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If Clothes Could Talk - Updated for Season 10!

Yes, yes, I'm nearly a whole season behind - but still, rejoice! Season 10 has now been added to the Clothing Catalogue.

View the S10 clothes and find out which of Dean's Murder Shirts he actually does the most murdering in!

(Spoiler: I already know the answer)

Now the fun bit... let's look at...


This is always my favourite chart to do (so far). In S10 we see Dean favouring newer wardrobe, and perhaps phasing out his old shirts and jackets from the early seasons. Meanwhile, Sam, like in S9, is favouring clothes from S2/3 and S6/7.

[More Charts Under Here]

Pretty much the usual here!

Here's where it gets interesting! Dean, primarily, where's NEW clothes in S10. I didn't count the number of INSTANCES of him chosing a new shirt over an old one - but I wouldn't be surprised if it's as close to a 50/50 split as it is in this chart, that basically just shows that nearly half of the wardrobe Dean carried around with him in S10 was new.

Meanwhile, Sam didn't have nearly as many new clothes as Dean did. Usually, those stats are reversed - so Sam's clothes budget must have gone to Dean's wardrobe this year.

Dean also remains a jacket fan (snigger), with 4 new jackets/coats this year, in comparison to Sam, who had no new jackets or coats at all (which isn't too unusually, Sam didn't get any new jackes in S4, 5, or 8, either.

Again, we see the Dean wearing the greater variety of coats and jackets. Sam remains a fan of having fifty billion different blue plaid shirts... so, nothing new here. Except that for the first time (I believe), Dean is the only one who appears in a hoodie - it happens only once, but it's still a pretty rare event.

Dean favoured more plaid in S10 year than usual. Usually, his greatest catagory is green/beige shirts - but that lost out in favour of both plaid and darker coloured shirts (including a brown shirt - which is another colour that Dean doesn't typically wear.)

Sam also favoured plaid, which isn't unusual at all. And the blue colour for that slice of the pie is very appropriate...but we'll get to that in a bit...

I love this chart! It makes a perfect peace sign - very much in contrast to the MoC!Dean that we had all season, who, even in his new shirts, favoured Plaid and dark colours. Even the new green shirt is a dark green shirt, as opposed to the lighter grey-greens that Dean usually wears - but I still counted it as green.

Last but not least is Sam, driving me crazy with his eleventy billion different blue plaid shirts. He bought even more this year. So, hopefully next year he'll decide that he has enough and cut me a break. :P

And there you go! Hope you enjoy.

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