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Rewatch S10: Ask Jeeves 10x06

Rewatch time!

Ask Jeeves

It's always hard to follow a BIG episode...and a Robbie Thompson episode at that... and with a MOTW.

I love the THEN, where it's just them listing every weird thing they've come across and making the point that sometimes they just don't know what the hell they're hunting.

And we enter WASP land... a land that I'm the right colour for, but the wrong economic class, and therefore I will never understand them.

If she could flip over the banister then it wasn't regulation height.

And on rewatch the episode does read differently, because you know exactly what's going on and WHY the butler isn't surprised to see the dead lady.

Dean: "Real men don't drink out of cups this small."
- Oh Dean, your masculinity is so fragile. (That's what Sam's face says right there too.)

And we find out that Bobby was named the beneficiary of Bunny Lacroix's will... which I'm sure I just spelled wrong, my french is very poor.

Dean: "...And Bobby's presence, or next of kin, is being requested in New Canaan. I figure we qualify."
- I love the fact that they qualify. I loved found families. I love the fact that the Winchester's basically grew up with two dads (divorced Dads, since I don't think Bobby and John hung out much together, but rather looked after the boys separately. Bobby was the fun weekend parent up until John's death.)

Sam: "How did Bobby know an heiress?"
Dean: "Bobby had secrets, man, like loving on Tory Spelling. If he only knew Dean cheated on her."
*Sam has no reply to that*
*Dean shrugs*

- Heheh
- This is sort of a weird side-note but sort of not, but sometimes I wish they hadn't destoryed Bobby's house before they killed Bobby. I just think it would have led to such an interesting mood and plots if Sam and Dean still had access to Bobby's house - if they were able to make that a homebase for a bit before the Men of Letters, or maybe even after. Like, I get that the road-show/homeless aspect of Supernatural is tempered these days because they have a homebase - but I just think it'd be cool if since they already broke that homelessness thing, that they swung the other way on it and had Sam and Dean have multiple places. I mean, they had Rufus's cabin for a while, but it would have been cool if they had the Bunker, Bobby's place, Rufus's cabin... and whenever they're hunting in those areas of the States, you see them crashing at those places. I know, I know, fiasably it's too many standing sets for SPN's limited studio space, but it'd be really cool, I think. Anyway, I'm super off topic now.

Heddy: "Sam and Dean Winchester of the Westchester Winchesters?"
Sam: "Uh, no... I don't think there's..."
Dean: "Nah"
Sam: "...any relation, sorry."

- I love the fact that Sam checks with Dean - like "Dean, ARE we related to people in Westchester? All I know is that our Granddad was from Ohio" and really, that's all Dean would know too, but Sam checks anyway.

Sam: "We didn't personally know her our surrogate Dad, Bobby Singer, did."
- I love how Sam just calls him a "surrogate Dad" like people are going to understand what that means... not step Dad, not adoptive Dad... but "surrogate" - I mean, *I* understand what Sam means, because Bobby was their second Dad, but he and John weren't a gay couple, so what do you call that? But, I mean, just... Bobby Singer didn't give birth to you, Sam.

Butler: "... [Collette] went off to find herself."
Heddy: "Ashram in India?"
Butler: "Clown College in Sarasota"
Heddy: "Good choice."

- Hahaha, I just like that Heddy's last line there actually sounded sincere. Also, while I'm not a huge fan of clowns, my yoga instructor is actually one and went to clown school and goes on clown retreats and... yeah, the world is full of interesting people.

Beverly: "So, Sam, tell me, do you work out?"
*Dean smiles*

- I just love Dean's face there, because he just knows that Sam is going to spend every moment in this house EXTREMELY uncomfortably.

Butler: "Oh, Mr. Winchester, if you're implying that I don't think you're good enough, it's quite the contrary. You're far too good. The Lacroix family is, well, how shall I say this politely? Money-grubbing leeches."
- Ah, why don't you tell us what you really think? I do love this line though... even though he's only saying it to get what he wants out of them (which is for them to go away peacibly)

I love that the Winchesters take the thing in to see if the stones are worth anything. It's just the sort of... cannibalization of everything in order to survive thing. It's in such contrast to the place they just left that I'm just drawn to it, because it's not about how much the thing is worth, or what it's history is, so that you can add it to the insurance policy and your antique collection, it's about how to turn that thing into sustenance and gas money. It's a completely different value system and I just like seeing it reflected on TV, I guess.

And then the brother gets decapitated.

Butler: "I presume you gentlemen left something behind. I'll check the front closet for burlap."
Dean: "I got news for you Mr. Belvadere, the jacket's canvas."

- I love you, Dean. Also, I like your new canvas jacket.

And Sam and Dean are detained for questioning... I do love the way they limit the boys' abilities this way though. They can't get to the car to get their gear, so they don't have the EMF detector or anything from the trunk.

Sam: "I gotta say, for a family that just lost two members, you all seem... fine."
Dash: "Well, Sam, I'll let you in on a little family secret - we don't really like each other. Then again, what family does?"
Sam: "Mine does. For the most part. It's just my brother and me, so..."

- I like the way Sam says "mine does", there's something kind of kid-like about it... like when kids tell you that they love you and you can tell that they actually mean it, and you're like "wow, kid, I did nothing to deserve that, but thanks and I love you too?"
- Also, I don't think Sam needed the "for the most part" qualifier - because everytime that Sam and his family has butted heads, every dark road they've ever gone down, it's all been caused by them loving each other SUPER INTENSELY.

And Dean finds the secret door to the attic.

Oh yeah! I forgot about the Clue references... the lead pipe, the coil of rope.

And Olivia tells Dean that she saw Bunny's ghost kill Collette... it's kind of interesting, because Dean GIVES her the out of saying it was Lance. It's a weird tactic to avoid blame. Why not give the simpler out of agreeing that it was Lance? I mean, unless giving them yet another conflicting clue actually strengthens the idea that you're not lying... maybe? I don't know, thankfully, I've never had to get away with murder and I don't intend to.

Sam is so cute when he's awkward.

Beverly: "...they say women just get better with age, like a fine wine...or...or a cheese!"
Sam: "I'm lactose intolerant, so..."

- I wonder if Sam actually is lactose intolerant.



And it's actually the shifter pretending to be the Butler... and Sam tells Dean. I like that scene. Also, we get back to the skin-shedding shifters! YAY! I always liked that Supernatural's monsters were grounded in the disgusting.

And then they're foiled by the fake silver...which we find out only later. I do like the fact that while they're testing Olivia, they're also testing each other.

Sam: "You mean back there, I was just playing hard to get?"
Beverly: "Well then, you're a very convincing actor."

- Ha! You obviously haven't seen the French Mistake, lady. ;)

Sam's so awkward, but I like the butterknives up the sleeve trick.


I love how completely crazy Dean looks when he asks Dash and Amber to touch the knives - and I love Amber's very indulge-the-insane-person line of "Did we pass?"

And then we get the dead detective, discovered, "coincidentally", by Olivia.

Beverly: "Well I never! I'm leaving!"
Dean: "Alright, hang on! Okay, first of all, who talks like that? and second, no one's leaving."

- My Grandma used to talk like that, but only sarcastically... so, we all sort of did it too. "Well, I never!" and "Of all the umitagated gall!" It was for when we were offended, but over small ridiculous things that didn't really matter...so, you know, we had to respond with something amusingly disproprotionate.

Beverly: "Oh, get your hands off me, young man!"
- I love how she steps closer to him and goes in for a full body grope...and how Dean just pushes her away.

I also like the running joke of "Clown College Collette" - also, if this were Clue, then Collette would be the first "Mr. Body" though techically it wasn't until the second death that the game was on.

Dash: "Don't even think about it! I hunt pheasant."
- Dean's eyeroll is EPIC.

Heddy: "For the love of God, Dash, put down the gun before you kill someone."
Dash: "It's okay. I. Hunt. Pheasant."
Amber: "Put it down!"

- I love how stupid Dash is with the gun and Amber's very real reaction to how stupid Dash is with the gun.

Heddy: "I knew Sam and Dean were trailer-trash the moment they rolled up in that American made."
Beverly: "Not to mention homosexuals."
Heddy: "Oh, homosexual murderers like Leopold and Loeb."
Beverly: "Only hotter."

- I just had to look up who Leopold and Loeb were, because I've heard them referenced before, I think - but I didn't know anything about them. Anyway... interesting stuff. Wikipedia doesn't actually say anything about their sexuality, but then, I just skimmed, so maybe it does and it's just not super bold about it.
- The point I did want to make here is the fact that Beverly is doing the classic intitled thing of deciding that because the Wincehster's aren't interested in HER they must be homosexual. I mean, we've all done that at some point or another to lessen heartbreak, but most of us know that we're being stupid when we do it.

It just occurred to me that the silverwear was probably fake because Bunny needed Olivia to be able to use it.

Olivia: "Killing you is the next best thing to killing Bobby Singer"
Sam: "What's your beef with Bobby?"
Olivia: "For starters, he killed my father."
Sam: "Lance was a shifter?"
Olivia: "Lance wasn't my father. Mother had an affair with a shifter. She got pregnant. She told Lance I was his, he bought it. Until she brought me back from the hospital - my real dad was waiting. Lance put up a fight, but he was no match for a shifter. Then just as my dad was about to take me, the hunter became the hunted."
Olivia: "After Bobby killed my father, he came after me. Mother pleaded with him to spare me. He agreed under one condition."
Sam: "That she keep you locked up."
Olivia: "For my safety and the safety of others. Mother told the family she lost the baby and she locked me in the attic. But she remained devoted to me until the very end. Even got Bobby to promise to take care of me if anything happened to her."
Sam: "Wait, then Bobby spared you, you should be grateful."
Olivia: "For what? Keeping me locked up my whole life? It would have been kinder to kill me."
Sam: "Olivia, you don't have to do this. Being a monster is a choice."
Olivia: "That choice was made for me a long time ago."

- So, Shapeshifters are an interesting monster - because they're always MADE into monsters. I mean, they're born with the ability to shift, but every one that we've met so far has become a killer because of the way society treats them. It's a very interesting dynamic that I feel they could probably spend a whole series exploring, if they ever did a successful spin-off with a long-term shifter character like their previous attempt.
- This case is interesting because we've seen shifter's reproduce through rape before (the woman consenting under false pretenses of believing the shifter is her husband/boyfriend), but in this case it sounds like Bunny consented to sex with someone other than her husband... but then when the shifter came to collect the child, her husband (and possibly her) wouldn't let him take it, so murder-town. And then what do they do? They lock the shifter kid up, so once again the cycle continues, where the kid isn't socially adaptive, feels like they've been cast out of the human world, and acts accordingly once the opportunity arises to get their revenge. It's just... what would happen if a shifter was actually brought up in a nice environment and treated like any other kid? Or, what happens when the shifter father's successfully take the children? Where do they go? With the exception of the failed spin-off, we've only ever seen loner shifters with absolutely no ties to society.

Dash: "But you saved our lives, I want everyone to know what heroes-"
Dean: "Look, man, the fact that we pulled your bacon out of the fire, it's nobody's business, okay? Hey, I'm serious, Izod, put a pin in it, or we'll come back for your preppy ass."

- I love how Sam and Dean go from good-hearted heroes to dangerous potential-killers in one line and finger poke from Dean. Like, Dash goes from being like "you guys are my heroes!" to "oh my god, I think I dodged a bullet with the fact that these guys are driving away and telling me to forget they ever existed."
- Also, thank goodness for the SuperWiki, because I had no idea what Izod was.

And then we get the talk about Dean's murderous ways... Sam, you know what all those extra shots were about, you do. Letting Dean lie to you won't solve everything.

Also, Dean, getting all defensive isn't going to help anything either. I do like the song that he cranks up though.

[Short]Sam playing cards with the girls. Not really that interesting. Kinda weird to include it in the DVD. It was a lot of close-ups of eyes, and then letting you know what's actually going on... maybe it would have been funnier with cheesy western-style music over it, but when it's silent it's like some sort of weird art-house piece.

That was quick! Don't know when I'll get to the next one. POSSIBLY Tuesday, it depends how work goes.
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