s still good at portraying barely contained rage, but I feel like it comes across as more menancing when he’s using his own accent. But maybe all the british villains in things have wired my brain to believe that.

10. It really did feel more like an Avengers movie than a Captain America movie, I have to say. It makes me kind of sad, because unless Steve and Bucky make cameos in other people’s films, we probably won’t see them again until Infinity Wars, and then there won’t be time to make up for the fact that I didn’t feel like there was a good enough stucky scene in this one. But who knows…and hey, that’s what fanfic is for. We just didn’t get our “not without you” scene in this one… though we did get Bucky, suffering from massive trauma, still saving Steve from getting beat-up in an alley, so that’s something.

11. Loved Black Widow’s turn.

12. I also feel bad for Tony, because he’s not unlike Steve - he put his faith in people too, but he put his faith in a committee and Ross, and they turned out to be horrible.

13. LOVED that last shot of Steve in civies rescuing his friends. I actually feel like Steve looks more powerful and menacing in his civilian clothes than he does in in his Captain America get-up.

14. Loved the action scenes, especially Black Widow kicking ass in the market place, and that move Bucky did when he stole the bike.

Okay… I’ll stop talking now. This was supposed to be short.

Basically, boils down to: Great Avenger Film. I think Winter Soldier will remain my fave, but this one had some fantastic stuff in it and I like the ending a little better. ;)

What's next up? Panther or Spider-man? I don't keep track of these things, but I really hope it's Panther.
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