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Quick Reaction: 11x06 Our Little World


So, I've had a hell of a day... and I really need to sleep, but this was also a good episode and there is a BUNCH to talk about... so, I'm torn here - but hopefully it all works out and I don't pass out on you.

I drank a little tonight, but actually not that much (mainly because I really do need to sleep and alcohol keeps me awake) but I'll probably still forget everything even with my notes, so bear with me. (bare? bear.)


Amara eats a Goldie's soul and grows more. She is now teenagery. Also, that bag of chips was way too nice looking to be for real. Everyone knows that real bags of chips are crinkled and torn beyond belief, because they've been shoved into your backpack and then passed back and forth between your friends, and then rolled back up for no reason, and then unrolled again because why the hell did you roll them up, you still want more! Oh god, why am I talking about a bag of chips so much, I'm never going to get through this episode...

Crowley! He reprimands Amara for sneaking out and feasting as she pleases. But, he's also stopped her from eating all his demons, so she has to eat SOMEWHERE. Anyway, Crowley grounds her - apparently Crowley is more powerful than her, which wow. They totally should have killed baby her if they wanted to get rid of her, it's far too late now.

Sam and Dean, we find out, are still in Fall River, MA. They're waiting for more soulless people to crop up so that they can track Amara. So far, no luck though, so Sam asks Dean to call in their reinforcements - Cas. Dean is like "he's not ready!" and Sam is like "oh come ON!" and Dean is like "FINE!" and he calls him.

Cas is sitting in someone's room watching TV. Does anyone know who's room that is? Is he still in Sam's room? Is it Dean's? Did they give him his own room? If he's been bingewatching Netflix in Sam's room for weeks, where's Sam been sleeping when he's home? Maybe they gave him Kevin's old room. Now I'm depressed. Anyway, let me know if anyone recognized the room. I don't have the power right now to rewatch the episode.

Cas and Dean talk about TV, because Dean doesn't approve of him watching Jenny Jones, and thinks he should stick to quality shows - Cas disagrees and says that you can't eat cavier all the time. (Did I spell that right? Do I care? No.)

But, the short of it is that we find out that Cas hasn't been outside since they cured him of the mad-dog spell. So, Dean orders him to get out there and get some air.

Meanwhile, Sam gets a call and we find out that Len has been killed - NOOOOOOOOooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!! LEN!!!!!!!

Moment of silence for Len.... and also for our veterans and all those who died in the wars, because it's Remembrance Day.

Cas puts on his blazer and coat and heads for the door, but then has an anxiety attack because poor Cas has PTSD. Noooooooo! Poor CAS!

Awww... when I found it hilarious that he was watching TV all day, it was because I thought he was HEALTHILY watching TV... not because it's the only thing that doesn't freak him the fuck out!

Back with Crowley, his minion (who I like, btw, but I think he dies later) tells him that they're thin staffed because of Amara eating them all. Ouch. Repercussions. (Goddamn, I wish LJ spellcheck worked for me. Please forgive me if I spell words wrong - I'm not the best speller.)

We find out that Crowley was the one that ordered Len's death - basically, Crowley is trying to clean up after Amara so that she doesn't attrack hunter attention. TOO LATE.

Sam and Dean figure this out in very short order.

Meanwhile, Cas is watching TV again when he sees a news report out of Omaha and discovers that it's Metatron that captured and sold the video-footage to the news station. LEAD!

Back at the police station, a demon comes to kill Goldie but IT'S A TRAP! Sam and Dean capture the demon instead. Sucks to be you, demon.

Then it's demon interrogation time. They've totally used that hotel wallpaper before, fyi. I recognize it.

The demon tells them that they're not going to get any "actionable intel" by torturing him. Here is where my friend points out that basically the demon is telling them to just be nice to him, because he was ALREADY talking and then clammed up once Dean leaned forward all menancingly... and it's true - if you actually want to get information out of people, you have to pretend to be their friend, not come at them antagonistically.

Anyway... Sam is all for saving the meatsuit, but then notices that the demon has already been shot, so the meatsuit won't survive anyway. So, dead demon. Dean is pretty damn happy about it too. Part of me really does worry that they're going to reveal that Dean actually lost his soul in the premiere, but then another (larger) part of me thinks that Dean would be acting way weirder if he did...right, RIGHT?!?!

Dean dumps the body at the hospital while Sam tracks the demons phone to see where he's been. He discovered that he hit all the spots that Dean and Sam already know about, but that he also hit up an old asylum.

Sam of course, questions why Crowley would have Amara on earth instead of in hell, and Dean is like "Crowley hates hell" and then Sam brings up Dean and Crowley's "summer of love" and yeah, I've been talking about it in the rewatches that I'd done of S10 so far, but I kind of like the shipping hints they drop about that period of time, for various reasons, even though the last thing I'd ever ship is Dean/Crowley.

We return to Crowley and Amara - Crowley brings her a peace offering of a mail man, but she gets mad about it. I think she likes choosing the humans she devours herself.

Amara is also smart enough to know that Crowley is just interested in her power - and leashing her so that he can use it to his own benefit.

Back to Sam and Dean - Dean apparently has been wanting to kill Crowley since "Cedar Rapids" was that the premiere? I'll look it up after I write this, but that's my guess.

Sam questions whether they are ready to kill Amara though - he feels they are unprepared and don't have enough knowledge. Dean is pretty defensive about being ready though and wants to go forward with the plan.

Back to Crowley and Amara - Crowley basically talks his way into a deal with Amara, because that's Crowley's strength - making deals - and he convinces her that she could use his wisdom and he could teach her and offer her protection, and in exchange, all he asks is that she be patient and stay with him a little longer.

Now we cut to Metatron, who is filming a dead guy in an alley, who is not actually dead yet! But dude, he's not long for this world that's for sure. Even if Metatron did call an ambulance right then, I doubt that guy would make it. Still, it'd be way kinder to try and comfort the guy instead of just standing their going through his wallet and looking put out that he's not dead yet.

Luckily, Castiel comes to the rescue! He heals the dude, while Metatron films him - because an angel healing will earn him a bunch of money. Castiel is not too impressed with this idea and smacks the camera out of his hands - but then the cops show up, so they scram. Dude, someone is probably going to look at that SD card. Just saying.

Back to Sam and Dean, who are breaking into the asylum.

I love the fact that all this time, what we assumed were the halls of hell, were actually the halls of an abandoned asylum in Fall River MA. It explains why every demon was in a meatsuit and why Rowena was there (as a living person). I like the idea of hell being more conceptual and non... human/earth looking. Like, the vast space with the chains - I love that - the corridors Sam went down when he rescued Bobby, not so much. I have headcanons to compensate, but I'm kinda thrilled that I don't have to use them for Crowley's "offices" because this whole time he hasn't actually been in hell at all.

Meanwhile, Crowley is in a meeting about the drop in soul deals in the Pacific Northwest, possibly due to the legalization of pot. Awesome.

Back to Castiel... Metatron is telling Castiel all about the life he's made for himself. Castiel thinks that he's a vulture who feeds off human tragedy.Metatron insists that he's at the forefront of modern storytelling because of the rise in short media and reality TV (and I kinda love all this conversation, because it ties right back to Cas watching Jenny Jones earlier, even though he knew it was crap TV.)

Also, we find out that Castiel now has the demon tablet!! Woot! I wonder if anything is going to come of that? Can they resurrect Kevin and have him read more of it? Or is Cas just going to keep it safe at the bunker for all eternity?

Castiel asks what Metatron knows about the Darkness, but Metatron won't tell him anything - instead he starts poking at Cas' wounds - saying that he's broken, that he's a wuss who can't even bring himself to do violence because he's so traumatized by his life... that he's afraid. Castiel punches him and tells him it's not fear, but he does, indeed seem like he has a problem.

Back at the asylum, we find out that Dean has Crowley recorded on his phone - berating him about sleeping until noon with a skank and leaving Crowley to settle their bill or something. Interesting thing to both record and hang onto for a year, Dean, but it certainly comes in handy here. He lures the minions to him - but then Sam and Dean split up at Sam's suggestion, because more demons are coming - so Sam sends Dean to take out Amara while he holds the demons back. The really messed up thing here is that if we didn't know about the weird Dean-Amara connection, we'd think this was a pretty sound strategy, because Dean usually ALWAYS is the one to successfully take out the big bad of each season, so it makes sense that Sam would send him in as their strongest asset to taking on Amara.

But, of course, it's a bad plan, and there IS something funky going on, but before we get to see if Dean's really going to not kill her, Crowley comes to Amara's rescue.

But, then Crowley makes the mistake of telling Dean that although in the past, he's never been able to bring himself to kill Dean (INTERESTING!) he thinks he can now... and that makes Amara flip out, because she's a Dean!girl through and through. So, Amara comes to Dean's rescue, disarming and disabling Crowley quite effectively.

Then we cut to Castiel, who Metatron is still goading, this time telling him that Castiel's not afraid, he's mad, because he's always being used as a tool.

Back to Amara... who is, I think, revoking her deal with Crowley at this point.

Meanwhile, Sam's in the hallway trying to save the humans inside of demons (YAY finally! After 5+ seasons of ignoring the fact that they were killing a human along with every demon they killed), but it's not necessarily the best way to win a fight.

Castiel is still beating Metatron up.

Sam is being told that pacifism never works.... but then Sam kills that demon, so you know, there are limits to pacifism.

And then we get this awesome parrallel between Cas and Sam, where both find they have to restrain themselves from killing in the heat of the moment. Sam manages to get "2 out of 3" and declares that not bad at all... and then he runs to Amara's room, only to get waylaid at the door by a vision.

Meanwhile, Amara makes a deal with Crowley, granting him life in exchange for safe passage for Dean once Amara leaves.

Castiel realizes that Metatron is trying to commit suicide and he stops beating him to death. Metatron, as it turns out, hates being human.

(Also, this is the second time in two weeks that a character has wanted to die, but not even floated the idea of suicide - like, both times, they try to get someone else to kill them, but it doesn't seem to cross their mind to kill themselves. Now, maybe in the SPN universe if you kill yourself you go to hell, like the catholics believe, and Metatron knows this or something... but I do find it slightly odd that they haven't explained the characters reasoning for not just kiling themselves... I get that the show doesn't want to promote suicide, and I don't think they should, and maybe it's just too hard to think of reasoning... but, anyway, it's interesting.)

Castiel asks about the Darkness again.

Dean and Amara then have a really creepy scene, because they are standing far too close and Amara is being far too flirty for how young she looks and how old Dean is... and Dean is looking far too enraptured.... and it totally pressed all my statutory rape squicks.

BUT that being said, it IS an interesting conversation - because Amara tells us that she doesn't quite understand the connection either - but guesses that it's because Dean was her first experience of "His creation." And she's fascinated.

Metatron, meanwhile, tells us who Amara is - apparently, what people don't know, because it ruins God's image, is that God had to make a sacrifice in order to make creation - and that sacrifice was giving up his own kin. Amara is God's sister.


So, I was half right and half wrong - I kinda wanted Amara to be a being from BEFORE God, like, Amara was first (the Darkness) and then God came (and then there was light)....it fits in with the fact that I tend to like dualistic mythologies (many of you who read my stuff will know that I actually headcanon God and Death as two sides of the same coin. One makes, the other one takes, etc.) Anyway, that seems to be what they might be doing with God and Amara, which would make Death more a force of nature rather than a contemporary of God, which is cool too, I guess. BUT, the other thing that I was thinking was that while God might represent the patriarchal view, Amara might be the matriachal world-view. And, certainly, with the genders and relationship they've chosen so far, it sounds like that MIGHT be where they are going... I'm a LITTLE leary of this idea though, just because so many of the SPN staff are males... BUT, we'll see, Berens (who wrote this episode) at least seems well versed on feminist literature and Robbie Thompson seems to do a great job with the female pov... so, you never know. But, I'm sure fans from all sides are going to get into a screaming match about this direction eventually (such is the nature of feminist criticism and fandom).

Amara tells Dean that she's returned to "settle a score" and Dean it seems, can't kill Amara - but then Amara makes the mistake of attacking Sam, and it certainly looks like Dean is willing to kill her after she does that - but she slams him against the wall too and escapes as he passes out.

Back at the Bunker, Dean is angry that Cas let Metatron go. Cas argues that he's not a threat. He's pathetic, and also Castiel put him in traction (which means Cas didn't heal him). In return, Sam and/or Cas question Dean as to why he wasn't able to kill Amara - Dean gets super defensive and yells at them that she's God's sister so OF COURSE Dean was overpowered - but Sam and Cas share a doubtful look... because everyone knows that if anyone is going to kill God, it's Dean.

Sam stalks off to "look at the lore" which apparently is code for "have a vision" and he does and it's AWESOME!!

Sam has a vision of the cage, suspended in Hell by the chains - and it's THE COOLEST. And THAT's the kind of hellscape I like... and also, I LOVE that the choose to suspend it by chains in the greeny dark lightening sky, because to me that indicates that back when Dean was in hell, he was in the very BOWELS of it.

But yeah, Sam is definitely having visions of the cage - and it's awesome - and I want to know what it means (I'm guessing that they need Lucifer or Michael in order to beat Amara and/or God)... but mainly, I just think it's cool that Sam is having visions again. Because I really loved that storyline in the early seasons, I love mind-stuff.

Then we get a little montage of Amara walking down Granville st. Crowley... uh, being Crowley...and Dean, being Dean... and then Amara walking down Granville St again. And it's all building up to something that is so far super interesting!!!

Next week looks like another fun one.
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  • Favourite Entrances: Castiel - Lazarus Rising 4.01

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