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The Status of Everything

It's 2am and I just finished painting my sister's room. We have to paint it before my Mum lists the house...I did the primer on Sunday night after driving back from visiting friends, and I managed a coat of paint tonight between midnight and 2am (not bad). I really hope it only needs one coat of paint.

My sister arrives home tomorrow evening.
On Thursday, I finally get to see Harry Potter 6.
On Friday morning we are taking off for a four day camping music festival.
On Tuesday, we are driving to New Brunswick for 6 days.
The Tuesday after that, I have approximately 6 days to pack up my entire life and fit as much as I can of it into a Toyota Yaris.
Three Mondays from now, I drive across Canada.
By the time September rolls around, I should be officially living and working in Vancouver.

What it all means:
I probably won't be around much (even less than I have been around so far this summer). I hope everyone on my flist has a wonderful August.

What it means for those of you who are awaiting an update on  my SPN/HP Epic "Damned Demented Demons":
I will do my best to post an update before I leave (I have a small "interlude" written between Hermione and Bobby), and I'm trying to finish up Chapter 24, but it's giving me a little bit of trouble. I usually don't post a chapter until I have two written though, so I make no promises on when Chapter 24 will appear.
You may be waiting until September.

Completely Random: FOR ALL THE GERMANS:
Dude! Wouldn't Schlaflied by Die Ärzte make a pretty awesome cracky Supernatural Vid?! Man, I really wish I had video capabilities.

Ok, I think that's it!

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