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Best and Worst Episodes

I was listening to an episode of the Plaidcast tonight - specifically the Bugs episode - and the hosts decided to list their top five worst episodes of Supernatural from S1-10, or possibly S1-9, I'm not sure. ANYWAY, it sounded like fun.

So, without further ado - here are, in my opinion, and in order of season...

The 5 Worst Episodes of Supernatural:

1. Swap Meat
2. Manniquin 3: The Reckoning
3. Season Seven, Time for a Wedding
4. Man's Best Friend with Benefits
5. Dog Dean Afternoon

Honourable Mention: Bloodlines (This only gets honourable mention, because it's really an episode of a crappy other show that never happened.)

And, equally fun, and because for every bad thing I say about the show on here, I have to say one good thing. Here are...

My Favourite Episodes from each season so far:

1. Home
2. Born Under a Bad Sign
3. Mystery Spot
4. On The Head of a Pin
5. Swan Song
6. The Man Who Knew Too Much
7. Death's Door
8. Sacrifice
9. Alex Annie Alexis Ann
10. The Executioner's Song

If you're wondering why I picked "Home" as my favourite S1 episode, it's because that one was the episode that hooked me. That was the one where I became INVESTED in the show, rather than just watching it because my sister wanted to.

And yes, it was hard to pick between Mystery Spot and A Very Supernatural Christmas.

My favourite episode of all time remains On The Head of a Pin, super dark and depressing though it is, it's just far too gorgeous an episode not to love above all others. Not to mention that it has probably the clearest and best stated world view of the show summed up in a two line exchange:
"There is no Will. No Wrath. No God."
"Maybe. maybe not, but there's still me."

Mystery Spot, TMWKTM, and Sacrifice, are all pretty Sam centric episodes... or, I like them for Sam centric reasons. But, I see BUABS, Swan Song, and The Executioner's Song, as being Dean centric... or, I like them for Dean centric reasons. Then Death's Door, and Alex Annie Alexis Ann, I see as being excellent for showcasing the amazing supporting actors that Supernatural has, and how the show is able to populate it's world with really rich characters that could be the stars of their own shows easily.

Anyway, fun times... carry on as you were. I'll try to do another rewatch this weekend. :)


Jan. 24th, 2016 11:07 pm (UTC)
I didn't list them from Worst Worst to Least Worst. I couldn't decide which was the worst! So, they're listed in order of season. That being said, Swap Meat, for YEARS was my example of the worst episode of Supernatural - every time a mediocre to bad episode would air, my response was always "well, at least it's better than Swap Meat."

So, Swap Meat may indeed still be my number #1. In my opinion, it has almost everything that makes an episode bad: Humour that either doesn't land or COULD be funnier but isn't. What they SHOULD have done was have Jared play Sam's body the whole way through and the kid play the kid's body the whole way through - so that we saw the characters as EVERYONE else saw them, not as they saw themselves. This was what made the bar-scene so hilarious - seeing JARED act like a teenager is hilarious, seeing a teenager act like a teenager is either annoying or boring, and the inverse with Sam's storyline is also true. I don't know why the hell they decided to film it the way they filmed it, but yeah - still obviously makes me angry.

Then there's the consent issues. I know Sam's not IN his body, so you can argue technicalities, but first off, we have a teenager having kinky sex with an older woman (is he over 18? What state is he in? Is this technically statutory?) THEN we have the fact that he's in someone else's body. I mean, we don't have an equivalent, but it's genuinely bad practice to borrow someone's car and have sex in the backseat....I don't even want to think about Sam getting back in his own body and finding evidence that it had had kinky sex without his permission.

THEN we get the fact that the storyline introduces a loop-hole to angel possession that is RIDICULOUS. All angels have to do is get the soul out of the vessel and then permission doesn't matter? That's ridiculous - why then, does Lucifer not just kill Sam and take his body? Why then, does Lucifer not just have a witch with him to do this EXACT SPELL and switch Sam's soul out for someone who would say yes, even if it's not Sam's soul? It's dumb.

Anyway, that's why I hate Swap Meat.

But, Season 7 Time for a Wedding is also really bad - and butchers Becky's character in a way that I TRIED to find a good thing about when I did my rewatch, but it kind of drives me nuts. The awesome thing about Becky, and the reason why I LIKED her character as being representative of fangirls, was that she was always unapologetic and confidently herself...and then they decided to go the nerdy-low-self-esteem route with her, just because they needed a reason for her to completely not care about consent issues? Ugh.

Mannequin 3, I did debate about, because there might be some episodes out there that are worse - and you're right, it DOES have the nice face-cupping... but it also takes the easy way out of solving the problem they have. And, I guess I never really forgave it for that. But yeah, probably I'm being a bit too hard on it and there might be other episodes that deserve the spot more.

Right now, I'm putting off doing a rewatch of Halt and Catch Fire, for instance... and usually when I'm procrastinating on my rewatches, it's because the episodes aren't interesting and I already know it.

And yeah, just picking one episode from each season was REALLY hard. But it seemed an easier task than trying to RANK my favourites. It's hard, when you love episodes for vastly different reasons sometimes.

And no problem about the link. I agree that anyone who likes reading me ramble about the show will love you guys - because you're doing what I am, only with more (or at least more applicable) education behind it, so you're actually able to articulate what I can only vaguely grasp at.
Jan. 25th, 2016 02:30 am (UTC)
I agree with you on Jared playing Sam's body being the funniest part of Swap Meat...though I did think seeing Jared in that striped hoodie was hilarious. I hadn't even considered the Lucifer-related plot holes opened up by that episode, though! It's been a long time since I've watched it. (Continuity Consultant...I'm telling you, they need one, and you would be great at it.)

People have very across-the-board reactions to Becky! I thought she was more amusing than insulting in Monster at the End of This Book, but they definitely took a different direction with her in Time for a Wedding that was distasteful at best. (Not what I usually expect from Andrew Dabb! I'm pretty sure he wrote that one.)

I remember Halt and Catch Fire being very meh. But I did find murderous Siri in the teaser to be very effective! "Janet, get out of the truck." Hahaha. I also remember being struck by the BEAUTY of the natural light streaming through the impala's windows as Sam and Dean had their talk in the last five minutes. You'll find the positive! You always do. :)
Jan. 25th, 2016 03:50 am (UTC)
It's true, the wardrobe was amusing. Maybe if they had just done more of a mix, instead of committing to just one way after that initial scene.

And yes, Andrew Dabb is usually better than that. Very odd indeed.

Well, I JUST finished the rewatch of Halt and Catch Fire - it'll go up in a couple minutes. And I think, besides the things you mentioned (which I do agree with), the most wonderful thing I discovered was that Sam took an overnight trip to go visit Cas somewhere on the Mississippi River. I mean... I don't even ship in this show, but I'm fascinated by the different friendships, and I get such joy every time Sam and Castiel hangout without Dean around. So, yeah, that's pretty awesome!

(Continuity Consultant...I'm telling you, they need one, and you would be great at it.)

Man, I would love that on so many levels.