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Rewatch S10: The Things They Carried (10x15)

Rewatch time!

The Things They Carried

Ah, the "I don't know!" recap. Love it.

And the return of Cole. He was a very interesting character for them to introduce and then seemingly do very little with... it was almost like they just needed someone to waylay Sam, to interrupt their conversation, to come back and prevent Dean from killing Rowena... it's just... interesting.

The teaser death is super disturbing, by the way.

Dean: "Porn?"
Sam: "What? No, it was nothing."
Dean "Hey, no judgement from me, just not where we eat."
Sam: "Dude, it wasn't porn."
Dean: "Okay, EROTICA, whatever, just zip it up - check this out..."

- Dean, you were watching cartoon porn at Bobby's kitchen table that time, you are in no position to criticize.
- But of course, Dean knows full well it wasn't porn, he just doesn't want to talk about what it actually was.

Sam has just used "Websummon" to look up "Mark of Cain" on his cell phone in the car. There are 12,200,000 results, the first one is a free encyclopedia which means he's on the first page. Um, Sam, I know you're the researcher of the family and you supposedly know what you're doing - but, um, have you considered NARROWING YOUR SEARCH PARAMETERS?!

Dean: "SAM! I know what you're doing over there and it ain't porn. Look man, we have checked every website, okay, we've checked it twice. Sammy, when we work a case, there's always that point, when we have to face the truth, right? Even if we don't like. Well, truth is, there's no way around this. We saw what happened to Cain, ok? I'm not happy about it, but we gotta move on. So, I'm going to keep doing what we do, while I still can, and I'd like you to be there with me."
- Awww, and we set up what we're going to be parallelling in this episode - whether or not something is a hopeless case.

And they are in Fort Langley! I really like Fort Langely. I haven't been since they built the new toll bridge on the highway out there - I should probably go and check it out. There's a nice hat store that I like. Always in the mood to buy a new hat.

TRENCH COATS! Man, maybe I SHOULD add them to the clothing catalogue - but so little time, so much to do.

Sheriff: "Third suicide we've seen in six months. Military town."
- It's sad because there's nothing even suggesting that's supernatural related, giving the high rate of suicide among veterans. :(

Sheriff: "You like some cake?"
Dean: "Mm!"
Sam: "No, uh, you know what, we're okay."
Sheriff: "No? it's really good, my partner made it!"

- Why won't you let Dean eat cake, Sam?"
- Also, I love how people use "partner" for both police partners and (usually homosexual) romantic partners - because then I can have a headcanon where this nice Sheriff dude is gay. That being said, he PROBABLY meant police partner, because we're starting to move away from that now, I think.

And this actress has to act with a baby - looks like a well behaved baby, but still. She's good though. It's all very sad.

Wife: "...then he stopped talking, and just wasn't himself. I thought, maybe it was PTSD."
-I made fun of the "maybe it was PTSD" line forever, because PTSD does not cause your skin to dry up and you to have incredible thirst. But I realize, the way she phrased it, she was talking about how he stopped talking to her.

Man, Cole's attractive leaning up against the Impala like that.

I like Cole. I know fan reaction was probably mixed, but I like him as a character.

Cole: "Look, I know what you two are thinking, but we are not going to hunt my bestfriend, who's happens to be a freaking war hero, by the way. We are going to find him. That's the difference."
Dean: "Yeah, we're right there with you, Kit's a hero, but-"
Sam: "You gotta prepare yourself. Kit might not be Kit anymore."

- It's interesting how Klein does the parallelling in this episode, because Cole becomes our Sam stand-in. So, Sam, is basically arguing with himself - he's taking the stance that Sam refuses to believe when it comes to Dean. Dean is always Dean, or there's at least a way back to having him be Dean... Sam refuses to prepare himself for any other possibility. Sam's the Sirius Black of SPN right now, giant well-meaning hypocrite. :P

Second death time. Poor underpaid young gas-n-sip employees. You know you're getting too old when you watch a show and you're like "DON'T KILL THE BABIES! NOOO! THEY'RE ONLY BABIES!!" But seriously, look at these poor babies. Oh god, I know it's fake, but geeeeeeeeez... stop killing babies.

Dean: "Hey, Kung-Fu Grip, you coming?"
- I like that nickname. Hilarious. See, Dean secretely loves you Cole.

Travis (Cole) used to have his ears pierced.

They changed clothes before they dropped Cole off at his house. Interesting choice.

Dean: "And you bought him dinner!"
- Awww... Sam's just being nice, Dean. You're about to off his bestfriend.

For the record, the Impala IS hard to see at night when its lights are off. I once walked right by it on a street, even though I obviously knew I was walking up to SPN filming and should have been on the lookout for it.

So gross.

Cole: "Oh God! Something moved! It's alive, Sammy!"
- I know a lot of people were up in arms about Cole calling Sam and Dean by nicknames - but I read an interview with Travis that explained it, and I thought his explanation was really cool, because he made the choice based on his own military experience, and how using nicknames was a very military thing - and so Cole would fall back on it upon finding himself in...well, "military" mindset.
- Apart from Travis' explanation, however, I thought it was cool as a character thing - because, Cole has been hunting Dean Winchester for years, YEARS, which means that he probably tracked him through his arrests, deaths, resurrections, etc... and, in conjunction, he also tracked Sam, because wherever Sam was, Dean was sure to be there as well... so, think about it? The amount of TIME Cole spent with Sam and Dean on his mind. 13 years, really. You don't think he'd start nicknaming them? It's a really bizarre intimacy, in a way. Think about how we tend to nickname celebrities that we spend far LESS time thinking about? Or, we have no problem referring to them by nicknames that their friends and family also use, even though we don't ACTUALLY have that level of familiarity with them. (I know we don't ALL do that, because some of us find it super weird - but a PERCENTAGE of us do that, so therefore, I can see Cole falling into that percentage.)

Cole: "Alright, fine, electrocution it is. I'm game."
Sam: "Alright, you two get to work. I'll go look for Kit."
Cole: "Hey Sammy?"
Sam: "Yup?"

- See, Sam doesn't even protest. Maybe that's what the fans were up in arms over - because back in the day, Sam hated that nickame and would only let Dean use it (Mind, you, that was because he hated Gordon on sight. Sam's either indifferent, but more likely sympathetic to Cole.) But hating diminuitive nicknames is a young-man's game, usually. I think being called "Sammy" when you are 22 and trying to prove you are your own man, and not someone's 12 year-old little brother, is a far different world than being 34 and not having to prove anything anymore, because your brother, and everyone else you meet, knows full well that you aren't 12.
- Also, I hope that there is a lot of Dean/Cole BDSM fic out there, because Cole really does seem game for electrocution, is all I'm saying. (Though, I know they might be ill matched, because I sort of see Dean as uh... not the dom-type, to put it lightly. But hey, who am I to judge! I've never seen him with a dude. It might be completely different to how he is with the ladies.)

Cole: "So, last time you saw this thing, it turned people into killers too?"
Dean: "Yeah, except that one did a mind-control number on us."
Cole: "Damn, day in day out, you and Sammy saving people from things they just can't wrap their minds around. Hell, nobody even notices it. At least I get a medal for my efforts, but you- I tried to kill your ass."
Dean: "Yeah, good times."

- I love outsider POV on the Winchesters for this reason. We spend so much time with them, and the Hunting community in general, and we see their personal motivations - that it's cool to see it from someone elses - the job sucks, why would you do it? Why live your life on the outside of society, sometimes SHUNNED or PERSECUTED by society, all the while silently saving a world you can't be part of, saving people who would just as soon name you as the enemy? It's superhero stuff, really, when you look at it like that. When you don't know the nitty-gritty of their motivations, the choices they did and didn't have, the moral quandry - I mean, they were given the knowledge and skills to save people, the catch is that they have to live like they do - but, do you just not save the people?

Cole: "I almost took you off the map. Who'd be saving me now?"
- It's true, Cole would have accidentally screwed himself over. But I like the fact that he actually realizes this - that he realizes he spent 13 years hunting someone who was only trying to save him, who DID possibly save him back then, and is again saving him now.

Dean: "Alright, let's fire this puppy up!"
Cole: "You say that like it's just another Tuesday."
Dean: "Oh, buddy, it's only Monday."

- Love it.

I love Dean and Cole brainstorming.

Cole: "So, if I dry myself out, sonovabitch wouldn't like that very much, would he?"
Dean: "No, he'd want the hell out. You'd be a hostile environment, well, more than you already are."
Cole: "Well, to be fair, you really haven't seen my chiller side."

- Seriously, as if Dean standing over Cole while he electrocuted him wasn't suggestive enough, they now have to openly flirt. Though, to be fair, Cole's doing all the flirting in this episode, I think.

Nice slippers on Jemma. I wish SPN would have another wardrobe/set sale.

To be fair, they shouldn't be throwing steam in the sweatlodge, that puts moisture into the air. Dry sauna is what you want.

Cole: "My dad, he got something inside him too, right? Do you think this is what he felt like before he turned?"
Dean: "Maybe, he was human, before he was a monster."
Cole: "I get it, why you did it, Dean. My dad wasn't my dad anymore. If I go down that same road. I want you to do that to me too."
Dean: "That road. That means giving up. If you think that's where you're headed, then you've got it ass backwards. You're going to fight, harder than you ever have. You understand?"

- And here Jenny Klein does it again - Cole, with one desert-Khan worm infection, has flipped from our Sammy surrogate to our Dean surrogate. And once again, we have a Winchester arguing against themselves, their own mentality. Just as Cole insisted earlier that he wouldn't accept that Kit was beyond saving, now he starts to prepare himself for the fact that HE might be beyond saving... just like Dean now believes that he's beyond saving when it comes to the Mark. Only, instead of Dean agreeing with Cole, Dean is arguing against him, saying that preparing for what Cole sees as a strong possibility is the same as "giving up" and thus possibly making it a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Cole: "Deano, would you do me the honour of tying me to this chair?"
Dean: "Yeah"

- Not kinky at all.

Cole: "I CAN'T DEAN!"
Dean: "Yes, you can. Listen to me. Yes, you can. Think about your family, your wife, your kid. Do you hear me?"
Cole: "I appreciate the talk coach, but honestly, all I can think about it slicing your wrist and drinking you like a fountain."

- There's probably something wrong with me that I also find that kinky.

Jemma is getting the Hunter-talk, and then Kit breaks free. Aw Kit, if you had just held on a little longer. I always feel sorry for the one person who dies in a mass accident... like, "Train derails, 50 people injured, 1 dead."

When Sam's gun goes off while he's fighting, I seriously thought he might have short Jemma for a minute the first time I saw the episode.

So gross, seriously... good actors with having to fake vomit like that. I can't fake vomit without real vomiting.

Dean: "Sammy, we did it. Cole's alright. Get Kit over here as soon as you can."
Sam: "It's too late."

- So, in the end, our parellel shows Dean that there should be reason to hope, and it shows Sam that he'll ultimately be a failure at everything he does. (Which is actually par for the course for Sam, sadly.)

Sam: "Hey, Cole. Listen, I uh... for whatever it's worth, I really wish it hadn't ended this way."
Cole: "Yeah, me too, Sammy-boy."

- See, I think Cole here, is using the nickname as an extra way to assure Sam that he really does harbour no ill will towards Sam due to what happened. He's showing him affection in a way that is suitable for near strangers.

Sam: "I mean, Kit, he was going to kill her, and-"
Cole: "I know. Jemma told me everything."
*Sam looks like a sad puppydog*
Cole: "Soldier goes crazy, attacks his wife. She had to kill him. Or at least, that's the story that she's got to tell."

- It's a weird way for Cole to conclude the conversation, I think, it almost seem like a non-sequitor for Cole to recite the cover. And I think Sam's change to slightly confused face from his sad puppy face reflects that. At the same time, I think it's sort of meant as a further reassurance. Cole understands that Kit was shot in self-defense, and him reciting the official story is him promising that he understands and means the Winchesters no harm because of it. By reiterating that Jemma is taking the blame in the eyes of the law, Cole is basically saying "the blame isn't on you."

Cole: "I guess I've seen it all now."
Dean: "Some. Not all."
Cole: "I just want to go home. See my family."

- Again, Cole is a weird character for them to introduce. I mean, it's not like they have to do something with EVERYONE in the world, obviously characters like Donna, Jody, and Claire, more in and out of the Winchesters lives, not doing THAT much... but Cole had such an extreme set-up. And Dean's line here, almost seems like they're setting him up to be a Hunter (which is what I also thought they were doing when they first introduced him), but then Cole's responding line suggests that that's not likely to happen (not to mention that we don't see many Hunters with a wife and kid, which was either a flaw in Cole's character design, or an indication that the writers NEVER intended him to do much more than this). Still, it makes me wonder if they were testing the concept of making a hunter out of Cole when they introduced him, and then decided against it, and then needed to cap off his story some other way, where it's clear that he's learned things and is now going to go live his life.

Cole: "I want to thank you, Deano, for keeping me standing."
Dean: "Well, all it took was a little blood, sweat, and more sweat. You take care of yourself, you hear?"
Cole: "Alright, I will. But I still hope I don't see the two of you anymore, no offense."
Sam: "None taken."

- There are little things I like about this conversation: 1)The fact that Dean looks uncomfortable with being thanked. (He used to like it when the ladies did it.) 2)The fact that Dean KINDA for the first time flirts back a little. 3)The fact that Dean looks sad when Cole says that he hopes he never sees them again, but Sam is like "yeah, understood, buddy."

Dean: "Don't blame yourself for Kit, man."
Sam: "I can't help it, Dean. It feels crappy."
Dean: "I know it does."
Sam: "I tried. I tried, Dean. I just - I couldn't save this one."
Dean: "You know you can do everything right, but even still, sometimes, the guy still dies."

- So, it seems that because Sam's lesson was that there is no hope - that was also Dean's lesson, even though he took the opposite stance when talking to Cole.

See you guys tomorrow for the new episode! :)
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