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Quick Reaction: 11x07 Plush

Hello! So, although I watched this episode early, I then came home and wasted time on twitter, made dinner, and finished a 55k fanfic that I had started earlier... so, yeah, so much for getting to bed on time. :P

Anyway, no drinking tonight, but I've still only watched the episode once, so my memory won't be the best and quotes are paraphrased (or made up), etc.

Now, let's talk about the episode!

DONNA EPISODE! I like Donna. I mean, it's my love of Supernatural having a vast universe of characters - but it's also nice to see different forms of female characters. So, yeah, I like Donna.

Teaser death is crazy creepy. I mean, geez, every mask in this episode is super creepy and you'd think would be too scary for children - but then, it IS a horror show, and kids are weird.

Anyway, teaser death couple had WAY too much garbage for just two people. What the hell lifestyle do they lead? That's ridiculous. I blame them solely for the pacific ocean trash problem.

Then we cut to the bunker and Sam is praying... gosh, Sam is cute. Such a cutie. I kinda just want to pat him on the head.

Sam's telling God that he doesn't understand the visions - but I think he's just in denial. We'll get to that later, because it's something that this episode actually does really well. (Full disclosure: this isn't one of my favourite writing teams, but although they have their pit-falls, they do pull off some nice things in this episode.)

Dean walks by and catches Sam in the act, because Sam left his door open... I mean, yeah, I'm kinda with Dean on this one, if you want privacy, close your door. :P

Dean doesn't want Sam to count on God, he wants himt to count on THEM. And I also agree with Dean on that point. It's one of my favourite lines from S4 - Anna's response to Uriel's "There is no god" when she says "Maybe, maybe not, but there's me." It basically sums up the entire world-view of Supernatural.

Apparently Cas has been shopping in Gaza, and has brought back every bit of pre-biblical lore that he could find, half of which is in Aramaic, which Sam can't read. Seriously?! All this time and they haven't learned Aramaic yet? (I'm joking - but still, they should probably get on that.) Though, it does occur to me now that shouldn't ANGELS be able to understand all human languages? Can Cas read Aramaic?

Donna calls, and Sam whispers "fat-sucker Donna!?" to Dean, and my friend is disappointed in that line rather than Sam saying "vampire killer Donna?" But, whatever, I understand that the fat-sucking case was the first time they met her, and also the "funnier" line.

Anyway, Donna calls them in to consult on the case of the weird rabbit mask. They get up there to Minnesota (didn't Donna work in North Dakota before? Or am I misremembering?) and then they have a really cute greeting scene, where everyone is super adorable. I really like how Sam and Dean just sort of... mimic Donna's personality - I mean, obviously not overtly - it's really subtle, but they're immediately more smiley, friendly, and basically communicating with Donna the same way she communicates with them. I'm not putting this into words right, I feel, but anyway, it's adorable, and I like the fact that they do it. I guess part of the reason I like it so much is that it shows that they don't hold the way she talks, or her more bubbly personality, against her - they don't think it makes her less of a professional or naive.

Anyway, that all being said, I don't understand Dean's "wild hare/hair" joke. My friend looked it up on Urban Dictionary and apparently it's American slang from the 1950s? Did any of you American's get the joke? Is this just something that never made it up to Canadaland?

Dean makes a bunch of rabbit jokes as they head towards the creepy rabbit. And then Sam dares to make one, which makes Dean look at him like he's crazy, because Sam usually never makes dumb jokes... and I really love the way they framed this, because usually when they do the sort of "jump scare/he's right behind you" thing, we don't get to see a person freak out as the creature moves... we just see the person being jumped turn and suddenly have the dude there. So, while rabbit tries to choke Dean through the bars, Sam determines that it's not a demon, and also spots a tattoo and the guy's t-shirt, which gives them enough of a lead to track down the dude's girlfriend.

Then it's SUPER SAD YOU GUYS. Oh my god! SO SAD! Oh wait, I'm getting ahead of myself.

First I have to talk about how Donna's deputy has a crush on her, but he has the misfortune of being a tall man from Minnesota named Doug. So, because Donna could never really stand up to her ex-husband Doug, she's making up for it by giving her deputy a really hard time about everything he says and does. People do this, where they sort of... misplace where they vent their anger. Like, your boss yells at you, but you can't yell at your boss, so instead you yell at the barista who forgets to puts too much milk in your coffee, and then the barista can't yell at you, so he just goes home and cries. My god, why'd you make the barista cry? You horrible person! He's making MINIMUM WAGE.

What was I talking about?

Oh yeah, then everything is SUPER SAD YOU GUYS! Because the bunny headed dude is just a guy named Mike with a cursed object on his head - and he's actually a super sweet guy, but the deputy shoots him because he's about to kill Donna... and then he's just a dead kid. Oh man...

And Donna is also super sad about it... man, it's so depressing. But they burn the bunny head and promise her that it's over now...only EVEN AS THEY SPEAK, someone else is getting attacked.

This time it's the coach of a super egotistical quarterback dude, who is probably on steriods. This time though, the room gets cold beforehand, so we know we're dealing with a ghost. Also, the costume is really kinda of awesome? I mean, I'm not sure who in their right mind would name a team THE COURT JESTERS, but white masks are in general, kinda sleeker looking than plush heads.

Anyway, for once their questions of "anything temperature fluctuations?" brings back an actual answer and not just a "why the hell are you asking weird seemingly unrelated questions?"

So, ghost possession. As much as I think it's overkill and kinda of cruel - I really do love that Dean just whips out a salt shot-gun and blasts the mascot. Like... there are far less violent ways you could have done that Dean, and that girl is totally going to have SALT embedded in her skin and that's going to sting like a sonofabitch... but, yeah, okay, it was pretty cool.

So, the mascot is just a little teenage girl, and since she's completely innocent, they suggest that Donna just let her "escape" and claim that she was some drifter dude that overpowered her. Donna is not impressed, as that really doesn't do much for "female empowerment" - and, as much as I agree, and this episode actually DOESN'T do that much for female empowerment, I also like the fact that they're addressing the double-standards here... that if a male sheriff claimed a drifter overpowered him, it wouldn't reflect on his entire gender like it does for Donna.

Before she goes though, the girl tells them that the costume was donated to the school... and they track down the donation source as costumes belonging to a children's preformer who committed suicide. And, of course, his sister hands Sam a picture of a clown to show him her brother - hahaha... I love how quickly Sam scoots it across the table to Dean.

They decide to split up, and Sam goes to the hospital to make sure that the ghost isn't going to come back and finish the job with the coach, who is in a coma rather than dead. And, of course, just Sam's luck, it's the CLOWN mask that's at the hospital already finishing the job before Sam even gets there.

Also, alarms would have sounded way sooner in the coach's room...and depending on how chubby the coach's neck is, he actually may have been able to survive having his neck sliced like that while laying on his back with his chin tucked. Just saying... but, if the knife went SUPER deep, maybe not.

Then we get a great scene, because Jared is awesome.

The clown gets on the elevator with Sam, and Sam is TERRIFIED. And it's hilarious, and then it's goddamn inspiring, because it's so very clear that Sam is terrified...and what does Sam do? He engages the clown, disarms him, and presses iron to his skin to get rid of the ghost. Like... geez, that was SO BRAVE. Irrational fears are friggin' HARD to deal with guys, I'm sure some of you know yourselves. I'm arachnophobic and I flip the fuck out, like, uncontrollably. I pretty much just black-out and find myself across the room or sleeping in my car, and I KNOW it's ridiculous, but I can't do anything BUT freak out. The fact that Sam can get it together enough to not only do his job, but do it in a way where he doesn't just shoot the clown in the back of the head and not engage at all... I'm super impressed. And this is also something that I think is really important to understand the gravity of the end scene to this episode - because this is foreshadowing, you guys, it's foreshadowing HARD.

Donna comes to the hospital to get Sam's report... and Sam brings up how she's being hard on Doug for no reason. Donna gets super defensive (her and Dean have so much in common, mainly itheir reactions to being called out about their faults.)

Dean calls and asks if Sam's joking about hte clown, and Sam has a great deadpan delivery of "yes, I'm joking, because clouwns are really funny to me."

Dean talks to the widow from the first death again, and we find out that the suicide dude, Chester, was suspected of being a child molester. Not good.

So, then it's off to talk to the suicide guy's sister. Dean shows up and it's just the creepy kid there... who tells Dean that the things they said about his uncle weren't true. And, man, even though we find out they weren't true, I have such a squick for sexual abuse of minors you guys - I was sitting there sick to my stomach wondering if creepy kid was creepy because he had been messed with. (Ugh. I can't believe I'm currently applying to a job where I might have to deal with that sort of thing day in and day out yet again... I need the money though. And, I mean, I did it on and off again for 6 years, it's not like I'm not used to it... but it never gets easier, you know?)

Anyway, we find out that the dude's sister is insane, because when she started to doubt her brother, instead of talking to him about it - she accidentally organized a hit on him. Geezus, lady. If you suspect your kinda weird antisocial brother is a pedophile, you put him in therapy, you don't organize it so that two guys "scare him" better... that's not the way mental-illness works!

So, lady accidentally gets her brother killed - but doesn't want to admit to it, because then she'll go to jail and her creepy son (who might be creepy because his uncle is dead and his mother is an idiot) won't have any parent's left. Which, you know, fair enough, I guess.

Anyway, she does give us a nice speech about how fear cripples you and makes you do things that you regret, and then continues to give us a speech about how doubt is bad and trusting your brother is the way to go. So, that anvils our themes in - the Winchesters have to 1)overcome their fears and 2)Trust their brother.

While lady has been speechifying though, Max has gone and put on a deer head... as you do, when you're a creepy kid who is obviously messed up with grief and probably even knows that his mom is a murderer.... and then HE'S possessed. The brothers get flung around a lot before they're able to get the deer head off Max, take it outside and burn it, and get rid of the manifested ghost too.

Donna, meanwhile, has been burning the other costumes off screen. So, the deer head was the last one.

I'm slightly torn on whether I like or don't like the fact that Donna wasn't necessarily essential to solving the case. On the one hand, she's a secondary character who populate the universe - on the other hand, she gets rescued in this episode by Doug, but I don't think she does any rescuing herself. Sam rescues Dean, but that's after/while Dean is rescuing/protecting the family. Sam rescues himself in the elevator. I don't know... like, I don't want it to be a rule that every time Donna or Jody, or any female character, is in the episode, they have to be a badass and save the day - because I think equal treatment would be the fact that secondary characters often DON'T save the day. I mean, Garth never did, did he? He was always knocked out or something.. that was the joke. But, at the same time, Garth would have some bit of knowledge or at some point do something super helpful.. wouldn't he? I don't feel like Donna had a chance to do that in this episode. Though, she WAS off burning all the costumes, and she DID basically pave the way for Sam and Dean to have complete access to all the police station resources. So, that's something to consider. I don't know.. and I do like the fact that Donna could be in an episode without it being an episode ABOUT Donna. It almost makes her more of a person in the world, you know? Like... when there's a gay character but the whole story is about them being gay, that's not necessarily good representation - its better when the story is about something else, and oh yeah, this character is gay, because gay people exist. So, does that work the same with female characters? Like, a show like supernatural can have female supporting characters in an episode without the episode being about how they are a female supporting character? Maybe I'm just delusional with tiredness now and I'm not making any sense, or worse, I'm offending like EVERYONE. I'll just shut-up.

So, time for goodbyes! Awww... it's again, a super cute scene. Sam calls Donna a hunter, because she's worked "three cases" (technically, she was completely oblivious during the first one though), and Donna is super stoked and touched by the label. It's cute, but also a little inconguous, because usually Dean BALKS at calling people hunters unless they were hunters already when Sam and Dean met them. But, then, it is SAM who names her a hunter, and Dean just probably doesn't object because she's so happy about it, and Dean likes it when his friends are happy.

Then everyone gets hugs. HUG!

And Donna apologizes to Doug, who completely understands, and accepts the apology. He suggests that she call him Lonnie instead, and Donna does not like that idea at all! I'm not sure if I'm missing a reference here or if Donna just really hates the name Lonnie. Anyway, Doug stays Doug.

Then we get the end scene with the boys in the car as they drive away. Sam tells Dean why he's been praying - because he doesn't understand the visions. And then Sam actually TELLS Dean what the visions are... the cage. Dean is obviously super concerned about this, but does a good job at not showing his concern as much as Sam is showing his own. Sam's worried that he'll have to go back to the cage, that God is trying to tell him that the answers are there... Dean points out that that would be suicide and that it's not happening!

But guys, Sam is TERRIFIED... his face in this scene is terrified, and it's the same face, but worse, as when he was terrified of the clown... because the cage is 100x scarier than clowns... but when Sam was terrified of the clown, what did he do? He was brave and engaged that clown anyway... and so, yeah...all signs are pointing to Sam having to do the same with the cage.

Poor Sam :(

Next week is the episode that Richard Speight Jr. directed!  :)


Nov. 20th, 2015 12:08 pm (UTC)
Sam may have been in denial, but Dean is in super denial *sighs* At least he can help Sam try to figure out what the dreams mean :(

I did not like this episode much on first watch, although I'm sure it will be better once I've seen future eps. Lots of frustration both character and story-wise.

Glad you thought the woman Rita was a bit psycho herself to ask those two to "scare" her own brother. It's obvious that the writers forced that whole story just to make that anvil-ly point about fear and believing in your siblings etc. They kind of ruined the ghost ep for me by not getting us more sympathetic with Chester either. But the spooky scenes were super spooky and I'm happy with the fact that they are finally going back to the basics on that. I had the same reaction to the rifle on the jester girl. Donna was awesome :D<3

I don't understand Dean's "wild hare/hair" joke.
I didn't either LOL! There seem to have been a ton of rabbit jokes -mostly from TV land in there and I guess that was one of them?

But, then, it is SAM who names her a hunter
I wrote that in my review first too, but I checked again and it was Dean that called her the hunter first. Sam affirmed it with the 3 cases line afterwards.

Nov. 20th, 2015 06:17 pm (UTC)
I wrote that in my review first too, but I checked again and it was Dean that called her the hunter first. Sam affirmed it with the 3 cases line afterwards.

Huh, well, I stand corrected - and I actually think that's a little OOC of Dean, since he usually has pretty strict criteria on who can call themselves a hunter and who should stay safe and be a civilian... and usually anyone he cares about at all (except Sam) should stay safe and be a civilian.

It's obvious that the writers forced that whole story just to make that anvil-ly point about fear and believing in your siblings etc.

Agreed. It didn't make much logical sense.

Sam may have been in denial, but Dean is in super denial *sighs* At least he can help Sam try to figure out what the dreams mean :(

Yeah, I think Dean doesn't know what the heck is going on at all. I have a feeling that it's sort of like my arachnophobia - where when Amara isn't around, Dean believes wholeheartedly that he can kill her, but as soon as she's around, a weird primal switch flips in his brain and can't bring himself to do it and instead wants to protect her. And then he's confused and convinces himself that it was fluke and next time he's TOTALLY going to kill her.

But yeah, he'll have to come clean eventually that his brain and instincts aren't running on rational thought when it comes to Amara.
Nov. 20th, 2015 10:47 pm (UTC)
he'll have to come clean eventually that his brain and instincts aren't running on rational thought when it comes to Amara.

It's not just about Amara, either :P He's in complete denial over Sam's visions as well and obviously from fear, as you said. And that's going to force Sam to get help from other people instead, probably. Very frustrating on a first watch.
Nov. 21st, 2015 04:25 am (UTC)
I'm not sure I completely agree... I mean, there's probably a bit of denial in there, and maybe it's - as you say in the post over on your page - about the weird protective thing and not wanting there to be someone out there that can defeat Amara...

..but on the other hand, I also think that Dean is just trying to make sure that Sam doesn't get carried away on a hypothesis. You know? He doesn't want Sam to be like, "hey, these visions are from God! Let's operate under the assumption that they are from God and make all our decisions based on the idea that these visions are coming from someone/where that we can trust!" Because they don't KNOW that for certain, and it could be that something EVIL has actually gotten in Sam's brain, or Sam could be going insane again...or SOMETHING... and they have to make decisions based on what they know for certain, rather than on assumptions.

But, who knows, and you could be right that Dean is in denial about the visions our of fear, or because of the weird thing with Amara... and I could be wrong... or it could be a combination of all those things.

I just think that Dean's rational mind thinks, well, that he's being RATIONAL.

I'm not necessarily sure it'll force Sam to get help from other people - but perhaps I'm being the overly optimistic one now, and making assumptions. ;)
Nov. 21st, 2015 05:14 am (UTC)
I also think that Dean is just trying to make sure that Sam doesn't get carried away on a hypothesis.
I understand - like he did in Houses of the Holy right? Sam was so hopeful that it was an angel, and Dean's like don't be too sure. But the difference here is, he's not even willing to discuss who the dreams/visions might be from. He is dismissing them outright - both in Baby, and in this episode. I think he even says, I don't know who the visions are coming from, but it doesn't matter. Don't believe them. Believe in us. Which is irrational.

Definitely, I think it is a combination. There is a possibility that it would be dangerous for Sam (although Sam was just making conjectures about having to go back into the cage - there is absolutely no proof of that at this point), but he kind of latches on to that and goes, no way. And I think he is making up excuses to make it sound rational in his mind.

I hope that Dean does get on board before Sam decides to go to someone else, but story wise... and if I am right about the bond between Dean and Amara (the Darkness), then it is likely that Dean would unconsciously sabotage anything Sam might do in that regard.

This actually makes me think of another point that people have been talking about the last ep - how Dean seemed to wake up, get out of the influence of Amara once Amara flung Sam. It also reminds me of how Sam could wake Dean up when he was possessed by the Blade too. So, you never know. When push comes to shove, maybe Sam can "wake Dean up" to the truth too.
Nov. 21st, 2015 05:30 am (UTC)
Yes, true, you make a good point with that comparison - because in Houses of the Holy, when Dean was like "let's be skeptical" he went out and figured out what it REALLY was - he didn't just dismiss it and tell Sam to ignore it. Now, of course, that was a little different because it was a case they were trying to solve... but... yes, I get your point about him not seeming to investigate the visions AT ALL, that IS irrational. I mean, even if it's a case of Sam going insane again from hell trauma, Dean would be getting Cas to look at him and make sure he was mentally sound, you know?

But yeah, I definitely think that Sam might be key to getting Dean to snap out of whatever trance he's in - if that scene was anything to go off of.
Nov. 21st, 2015 06:04 am (UTC)
I definitely think that Sam might be key to getting Dean to snap out of whatever trance he's in
That would make us all very happy :D