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Rewatch S10: Paper Moon 10x04

So, parts of the world are a very sad place right now - and my heart goes out to the people of Lebanon, France, and, of course, all those fleeing Syria.

Now, let's distract ourselves by watching TV!

Paper Moon

So, I remember not necessarily loving this episode the first go around. I mean, it was okay - don't get me wrong. But, yeah, not like, stellar... maybe a little boring? Anyway, we'll see how it fairs on a rewatch...

OH! Okay, already I had completely forgotten that it started out with Werewolves of London - I love this song.

I also really like her victim's eyes. I mean, he looks like a skeeze (which he's supposed to), but he's got a really pretty eye shape.

Dean: "Hey, there's something I need to ask you."
Sam: "Shoot."
Dean: "You've been kicked, bit, scratched, stabbed, possessed, killed - and you sprang your friggin' elbow?"
Sam: "Dude, it was more than a sprain and it was a friggin demon, but-"
Dean: "What? That sling come with a side of cry-baby pie on the side? Please."

- Aww cute.

Sam: "How you doing?"
Dean: "I'm golden, man."
Sam: "Come on."
Dean: "Seriously, I'm good. I mean, we've got three more cases of this stuff on ice in the trunk, taking some 'we time' - best decision we ever made."
Sam: "Hear that."
Dean: "See that thing in the paper this morning?"

- Oh Dean, you lasted 30 seconds.
- I do really love his use of 'we time' because... I mean, it just suits them so well that they don't have "me time" they have "we time" even though they literally already spend EVERY SINGLE DAY together. The only time they're separated is the 8 hours that they sleep at night... and that's only in the bunker where they have separate bedrooms.

Also, I love the No Hunting sign in the wide shots.

Sam: "Yeah, you're right. We should call some guys, have them fix it."
Dean: "Good, smart."
Sam: "Done."

- I mean, I know Dean is angling to get back to work here - but I kind of love the idea that the Winchesters CAN call up other hunters. I always liked the existence of a hunter network. I liked it when it was antagonistic back in S2 and I liked it when it was something that Bobby was seemingly the call-centre for in S6. I wouldn't say no to a Winchester retirement-plan that had them manning phones in the bunker and being what Bobby once was... (though my first choice for end of series is always the Winchesters ascending into legends themselves.)

Dean: "... but I need to work. I need this."
Sam: "If things go sideways - I mean like, an inch, you gotta give me the heads up."
Dean: "Done, you have my word."

- Oh Sam, what are you even going to do if they do go sideways? You can't live in denial of what the mark means forever - though, I don't blame you for trying to enjoy some time with your brother before reality comes crashing back in.
- Also, on a similar note, I love how they take off their sunglasses during the conversation. Dean takes off his right before he says he needs to work, and Sam takes off his right before he gives in. It's pretty much direct symbolism to them facing reality instead of hiding from it... and it totally reminds me of the sunglasses in the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, if any of you know what I'm talking about.

Off to the Sheriff's department in nice looking uniforms.

And then it's off to the bar to interview the "unreliable" witness. I do like this version of the "assume we believe everything" speech - they're pretty good at it by now. It does take time away from the show, of course, to make it believable in that the witness wouldn't necessarily want to admit to seeing something supernatural unless he trusted that he wouldn't be laughed at.... but I also like that they included it, because I like things that show how proficient the boys are at their job. How they've DONE this speech before and how they know how to gain someone's trust quickly.

Dean: "This fleabag looks like she ain't done, chowing down on sons of anarchy just yet."
- Jensen chooses to say this line with REALLY weird phrasing. He pauses after "done" which is why I put the comma there, but really "she ain't done chowing down" is what he's actually trying to communicate, so why pause weirdly in the middle? I usually don't disagree with Jensen's phrasing, but I find this choice really bizarre because I think it jars the ability to understand what Dean is actually saying. Anyway, this is me being nitpicky, I know.. sorry, I get weird hang-ups about language sometimes.

Sam: "I guess she likes bad boys."
Dean: "Well, wait 'til she gets a load of us."

- Aw yiss.

Jared has such long legs. They're ridiculous. He's got legs up to his ears.

And then we see Kate.

I actually like this reveal... because Kate didn't know whether Sam and Dean watched the whole video, or what their reaction was. Also, Kate doesn't KNOW Sam and Dean like they know her. To her, they're these two weird guys that showed up asking questions as FBI, and then her friends and her followed them and discovered that they aren't FBI, but WOULD kill her boyfriend if they knew what he was... or her, in the end, if they knew what she was. But she never saw their lives like they saw hers. With the video, she showed them how she was with her friends and what kind of person she was, etc... it was a very one way street though. Really, in a bizarre way, they kind of have a celebrity relationship with her, where they know far more about her than she does about them - only, instead of being fans, they're people who may kill her because of what she is. She has no idea what they're personalities are like really. She has no idea where their sympathies lie. They could have chosen not to follow her, or they could simply be only catching up with her now after hunting her all this time.

Kate: "After what happened at school, I thought you decided to let me go."
Dean: "Yeah, that was before you started dropping bodies."
Kate: "What?"
Dean: "Guy at the bar...."

- I love what the actress does with her face here, because you can see Kate quickly put it all together and start realizing that if she wants to protect her sister, she's going to have to take the blame for the deaths.

Kate: "Whatever you're going to do, just do it."
*Dean raises gun*
*Sam stops him*
Sam: "You know what, let me do it."
Dean: "Why?"
Sam: "Because I think you should sit this one out."
Dean: "What are you talking about?"
Sam: "You're not ready, Dean."

- So, when Sam first pulled Dean away, I thought it might be because he saw that Kate was giving up WAY too easy - but nope, he's just worried about Dean getting a taste for killing again. Though, at the same time, if the Mark needs to be fed, maybe it's better to give Dean all the killing jobs.... but of course, it's hard to know cause and effect for certain, Dean killed plenty last season and still just got worse and worse in terms of his need to kill. So, Sam might have a point - or at least, his logic might not be that flawed.

But, the delay gives enough time for them to hear about another body while Kate is tied up.

And Kate runs away.

Poor Jared, having to do everything with one hand. The car door opening and closing looks so awkward.

Dean: "I gotta ask, what about you?"
Sam: "What about me what?"
Dean: "Are you ready?"
Sam: "Why wouldn't I be ready."
Dean: "Lester."
Sam: "Lester? You're serious, this is about Lester?"
Dean: "Don't get wrong, I'm not trying to start anything either, I'm just saying maybe we oughta talk about THAT."

- Oh Dean, you are basically saying "My problems?! What about YOUR PROBLEMS?!" all defensively. Sam does not have the same degree of problems as you do. It is like worrying about the scratch on your brother's cheek when you just had your arm cut off.

Awkward times in the car...

Sam: "They guy that you then killed, that's who we're talking about?"
Dean: "I was a demon."
Sam: "Oh, you were a demon! I didn't realize that!"

- Bwhahaha... I love sarcastic Sam.

Oh man, so awkward - it really does feel like being stuck in the room during someone's family fight, which, you know, is exactly what we are.

And we meet Kate's sister...

Dean: "Kate, why is your sister a werewolf? WHY?!"
- Oh man, yeah, I mean, Kate's tragic backstory aside, it's pretty clear there's only one way her sister would end up being a werewolf.

Sam: "Put the gun done!"
Dean: "So she can run again!?"
Sam: "She just saved our lives."
*Dean puts down the gun*

- I copied all that out just because I want to say how much I love Dean's face in this exchange.

Sam: "Okay, Kate, if this wasn't you... then who was it? Your sister? Your sister do this, Kate?"
- Sam knows. Sam knows exactly what's going on and exactly why Kate took the blame last night and exactly why she's not answering his question right then. Ah the parallels. And Sam's going to have to face this same conundrum himself again this season.

Kate gives us her "what I've been doing the past two years" story.

So, yeah, the way they've changed the werewolf myth in the show since S8 is kind of... odd, in that they don't necessarily always follow their own rules. BUT, that being said, it does kinda make sense that anyone Kate bit wouldn't necessarily be as strong at resisting the curse as Kate... and then people that Tasha bit would be even worse, and if they bit people then those people would probably end up like Madison in S2, who only turned at the full moon with no control and no memory.

And the super anvil paralleling continues, with Kate promising that if she can't get Tasha under control, she's "take care of it"

Dean: "Take care of it? You know what that means?"
Kate: "Why don't you ask Brian?"

- Brian wasn't your sister, Kate, he was a creepy dude - and therefore easier to kill, I'd imagine.

Then Dean lies and says they have a cure for werewolves, and I kinda hate him for it - because I really hate when people give people false hope... like, meanly... like WITH FULL KNOWLEDGE THEY'RE FILLING SOMEONE WITH MISPLACED HOPE. Because it's not just Tasha that's a werewolf, and being a werewolf has RUINED Kate's life. I mean, she's basically a homeless drifter now. Yay.

Sam: "How can you possibly blame Kate for fighting for her sister, we do it all the time?!"
Dean: "Right, and that's worked wonders for us."
Sam: "While we're still here, aren't we?"
Dean: "Yeah, but is it right? I mean all that you've done for me, I've still got this Mark."
Sam: "And we'll take care of that too, but you can't take everything that's happened to us, to you, and dump it at these girls' feet."

- So, it's kind of interesting, because Dean here brings up the big question that Sam and Dean have been dancing around for years - is placing each other's safety above the rest of the world's safety RIGHT? - only, he then immediately dances away from it again by implying that it's only not right because it didn't even WORK because Dean's still in danger. It's REALLY bizarre logic.
- And then Sam sort of weirdly dances around it too, because what is even Dean dropping at their feet? The fact that HE'S not cured, HE still has bloodlust, so there's no stopping Tasha? Or that he eventually succumbed to the Mark, so therefore Kate will eventually succumb to her hunger for human hearts?

Sam: "I gotta tell you something, I uh, I lied... about Lester."
Dean: "What?"
Sam: "There were others."
Dean: "Other humans?"
Sam: "No, no no. I'm sure there other hunters I rubbed - or I punched - the wrong way, but... nah, I pretty much saved my best stuff for the bad guys. But you gotta understand something, Dean. I watched you die, and I carried you- I carried your corpse to your room and I put your dead body on your bed and then you just-"
Dean: "Yeah."
Sam: "Yeah."

- Both Sam and Dean have had to do this with each other now - Sam's had to handle Dean's dead body twice, Dean's only had one time where there was an actual corpse. They both have full knowledge of what it means, what it feels like, to lose each other in a bloody and horrible way and have a dead body there instead of their brother. I think that's different then the times they've "died" by disappearing bodily into a section of the afterlife.
- What I also love it about it is that this sort of alludes to the different reactions they have in the face of each other's deaths. Dean, we've seen, tends to just shut down and withdraws from the world. He does everything he can to bring Sam back, if there's anything he can do, but beyond that, he tends to sort of just check-out mentally. But Sam always tends to not shut-down, but instead become a rage filled kill monster revenge machine.

Dean: "I know. I guess I was hoping that note would fill in the blanks."
Sam: "Don't look for me? THAT note? Yeah, that was really informative, thanks."
Dean: "Yeah, I'm-"
Sam: "What?"
Dean: "It's embarassing, you know."
Sam: "What's embarassing?"
Dean: "All of it. The note. Crowley. Everything."
Sam: "Dean, you were a demon."
Dean: "I was a demon?! Oh, thanks, I didn't- I didn't realize."
Sam: "Shut-up"
Dean: "Not to mention, I never even said thank you, so..."
Sam: "You don't ever have to say that, not to me."

- Awww, they made up.
- I also really like the fact that they made Dean embarassed - that's... it's funny, actually, because I don't think that we see a lot of drama-heros being embarassed... I mean, sometimes, but only when it's played for comedy, and it's the sort of awkward endearing embarassement. Not this more rare, 'my bad behaviour over the past few months is embarassing to me now.'
- But, all the things Dean lists are things that Dean WOULD be embarassed by - thinking that Sam would actually ACCEPT a note like that? - palling (and perhaps more) around with Crowley? That's another thing that Dean would never do in his right mind.... it's very much, actually, like Dean got super drunk at a party and had a super embarassing one night stand.
- And of course, I love how Sam basically tells him the Winchester equivalent of "you were drunk, it doesn't count"... and I love Dean's call back to Sam's earlier sarcasm.
- Finally, the fact that Dean expresses appreciation for what Sam did, and Sam tells him that it's not needed. Yeah, good moment there.

Dean betrays Kate...

Kate: "But she can be saved!"
Dean: "No, Tash is in too deep. You don't ever come back from that. Not ever."

- Yeah, because that's not foreboding when it comes to your own situation, Dean.

Into the cabin...

Sam is having feelings.

And they get ambushed.

Showdown time.

Werewolf dude: "On your knees!"
Dean: "Well, I'm awfully flattered-"

- Oh, Dean... you never get tired of that joke. :P

Then Tasha and Kate have their moment... and Kate kills her, which is the right thing to do, because Tasha is psycho.

Meanwhile, Sam kills too werewolves while only using one arm.

Sam: "...maybe we jumped back in too fast, I mean, Dean - you were a demon! You still have the Mark. Didn't you ever want to talk about it?"
Dean: "Talk about it?! Talk about it how?"
Sam: "Come on, man."
Dean: "I AM coming on. Look, I know what happened. I was there, remember? I'm not trying to get by it, that's not what this was about."
Sam: "Then what was this about?"
Dean: "It was about getting back in the saddle, doing something good. Not stewing in my own crap."
Sam: "What if you're not ready?"

- Awww... Dean just wants to get past what happened. Sam wants Dean to basically have a bit of therapy so that he can be certain that Dean's mentally sound. Neither of them are right or wrong.

Kate calls...

Sam: "For what it's worth, thank you. At the end of the day, she was your sister."
Kate: "No, she wasn't."

- And that's a fun parallel, because demon-cure aside, would Sam be able to recognize that Demon!Dean wasn't really his brother anymore? I don't think he ever really did... he could only ever see his brother needing to be saved. If they hadn't have had the cure, what would Sam have done? Would he be able to do what Kate did? This is the more ominous question of the episode.
- If they can't cure the Mark, would Sam be willing to kill Dean? (assuming that he could, somehow do so, which I don't think he can.) We never really have to explore that avenue, because, much like before, Sam never entertains the notion of a world where he can't save Dean, where he has to answer that question. Sam's moral quandries are always HOW FAR he's willing to go to save/protect Dean, not what he will have to do if he can't save him. I mentioned this in 10x03 rewatch, but it's pretty much the opposite of Dean's S2 dilemna, in that he wrestles with the idea that he might have to kill Sam, he's terrified of it. Sam never gets to this level of terror because he never lets himself imagine a world where he is unsuccessful at saving Dean. I think that's part of the reason he turns into such a revenge killing rage machine whenever he fails to do so (beginning of S8 aside, because that was so OOC for Sam and I still hate the writers for it, as does Jared (as a reliable source tells me after having asked him about it).)

Dean: "See you around, kid."
Kate: "I sure as hell hope not."

- Yup, the only adequate response to that when you are a monster and you are talking to the Winchesters.

Dean: "Let's say you're right."
Sam: "About what?"
Dean: "Everything. Maybe I'm not ready to hunt. But I'm just trying to do the right thing, man, because I'm so sick and tied of doing the wrong one."

- Oh man... yeah, I forgot how S9 was basically just a series of huge mistakes made by Dean. And he's still living with the consequences, I mean, the consequences are BRANDED ON HIS ARM. Luckily, this season Sam takes back over as the family fuckup. Poor Sam.

So there was plenty of interesting stuff in there! No worries. Memory is a funny thing.

The next episode I do will be Fan Fiction, which has some special features associated with it. I MAY try to do it tomorrow, but we'll see.
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