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Dean's Blue Double-Pointed Pocket Shirt

Dean's Blue Double-Pointed Pocket Shirt

Yet another uncharacteristic western shirt for Dean in S10 – this one is dark blue, does up with snaps, and has breast pockets with double-pointed pocket flaps. The shoulders also have a western cut seam across them.

Brand: Levi's


In The Things We Left Behind (10x09), Dean is wearing this shirt while watching the Three Stooges in the Bunker at the beginning of the episode.

In Angel Heart (10x20), Dean wears this shirt from the beginning of the episode until Claire’s mother dies.

In Thin Lizzie (11x05), Dean wears this once he takes off his suit and Sam and he decide to take Len with them when they try to track down the wife of the third murder victim.

In Lily Sunder Has Some Regrets (12x10), Dean wears this shirt once they change out of their suits and go to the diner with Cas to meet Ishim. He wears it for the remainder of the episode.

In The British Invasion (12x17), Dean wears this shirt at the very end of the episode, after Eileen has left, and Sam gives him back the Colt.

In Devil’s Bargain (13x13), Dean wears this shirt from the beginning of the episode until they change into suits to go try to track down Lucifer.

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