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Quick Reaction: 11x12 Don't You Forget About Me


Sorry this review is so late tonight. My mum is visiting...so, I'll blame it on her, even though it was me that was chatting with my friends a lot. Also, I'm not that drunk tonight, because I was driving... so, by "not that drunk" I mean, not at all drunk. So, will that make this review better or worse? Who knows!!

This was my mum's FIRST EVER episode of Supernatural... so, exciting times!

Let's talk about it!!

The THEN was kinda funny because the way they edited it together, they never actually told us what happened to Jody's family, and instead when Alex asks "what happened to them?" it cuts to Jimmy and Claire and Amelia, so I was wondering if it looked like Claire was Jody's family - Mum said that she wasn't too confused, because she reads this blog... so, yay! Hi Mum! (Yes, my mum reads my Supernatural posts without ever having watched a single episode of Supernatural until now...it's almost as though she is interested in my bizarre life. :P)

Anyway, our teaser death isn't a death at all...it's Claire messing up, as we find out. She hauls a perfectly fine teenager out of his car and accosts him with her angel sword because she thinks he's a monster... only, his teeth never change and he honestly looks terrified... and it's SUPER AWKWARD.

Cute to Sam and Dean (and yes, that was supposed to say "cut" but I made a typo...I'm keeping it, because I think we DO "cute" to Sam and Dean.) They are in the bunker and Sam is mystified by the picture of the weasel riding the woodpecker. Adorable. Dean and Sam then say a bunch of stuff that I missed, but translates to "we don't know anything about the mytharc at the moment, which is why we're just hanging around doing nothing right now"... and then Dean presents Sam with the "Elvis" - which is a bacon cheeseburger, only the bun is two glazed donuts. SO GROSS! Like, seriously, the very idea nearly blocked my arteries. Sam feels the same way I do, saying that he wasn't about to survive countless monster attacks just to be flatlined by a hamburger.

Then Dean gets a phone call, and HE'S ADORABLE, YOU GUYS. He opens with "Your Caddyshack review is overdue" and mannnn... they're such Dads... or at least Dean is. Sam is negotiable, he might be an uncle. ANYWAY, I love the fact that as soon as Claire obviously requests their presence, Dean doesn't even question her over the phone, he just says they're on their way. He's not only a dad, he's a GOOD dad. At least in this respect.

So, then they take off to Sious Falls, South Dakota. I wonder if they ever stop by Bobby's place while they're there... probably not... man, I've depressed myself.

Meanwhile, in Sioux Falls, Jody is picking Alex up from school and she seems to be doing well for herself since last season. She's getting good grades, she has a good report with her teacher, and she's seemingly on track to being Prom Queen beside her Prom King Jock of a boyfriend.

So, funny thing here - although they put the sign over the door of the High School saying "Marshall High School", you can see the "Gladstone" written giant on the wall to the right of that. Because this was filmed at the school on Gladstone, about a five minute drive from my house (and a five minute walk from a friends house) - I actually drove by there while they were filming, because I was house-sitting for that friend at the time... it was POURING rain though, so I didn't stop to watch (also, at the time I was driving by, they were filming far away from the street, so you couldn't see much anyway). Still though, pretty neat!

Jody is all glowy about how well Alex is doing, and then she sees birthcontrol pills in Alex's purse... and, man, those pills look WAY too big to me. The five seconds I was on birth control back in the day, the pills were so small it was ridiculous. Also, my personal parenting style would have been a little bit different when it comes to the pill, but I'm not going to fault Jody for growing up in a different country that has a different culture than my own country when it comes to that sort of stuff. Still, though, I thought Jody was pretty cool about it, considering the culture of the US when it comes to sex.


They pull up to the house and see the Impala, and I love how Jody is just like "Winchesters?" - I love how all it takes is the car. And then I love even more when Alex asks why they might be there, and Jody says that she doesn't know, because she "didn't put up the bat signal" - I guess I just like it when people compare the Winchesters to superheroes, and also specifically Batman, because of Dean's love for Batman.

So, basically, the gist of it is that Claire called Sam and Dean without telling Jody, because Jody doesn't believe Claire that there is something funky going on in town with the three disappearances. Jody is like well, you came for nothing, but stay for dinner! So they do!

I LOVE DOMESTIC SCENE YOU GUYS. I mean, they basically had my heart as soon as Sam offered to take the groceries from Jody. And I love Dean telling her that he wants two chickens, because he's starving. And then I love the fact that Sam and Dean eat like it's the best f*cking food they ever had because they never get homemade food, because they're always on the road. (It also makes me wonder about how limited Dean's cooking skills must be, if a simple chicken and mashed potatoes are like ambrosia to them.) On the one hand, it's kinda horribly depressing... but on the other hand, it's kinda hilarious to watch Jody be like "it's just chicken" and Sam goes on about how it's SHAPED LIKE A CHICKEN and not in patty or nugget form. Poor Sam. You'd think after living such a deprived life, SAM would have learned to cook now that they have a kitchen - but I guess he's too busy looking at funny animal pictures.

Then we get into the conversation about how Claire has become obsessed with hunting - to the point where she's been getting it wrong constantly and assaulting innocent people. The only thing keeping her out of juvie is the fact that she's living with the Sheriff. (What age do kids go to college in the states? Is it 17? Claire must be 17 if she's young enough to have been in a group home last year and college this year.) I have to say, I love the actresses, but it really doesn't look at ALL like Claire is older than Alex, even though she's obviously supposed to be at least a year older. Alex looks like the older of the two, but that might just be the blond versus brunette thing... or could be explained away by the fact that Alex had a pretty rough life, even in comparison to Claire, who had a rough teenager-dom so far.

To deflect attention away from herself, and to further the antagonist-sibling releationship Claire and Alex have going, Claire outs Alex's plans to take Henry to the cabin and sex him up. Alex is mortified. Jody tries to be a parent... and Sam and Dean are SUPER AWKWARD and it's awesome. I love it, because it's quite obvious that Sam and Dean NEVER had to talk about relationships or sex with their parent, nor do they know what to say... and they (Sam especially) just wants to leave the table, but Jody makes them stay - obviously hoping their serve as back-up for her in this parenting conversation, but Sam and Dean are two of the least qualified parents ever and they give her NOTHING, and it's hilarious and wonderful. They're USELESS.

I also love how Sam is like "this seems like family business" and moves as if to get up to leave, and Jody is just like "sit. stay." Because, Sam, who do you think caused Jody to have "family business" - it was YOU GUYS. You keep giving Jody orphans! You're basically her babydaddy without the fun sex part!

Also, the part where Jody is like "if we can't talk about it, we shouldn't be doing it, right?" and Sam and Dean CLEARLY CAN'T TALK ABOUT IT. Hahahaha

After dinner, Jody talks to just Dean and tells him how she's concerned about Claire, because she doesn't have any friends, and she never goes to class at the college she's enrolled in... and all she cares about is hunting, to the point where she's going after innocent people. Jody talks about how Claire is "hiding in hunting because she doesn't have anything else". And I love how Dean is like "I'll get Sammy to talk to her" because after all these years, he still thinks Sam is the best ever at talking to people. And he's not WRONG, as we'll see, but, man, "hiding in hunting because [s/he] doesn't have anything else" sounds an AWFUL LOT LIKE Dean to me... at least, in certain stages of his life.

Before that though, Jody told Dean that it was hard because although she acts like their mother, she's not really their mother - and they don't have the sort of history that a real mother and child would have. I think Jody is sort of in the wrong here, a little bit - I mean, yes, I know they're mostly strangers, but really all mothers have to do is care about the kid in order to be a mother... history or no history. But, I also get what she's saying, in that there's not that built up trust or understanding either.

Anyway, Sam really does go to talk to Claire, and bravo to Sammy. It starts off a little rough, but again, Dean's not wrong about Sam's talking skills... and he quickly becomes the sympathetic, understanding, but ultimately supportive person that Claire needs. It's actually a good talk! Claire confides in Sam that she feels like she came late to the Jody and Alex show... and that they're more bonded with each other than they are with her. Awww... Sam agrees that Jody and Alex have been through some crap together, but talks about how hunting will always be there - monsters will always be there - but the chance at having a family, home, and schooling won't always be there.

Then it's time for the "second death", which is actually our first. When we see the teacher in the parking lot, I totally thought that the teacher was the baddy... I don't know why... but nope, he's the victim. Poor teacher! And it figures in the first episode my mum sees, it's a math teacher that gets killed... (my mum was a math tutor for years and has a degree in math).

Alex sees the body run up the flag pole the next day. Then it's time for the Sheriff and the "FBI" to come in. Claire immediately inserts herself in the investigation, even though it's a CRIME SCENE... and when Jody tells her to get away from the crime scene, Claire points out that Sam and Dean are there and they're "Fake FBI" and I love how Dean looks SO OFFENDED.

Dean takes Claire to the side and gives her a dad talk - you should go to school even though no one wants to go to school. And also you should appreciate everything your mother does for you! Then... something interrupts them... oh, it's Alex and her dude-bro boyfriend Henry. Dean gives him the evil eye in a hilarious attempt at being an intimidating father. I loved Claire's sarcasm about how she's sure that he got the message, and Dean takes it as sincerity. The whole scene is golden, and I'm not doing it justice.

But as they walk away, Alex's boyfriend asks about how she knows the FBI... and he's SUPER SUSPICIOUS YOU GUYS! I called it HERE, though I honestly had my suspicions in the opening scene with him.

Sam and Jody go to question the custodian... and I have to say, that's one thing I missed in this episode was some quality Sam and Jody time. But, ah well, I guess you can't have everything. Still, it's nice to see them at least interviewing a witness together and going off each other's looks while doing it... I'll take what I can get.

Meanwhile, Alex is in the woods with Henry, and she's all anxious because the death has probably stirred up all sorts of PTSD... and she confides in Henry VAGUELY about how horrible her past was, and he's all perfect and comforting... and meanwhile I'm like "RUN AWAY! HE IS GOING TO EAT YOU IN THE WOODS, AS HE IS OBVIOUSLY NOT REAL!"

Then there's another fight once everyone regroups at home... they've discovered the custodian doesn't have a valid idea and is super suspicious. Claire wants to go on the hunt, but she and Jody have a meeting with the college registrar to try to save Claire's college career. Jody wins that fight, with support from Sam and Dean, and Claire resigns herself to going to the registrar's office.

But that evening when they leave, they're ATTACKED! Oh noes!! Attacked and KIDNAPPED. And damn, why do vampires always kick out Jody's knee! Poor JODY!

Luckily, Jody manages to get a call to Dean - but man, that's a terrifying call to get, where you just hear your friend being attacked on the other end of the line. Heart-attack material right there... even more so than that horrible donut burger.

We find out that the custodian is originally from O'Neil while is where Alex's nest originally was... so they think he's a member of her nest come to reclaim or kill her. They call Alex right away, but it's too late, because she's with Henry and I WAS RIGHT! He's also a vampire.

Sam goes to the school assuming that the custodian might be using it as a lair...And Dean goes to get Alex, only finding her phone by the dumpster - and MAN, yet another terrifying thing for Dean to find. Poor guy.

Sam has found evidence that the janitor is using an abdoned pool building full of absestos as a lair. So he goes to check that out and Dean tells him that he'll meet him there.

Meanwhile, in the abdoned pool building, we get the custodian's backstory. Meanwhile, me and my friends are joking about how they better not disturb the absestos while they're there, or else they're all going to get cancer.

But, the custodians' story is actually kinda sad...because he was a good guy who tried to stop what he saw as a sexual predetor situation at a bar...where he "rescued" Alex from one of the pedos she was luring back to the nest, and he offered her a drive home...and rather than return home with a failed hunt, Alex let him drive her home as a replacement for the hunt that he cost her. So, she walked away as her nest killed him. But, they didn't kill him, they turned him, and then he went home and killed his family in his bloodlust. So, that sucks. But, I always say that adversity brings out our true natures - and obviously this guy WASN'T such a good guy, because in the face of that, he decided that his best course of action was to track Alex down and ruin her life. It must have been one of her last kills with the vampire next, because goddamn, why didn't he get his revenge when she was still with the nest? HE KNEW WHERE THEY LIVED! And he doesn't seem to have much sympathy for the idea that she was a lure against her will....that she was in a toxic home environment that manipulated her into acting a certain way and threatened her with death if she didn't. Like, seriously... so, the guy is actually a douchebag who probably just thought he was a nice guy because he didn't approve of pedophilia.

So, yeah, his plan was pretty cruel, because he turned the jock-dude and then made him pretend to love Alex... so that all her happiness was a lie.

And then he pulls Claire up from where he's had her tied up and announces that he's going to kill Alex's loved ones in front of her - and Claire is like "hah! She hates me!" but Alex immediately offers to become his lure if he agrees to release Claire... so, yeah, obviously, Alex doesn't hate Claire... or at least is a decent human and doesn't want to see her killed despite not getting along with her. Still, that's PRACTICALLY love. ;)

So, I was a little worried about all three girls being rescued by the two strong men... because at this point, I didn't see a way out for them without the boys' help. But, the writer did a good job of making the boys a distraction that allows the women the time they need to escape and kill the bad guys themselves, or at least help SUBSTANTIALLY. Claire gets a sharp thing and stabs the custodian, giving Dean a chance to behead him. Jody gets free of her bonds. Someone cuts Alex down, I forget who... and then Sam just softens joke dude up enough so that he can stand him in front of Alex to kill... and Alex and Claire actually BOTH kill him. So, yay!

Then it's the morning after breakfast time... and Claire and Alex have made breakfast for Jody, in an attempt to show her how much they appreciate her. It's super cute. Jody is not comfortable being the centre of loving attention and makes a joke about being Tiny TIm. It's funny.

Then we get all wise and learn that the trouble with family is that it gives you something to lose... which means they ARE family, because they were all terrified of losing each other.

Claire tells Dean that Jody is going to teach her how to interview people and basically not hunt like a dumbass.

Sam makes off with a ton of tupperware containers of food and is thrilled.

Claire and Alex have a good talk about how Alex is going to do well in school... but that eventually she WILL leave Jody and Claire, because if Claire is hunting, if Jody is always going to be running into monsters - Alex can't be around that world anymore. And I can't blame her... she wants a chance at normal, and she's not going to get that living with a hunter-in-training and a friend-of-the-Winchesters.  That being said, it's one of those catch-22s, because it's not like Alex can leave home and just never see a monster again, and at least at home she has people to watch her back.

Jody and Dean have a parting conversation. Dean asks if she'll be okay now that she's "outnumbered again" and Jody says "as long as everyone wears a condom, we'll be fine." And Dean replies with "I'd like that on a bumper sticker." And it's hilarious.

Awww, heartwarming ending... and only the math teacher died.

I hope the twitter trending went well tonight... I don't know what the actual chances of getting a "wayward daughters" spin-off is, but I'd love it if we did. It'd be interesting, for sure. They definitely already built up a good complicated relationship between Alex and Claire, and an untested parental relationship with Jody (who I should mention only has parenting experience up to the age of 4-5 with a little boy)... it's all got great room to play with emotional relationships. Anyway, it could be nice - though, not sure what the end game or plot would be. I almost feel like Supernatural is going to exhaust it's own world before we get a spin-off.

[ETA: I forgot to tell you what my mum's favourite part was - 1)The dinner table conversation, because it was hilarous. 2)The climactic scene, because it was so tense, and mum had no idea whether everyone would come through it okay. So, I'm pretty happy with the episode in terms of it being the first (and probably only) episode my mum will ever see, unless she happens to come visit me again during SPN season.]

Let me know what you all thought in comments! Please forgive any spelling mistakes. It's late and I'm sleepy and my spellcheck doesn't work.


(Man, I really need a Jody icon. Charlie will have to stand in.)
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