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Rewatch S10: Inside Man (10x17)

Rewatch! This time, it's an Andrew Dabb episode. He's writing the finale this year, as a change of pace - so, should be interesting!

Inside Man

The THEN is really long. Like... I think longer than it needs to be. Maybe not though, I guess we need to reminded about all these things. Still, succinct is nice.

I forgot that it starts off with a flashforward. They rarely do that.

Bobby! I like this song too. This is a good scene.

And I love Sam's voice coming over the radio - so cool.

Dean is having nightmares. I love how fans pointed out that the "SAM!" we hear while Sam is running down the hall is the exact same "SAM!" that Dean yelled when he was in Hell in S3.

Also, Sam in barefeet and PJs - cutie.

We also get to see (a little) of how far away Sam and Dean's rooms are. (I know they're the same room redressed on the real life set). Anyway, I just find it amusing that when finally having access to a multi-room permanent dwelling, Sam and Dean were obviously like "woo! Separate bedrooms! I am choosing one AT A DISTANCE FROM YOURS!" But, obviously not TOO far, since Sam can hear Dean shout and possibly only has to run down one hallway to get to him. (In my mind, the MoL Bunker is a multistory complex, though it could be that all the living quarters are on the same floor.)

Sam: "Hey, how'd you sleep?"
Dean: "Like a drunk baby. What do we got?"

- Ah, the lies. That being said, I love the simile that Dean chooses.

Sam: "There's a Kitsune working some truck stops outside of Boise, but Rudy's on it, so..."
- Do we eventually meet Rudy? I forget who the hunter is that Dean gets killed at the end of this season.
- I like how it's implied that Sam and Dean are sort of quasi connected to the greater Hunting network. We never really see who filled in Bobby and/or Garth's shoes, but you get the feeling that whether or not Sam and Dean have a good or bad relationship with other Hunters, they're still able to keep tabs on who is on which case, and they're able to ASSIGN some people to cases sometimes. I know that the Js have said at conventions that Sam and Dean don't have a good relationship with other hunters because of the whole apocalypse thing, but I also can't help but think that they take after their dad a little - remember back in the early seasons when all the hunters that Sam and Dean talked to used to know their dad, but had had a falling out with him at some point. I mean, different circumstances for sure, but I sort of get the feeling that there are hunters scattered across the US who are like "goddamn Winchesters - FINE, I'll hunt the Kitsune in Boise... just... I hate you guys." :P
- Okay, that all aside, I love how you can ALWAYS TELL when Sam is lying like...maybe not the big lies, but the little ones like this. He's so bad at white lies... he suddenly gets a little jittery, starts playing with his fingers, twitching because he's not sure whether eye contact makes his lie better or worse.

Dean: "Alright, snow day! I say we get drunk and shoot crap."
Sam: "Yeah, except we do that every day."

- I'm still not sure about Dean's line there. Does he mean it literally or figuratively?

Sam: "It's a french film."
Dean: "You mean like nudey french?"
Sam: "Even better. It's about a mime whose secretly a cockroach."
Dean: "I don't get it."
Sam: "Dude, the New York Times said-"
Dean: "I don't care."

- Sam might be bad at little lies, but he's good at playing a caricature of himself. :P

Sam: "Stay out of my room!"
Dean: "Totally"

- Oh brothers.

Cas: "Where's Dean?"
Sam: "This is ABOUT Dean"

- Poor Sam... I'd be like "Nice to see you too, Cas. So nice you care enough about me to meet when I ask, even if my brother isn't with me or it's not about him. Such a good friend, you are." But then I'm a sarcastic little shit. And Sam probably told Cas on the phone that he had to meet him for Mark of Cain business, so Cas was expecting Dean to be involved in some manner.

That all being said - I do love Sam and Cas working together to help Dean. I just wish that they weren't the two characters whose good intentions ALWAYS BACKFIRE.

Back to Rowena and Crowley in Hell...

I've become a little mesmerized by that cat-eye thing that's popular these days in eye-liner. I'm horrible at makeup and don't much like wearing it... but yeah, I'm fascinated by what other people do with it.

I also like Rowena basically coming up with a cover story that will make Crowley uncomfortable, and therefore make him stop asking questions. It's clever. I like clever characters.

Meanwhile, Dean is messing with Sam's room.

Dean taping down the phone hang-up buttons is hilarious, because 1)do they even use those phones? 2)What percentage of their audience are old enough to remember how those phones work? 3)It's a pretty obvious thing to do that Sam will see as soon as he lifts the receiver, so.. it's a minor eye-roll of inconvenience. Whereas the toothbrush in the armpit thing is just gross! Also, Sam said he wouldn't be back until tomorrow and yet he didn't bring his toothbrush!? Sammy, your teeth are going to gross. It's a good thing Castiel doesn't get kisses from you.

Male!Hannah! I LOVE THIS HANNAH! Well, I love all Hannah's, but I love what this actor does with playing a previously female-bodied angel, and also an angel that - through human influence - once had fleeting romantic attraction to Castiel. And, through Hannah's OWN mind gave Castiel her friendship and loyalty. What it does is gives this guy permission to be softer, rather than conform to masculine ideals... which basically makes him SUPER ATTRACTIVE TO ME, because he basically becomes exactly my type of guy.

I could also go into a huge speech about how I see angels as primarily genderless, despite what pronouns they may use or what gendered names they may have. I think they're limited by english, but that gender doesn't exist for them. But, yeah, I think I've gone into that headcanon enough, so that's all I'll say about that.

Hannah: "What do you want in Heaven?"
Cas: "Metatron."
Hannah: "Why? Is this about your grace, are you fading?"

- So concerned! But what would Hannah do if Cas WAS fading? Would he sacrifice an angel to keep Cas alive? I don't think Cas would like that... would Hannah let Castiel see Metatron if it were about saving HIMSELF rather than saving Dean? Or does Hannah simply want to be there for Castiel's hospice care? Does he just want to make sure that Castiel dies peacefully and in Heaven? Probably not the latter, based on how much Hannah seemed to be against Castiel dying previously.

Hannah: "Because you think Metatron MIGHT have information about the Mark of Cain?"
Cas: "No, we know he does."
Hannah: "So he says, but Metatron lies."

- Hannah knows what's up.

Cas: "After all I've done for Heaven. After all I've done for you?"
Hannah: "I'm sorry."
Cas: "You should be."

- Awww... I do feel bad that that Castiel and Hannah kind of left it here. (As I ignore S11 canon and continue my headcanon that Hannah lives forever as a cutiepants.)

Cas: "What we're leaving?!"
Sam: "You can't fight off four angels."
Cas: "So what? You just want to give up on Metatron?"
Sam: "What? No, we need him. Time for Plan B - we break him out."

- There are a few things I like here too. 1)Cas is WILLING to fight four angels. 2)Sam ISN'T willing to let Cas fight four angels. 3)CAS is the one that's myopic with anger. 4)Sam has ALREADY formulated a plan B in case the direct route didn't work out. He's got this whole other plan in his back pocket.

Awww, switchboard demon is a cutie too. Using windows... hahaha, oh product placement. Windows 8 suckors.

Dean: "Hey Donny!"
Donny: "Hey man!"

- I love that Dean now has a local bar and is on first name bases with the bartender. I wonder what the town thinks of the Winchesters. "Yeah, these guys moved to town - not sure what they do for a living or where they live... but it's probably just a really weird coincidence that our cars started getting stolen way more often after they showed up."

Dean: "What with the Abercrombie rejects?"
Donny: "College kids, 'slumming it'"
Dean: "What are you talking about? This is a nice joint. You got those custom urninal pucks."
Donny: "Ha!"

- Awww, does Donny get hurt in this episode? I want Donny/Dean stories now... with Donny being Dean's clueless civilian guy on the side... goddamn... maybe I should write that. I love outsider POV and hot make-outs... and pool tables... and nachos. I'm actually being serious. I'll be so mad if Donny visible dies in this episode.

I love Dean hustling pool. (Love the wink to Donny when he decides to do it.) They rarely show them doing this, I think the last time might have been S4 - but it was the nearly the same routine, only with Sam playing the drunkard.

Sam: "Now, the Men of Letters were teaching him how to control his powers when they got... you know..."
Cas: "Brutally slaughtered?"

- Oh Cas, I love you.

Cas: "I'll break it down."
Sam: "Dude dude dude - chill."
Cas: "What? I'm *helping*"

- Seriously, I love Cas.

Sam: "I'm Sam-"
Oliver: "Winchester - Man of Letters!"
Sam: "Yeah, how did you-"
Oliver: "Mind-Reader, remember! And you- ...what are you?"
Castiel: "I'm an angel."

- I love Oliver's reaction to Castiel. I love when the show doesn't forget that Castiel isn't human.

Oliver: "No, you can't be."
Castiel: "Why not?"
Oliver: "Because I'm an atheist."
Sam: "Not anymore."

- Awww.... Atheism is all about attitude. Dean, in my opinion, still qualifies as an athiest. Or maybe, the word I'm looking for is "skeptic".
- But I love how this guy just denies Castiel's whole existence like that'll make his beliefs true. You see that a lot in people who are clinging to religions that rely on evidence to be true... which, in the SPN universe, could include atheism, where the facts are actually against it. That's why religion works better when it's a code of conduct (love your neighbour, killing is bad, etc.) rather than using it to explain the world (as though it were a science, which it is not.)

Castiel: "... because you can hear everyone's thoughts."
Oliver: "Not yours. All I'm getting from you is colours!"

- I love stuff like this. Again, it's just Outside POV really... I'm a sucker for it. Also, I can tell I spend too much time on tumblr, because I've seen so many rainbow-Cas fanarts that I actually had convinced myself the line was "rainbows" and not "colours."

Oliver: "Heaven's got a freakin' jail?!"
Sam: "Yeah, it does, and we need to break someone out of it."
Cas: "We have an inside man, but we need your help to talk to him."
Oliver: "And if I say no?"
Sam: "You're the mind reader."
Oliver: "I'll get my crap."

- I like how Cas doesn't seem overly pleased with Sam, but also doesn't scold him or say anything about it. He also just looks sort of apologetic that they are desperate - this is all just me saying that Misha is a good actor.
- Also, I love that they left whatever Sam was thinking unsaid. Did he think about forcing him? Did he think about the consequences if they didn't help Dean? Did he think of the things he's done in the past, just so that Oliver would know EXACTLY who he was? We'll never know.

Back to Dean - I do feel bad when Dean makes him give him the watch and really does take him to town... it's because I'm too nice. I mean, yeah, teach the dude a lesson, but... I don't know. Like I said, I'm just too nice. I'm incapable of being mean to people, even when they're douchebags. That being said, if you tied like... a rapist/murderer to a train track and gave me the option to NOT stop the train and told me that I didn't have to watch, I totally wouldn't stop the train. I'd feel bad about it afterwards, but I'd be able to live with myself. So, there's some line SOMEWHERE that I can cross, I'm just not sure what it is. Maybe it's because those college kids are obviously idiots - so, I would teach them not to be idiots, but then take pity on them for being idiots and give the watch back (but keep the money.) And I'll only passively kill people? I don't know, that's super sketchy of me. Maybe I wouldn't kill people at all.

Sam still has the hat that Bobby was killed in. I'm not sure how I feel about that... poor Sam.

Oh man, I forgot about Dean's freakout with the demon-eyes in the mirror. Scary! Poor Dean.

I don't like the disembodied Bobby-voice during the seance - It'd make more sense if Oliver was repeating everything Bobby said, seeing as how HE'S the conduet.

Bobby: "Put Dean on the line."
Sam: "Dean's not here."
Bobby: "Why not?"
Sam: "Dean's uh- Dean's not in a good place right now, Bobby."

- Bobby knows they're just keeping secrets from each other.

So, it looks like Rowena just emptied the bar and turned the three college kids into attack dogs. So... no evidence that Donny is dead. Phew. I gotta say, after I had the at-first-joking idea, Dean/Donny has now risen to the status of OTP for me. Finally, an SPN ship that I can get behind.

Dean: "Whoa, fella, what did she do to you?"
- Awww, Dean didn't really mean them any harm, other than taking their money and watch.

And I like how Dean resisting killing them.

Dean: "What the hell are you doing here?"
Rowena: "Saving my son."
Dean: "Your son?"
Rowena: "Crowley."
Dean: "Crowley Crowley?"
Rowena: "My son is a king, a god! Or he would be if you didn't- Snap your fingers and he comes running like a wee lapdog."
Dean: "Lady, I don't know what you're talking about."
Rowena: "You're a good influence on him, that's why you need to die!"

- I had forgotten that they didn't know that Rowena was Crowley's mother.
- Also, Rowena is clearly lying here, since we know she's going after the Winchesters in order to get access to the Bunker and the items of power stolen from the Grand Coven. Of course, now that she's failed, she frames it in a way where it seems that it was for Crowley's benefit - so that if she needs his rescue, he's more apt to give it. Even if he did expressly forbid her from going after the Winchesters. This way, whether Dean injures her or she claims he did, Dean's story of her motivations will match what she tells Crowley - so that it appears her actions are selfless and not at all power-hungry.

Rowena: "..but the spell I used will devour them from the inside out, just like it did that girl. I'm the only one that can save them, so what's it going to be - hero?"
- She's a clever one. It's the exact same trick she uses in order to assure her survival at the end of the season too - only on Cas.

Bobby escapes... not much to say about that, besides that I love that he's in the "Robert Singer" wing.

Crowley: "Rough date, mother?"
- Hehehe.

Crowley: "Why were you anywhere near Dean Winchester?"
Rowena: "I was trying to kill him."
Crowley: "Been there. Never seems to work out quite the way you want."
Rowena: "The spell I case should have ripped him apart, but-"
Crowley: "It's like Dean was protected from on high. It's the Mark of Cain - it never lets it's host die easy."
Rowena: "The Mark? It's just a curse - the first curse - but still, it can be removed."
Crowley: "How?"
Rowena: "I'll find a way."
Crowley: "You do this."

- I do love how they feed in this clue - this fact that it's a curse, and curses can be removed. I just wish it was a better removal ritual that would do it. But we'll get to that, I guess. What have our options been so far? That it's something INSIDE Dean that might be able to beat the Mark... I liked that option. Were there others? I can't remember now. Anyway...
- If Crowley were more cleverly written this season - he would use this as an opportunity to tell his mother (possibly lying) that the ONLY reason he hasn't killed Dean is because of the Mark and the fact that he hasn't been able to beat it yet. That way, she'd stop harping on him about being weak and having a softspot for the Winchesters, and instead they could work in tandem to defeat the Mark... though, Rowena putting pressure on Crowley's self-worth/fear-of-failure issues is what gets her what she wants, so maybe that wouldn't have worked either.

Crowley: "I have Sam and Dean exactly where I want them. What do they say - friends close, enemies closer."
Rowena: "Maybe they were your enemies ONCE, but now, please. Do you even care that Dean Winchester mutilated your mother?!"
Crowley: "Because you were stupid."

- I'm with Crowley. He told her to stay away from them, she didn't listen - she gets what's coming to her.
- That being said, I also agree with Rowena - both Crowley and the Winchesters have decided that it's better the devil they know.... and, especially on Crowley's end, there IS a certain amount of sentiment there - the fact that he knows them inside and out at this point and they've been through a bunch together. If you think about it, what other confidants does Crowley have? He's got his minions, who he tolerates at best, but doesn't see them as clever enough or formidable enough to be interesting... the Winchesters are INTERESTING and there is no denying that they're extremely intelligent (no matter what Crowley might say to their faces.) You know what they say - it's lonely at the top. And people with the personality of yellow-eyes or Lucifer probably doesn't mind that, but Crowley, who got his power through social interaction and manipulation, probably actually thrives on social interaction, which is why he's good at it.

Rowena: "If you do nothing, you'll look weak..."
- And Crowley comes by manipulation honestly.

Cas: "You sure he can handle this?"
Sam: "He's Bobby - he can handle anything."

- Sam and Dean treat all their parental figures the same.

Dean: "Been waiting on you."
Crowley: "Squirrel."
Dean: "Boris. Where's Natasha?"
Crowley: "Would it make a difference?"
Dean: "Not really. So, we going to do this?"

- I like the fact that they've gone with the nicknames from Rocky and Bulwinkle... even though, I think the original Moose nickname for Sam makes more sense if it's a reference to Moose from the Archie comics.
- Also, I like the fact that they're setting up for a fight here, even though we all know Crowley isn't the fighting type.

42 is so predicatable for a gate.

I love how their plan is breaking Cas INTO Heaven first.

Bobby: "Cas, where's Dean?"
Cas: "What?"
Bobby: "You heard me!"
Cas: "Dean is, resting, he's sick and-"
Bobby: "Try again."
Cas: "Dean doesn't know we're doing this."
Bobby: "Well that's a page right out of the Winchester playbook, isn't it!"
Cas: "Dean has given up."
Bobby: "And you haven't."
Cas: "Would you?"
Bobby: "Hell no."

- I love how Bobby also treats Cas like a stupid kid too.
- Also, I like how Bobby can concede Cas and Sam's point - in that he wouldn't give up either - but he also sticks with his guns that not giving up, and lying to Dean, are two completely different things. You can be honest and also at odds with someone to their face. :P

There is a LOT of back and forth in this episode, my god.

I like how Crowley and Dean are just drinking, and Crowley believes Dean when he says he didn't hurt Rowena, and Crowley tells Dean about the Mark being a curse.

Crowley: "She says I've gone soft."
Dean: "Haha, you have. What? Maybe it's all the human blood that Sammy pumped into you. Maybe it's - I don't know, I don't know - but the old Crowley, he would have come in here with hell hounds and demons and he would have blown the roof off the joint. Now? You didn't want to fight, you wanted to talk. You know, maybe I've changed too - here I am playing Dr. Phil to the King of Hell, never would have saw that coming."

- And this is the thing, you keep your enemies close, you end up seeing them as complex individuals. You keep them REALLY close and they end up being the only person in the world that really understands you - that knows enough of your history that they can give you advice. I think that's the boat that Crowley's in. Dean's boat is that, after the Abaddon fiasco, he and Sam probably realize that it's actually better to have someone stable running hell - someone who is LAWFUL evil, rather than chaotic evil, and more importantly, someone they know so much about that they have half a hope of keeping Hell in line, withouth having to close the gates.

Crowley: "Maybe we're getting old."
Dean: "Never saw that coming either. What is it, huh? Why you letting Mommy Dearest tie you into knots?"
Crowley: "Because we're family, we're blood."
Dean: "That's not the same the same thing. A wise man once told me, 'Family don't end in blood', but it don't start there either. Family cares about you, not what you can do for them. Family is there, through the good, bad, all of it. They got your back. Even when it hurts - that's family. That sound like your mother?"

- I love Dean's speech there, because it expands the theme of the show into a clarified safer area. Before, the theme was family and how important it is... the show, of course, repeatedly warns about codependence, but that was the only downside for a bit. "Family don't end in blood" is very much the mantra of the fandom - in that you can have families of choice. What I love about "but it don't start there either" is that it redefines family to being ONLY that of choice - if you're blood relatives are toxic individuals who make your life a living hell, then they are NOT family and you do not have to support them if they do not support you. Did you know that the ACTUAL saying is "the blood of the covenant is thicker than the water of the womb"? That saying is actually telling us the OPPOSITE of the message that people shortened it to. Blood is thicker than water, meant that the sort of... blood-brothers thing that you do as kids, is a stronger bond than you have to whoever the hell brought you into the world. Which just goes back to my previous rewatch, where I quoted Gibran - "your children are not your children." Your parents are not your parents. Your family is only your family if you want them to be - if they've earned that title.

Man, there's a lot to chew on in this episode. I feel like I've been watching it for ten thousand years already. (It's been 2hrs and 20 minutes, btw - but I took a five minute break for some yogurt)

Bobby: "This is the scribe of God? Looks like a fraggle."
Metatron: "I'm going to take that as a compliment - that was an excellent program."

- The one and only time I agree with Metatron.

Metatron: "... I know about the Mark, I have YOUR Grace - I make the rules! It's called leverage, boys! Learn it, live it, love it."
*Sam nods at Cas*
*Castiel takes Metatron's grace*
*Sam shoots him in the leg*
Cas: "We have your grace, Metatron. You're mortal now. So you will answer our questions, or Sam will, uh - what's the phrase? Blow your frickin' brains. It's called leverage Metatron."
Sam: "Learn it, live it, love it."

- I love Sam and Cas as a super badass team. Mainly, because they're the two that when pressed - when SUPER PRESSED - they'll sacrifice more of their morals than anyone else. Don't get me wrong, they're fundamentally good people - but out of the mistakes that everyone on the show has made in the pursuit of good intentions, Sam and Cas both tend to make the EXTREME mistakes and the ones that most tear them up inside afterwards. So, yeah, Dean might be the torturer of the pack, but Sam and Cas would be the ones that I'd be most afraid of if I were standing in their way of something.
- I also love the absolute genius of this plan. Now that they've already broken off good relations with Heaven and busted Metatron out, there's no reason not to do with him exactly as they please. Heaven's punishment was for Metatron to spend eternity in jail - Sam and Cas's punishment is to do to him what he did to Cas, and then probably kill him.

Metatron: "It's old magic. GOD level magic. Or Lucifer level - but you can't ask him exactly, can you!"
- Ah, option #2 - Lucifer... or Michael... or another archangel. That'd been cool too, though probably would have backfired then just as it does in S11.

Sam: "So, when you said the river ends at the source, that was-"
Metatron: "I was just making up crap! Trying to buy time 'til I could screw you over."
Sam *under his breath*: "No."
Metatron: "What? It worked before!"
Cas: "He's telling the truth."
Sam *through his teeth*: "What?"
Cas: "Shoot him!"
*Sam raises the gun*
Metatron: "No no no! Your grace! I wasn't lying about that! There's still some left. I'll take you to it."
Sam: "It's your call, Cas."

- God, I love this scene. Jared is just so awesome with Sam here... like you can see how angry he is as his last hopes unravel. He's just lived, even though he barely says anything, and what he does say, is said QUIETER than usual. There's something so much more intimidating about people who go quiet when they're angry.
- And then I love the fact that Sam basically just becomes Cas' hired gun. As soon as Sam doesn't have a horse in the race anymore, it just becomes about what Cas says they do. And it's directed beautifully, I love that quick obedience Sam has to the line "shoot him", just how quick he raises the gun, even if he lets Metatron speak more, it's still an absolutely awesome shot.

Rowena: "Is it done?"
Crowley: "We're done. Get your things and get out."
Rowena: "You aren't serious."
Crowley: "Deadly."
Rowena: "But I'm your mother."
Crowley: "You may have brought me into this world, but you were never my mother."
Rowena: "So you're choosing the Winchesters."
Crowley: "I'm choosing me. I put up with your lies, your sad little schemes, because - because maybe you were right, maybe I did lose my edge, but that ends now. Tell me Rowena, if I were not the King of Hell, would you have ever bothered to pretend to care about me?"
Rowena: "You can't."
Crowley: "I can. I'm BLOODY CROWLEY. I'm the King of Hell. I do what I want, when I want. And I don't take orders from you."
Rowena: "Everything you have. I will watch it burn."
Crowley: "I'll give you five minutes. After that, pray I don't see you again."

- I love this, because Rowena, ultimately, got what she wanted from Crowley - she wanted him to step up and be authoritative, to be commanding, and to not allow himself to be manipulated (by the Winchesters) and that's exactly what happened... only, it wasn't Rowena's manipulations that did it, it was one conversation with Dean... and it wasn't the Winchesters' manipulations that Crowley escaped, but Rowenas. I like "careful what you wish for" scenarios sometimes.
- Also, I like Crowley "choosing me" - not making it about Rowena vs. the Winchesters, but about Rowena vs. Crowley and what's best for him. Crowley knows where he stands with the Winchesters (and in the coming episodes, it's only manipulation on Rowena's part (with Sam) that changes that - and even then, seemingly only briefly.) Whereas, with Rowena, he doesn't know where he stands - are they repairing their relationship? Is it only manipulation? Does she care for him at all or only his power? Does he want her to love him or does he want revenge on her for abandoning him? It's all a mix of conflicting emotions/feelings, all of which, Crowley would probably prefer not to have to deal with at all. And it's actually THOSE feelings that are making Crowley seem weak to the court, not his relationship with the Winchesters.

Dean: "Hey, how was the movie?"
Sam: "French. How about you? What did you do last night?"
Dean: "Played some pool. Was kind of boring."

- Ah the lies.

Oh yeah, the Bobby letter...

Bobby: "And I know it's the life - doing a bit of bad so you can do a lot of good. But sometimes the bad's real bad and the good, it can come at one hell of a price. I ain't there on the ground, and whatever you do, I know you'll make the right choice. You're a good man, Sam Winchester - one of the best - and I'm damn proud of you, son. I was content up here, but getting that call from you, it's the happiest I've been in forever, no matter what it costs. So, stay safe, keep fighting, and kick it in the ass."
- Awww... Bobby forshadowing the season finale, like a good surrogate parental figure.
- Also, I want to know what the heck is going to happen to Bobby now that he assisted their jail break!! Will he get kicked out of heaven?!! Will HE go to heaven jail!? What's the cost?!?!

Well, that was a meal of an episode.
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