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Rewatch S10: The Executioner's Song (10x14)

Sorry for the delay in these! I knew this episode was going to take me a long time, so I was trying to wait until I had a good few hours free - surprisingly hard to find when you're visiting family. In the end, I had to split it up into two day's of work. :P

The Executioner's Song

Man, this episode is so good - right out of the gate.

The prisoner has SUCH a Canadian accent. It's super weird to hear it from a serial killer - it feels like I'm watching a Kids in the Hall sketch and the punchline hasn't come yet. I'm too used to only listening to Canadian accents in comedy productions. I'm not sure who the actor is, because he doesn't look like the guy that IMDB says played the part (also, doesn't fit with the picture - which shows the credited guy as one of Crowley's demons).

Cain's entrance is amazing. Really, I'd put it right up there with Castiel's and Death's entrances, though, really, this is a re-entrance.

Cain: "Now, I bet you're wondering why I came here? Did I come to punish you or save you? Well, the truth is, Tommy, I'm here to do both."
*stabs Tommy*

- Seriously, so awesome.

Dean: Zodiac
Sam: "7 victims"
Dean: That's some freaky stuff, man. A whole new side of you."
Sam: "It's called True Crime, Dean, it's a hobby."
Dean: "No, bass fishing, needlepoint, that's a hobby, kay? Collecting serial killer stats, that's an illness!"

- I like the way they set this up. I mean, for one, it's a good "new" hobby to introduce for Sam, because there's nothing necessarily in the text to refute it and on top of that back in S2 it was Sam who recognized the name of the serial killer in No Exit, so there's actually canon to support it.
- It IS a weird hobby, but it's a sort of neat one if we get into why Sam might be interested in True Crime - for instance, one possibility is the knowledge that there are human monsters too. Another option is that they're cases that are outside Sam's jurdistiction, so it's interesting because he works in a similar field, but because it's not directly related to his job, it's kinda fun to read about rather than "work related".
- On a differnet topic, I kinda want Dean to take up needlepoint now.

I love when Dean recognizes Cain on the surveillence. Such good acting on Jensen's part - no surprise there, of course, but always wonderful to watch.

And Cas is torturing demons... gets the location of Cain's favourite marsh.

Then to Crowley and Rowena...

And we get Rowena doing her best to manipulate Crowley's perception of her. Basically, making it appear as if she's in Crowley's corner and only wishes to increase his power and the fear/respect his minions have for him.

Cas: "He's dead."
Dean: "What? How do you know?"
Cas: "Call it an educated guess. Cain has been very busy."

- I love the pan up and wide shot of the graves.

I love this scene between Cas and Cain too. So good.

Cain: "Hello Castiel"
- I love that Cain knows who Castiel is. Why? How? Does it matter? Does Cain know all the angels? Can he see them like other angels can see each other? So many questions.

Cain: "What can I say? I got the taste back. With Abaddon's army gunning for me I had to take up arms again. I liked how it felt."
Cas: "Those were demons. These-"
Cain: "Humans. Hm. The Mark thirsts for all kinds."

- I love how it's sort of like an addiction.... where it's easier to fall off the wagon than it is to stay on it... and once you fall off, it's pretty easy to just continue down the road until you're so far off the wagon that you can't even see the road anymore.

Cas: "This is a massacre."
Cain: "Yes, and soon it will be a genecide."

- I love Cain's smile when he says this. Seriously. Timothy Omundson is brilliant. It's hard to believe this is the same dude (and facial hair) that plays King Richard in Galavant.

Cain: "My children. My whole poisoned issue. Lot of them out there right now. Killers, fighters, thieves, some more peaceful than others - but they still carry it with them. The disease. If the Mark wants blood, I'll give it mine."
Cas: "You'll kill them all? You are Adam and Eve's first born. Your decendents are legion."
Cain: "At most I'm culling one in ten."
Cas: "Of everyone?"
Cain: "I've got time."

- I love that last line, because Cain is immortal, and I just love exploring the more horrifying aspects of immortality. It makes me feel better about being mortal.
- Also, I want to know how Cain is tracing his family tree, and from what point he's starting. I recently read an article that suggested that in cultures that intermingled, you only have to go back 400-500 years to find a common ancestor with everyone, which makes everybody 16th cousins at most. So... even if we're just dealing with European/Middle-Eastern populations (which have been intermingling for thousands of years) ....well, yeah, 1 in 10 seems like a low estimate to me. :P Though, granted it's not like that common ancestor would always be the same person. I might be 16th cousins with one person through my maternal line and 16th cousins with another person through my paternal line... so, it's just a matter of whether my maternal or paternal lines are Cain's lines... and whether he's going old school and only fallowing the male line or if he's also including his daughters and granddaughters in his calculations.
- So, that all aside, my headcanon for the way that religion works in Supernatural (because it is a "truth" alongside evolution - so how does that function?) is that Adam and Eve weren't the first humans, but rather the first humans who believed in the concept of the Judeo-Christian God. So, it wasn't that Adam and Eve populated the earth, but simple that they lived a VERY long time ago, and so would have many ancestors (though, not EVERYONE would be their ancestor). So, in this case, 1 in 10 might make more sense. It would be as though the entire population of Europe and the United States were all decended from Cain.... which makes sense, because he's inexplicably a white dude. So, really, it might make the most sense that Cain is just killing all the white people. I mean... fair enough, you know?
- Okay, now, all that aside...it's interesting that Cain sees his bloodline as poisoned. We've been told that the Mark causes the taint - and we're told in the finaly that it's the Darkness' influence on the barer of the Mark that makes them lean towards evil, but here, Cain is suggesting that even without having the Mark, his line is prone to murdering and evil. That would also be supported by the fact that they needed Sam and Dean to be decended from Cain and Abel in order to get the apocalypse going - the betrayer and the betrayed. Though, we find out from Cain last year that Cain betrayed Abel because it was the only way to SAVE him... so, it was, in fact, a betrayal born from love, not hate. Hardly seems evil to me. Though, that was before the Mark, so maybe the Mark is what tainted the entire bloodline.
- Okay, I'm talking myself in circles. The point is, eventualy Cain will get around to killing Dean and Sam too.

Cain: "How's Dean, by the way, I hear he'd done good. Took Abaddon down. He's not well."
- I do like the fact that Cain doesn't seem pleased that Dean isn't well. A fact which he reads solely off Cas' expression.

Cain: "There is no cure. I'm living proof of that. But don't worry about Dean. I'll get to him in due time."
*Cas draws angel blade*
Cain: "Sorry, Castiel, you're not on my list."

- Well, Jimmy is already dead, and we know that Cain didn't give birth to angels. So, that's not a surprise.
- It's interesting though, that when Cain gave Dean the Mark, he told him to come back and kill him - or rather, he told him that some day he would call on Dean to come kill him. I wonder if Cain still wants to die, or if this new mission to eliminate his entire bloodline from the planet has given him, at least briefly, something to live for. Or, if this was his plan all along - do as much "good" as he can ridding the world of his bloodline, attract the attention of Dean, and just battle it out and may the best man win.
- Death IS the only cure right now for Dean - and because of the Mark, Cain IS the only one (besides possibly Death) that can kill Dean. (I forget at the moment if Death refused to kill Dean because he COULDN'T or if he just didn't want to.... I'm leaning more towards "couldn't" just because that makes more logical sense to me.)
- Also, of course, we get a great protective!Cas scene where Cain mentioned killing 10% of the worlds population and Cas is like "that seems excessive" and then Cain implies he's going to kill Dean, and Cas is like "Now I kill you."

Back to Crowley. Rowena tells us that Olivette has just come back to the states. I'm guessing this is part of the Witch delegations attempt to capture Rowena - like the Hansel and Gretal witch.

Rowena: "Well, duh! Of course I was manipulating you, I am your mother after all...[...] we could have more fun...[...] and in the process take out a miserable old witch who has been standing in my way for centuries."
- So, I think Olivette is a redherring that Rowena is using to trick Crowley into thinking that he knows her game. If he believes that she's manipulating him, solely because she needs his help in getting her revenge against witches - he wont' think that she's manipulating him to kill him/gain power/whatever.

Sam: "Where are you going?"
Dean: "We know where Cain's going to be. The kid's in danger!"
Sam: "Okay, so what, we track him down to Ohio and then what?"
Dean: "Then I'll do what I have to do. I'll kill Cain."

- The interesting thing here is that Sam and Cas are both like "well, sucks that the kid is going to bite it and that Cain is killing everyone - but there is nothing we can do, because it is Cain, and he is immortal except for the fact that Dean can kill him probably." Meanwhile, Dean is like "Well, gotta go rescuse that kid even at great personal peril and though it might be hopeless - because he is twelve and as of yet has done no wrong." I mean, seriously, I don't see how Cain's bloodline is at all tainted when it produces people like Dean Winchester.
- Though, that being said, maybe the fact that Dean DOES tend to solve problems with "who do I have to kill to solve this problem" could be a sign that he's a LITTLE bit murdery...but I still don't think that's enough.

Dean: "Cain resisted the Mark for a long time, then I came kicking up trouble about the Blade - I sent him on this path, this is on me."
- Oh Dean, you think everything is on you.... technically, as you may recall, it was all Crowley's fault. And before that it was Cain's fault for not killing Abaddon... the only thing you or Sam did was fail to keep Abaddon dismembered in a box.

Sam: "Dean, weilding the Blade against Cain himself - win or lose, you may never come back from that fight."
Dean: "I know."

- Awwww... *hugs them*

Dean: "Because you have as much reason to what Cain off the board as anyone. Cain has a kill list, and you're on it. What do you say, Crowley? You in?"
Crowley: "Yes."

- It's interesting that Crowley goes a little blank when Dean tells him he's on the kill list - it makes me wonder if he believes Dean, of if he knows he's lying, but feels compelled to help anyway - possibly judging the severity of the situation by the fact that Dean just flatout manipulates him too. Really, this whole season is Crowley being manipulated, either successfully or not successfully.
- I also love the choice Jensen makes to flick Dean's eyes to the side after he lies - to me, it looks like he's glancing at Castiel and/or Sam, in a silent communication of "yes, I know I'm lying, let's see if it works."

Rowena: "We've talked about what this does to your reputation. Oh my oh my, consorting with Hunters - you honestly think that they're your friends? That they care about you?"
- Does Crowley think that they're his friends? Or does he count them merely as allies? Or useful people that Crowley knows how to manipulate? Does Crowley WANT them to care about him, or does he simply want to remain useful to them and non-threatening so that they don't persue his distruction again as they did (albeit in a roundabout way) in S8? Or, is this still a side-effect of S8, does Crowley, despite being nearly two years removed from the experience, still have that humanness inside of him that wants to be loved?

Sam: "Twelve year old as bait. I can't believe what I'm hearing."
Crowley: "Neither can I..."
Crowley: "...I'm talking about the risk to us."
Dean: "There is no us."
Crowley: "I think your buddies would agree it's best to keep the Blade out of your hands until we've got Cain sown up, just to be safe."

- So, Crowley does vastly improve their plan. Good job Crowley.
- I like Dean's denial of an "us" trying to further distance himself from the previous summer, no doubt. But, I also like that Crowley wasn't talking about "us" as in him and Dean, he was talking about it as in Crowley-Sam-and-Castiel... basically, everyone EXCEPT Dean. :P

Dean: "You know last week when I said I would go down swinging when the time came. I meant that. I was at peace with that. I just didn't realize the time would come so soon. Like right now. I'm scared, Sam."
- Awww, I think that's the case for most people when facing death - no matter how much time you have to prepare or make peace with it, you always want a little longer.

Castiel's angel mojo does nothing agaist Cain. Then Cain throws him - it's pretty cool to have powerful forces go up against each other.

Also, Sam, Cain just threw Castiel into a fence - I don't think a barn door is going to stop him. But I know, I know, it's all a show... so, Sam's just playing the part of a scared person...which, he probably is. :P

Cain: "Well, I know you fear me. I can only assume. Ah, clever. Won't hold me for long, you know?"
Sam: "Won't need to."
*Cain sees Dean through the door way*

- Love that shot.

Dean: "No, with you in the ring, it'd just be a liability. I'd be too worried about what he could do to you. Or I could. Plus, I need you three to take out whatever comes out of there - and I'm serious, I mean whatever comes out."
Crowley: "Happily."

- The thing is, I don't think Crowley means that in a mean way - I think he means that in a supportive and/or understanding way. OR, it's a flirtation - like, "yeah, I'll take you out, sweetcheeks... to your favourite bar." Hahahaha...sorry, I'm ridiculous.

Dean: "I survive and I come out of there and I don't give it back. You'll all have a much bigger problem on your hands."
- Ah, but give it back to whom? I love Dean...sorry, getting ahead of myself.

Then we get show-down time!

Dean: "Your bloodline is tainted, so you say."
Cain: "So I know. Not all killers are my decendents and not all my decendents are killers, but enough are. Enough for me to know that extinguishing them is the least I wore this world. Can you honestly tell me that humanity is not better off with fewer Tommy's and fewers Leon's? Fewer yous."

- I wonder what percentage Cain decided was indicative of a trend, rather than a coincidence. Did he factor in socio-economic conditions?
- Also, way to use Dean's self-hatred to make you point, Cain - I see what you did there. But, personally, I think bringing Dean into the argument disproves your point rather than makes it. How many people are alive today because of Dean Winchester? Dean caught a glimpse of that in the Djinn'verse back in S2 - he cried about being guilted into hunting as a result, if you'll recall. (That isn't to say that Dean only hunts out of guilt, fyi - it's just a small factor in the smorgesbord of reasons). Yes, Dean kills things/people too, but never unnecessarily.

Cain: "How's it feel, Dean? Holding the blade again?"
Dean: "It feels like a means to an end."

- I love the epicness of this show-down.

It's also just amazing to see Dean go up against someone with the same skill, or more skill, than Dean has. Usually you only get that when Sam and Dean come to blows, and that's EXTREMELY rare.

Cain: "What is it Dean, if you hold back just enough you won't succumb - that you'll leave this fight the same as you entered?! Look to my example, boy, there is no resisting the Blade. There is only remission and relapse!"
- Such amazing lines, my goodness. Berens really knocks it out of the park with this episode. Of course, it helps that you've got someone like Tim Omundson saying the lines.
- But again, we come down to an addiction metaphor - or maybe even a cancer metaphor. It's a disheartening speech, to say the least. Especially for Dean, who often sinks into pessimism whenever it comes to his own fate.

Dean: "You told me, that this day would come. You told me that I would have to kill you."
Cain: "Is that so? I'm afraid you've misunderstood my intentions here, Dean. When your pet angel found my burial site, I thought about ending him. Swatting him like a fly. Then I thought about you - your biggest weakness, what I noticed the moment I met you - your courage, your reckless bravado, I let him go, knowing that he would report back to you, knowing that you would bring into battle the one thing that can kill me. The one thing I truely want."
- Ah, clever. I do wonder, which Cain was of more right mind - to me, it was the Cain that gave Dean the Mark and told him to come back one day and kill him. This change of heart is just that - it's a result of the Mark craving blood yet again, and craving to spill it using the Blade rather than any other method.

Cain: "This may be hard to believe, in line with what I'm about to do to you, but I care about you, Dean. I truely do. And I know I'm doing you a favour. I'm saving you."
- The thing is, if we're to believe the genesis for why it had to be Dean and Sam in the apocalypse, Dean (and Sam) are both the purest bloodline to Cain... so, out of Cain's entire descendents, they'd be the most closely related. They actually are, in a really messed up way, family. And based on the Vessel choices, and Dean's own self-sacrificial nature when it comes to Sam, Dean is the one out of the two of them that most closely resembles the original Cain in behaviour.

Dean: "Saving me from what?"
Cain: "From your fate. Has it never occurred to you? Have you never mused on the fact that you're living my life in reverse? My story began when I killed my brother and that's where your story, inevitably, will end."
Dean: "No, never."

- The thing is, I think Dean's right here. It's true they've never gone up against the Mark, which DOES alter Dean's personality - which is a huge danger - but Sam and Dean HAVE successfully said fuck-you to "fate" before. I think they could do it again - I mean, technically they do, but I think they could have also perhaps done it out of the power of love like S5 - not sure how, but I think just as Dean resisted killing Cas, Sam would always be able to break him out of it. Even if it meant feeding him a steady stream of demon-healing blood injections until Sam died of natural causes. :P

Cain: "First, first you'd kill Crowley - there's be some strange mixed feelings on that one, but you'd have your reason. You'd get it done, no remorse..."
- See, this is why I could actually support a demon!dean/crowley ship - though, I don't think it's necessarily canon (though, perhaps it is, but only in the "it's not gay if it's a threeway" variety). But, I actually think the strange mixed feelings would just be of the "devil you know" variety, and yeah, I doubt Dean would have any remorse beyond not having someone predictable and open to negotiation on that thrown.

Cain: "...then you'd kill the angel, Castiel. Now that one, that I suspect would hurt something awful."
- Yes, yes it would. Even if you don't ship, you have to admit that Cas is Dean's BFF 4eva.

Cain: "...and then! Then would come the murder you'd never survive. The one that would finally turn you into as much a savage as it did me."
Dean: "No."
Cain: "Your brother, Sam. The only thing standing between you and that destiny is this Blade. You're welcome, my son."

- Again, I just love the "my son" thing, because I think he means it - like it or not, Dean IS Cain's son - even if it's grand^Nth degree.
- And he IS probably thinking that he's saving Dean... because, as Cain said, killing his brother made Cain into what he is - BUT, Cain STARTED that way. Cain STARTED his eternity without hope, without anything to live for. The fact that he stopped for his girlfriend was an anomely, whereas, for Dean, the Mark, the savage-killing, THAT'S the anomely. I think as long as Sam lives, Dean does have hope - which is why Dean can't kill Sam in the end. It wouldn't be a victory if he did. It'd be destroying the thing worth saving in Dean's world. And again, on a similar note, and just to disprove Cain's argument once again, I think the only reason Dean CONTEMPLATES killing Sam is to save literally EVERYONE ELSE ON EARTH. (But much like before, Dean would rather Sam be alive than anyone else on Earth.) And Dean eventually makes that decision while he still has the Mark! So, perhaps Cain is right in that eventually Dean would kill Cas and Sam, but I think he'd only do that after he killed the entire world of people.

Then we get the epic severing of Cain's hand and Dean's victory.

Cain: "What's the matter?"
Dean: "Tell me I don't have to do this. Tell me that you'll stop. Tell me that you CAN stop!"
Cain: "I will never stop."

- It's interesting, because, although I didn't write it out, when Dean first walks into the room, Cain teases him about the idea that Dean would first offer Cain clemency if he stopped - and Dean says "I thought I'd spare the formalities" or words to that effect, indicating when it comes down to it, he believed such understanding-negotiations were useless. But here, Dean DOES offer it, and yes, it's because Dean wants to have hope - he wants to believe that if Cain can stop, so can he - but I think there's also an element of being merciful in there too. Or, maybe that's just what I choose to believe.
- Still, the fact remains that anomely or not, Cain DID stop, when he wanted to, for over a hundred years - and the only thing that pulled him back in was when Crowley and Dean pulled a violent demon-fight into his living room and he got a taste of murder again.
- But yeah, this episode is really about Dean losing his last hope - that Cain would have a solution, that there might be a way to resist the Mark. I just don't think Cain had any reason to want to stop in this moment, like he did when he had the love of/for his girlfriend to help him. Dean DOES have a lot of love in his life and for that reason alone, he is worlds different than Cain in this moment, but sadly, Dean doesn't see that.

I know there was a little bit of speculation that we never actually saw the kill - but man, we really do hear the noises of it, don't we! So, yeah, definitely happened. And I kinda like the stylized "off screen" aspect to it. It makes it even more impactful.

Crowley: "Dean, the Blade."
*Dean hands the Blade to Castiel*
Crowley: "You lied to me."
Dean: "It's not the first time today. Cain's list. You weren't on it."

- I love Dean handing the Blade to Castiel. He really performs too actions with one - he cements his absolute trust in Castiel as friend/familiy and ally (not that it was in doubt), and I think this is really the final severing of ties between Dean and Crowley.

And then we get the part of the show where Sam catches Dean, and Jensen accidentally stabs Jared in the leg. I wonder if they actually used that take or if they bandaged Jared up and had them go again. I know Jensen said that Jared just continued with the take like it was fine, while Jensen was thinking "did I just stab Jared?!" so... who knows... maybe the commentary will tell us. Personally, if I were Jensen, I'd spoil the take by freaking out about stabbing my BFF.

Crowley goes back to his HQ to be manipulated by his mother.

Rowena: "The King of Hell, and not by luck or accident - you made that happen, all by yourself."
- The thing is, she's not wrong - and it's the reason I always liked Crowley. And I think that's why he falls flat for me a little in this season. He was always the smartest person on the show, until now, when he seemingly fails to see every single trap he walks into. It'd be fine if it was just one or two, but it really does seem like he suddenly gets absolutely no victories. At least last year, his victory was manipulating Dean into getting the Mark, no matter how much it ended up biting him in the ass in the end.

Rowena: "You're no King, not anymore - you're their bitch."
- Yeah, but they're also his. The manipulation and the using goes both ways - which is why they always kept each other around. It's why Crowley keeps his head and the thrown and it's why the Winchesters don't have to worry too much about demon problems these days.

Sam: "Dean, um, you know, what you did back there - it was incredible! If you can do that without losing yourself, that's cause for hope. Even without a cure."
Dean: "Yeah. Maybe."

- Sam's face just... closes down a bit after Dean's line, and you can actually SEE him realize that Dean is lying to him, or not even realize, just KNOW RIGHT AWAY.

Dean: "So, where's the Blade?"
Cas: "Somewhere safe."

- Is it inside your abdomin? because that thing has sharp edges, Cas, I hope you wrapped it up well first.

Cas: "How is he? Sam?"
Sam: "Cas, Dean's in trouble."

- Ouch, my heart.
- Also, I really am a Sassy!girl, I might as well just admit it, because one of my reactions was "They said each other's names!!" God, I don't even like ship them with sexy-times, I just... really really like their friendship and want to roll around in it.


1. Hell - we see Rowena sitting in the "Queen's" throne beside Crowley in HQ. They're gossiping about he crossroads demon that's giving a powerpoint presentation. It's actually kinda cut. But yeah, pointless.

2. Crowley and Cas.
Crowley: "Looking a little wan there, Cassie? How's that grace of yours holding up?"
Cas: "It's fine, Crowley. I'm fine."
Crowley: "Sure. The clock's ticking again, isn't it? So heroic, running errands all over the US, burning through that rather finite amount of grace, all for a desperate effort to save your boyfriend."
Cas: "What about you, Crowley? Dropping everything, bringing the First Blade, surely it cost you something to be here. Maybe he's your boyfriend."
Crowley: "Not my type."

- So, the thing is, you could read this scene as homophobic - as in, they're making fun of each other by accusing each other of being in homosexual relationships. Or, and I perfer this reason - they're actually anti-relationship. They're from two "species" that eschew romantic entanglements and love. Demons have desire but aren't the falling-in-love-type (as I'd argue they're incapable of love) and angels aren't supposed to experience love or desire, let alone act on it.
- The other way you can read it is that they're both "superior" beings that have somehow become "subservient" to the Winchesters... they've cast their lots in with them, either knowingly or by accident... basically, they've both been wooed into helping these two Hunters whenever they can.
- I really do like the way Mark Sheppard plays that last line though - because to me, it really looks like Crowley's actually considering it, or reflecting on the fact that he considered it in the past and came to the same conclusion. And he's being truthful that Dean actually isn't his type. (I know the show has backed away from it slightly, but I really like pansexual Crowley, which he was more in his first few seasons.)

It's Timothy Omundson, Robert Berens, and Phil Sgriccia.

Timothy does a funny voice for the whole first time, then says he's going to do his real voice - and switches briefly to another ridiculous one, before actually using his real voice.

Timothy really liked playing the two different versions of Cain. It was fun to play and he praises the writing a lot.

Phil talks about how they don't do a lot of "free driving" shots, with Jensen ACTUALLY driving the car - but that they should do more of it, because it's fun.

The prison is actually a sewage treatment plant, the art department and VFX added the fences and watch tower.

Berens talks about how he tries to write things that are small - fewer set-ups, etc. And he likes how Phil adds set-ups, so it's about adding things rather than trimming.

Tim goes on about how dreamy Misha Collin's eyes are. "If I were not a straight married man with children. I'll say if I was gonna- If I was going to dabble..."

They talk about how Castiel stabbing the demon isn't very "cas-like" and that the Mark of Cain is affecting more than just Dean.

Tim talks about how a lot of actors on SPN are former guest actors from Psych too.

Tim also talks about Ruth Connell and Mark Sheppard and how great they are. Mark and Tim met on 24. "I really do like watching his work. Horrible human being, but..."

Phil worked with Mark's father on Max Headroom.

Phil points out the Guanaco food truck, owned by their camera man Jose.

Tim talks about being taken out of scenes with people eating, because he knows how much you have to eat gross cold food.

Tim was really excited for the scene with Cas, because he'd never worked with Misha before. Robert talks about how he wanted Castiel's pursuit of Cain to be successful too. It was a really cold day and Tim's toes were frozen. They also talk about the Teddy bear too and how much thought went into it.

They talk about Ruth and how they think they really made a good choice when they scooped her up before anyone else could.

Berens says that the last name Tolliver is a shout-out to a friend of his father's.

Phil tells us how the scene in Dean's room was shot as the last scene before the Christmas break, and how they did the scene once in very ugle Christmas sweaters, as if there's no problem at all with the wardrobe.

Phil and Berens laugh about the pointlessness of the loading the guns, because Dean has to do something - it's his job, so he goes to load his guns - but he can't kill Cain with a gun.
Tim: "He might need to knock off a liquor store on the way over."

Berens tells us that ameryth is a health-food grain that people eat in LA, and he thought it sounded like something magical.

Tim talks about how he likes seeing Crowley NOT be one step ahead of everyone. (I don't know if I agree.) He's not sure how much of Crowley's original fear of Cain was acting and what was genuine though (in the first Cain episode.)

Phil regrets that they downloaded all of Metatron's pop-culture knowledge into case. Because now they're missing a little of the "Starman" quality to him, even though he's still awkward.

Berens says they actually did research on the basketball nets in the upstairs of a barn in the mid-west - and people DO actually do that, because it's winter. LA people get used to non-winter climates and forget that the rest of the country actually does have to live a little bit differently.

The barn they used was really beautiful - like an upsidedown boat. SPN put in a new floor in the upstairs and painted it so that it looks crappy, because the barn was actually all painted very lovely white inside.

Tim makes fun of his one moment with Jared. As the "hair shampoo commercial, with the blowing of the hair."

Berens wanted to have everyone have a role in trapping Cain, but that act 4 would be Dean and Cain together. Dean and Cain's scene was the easiest to write, because there was so much to play with that the material came easy. He also praises the great mythic introduction that Robbie did the previous season and Tim's acting.

Tim actually emailed Robbie Thompson when he had a break in his schedule (ie: was momentarily unemployed) just in case they might want to us him again... and Robbie told him he was just about to go into the writer's room and would call him back. And it worked out. Tim had also said that he really wanted to play "bad-ass Cain" either in flashback form or whatever...and Robbie brought Tim in to meet Berens, and Tim was really excited when he saw the outline for the episode - particularly the Dean and Cain scene.

They only used the stunt-guys for the one throw.
Tim: "Not something I do, day to day."
Phil: "Neither does he, ten years into the show."

Tim: "As I said to Jensen that day - here's your one job in this scene, make me look strong. So help me out every chance - make me look like a badass. And to his credit, he absolutely does."

They praise Lou Bello, the stunt-coordinator, and Jesse, their MMA guy, who choreographed the fight.

Tim praised Phil's shooting. He had a lot of fun and thought it looked really cool.

Phil says the trick is to get the B camera to film just the hands.

Berens praises Tim's hair.

Phil points out that in the finale, they mimicked one of Cain's moves in the fight between Dean and Sam - where Dean grabs Sam's fists the same way Cain grabs Dean's in this fight.

The throw through the glass was the only bit that Jensen didn't do himself.

They also love how Cain doesn't even care he's in a trap. "It's adorable, these humans."

Tim praises for Jensen for doing the jump for the blade four or five times, onto hard wood, full on.

Tim thinks this was the most intense day he'd ever had on set. Jensen has three lines and Tim has eight pages of monologue, plus a fight. And the air was thick with hay dust, they didn't smoke the scene like they usually do, all the haze is the hay dust that they're stirring up.

Tim thinks that Cain could have still gone after Dean, and that this was really what he wanted the whole time - to drive Dean to this point, and get Dean to kill him. "He's making a decision to let him do it."

"Aw his face."
"His face!"
"Jensen Ackles, ladies and gentlemen. He's so good. So good."

Phil wonders where Cain goes when he dies. Tim thinks that he's going to hell. There's nothing he could do to wash away his sins.

Tim: "It's such a treat to get to do something like this, with an actor like him. We were just in it..."

Phil talks about how if you get a good script and good actors, you're just overjoyed as a director, and how happy he was having Tim there. Tim had never worked with Phil, but he did his homework and everyone he spoke to had high praise for Phil - so he went in already trusting Phil.

Phil talks about how if a director is too rigid in what they want - the acting becomes more wooden.

Berens: "Oh look, it's a happy ending for once, everyone is okay..."
Phil: "Except for this look here and... I love this bit here..."
Tim: "Oh man, it's a poop storm!"

As per usual, please forgive me my spelling mistakes. My LJ spellcheck doesn't work (and I type these things up in notepad, which doesn't have spellcheck either.
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