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Rewatch S1: Ep 11 & 12

So, last night I watched Scarecrow and Faith, went to bed at 5am, woke up at 11am, and now have an irregular heartbeat because that's what happens when I don't get enough sleep.

I picked my Jensen icon, because the man does a fine job.

I don't think I have any general thoughts on these episodes. Thinking about Faith always gets Hallelujah by Leonard Cohen stuck in my head: "Your faith was strong, but you needed proof..." Which, I suppose, is better than getting "Chelsea Hotel" by Leonard Cohen stuck in my head, though I think it's the most beautiful song ever written about a blowjob.

Anyway, there is once again brief foreshadowing mentions in my post, so be officially warned, even though I don't go into detail.



I really like this episode, and not just because of Dean's famous line of "I hope your apple pie is freaking worth it!"

This episode takes place over four days somewhere between April 8th and 15th, well, it's more like 3 days and a night, because Sam only spends two days trying to run away from Dean before he comes back to save the day. Note though, that apples are not in season in April, so I have no idea what all those apples are doing in the orchard buckets.

Man, that dude's death at the beginning is way gorier than I remember. Gross. The weird thing about my love for this show is that I really don't like horror. My bestfriend was really confused when I recommended the show to him, because he knows I'm rubbish at handling anything remotely scary, but there you have it. Still, ugh guys! Try not to have faceless dudes in the future please!

I love how Sam's first question to his Dad is "Are you hurt?" See, he loves him! The voice too...man, Jared is so good at that voice...I don't think he uses it anymore in the show, but then, Sam's gotten a bit old (and a bit big) for the little-boy voice.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan is awesome. He's so good at John Winchester.

Speaking of people who are awesome at their jobs: I love how you visibly see Dean transition from son to soldier when he takes the phone from Sam. He gets one question out while looking and sounding like a worried kid and then he just shifts into Marine-mode. Man...I don't even want to think about what that means for Dean's emotional well being, but I'm once again impressed with Jensen's ability to show and not tell.

Yay for Dean calling Sam on being a "selfish bastard." You so are, Sammy! Still, I can never quite believe that Dean just let's Sam leave...then again, Dean does have abandonment issues, he probably figured it was only a matter of time, especially after Asylum.

Meg makes my hands sweat. I know she is much loved in the fandom, but honestly, really devious recurring villans make me nervous. It's not a spoiler for me to say she is recurring, because she didn't die at the end of the episode, so it's pretty much guaranteed that she will come back.

Oh Canada - That's a CN train going over those railway tracks.

I love the boys' phone conversation, it's really good writing...because real people speak in broken sentences and unspoken meanings.

Hey! After Sam tells Dean that he stole a car to get back, Dean says "That's my boy!"  - I had Dean say that in one of my fanfic's, and I didn't even know there was a canon precedent for it! Sweet.

More greatness from Jensen: How Dean is all sarcastic with Sam about his little speech at the end, but then when he turns away from him there's this flash of emotion across his face that's overwhelming...and then just as quickly it's gone again.

Deleted Scene Goodness:

It's just a slightly extended version of the diner scene, where the Sheriff tells Dean that nobody likes him. Awww. Seriously though, that's the gist of it, and the addition to the scene is rather pointless.


This is their longest time-span in an episode yet (disregarding the pilot, which covered 22 years). The episode takes place over an entire week. My guess is that it's the end of April. Also, random time fact: Dean is cured at exactly 4:17 on the fourth day of the episode.

I love how Sam is happy for a brief moment when Dean shows up at the door of his hotel room, until he remembers that Dean is dying and should probably be in the hospital...but even then, he keeps breaking into these little tiny smiles and then smothering them, it's adorable.

There is so much foreshadowing in this episode! Also there is so much of Dean's self-worth issues.

Speaking of foreshadowing: Sue Ann picked the victims, she didn't picked those to be cured, so when Roy says that Dean is "a young man with an important purpose, a job to do..." ...well, you get my point.

Oh man, the actress who plays Layla's mum is a bit cheesy (not to mention that she should not be wearing that crazy dark lipstick with her complexion in that lighting). But hey! Rebecca Jenkins plays Sue Ann! Yay for Canadians...I forgot to point out Callum Keith Rennie in Wendigo, so I'll do so now too. Both CKR and Rebecca Jenkins are in a Canadian movie I like called Wilby Wonderful...along with Sandra Oh, who is famous down there in the states for her role on Grey's Anatomy (which I don't watch, because it suxors.) Rebecca Jenkins also sings some songs for the soundtrack of Wilby Wonderful that are really pretty. I really wish that movie released a frickin' soundtrack.

Dean recognizing that Sue-Anne wasn't evil when she trapped the Reaper, just desperate...

Dean: "May god save us from half the people who think they are doing God's work" - No frickin' kidding, people are crazy.

In general, I both like and loathe this episode. I sort of feel that they use Dean's life as a plot device, and I'm not cool with that...it should be heavier, and something like this should completely change the way Sam relates to his brother - as events in S3 do. Basically, what I'm saying is that if Dean really almost died halfway through S1, Sam probably wouldn't take until S3 to start appreciating the guy. That being said, I think the actors carry this episode really well and there are some fantastic moments in it.

Deleted Scene Goodness:

They actually filmed the swimmer's death and had planned to cut to scenes of it as Dean was being healed. It doesn't really add anything to the show though, so I can see why they left it out. Too bad that actor was cut from the aired show, though, I always feel bad for them.


I might have a nap, who knows. There might be yet another post later...or maybe I'll get that thing I wrote yesterday edited up and post it. The possibilities, though not endless, are many.

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