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Quick Reaction: 11x22 We Happy Few

Hello! I'm back in Vancouver, I flew back today though - so, technically, right now it's 2am for me and I've been awake a good while. :P

Anyway, my plane landed at 8:30 PST, I got home by 9:30 - had the episode by ten or so... and now I've watched it! Yay!

So, let's talk about it...

Over all, this episode felt a lot like last week's for the first little portion - where I really wanted more exploration of emotion, rather than the humour that we got. But that's me and my preference. I will say that the humour was amusing, and certainly you don't want to be too melodramatic. But damn, I wanted a bit more reaction to the fact that Sam is apparently now sharing living space with his former torture (and, by some STRONG implying in the past, also rapist.) But nope!

We do get a confrontation between God and Lucifer though, which I know some people were hurting for last week. Lucifer wants God to say he's sorry. God refuses. Lucifer locks himself in Sam's room and plays music. I liked Dean's line of "this is the worst episode of Full House ever".

Meanwhile, in Hell, Crowley wants to stage a coup and tries to rally the demons around him again. (Using the slogan "Make Hell Great Again"...so topical.) But, the important part of this scene is that attractive!asian!demon is still alive!!! YAY! I hope he never dies.

AAD (attractive-asian-demon) role in this scene is to tell Crowley that hell is tied of him - and won't fall for his lies anymore - that they see him as someone who is susceptible to being controlled and his promise are empty. Basically, Crowley has lost control of hell.

Meanwhile, God explains to the Winchesters - while he makes them pancakes - that Lucifer wants an apology but God refuses to give one.

Meanwhile, in Grande Isle, Louisianna, a tarot reader is being spied on - and it turns out that it's Rowena doing the spying. The Tarot reader is a fellow witch named Clea. Rowena wants to do a spell to go back in time, and she needs a second. She warns Clea that when she looked into Amara's mind, she saw that Amara meant he end of everything, including magic.

Clea argues for Greek Antiquity. Rowena wants the middle ages. Eventually Clea wins.

Back at the ranch, God offers Lucifer a non-apology apology.... one of those weak "I'm sorry that you feel hurt" which is very not the same as "I'm sorry for hurting you."

Sam suggests that maybe God try to be "less lordly" - Chuck argues "but I'm the Lord!"

Lucifer is not having it. He blames God for punishing Lucifer after the Mark tainted him, when it was God who gave Lucifer the Mark in the first place! God clarifies that the Mark didn't CHANGE Lucifer, it just made him more of what he already was.

Lucifer appeals to the Winchesters - telling them that they don't know what it's like to argue with their father when their father is God. Dean says that the experience is actually "all fathers" - and I agree with him, at least in Sam and Dean's case (and only when you are young).

Chuck admits that he sucked at being a dad, but makes the point that he couldn't trust Lucifer not to harm humanity - "what would you have done with you?"

Sam speaks up and actually argues on Lucifer's behalf - it's not about being right, it's just about being sorry.

Dean ruins it by interjecting that you don't even have to MEAN the apology (I argue that you do!) Though it is funny when Sam gets mad at him for saying that he apology-lies to Sam all the time, and then Dean says "sorry" and then points to the exchange as proving his point.

God, very rightly, decides the Winchesters aren't helping and puts them up on the balcony over the war room.

Lucifer and God actually do have a heart to heart then - Lucifer says God forsook him (which is a funny sounding word) and God admits that he did. He was supposed to love all creation equally, but Lucifer WAS his favourite - and therefore God thought that Lucifer was strong enough to resist the Mark, but Lucifer wasn't, and God hated himself for the mistake and so he punished Lucifer. And he's sorry about all that.

This is enough to get Lucifer on board to help in the fight.

The plan is to put Amara back in the box. Dean wonders why they don't just kill her. Chuck tells him that it's because there needs to be darkness and light, yin and yang, in order to keep the balance of the universe. Kiling one of them would end reality. (I love dualistic universes, so I love this idea.)

The problem is that last time it took a great force to bring down Amara - all of the archangels, for starters. Michael, is, apparently, "in no condition to fight" which seems to corroborate the last we heard (I think from Lucifer) that Michael had gone insane in the cage. And Gabriel and Raphael aren't accessible.

Sam asks why God just can't bring Gabriel and Raphael back, seeing as how he rebuilds Cas all the time. God says that archangels are built out primordial creation and rebuilding them is time they don't have. This is pretty cool, because it a)establishes Cas as a low-level angel and b)means that God COULD bring Gabriel back, he just needs more time to do it. (FYI: We had a brief discussion about it in the comments to last week's episode - but the fact that Castiel isn't special to God at all is really interesting. Although it flies in the face of my theory that God created Castiel to be a spanner in the works - it's cool on another level, because it confirms that Castiel is a spanner because of his own free will, and that he is special not because of God, but because of the Winchesters - and all his spanner-ness is due to them, and Castiel's own free will.)


The plan is to recruit!

Dean is sent to speak to Crowley, who immediately assumes that Dean must be working with Lucifer and it was Lucifer who sent him. Nope!

Lucifer goes to try to speak with the angels, who are less then friendly towards him - (I legit kinda do feel bad for Lucifer - even though anyone who torturers Sam for years totally deserves to be shunned and attacked by his friend group.) In order to coerce the angels to his side, Lucifer employs his secret weapon - CASTIEL'S PUPPY EYES! It is super effective.

Rowena gets visited by Sam. She calls him a giant and threatens to turn him into an actual moose - but Clea points out that a)Sam is protected, and b)CLEA is interested in listening to him - WOOT! Go Clea, I like you!

Castiel, in Heaven, tells the angels how Lucifer is horrible to live with and he's burning through Castiel's vessel (YAY Continuity!!) And somehow convinces the angels to help him - by using the ol' God card.

Dean convinces Crowley to join too.

Finally, the plan is explained.

Dean presses for killing Amara, but God refuses (in that patient tone of voice) and Lucifer clues in that Dean just wants God to do what Dean can't. Dean admits that Lucifer is right, when Sam yells at him about it. I don't really understand what the big deal is.. Dean's problems make sense. There's some creepy woman out there who controls his feelings - no one likes that! Of COURSE he's want her removed completely from existance. Anyway, everyone else seems to think this is a weakness on Dean's part? Or... uh, that Dean is letting his person problems cloud his judgment? I do not know and I don't understand.

Meanwhile, Amara is beating up the prophet that they foolishly allowed to return home last week. She eats his soul and therfore gains knowledge as to where the bunker is. She shows up and symbols disappear from the walls... is that good or bad? Who knows! Maybe they were symbols that allowed Rowena to be alerted to her presence there? Maybe they were wards that Amara broke through? Who knows! Who cares! It looks cool.

Team God is at a powerplant, not in the bunker. This is where Dean finds out the part of the plan that Sam didn't tell him - in order to lock Amara up, someone has to take the Mark again. Sam has volunteered.

(I guess Lucifer refused to take it again. Figures.)

Dean is, understandably, upset by this. Sam says that Dean can't have the Mark, because he's already been tainted by it, and therefore isn't strong enough anymore (I guess?). Sam figures Dean can lock Sam up when he gets all murdery... because, right, that was a plan that was going to work so well when Dean had the MoC? I mean, geez, Sam. I guess he regrets not letting Dean get zapped to outerspace by Death after being murdered? Because that's basically the solution that he's telling Dean to accept. Actually, no, I take that back, the solution he's telling Dean to accept is the Michael vs Lucifer fight, where eventually Dean is going to have to fight Sam and lock him in a cage for all eternity. Man, they really do always end up there.

Meanwhile, Amara is being a creepy creepster an going through Dean's things - finding a picture of Dean and his mother.

Rowena calls Amara and tells her where God is, pretending that she's betraying God - but I can see through her! Sadly, so can Amara.

Amara shows up and Rowena is the first attack.... sadly, Amara reverses the spell and it kills all the witches that were helping Amara - aw, sad, though witches are generally bad, so I suppose it's good? But damn.. I liked Clea.

The fight ensues, with heaven striking, and then the demons. And meanwhile, I'm sitting here, like "but this isn't even the finale? How can the showdown happen before the finale?!"

Finally, Amara staggers into the powerplant.

She accuses God of only creating things because he wanted to be God - ie: before God's creation, there were only the two of them and they were equal - God needed to create underlings in order to have an ego.

God argues that it's not ONLY that - that there is a glory in creation that is bigger than his ego - that whatever indescribable "glory" just IS like God and Amara ARE - that it is something seperate from them, but that needed God to bring it into reality. (Again, one of my favourite Gibran quotes - "Your children are not your children. They are the sons and daughters of life's longing for itself." - basically, God's argument is that the universe is actually tri-fold - God, Amara, and "Life")

Amara tells God that she loved him. He fails to say he loves her back and I think that really pisses her off.

Anyway, God apologies and then tries to seal her away, but Amara is NOT HAVING IT. Not only does sealing her away not work, but Amara kills Lucifer when he tries to stab her again to subdue her - and then she kills God!

Except, she doesn't - not yet - God's "dying" not dead... and that's, hopefully, an important distinction. Amara wants him to watch his world turn to ash.

So, does Amara not knowt that she just destroyed reality?! Maybe, because she does tell Dean "Welcome to the End" and she did talk about wanting to die rather than be locked up. So, Amara's suicide plan may very well be such that she's taking the whole world out with her.

In anycase... next episode, the Wincesters have to find a way to save God and/or reality - and defeat, in some capacity, Amara.

And it looks like Michael is the last living Archangel... still locked in the cage.  But, Cas is back!?

Man, this is going to be some finale!

The promo gives away the premise - so, if you haven't watched it yet, I'd recommend not doing so. I kinda regret now looking it up on youtube. Ah well TOO LATE.

As per usual, forgive my atrocious grammar and spelling mistakes. It is now 3:30am in the province that I woke up in this morning. :P

And also, as per usual, please let me know what you thought in comments!!
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