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Rewatch S10: Girls, Girls, Girls 10x07

Rewatch time...

Girls, Girls, Girls

The then has some early seasons scenes, and awww, Dean had such a baby voice compared to now.

So we begin our episode with a scantily clad woman running away from a man named Raoul.


Dean: "...it's the only place between Connecticut and the Bunker you can get a decent steak for under $10."
- There are a couple of things I like about this line. First, from a timelining perspective, this line is what I crave at the beginning of an episode, because the last episode took place in Connecticut, so this tells me that we're picking up just after we left off - with Dean and Sam on their way back from the Bunker after the previous episode.
- Secondly, I missed the "under $10" the first time I watched this. That's hilarious. Also, the way you get a steak under $10 in most restaraunts is to order the steak sandwich.
- Thirdly, I love the the fact that Dean KNOWS this is the only place to get ridiculously cheap steak across ALL THOSE STATES.

I like the brother banter of Sam making fun of Dean for being on a dating app. I'm not sure I buy the idea that Dean would put himself on a dating app, but then, this is Dean... and Dean does like to hook up on occasion, and dating apps are good for that. Though, I do find it hilarious that he's put his location as the town in which their SECRET bunker is located...like, guys, I know it's quite obvious that you aren't trying to keep that place secret, but did you ever even TRY?! I would have at least tried.

Sam: "You realize there's no guarantee that Shaylene is even Shaylene? I mean, for all you know, it could be some Canadian trucker named... Bruce."
- It'd have been a funnier Canadian joke if he had used te name "Gordon"... Bruce is an Australian name. Here in Canada, we like to name people Gordon. ;)

Sam: "We detoured 8 hours so that you could get laid?"
- Oh Sam, I mean... this probably isn't the first time.

Back to Castiel and Hannah... a week away from doing rewatches and I'd already forgotten about this storyline. :P

And Hannah strips down to nothing, which makes awkward times for Castiel, even though Cas just did nearly the same thing to Hannah the last time we saw them and Hannah was just as awkward about it... and yeah, I don't have much to say about that, besides that we learn that angels don't have to shower (I guess they're divinity keeps them clean?), and that I'm not exactly sure what Hannah's train of thought is here - is she activily trying to seduce Castiel? Is she actually innocently taking a shower? Is she testing to see how human Castiel has become? (And if so, for what purpose?) Or is she just giving into human urges that her vessel has? (We find out later that it's giving into the desires of her vessel to feel water on her skin, but I'm keeping what I wrote here.)

Shaylene: "Mm, I forgot something. We still need to discuss my terms."
Dean: "What like rules? Sexy rules?"

- Well, Dean just seduced me with that dorky smile. I don't care about anyone else in the room.

Shaylene: "All I want from you is one little thing, a trifle really."
Dean: "I'm listening."
Shaylene: "Your soul"

- Oh Shaylene, you picked the wrong costumer.

Dean: "You make a strong case."
Shaylene: "I love my job."
Dean: "Do you?"

- I love that head-tilt Dean does just before that line, when you see him actually look at Shaylene and take in every detail about her. Before that head-tilt, he's caught up, first in the prospect that she's there of her own free will and wanting to sleep with him, and then of the idea that she's obviously in league with the forces of hell and Dean is possibly in a combat scenario... and then he does that head tilt and completely reevaluates her on the spot, looking at her without either of those assumptions. Anyway, I just like it.

I do love the reveal of Dean keeping his back to the demon until he walked far enough into the room, and then turning around, and also the fact that Sam was there.

Demon: "Winchesters"
Sam: "She told us everything. Abduction. Forced Prostitution. It's pretty gnarly, even for a demon."

- So, somewhere in time gnarly went from being slang for awesome/extreme to being slang for something bad? I mean, according to google, it means "difficult, dangerous, or challenging" in NA... but I think Sam means it as something disgusting here. I don't know, slang, man, I can't keep up. I guess I am old now.
- Anyway, on a more serious note, I like the fact that Dean obviously went straight into "case-mode" which means "brother activation" mode, and called Sam in. That just pleases me, for some reason.

It's interesting that Shaylene seemed to have more strength to kill that dude after finding out that he's a demon, rather than just a huma guy. I mean... if she's so willing to stab the guy, you'd think she'd be just as willing when he's human. *shrug* maybe not.

And then we get the brothel, and Rowena getting there ahead of the Winchesters. I liked this introduction to Rowena.

Back to Cas and Hannah... so, I like this storyline in regards to the fact that it's the first time, since S4, that we get a storyline that deals with the aftermath of angels taking vessels.

Also, I think Hannah's a bit cruel to Joe for making out with Castiel like that. I mean, I get that she doesn't want to explain the whole angels thing to Joe, but OUCH.

So, just while Rowena forces the waiter to serve prostitutes in his fancy restaraunt. I want to talk about how it IS really really annoying and can ruin your evening when a waiter at a fancy restaraunt, even jokingly, points out the fact that you don't belong there. That happened to me once and it sucked - it's like, dude, come on, I get ONE fancy evening and you gotta ruin the illusion by reminding me that I'm broke and don't belong there? In my case, it was a reminder wrapped in a sort of winky-joke that the waiter meant in good fun, but it was a reminder all the same (like, we were all in on the 'joke' of me being there). Blah... for that reason alone, I don't even care that this waiter dies a horrible death.

Crowley: "Gerald. A bordello? You open a whorehouse in my name?"
Gerald: "Well, technically the place was called Raoul's Girls, but yes, Raoul said-"
Crowley: "So you and your halfwit pal through me into the sex trade? I'm evil - that's just tacky."

- So, as much as I don't approve of Gerald's actions, I do like the new actor playing him.
- I also like how the show manages to keep Crowley evil, while also have him condemning the sex trade - even if it is for the wrong reasons, I like the fact that the sex trade is even below the King of Hell.

Sam's doing research and we learn that the spell Rowena used to kill the demon is unique to her - that she's the only one that can do it. I think I missed that the first time though, or it didn't stick in my head, but that's a cool little tid-bit, because it explains why we haven't seen anyone do that before, and also why Sam and Dean don't figure out how it's done and do the same (like they do with the hex bags that hide their location)... though, I doubt Rowena would teach them anyway, the way that Ruby did with the location-hiding hex bags.

Rowena then spells out the three types of witches for us:
1. The Borrowers - those who harness the power of a demon in order to practice witchcraft. (Not the adorable little people that steal your thimbles to use as drinking cups.)
2. Naturals - people born with the gift.
3. Students - those with no natural ability, but who can practice a little magic.

As much as the addition of the "naturals" doesn't work with my SPN/HP crossover canon melding. I DO like the fact that they explain here, unknowingly, how it is that Sam and Dean can do magic. Basically, Sam and Dean - whether they identify as witches or not - are in the "Student" catagory of magic users. They've learned some practical stuff - the location-hidding hex bags, the spells they use on occasion to get things done. Henry Winchester would also fall into this catagory, as other hunters, like Bobby, who we've seen do location spells and other such things on occasion.

We also learn of the Grand Coven, which apparently regulates "Naturals".

Then we get the return of Cole - who has his first demon tied up and is still hunting Dean.

Castiel: "I had to take my vessel from his family. Twice, actually. Jimmy Novak. He was a good man. He was married, had a daughter, Claire."
Hannah: "And?"
Castiel: "And it was difficult, but necessary, the mission comes first - always."

- See, some people really hate the Claire storyline, but I like it because it DOES deal with the impact of angel possession. And in this case, unlike S4/5, it's not just the impact on the vessels themselves (which was more important in S4/5 as the boys were learning of their destiny and that's the part that mattered to them), but the impact on the angels (which is more important now, since Castiel has become a permanent main character.)
- This line by Castiel is really cool though, because back in S4/5 there were too many other more important plot-points for us to explore Castiel's emotions regarding Jimmy... so, back then, it appeared as though Castiel didn't really care how much or how little he destroyed Jimmy's life (or, it appeared as though he didn't understand why it would matter even to Jimmy) but now we're told that it WAS difficult for Castiel to do it. That, he probably did feel the same rush of influencing emotions from Jimmy's soul that Hannah is currently feeling from Caroline's. Anyway, it's a cool line that sort of adds more flavour to long ago seasons.

Sam: "Let's get."
Dean: "Where're we going?"
Sam: "Check out every five-star hotel in the area"

- So, I sort of just ignored the weird aspect of how they reconciled the ceiling stab murders with the boiled brains MO... because, yeah, why impale people on ceilings when they're already dead from boiled brains? That doesn't make any sense.
- And then I wrote this little bit out, just because I like the way Sam says "let's get", which he pronounces like "let's git" and it's very... southern.

Hannah: "We always said the humans were our original mission. Maybe it's time, Castiel? Time to put them first."
- I think until this point, the mission was very much a Vulcan run thing... the needs of the many outweigh the need of the few, or the one. So, the sacrifice of one human life so that an angel could save multiple human lives was justified. Hannah is coming around to the idea that it's not justifiable to sacrifice ANY human life - that it's all a violation of the mission to protect humanity.

Hannah: "These feelings, they aren't for me, for us - they belong to her. I know it's time to step aside."
- So, Hannah's response to her vessels' feelings aren't to absorb them into her own personality (as I believe most angels do), but to recognize them as coming from a being that desires to live with free will, and then giving that free will back to her.
- Anyway, this all feeds into my thought that angels become more "human" the longer they're in vessels, because they absorb their vessel's personalities through repeated exposure to their emotions. This also explains why, although Castiel IS changing and IS becoming more human-like season to season, he's doing it at a slower pace then we've seen other angels make the same transition... and that's because (depending on your opinion of what constitues "a certain level of damage") Castiel's actually been alone in that body since either the end of S4 or the end of S5. (Personally, my headcanon is the end of S4, so he really only had 9-10 months with Jimmy having an influence on his emotions.)
- I also liked this because it shone a new light on the "romantic tension" between Hannah and Castiel - in that any sexual feelings on Hannah's part were vessel-influenced. I like that, because in my headcanon angels are asexual/agendered beings, who only become sexual/genered with prolonged exposure to humanity.

Bellboy! It's VanCon-Castiel... it's always nice to see a fan actually manage to get a role on the show. The benefits of being both a fan and a local actor, I guess. ;)

And I love the fact that the girl realized that Rowena couldn't be trusted after turning her friend into an attack dog. It gives the prostitutes, or at least, THAT prostitute, a little bit of agency over her own life finally.

Then Cole shows up and Dean has to let Rowena go so as to not to be shot in the back of the head.

Dean: "I'm not a demon anymore"
- Poor Cole, you can just see him get anxious... everytime he thinks he knows what's what, Dean twists the plot on him.

Cole: "So were you a demon when you murdered my father?"
Dean: "No."
Cole: "Then you're still a monster."

- Back to Plan A!

Awesome fight.

Cole: "What are you waiting for, do it!"
Dean: "Nah, I'm going to clean this mess up once and for all. You're going to give me five minutes and we're going to talk. Get up. And after that, if you don't like what you hear. You still want me dead, you take your shot."

- I love Dean. I mean, this is a hell of a risk, but at the same time, it's EXTREMELY clever. He put Cole in a position where he was at Dean's mercy, and then he WILLINGLY put himself at Cole's mercy - that takes a lot of trust on Dean's part, and Cole, if he's decent, is going to recognize that and instinctually offer to return that trust in kind.

Dean: "What I do is hunt monsters. Your dad, Cole, your Dad was a monster."
Cole: "You say that now, but last time we fought, you couldn't even remember his name,"
Dean: "2003, Nyack NY, Ed Trenton. I was working a case - three dead. Livers ripped out and eaten by your father."

- The thing I love about this, and again, this just goes to show Dean's brain capacity, is that Dean does remember the exact case - and Dean has worked a LOT of cases since 2003.

Dean: "I know what you heard, but know this, that was not your father, Cole, your father was already gone."
- Awww, Cole... I think Travis does a great job here. Your heart just breaks for Cole, and he DOES seem young, at least in this instance. Though, I do think the scene would have been even more powerful if they actually had a 26 year-old in the part, because then he'd really look like a baby. Still though, good job.

Dean: "Put it down, SAM put it down!"
- Now, this comes right after the last word of the sentence I quoted above, but I love the sudden tone switch - and I love that Dean didn't let Sam sneak up like Sam was - that he called Cole's attention to it by telling Sam to put the gun down. It makes things more precarious, but it shows that Dean is genuine in his deal with Cole, and it keeps Dean in control, even though he's at the end of a gun.

Cole: "My whole life, I've been-"
Dean: "I get it - that was your story! I got one of those too - but those stories that we tell to keep us going? Sometimes they blind us, they take us to dark places - the kind of place where I might beat the crap out of a good man just for the fun of it. The people who love me, they pulled me back from that edge. Cole, once you touch that darkness, it never goes away..."

- I love the fact that Dean recognizes the power of the stories we tell ourselves. I think Dean knows his own stories really well by now - they probably stared with "look after your bother" and then became more hunting focuses after that. I like the fact that Dean shows a LOT of character growth here, because what he's basically admitting is the fact that his desire to hunt things (which, I think is the primary story of his life that keeps him going - the HUNTER aspect of his story) - that Hunter aspect to his story is what led him to agree to the Mark of Cain in order to kill Abaddon... and he probably was blind to the repurcussions, thinking only that it was a tool he needed in order to get a job done.
- And Dean might be referring to the darkness of the Mark, that he can't get rid of, or he could just be referring to the darkness of his life - the murder, torture, and suffering... and guilt, because we all know Dean has a lot of that too.

Dean: "...Now the truth is, I'm passed saving, I know how my story ends - it's at the edge of a blade or the barrel of a gun. So the question is, is that going to be today? Is that going to be that gun?"
- So, Sam takes this to mean that Dean doesn't think that he can be saved from the MoC - personally, I don't think it's that. I think it's the same thing that Dean has been saying since S2 (at LEAST), in that Hunting ends bloody or it ends sad, and it's TOO LATE for Dean to get out of the life. He tried to warn Jo away using similar words back in S2.. that Jo still had a chance for a life, and that Dean didn't. This is nothing new for Dean to believe. Dean has resigned himself to "going down swinging" years and years ago.

Sam: "You've got a family, Cole. I heard you on the phone that night. I'm guessing they need you to come back, and they need you to come back whole."
- I also love this line, because Sam still HAS his gun, but he doesn't lift it and say "I'm guessing they need you to come back, and not be shot in the head by me for killing my brother!" Sam doesn't issue a threat even though he COULD, instead he tells Cole that if Cole kills Dean, then he'll be torn up about it, he'll touch that darkness that Dean talked about, and he WON'T BE THE SAME. The concern isn't for Dean's life at all, it's for Coles... even though I'm sure Sam IS concerned for Dean's life, and probably would just kill Cole if Cole killed Dean.

*Cole hands back the gun*
- Such a good moment.

Then Carolyn goes home, and Cas googles Jimmy Novak.

Then Cole drives away...

Sam: "What you said earlier, back there, about you being past saving - were you really-"
Dean: "I was just telling the guy what he needed to hear."
*little silent conversation*
Dean: "We better go."
*Sam concerned look*

- I love this, because Sam's concerned look comes more for Dean said in a SILENT conversation as opposed to the reassuring words that he said outloud.

Down to hell, or at least Crowley's headquarters....

Rowena: "Wee boy, is something the matter with you? Cat got your tongue? Meow?"
Crowley: "Mother?"

- Ah, there are mixed feelings out there on this storyline I know, but I do like this reveal.


Castiel looking for Hannah in the woods. You can hear all the noise pollution they get over the dialogue in the take. Anyway, it's not actually a deleted scene, just a little more establishing shot for a scene that is actually in the episode - so, slightly strange to include it here, imo.

And there we go! I'll try to remember to do one on the weekend - otherwise these will never get done. :P
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